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File: 1394410548445.png (67.17 KB, 204x189, bored.png)


what effects are you tired of seeing in fangames? there are a lot of rehashed effects/things effects do, so i was wondering if my good pals here at uboachan had any effects theyre sick of


>Neon effect
Literally, it had no purpose besides aesthetics, so why is everybody copying it?

>"Neko" (Animal effect)

Just a copy of the Cat effect in YN. Be more original with this, or give it another action at least.

>"Flute" (sound effect)

Pointless, just as the neon effect.

I want to say that there are a few copies that are ok if they appear, like the speed effect or lamps, because they may actually be necessary.

>inb4 ubuuchon is aggressive towards new developers because they say copying effects and no putting original content is bad BUUH BUHH


Doodle effect, 8 bit effect, generic gorey effect, predictable speed effects like scouter/bike etc, excessive decorative effects, seriously.
>I have no ideas so I make randemtsuki tomato effect, tv effect, hairspray effect, elvis effect, dildo effect, pizza effect, saya effect etc.


Neon/rainbow effects and hand-held weapon effects


Effects that make snow and rain
I'm wondering is it hard to do an effect that can make other things dropping on the screen such as cherry blossom or leaves?


RPG Maker has rain and snow effects built in so it's super easy to use them. Anything else would take a lot more work, but I don't think it would be impossible


>a lot of work
Hell no, any image scrolling with loops works fine, snow and rain come "pre-built" in RPGmaker engines, it is just plain and shameless lazyness.


File: 1394456346310.png (8.97 KB, 74x75, Censorednik.png)

Actually it is NOT that easy on rm2k3/rm2k. On RMXP/VX/VXAce? There are some scripts for that, but there are issues like script compatibility.


File: 1394502211376.png (278.63 KB, 500x700, 1391072000834.png)


>Hell no, any image scrolling with loops works fine, snow and rain come "pre-built" in RPGmaker engines, it is just plain and shameless lazyness.

>image scrolling with loops works fine
>it is just plain and shameless lazyness.

Please, make it and then show us the picture and code and provide a link to download that map/scene as a game. I want to laugh at you the moment you realize your can only use 360 x 240 px images with 256 colours and even 1 fucking pixel is too big to even do a fucking cherry blossom/leave. I also would love to hear how you use magnification and then you realize it distorts your image so it is absolute pointless.
Oh, and make each blossom animated too, please. Each one.
It's just RM2K3 so it shouldn't be a problem.


so…is it possible to change the color of the rain and snow in RM?
I always want to see some effects that make coin rain and blood rain besides just a normal snow or rain in fangames


I wont, the fact that you can't do it and have to respond passive agressive doesn't mean I have to teach you, go to the help thread and learn how to use le meme arrows mr sensible dev anon.


>I also would love to hear how you use magnification and then you realize it distorts your image so it is absolute pointless.
Does ur gimp sucks that much?
>prove it prove it!
oh sorry yes you are right it's totally impossible to do it.


It's not as easy as just clicking weather, but it's fairly straight forward.

Something like, show a picture of a bunch of leaves, scroll the picture by a certain amount after a certain amount of time, and loop it with something to check to see if the effect switch is active every loop. It's not hard at all. Every individual leaf would be hard (and pointless), but if you wanted the illusion of random leaves falling, just make three or four different layers of pictures that move at different times.

And if you don't think you can make 4x4 pixel leaves (heck even 2x2 works), then, well… sorry?


Then you might as well try to change all of the other event pictures to a different, upper number. Though, if you want other weathers, why not use fog or sandstorm?
Or use another RMaker?
Because there is the lagging issue, and the vertical map issue too.
Another, more suprisingly accurate way would make some events, terrain tag some of the floors, so when these events hit these floors, they change based on what's scripted. But if you want a easier way, switch to another RM.


I know how to do it; the problem comes is that it will either lead to lag or you're going to generate unnecesary bugs. And even if it works, there's no warranty it will look good. Are you new to RM2K3?

