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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

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Hello! I didn't originally plan on making a new thread for TLG but I decided to do it just because it would be terrible to not make the game accessible to everyone!

Here is the most recent version:

I do not know if I will continue this game as college and many other things are occupying my time, but keep a look out just in case!

Also! Thank you everyone who has ever made fanart, videos, pretty much anything to do with the game, I had no idea it would get such a good reception. Everything you guys have drawn really means a lot to me! <3

Contact info:
E-Mail: bleet@ymail.com
Skype: bombchuboom
MSN: azhoozr@msn.com
TLG has an official tumblr here: http://irenesmirror.tumblr.com
My personal tumblr: http://bombchutheragetroll.tumblr.com
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You can only acquire the Cybot effect from the green haired robot woman in the Apartments if she is standing and walking around, kind of like Oreko in .flow.

She can be found either in the lobby or in her room on the first floor, 106.


I'm just waiting for the next version, and… Maybe new events like the Kaokai guy(Apartment murder)?


hey boom, can you update your youtube walkthrough?


Sure can! I'll make it soon.
The next version won't be up for a while, thank you for your patience though! :3


Honestly, your game is pretty good. It has some sweet worlds, and… The event on Inverted Apartments just scared me. For real. Not mentioning the Graveyard World… That place is so well-crafted I'd spend hours and hours walking around and talking into the ghosts just for fun. Seriously.

Just a glitch I've found. At GBC world, when you go back to the start of the area from the forest, Irene gets stuck in a black screen, and can only teleport back with the mirror.


here is the new effect guide!


you are awesome :3
I love everything about this game.


File: 1335958439763.jpg (5.61 KB, 163x139, wetldud.jpg)

ohwait, what bout this one?
I was looking for it so long and i got nothing.
also, as i comment your video I still 'have not enough money' for a bike D:


The Alice effect is cosmetic right now, but it has a much bigger purpose! So until it is coded right, it stays in the Debug room only! Unfortunately, you cannot find the effect in-game.

If you want it, you can get it, and you can wear it just fine! But it is not "official".

Also, you need 1000$ to buy the bike. You get money by killing NPCs.

I'm glad you like the game, thank you for being so kind about it. :3


File: 1336437802853.png (278.27 KB, 512x512, irene.png)

Hello, just here to post some fanart for your game! I haven't expressed how much I love your game yet (or at least I don't remember expressing it)! Even though the Alice effect is just cosmetic, I still love it.
Though sorry for my *coughcrappy* attempt at drawing Irene. Keep up the good work! :)


Sir, you post spoilers by doing double asterisks before and after the spoiler in this chan. You failed.

I guess I might do a YN fangame marathon today, so I'll be playing this. I'll let you know if the Board of Fangames Approval is content.



Sorry about that, I didn't know. I would delete the post, but I didn't assign a password.

Still, it'd be nice if I could get an answer re:the dead body in the sewer. If there's something more to do in that room, I can't seem to figure it out.


I did it for you, hope you don't mind.
I never got to it myself so I can't really help you with that, unfortunately :<


File: 1336890000342.png (31.36 KB, 1280x479, thelookingglass-2.png)

Here's a couple more glitches (if you haven't found them yet):

- 1. (left pic) I'm not sure if this is intended at all, but the Octopus effect seems to be able to bypass a lot of tiles that you shouldn't be able to walk on. Pictured is just one area that only the Octopus effect can go. I haven't checked everywhere, but it seems this "glitch" may be exclusive to the sewers (including the entrance, where there are lots of things to climb over with the Octopus effect).
- 2. (right pic) Another thing about the Octopus effect, is that these pipes appear to be in front of Irene, rather than behind her. Again, apparently only in the Octopus effect. I don't know if those are the only things that are like this.

I think these passability glitches probably have something to do with the "[Octo]" tilesets.