>I wont, the fact that you can't do it and have to respond passive agressive doesn't mean I have to teach you

Wasn't it too easy? it shouldn't be problem then. Or you don't even know how to manage image layers?

>wow look at me I'm a master race

>I ain't explaining shit because ur a noob

>Does ur gimp sucks that much?
Do you understand how magnification in RM2K3 works? Even if you have a HD quality image in 256 colours, magnification will make it smaller, which means that some pixels will be lost, hence, it leads to image distortion since RM2K3 matchs it up with the screen height and width and the size you're requesting.
True, sometimes it's not that bad, but if you're going to do sakura blossoms they will definitively look hideous, unless you use a few pixels for it, just like >>9118 said. But then you will need like a shit ton of layers for compensation to make it even look flexible or natural.

You can, but believe me, I've tried something like this before and it does not look good at all. I also remember seeing somewhere an event that generated some autumn leaves which wasn't that bad looking, but it had a bug which lagged the map like hell. It also made crash some other events, turned off randomnly some switchs, and if you were using other images it could fuck all your organization up because you should use something around layer 1-?? for weather effects, and then use the rest for other things.
This would be the most accesible way to try it but you can also fuck everything up with lag/bugs. You better either change the engine to a newer RpgMaker or kill yourself.


>trying this hard to start drama


Too many purely aestethic effects.


>predictable speed effects like scouter/bike

As a fangame developer, I've been thinking about this particular problem lately.

What would you do to make the player move faster?

Increasing the player's default walk speed makes its movement somewhat unnatural, creating smaller/simpler maps makes the game boring. At least this is what I've been experiencing so far, so I have no idea but to utilize a "predictable speed effect".


Or you could just not make huge looping maps, which would erase the need for shitty speed effects in the first place. Making smaller maps does NOT make games more boring, it just requires some more thought from you as the game maker. If any other genre of games can make small interesting maps, then so can yn fangames.

So something to tie into the topic for me would be: People trying to make an exact copy of Yume Nikki. What I mean by this is a game with the exact same bad mechanics and large looping maps as YN. It worked in YN only because it was a new and fresh thing. Repeating the worst parts in every single fangame has severely made me bored with YN fangames and I just don't play them anymore because of this.

As for what those bad parts are, I'm sure most people already know the most common ones, such as looping maps, shitty effects that adds nothing to the game, shitty story (or nonexistant), same worlds with a small variation and many, many more things.


Maybe it's just me, but I don't like the speed effects that totally turn your character into other kinds of form and don't have any feature of your character
such as mouse (Debris), centipede (Mikan Musou), rabbit (Ultra Violet, luckily it has 2 speed effects), rim (Trial), cockroach (old Hallucigenia) etc
I'm not saying they make the game become bad, but usually you explore the game with the speed effect, then most of the time you will look at those "things" moving on the screen not the character themselves


File: 1399245671508.gif (26.67 KB, 640x960, 1384482748916.gif)


You could always make a run button that only works when the player has no effect equipped.
That way, you could give the player a way to move quickly at the beginning of the game, without having to make running animations for each individual effect.


But then people would be more inclined to not wear effects throughout the whole game.


What I would do is let the player 'unlock' fast movement through a world after completing the most obvious path through it (or time-based or step-based). The ability to move fast in any video game always discourages me from exploring; its easier to run past everything to where (I assume) I want to go.

Moving fast with no powers is exactly the same as moving fast with Bicycle, except with the problem of potentially rushing past important distractions.


File: 1399353777739.jpg (50.15 KB, 404x398, mnfk006.jpg)

On the topic of speed effects, and this is really just a random idea more than anything, what about the following: A speed effect that doesn't increase your speed immediately, but increases your speed gradually the more you walk with it in one area. Like a car accelerating very slowly.

Your speed could reset whenever you stop moving or enter a new area, so areas would still feel big. But you could also cover huge distances at slightly humorous speeds.


How bout you have to find half the effects to unlock a sprint button that can be used with any effect? By the time you've found half the effects you've probably explored most of the shallower areas and want to be able to speed through them, but at first you'll have to take time and enjoy the scenery


can be a good idea


File: 1399397154796.gif (2.07 MB, 400x225, NGE_Shinji_a_slut.gif)

You know guys, instead of just making you pass half the game to use speed effects, or making hard speed systems; How about not using the fucking speed effect if you want to go slow?
Man, seriously, if you enjoy walking by and sightseeing and watching the panorama just walk instead of using the speed-up effect. It's not that hard; some people love to go slow, some people like this but don't like to pass the same place at low speed, and some people just don't like either and prefer to go fast. You're making a game for the enjoyment of the player, so you have to think in common commodities all players may want (or at least the public you're aiming to). In the end, it's you who decides what to do. If you've put deep4u shit on your game and some kid didn't see it because he was just trying to pass the game as fast as possible, it's his fault not yours.
If you see something you like, you stop and check that thing. If not, you keep going, and nothing happened; no one is going to blame you for overlooking such a thing and, if that place has some key scene/effect/whatever, they will momentarily find it out.

I generally go slow and try to explore everything, but when I have to go through huge distances and I already know everything about the places that are through the way, it's a pain in the ass to go slow. In any case, I think that if you're keeping speed effects out of your game, you should at least give some special "just in this map" effect to go faster on that place. It would still have the huge distances problems, but that would help a lot.

On a side note, >>9292 this idea is pretty neat, since I've never seen it before. Coding such a speed system is not hard and it would be something that actually works well on a game, on my opinion.


That actually gave me a certain idea. It would be kinda cool (and somewhat innovatory) to make fast travel like in Elder Scrolls series for example. Basically, instead of going through all dream worlds on your way just to reach that certain one, you just enter that fast travel mode, where you choose where to go and you simply teleport there. It could cost something (some dream money, or whatever), to eventually prevent over-abuse of that option. Eventually there could be some "checkpoints" from where you'd like to start your dream.


not really "tired of", but for some reason i've always had an aversion to "shout out" effects (.flow's witch effect being an obvious one of kiki's delivery service, answered prayer's squid effect being one of squid girl)

i guess the return-to-nexus effects that always have something to do with eyes is another



I support this notion, if people put more interactive and easily navigable maps on their fangames there wouldn't even be necessary to have a speed effect.

The problem is that everyone wants to copy the same feeling of "secrecy" from Yume Nikki which translates into having to navigate lots and lots of stupid looping maps to find something interesting or at least something that reacts to what you do apart from dying when you attack it.



I'd also like to add that this trend has always struck me as pretty bizarre given that most fangames like Yume Nikki are based on dreams.

Usually in dreams you interact with stuff all the time and you also talk to a lot of dream beings but for some reason these are a big no in every fangame just because Yume Nikki didn't do it.


Because they're too focused on the "fan" part of fangames

I wish some developers would try and include communication more, and, you know, include ORIGINALITY


I remember game titled "Inspirations" (if I'm not wrong) which consisted of small maps and quite interactivity. Also N'Oubliez Jamais had dreams made in uncommon fashion. Dunno which else fangame derive from that fashion.


File: 1400548297872.png (29.81 KB, 637x479, shot25h.PNG)

It's actual name, if it does not escape me is Inspiration or .Inspiration.
And Somnium also uses the same system as N'oubliez, but it is a bit more regulated (in other words, you can choose what layer you get)


Miserere has 0 looping maps and most are small too.


It's also an unappealing clusterfuck of visuals. While I agree on maps' type (no looping and sometimes small areas), they're often very unclear.

It seems to be another method of pissing players off. Instead of making looped maps, just make closed locations where you can't distinguish floor from wall.


So mean ;_;
People told me it looked good.


Take revenge doing it again


File: 1437896042561.png (33.1 KB, 640x480, unda da sea.png)

doesn't debris's speed effect have two modes?

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