Looking at the game in RPG Maker: it doesn't appear that there is anything else to see in that area at the moment (other than the little bit of text you get).


just wanted to comment and say, oh my god, the chess world is absolutely heartbreaking. the music and general atmosphere is just… wow. amazing job. i just want to hug the queen REALLY BADLY… i felt this way in homestuck too, haha. CHESS FEELS

are you planning to put more in that world?


yeah i am planning on doing more with it haha, i'm planning on doing more with about everything! but recently i lost all of my work files for the game so production is gonna be super slow again.

i'm glad you like the game! and to be honest the king and queen weren't originally going to be references to homestuck in particular but i decided hey why not! :3


File: 1339085652940.png (10.79 KB, 639x480, nimet&#246;n.png)

I noticed a bug.

The door in front of Irene was barricaded, I clicked it 4-5 times, left the room and came back, bam, the barricade was gone.

Just downloaded, and I'm liking this so far. Keep up the good work!


File: 1339085953085.png (11.23 KB, 640x480, nimet&#246;n2.png)

So I walked to the left and I'm pretty sure this door was not barricaded.

Did the barricade from before move here?


File: 1339086009245.png (10.96 KB, 640x480, nimet&#246;n3.png)

I repeated the process from before and the barricade disappeared again.

I have no idea what is going on.


File: 1339086179809.png (11.78 KB, 640x480, nimet&#246;n4.png)

Eehh? Now the barricade is here again.

I just realized that depending on the door you go through, different door is barricaded. Glorious.

I got really confused back there.


File: 1339087947996.png (17.05 KB, 640x480, nimet&#246;n5.png)

I might be making a retard out of myself again, but I'll post this anyway.

Is this intentional?


File: 1339094234159.png (19.6 KB, 640x480, nimet&#246;n6.png)

>Rollerblade around the town.
>Enter building in picture.
>Talk with the guy.
>Start to test every effect to get a response out of the flashing girl.
>Use White Queen effect.
>Use Crowbar effect.
>Irene runs at Rollerblade speed while wearing the Crowbar.
>Use Rollerblade effect again.
>Irene runs at 2x Rollerblade speed.
>Unequip Rollerblades.
>Irene still runs at Rollerblade speed.
>Use mirror.
>Irene runs at rollerblade speed in real world.
I wonder if I can stack this bug like 10 times to run at supersanic speeds.


File: 1339094713591.png (35.16 KB, 640x480, nimet&#246;n7.png)

What has science done! It works!

It seems that the rollerblade stacking stops at about 5 times.

I'm lazy so I'm not going to upload it on youtube, but to give some idea, Irene can run the street in picture related in 5 seconds.


File: 1339094785039.png (23.59 KB, 640x480, nimet&#246;n8.png)


The hyperspeed is even on the computer screen!

I can't click the save button because it's going too fast.


File: 1339136180780.png (23.69 KB, 640x480, nimet&#246;n9.png)

I second these.

There are more tiles that you can walk on with the octopus effect.

You can also access the door from the wall.

You can walk everywhere in the water.


File: 1339138338536.png (17.01 KB, 640x480, nimet&#246;n10.png)

After the first encounter with the blonde tall guy, back in the school, I had Long Hair effect available for some reason.
When equipping you lost your school uniform and got your ordinary clothes on.
When disabling Long Hair effect you don't get the uniform back.

Somewhere in this thread was mentioned that you receive 2 bikes instead of one. This also happened.

And here is the aftermath:
I have my second bike in Pokemon World.


File: 1339138526912.png (18.21 KB, 640x480, nimet&#246;n11.png)

And here is my second Long Hair effect.

I can't recreate that. I simply used the effect button and it transformed into the regular sprite sitting down.

I feel very selfish and retarded for posting so much.



Nothing selfish about pointing out bugs or potential issues. I'd figure most developers would want that sort of thing, actually.


File: 1339186249191.png (10.8 KB, 289x360, 120411-111833.png)

No there indeed isn't anything wrong with it and I appreciate the enthusiasm to bug report!

I'm aware of most of these issues, though I guess I should have made it clear that I am about 90% more active on the devblog than here and I have talked to tons of people pointing out bugs in the game. (since tumblr is generally filled with more receptive people than uboa ever is)

But still! Thank you very much for all of your help and I'll be sure to double check if the bugs are still there.


Loved the game. Technically and graphics wise it goes above and beyond all YN fangames, and YN itself. Text interactions flow very well too. All it needs now is more content :D


Just tried the game out today after ignoring this thread for a while. Got a pleasant surprise from it. Really great to see a game with so much promise like this, please don't let the project die because I'd love to see how the story ends and what else you have planned for this game.

At first I had my doubts about the flavor text, but I love it. The humor feels very much like it came from the Mother series or something, and since I like interacting with everything it really makes me chuckle a lot more than I should be at times. You worked in text in a way that worked.


I like your Zelda inspiration!


File: 1346008571497.jpg (71.87 KB, 640x480, p1.jpg)

There is now a Chinese translation of The Looking Glass!

The website for it is here http://yumenikki.info/archives/the-looking-glass/

So excited oh my goodness.


Credit for all of this amazing work (forgot to add it in the other post oops):

Translation: shirleycrow
Testing: 拼图君 小岛 shirleycrow
Website: 小岛


I can't access the computer in this. When I start the computer it immediately closes. Help?


Fixed after a restart. Probably RPG maker derping.


This game. Oh god this game.
I love it so much.

But for some god awful reason the game always lags for me in the Pokemon world. I can't get the crowbar because of the extreme amount of lag.

But otherwise I love it all so far. c: One of my top favorites for sure.


Would anyone be so kind as to link me to a rpgmaker 2003 runtime files for this? I can only find the runtime for the newest version. I really want to check this out. Looks amazing.


File: 1354917617280.jpg (1.57 MB, 2448x3228, redpad.jpg)


I can't get to the latest download because the tumblr has a password?



I'm not 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure the link in >>5187 is the most recent version.


Thank you!


I am sorry, I forgot to alert this thread of the new tumblr!

You can find the devblog and pages of the games I have made at the new tumblr here:



Just wanted to say this fangame is really really good, enough to stand alongside Yume Nikki, and .flow.

Awesome work!


File: 1390413922965.png (21.73 KB, 636x476, rmeme.png)

I've been updating the tumblr, but I decided I should make an official post here since uboa is where this game started.

TLG is getting a major remake. This is a screenshot of the most recent changes, with a lot more to go. A lot of things have changed and still need to be changed. I'm not sure if the end result will be accepted as a fangame anymore, either. Its name will change and there's just a lot that will be different. I will say that there won't be a nexus anymore, and I'm not even sure if it will have effects. It'll be very different and I think it's up to uboa and everyone in general where they think the game should go.

However I will keep the old version up for everyone to download, I'm just giving everyone a heads up about the direction the game is going in.


Why would it be up to "everyone in general" how your game will turn out?
Taking cues from others is fine, but I wouldn't listen too much to other people if I were you.

I liked the old faces more. These look like something from Cartoon Network.


By where the game goes, I meant if the thread will stay in fg or move to other games or something.

Also I really appreciate that you liked the old talksprites! However they were in dire need of an upgrade. They still reflect some of the old style, , especially in the eyes, but are much cleaner and expressive now, which is very important for what I'm going to do with the game.



Damn, bleet, to be honest, TLG is my favorite YNFG ever, Irene is my favorite dream ever, to my eyes, TLG never needed those changes, it was already perfect, the sprites, the talking sprites too etc. we just needed an ending.

I understand as a gamedev, we are never satisfied with our creations, and of course its your game, you can do the changes you want, but, i was really in love with the old version, i dont like the new changes at all…

i will still support TLG, and you, and play the new version all the way, but it's not the TLG i love.


why did you reply to a 2 year post for a dead game


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