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File: 1370400401230.png (119.33 KB, 677x640, Doll.png)


Posting demo for my new game, since it technically IS a YN fangame for once.


You can start with the "You're Owl" posts now. Have fun.


It says it's a virus.


It's not.


ur owl


i don't give a shit about who created who. I just want to say, i like that picture. i'd give it a try, yeah.

Fuck drama, let's play some vidya


Not so much drama as trolling, I guess.


I like it a lot so far. I love the whole rotted room look of the dreams and the farming elements remind me a bit of Harvest Moon.


Got the following message sent to me:
" http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/8553/cjy.png <- Are you aware they treat you like shit in Uboachan's Official channel? Even mods? Someone suggested to show you this so here we go…"

So there, I saw it. While it's not as bad as the message makes it out to be, I'm interested to know what I did to anyone on Uboachan?
It's not like it's a huge loss if people on Uboachan don't like me since I barely get any players from here anymore either way, but I'm a bit sad since Uboachan is what made me start my first game.
Anyone know the reason?


File: 1371243551944.jpg (298.27 KB, 484x352, 1353696312017.jpg)

I doubt anyone actually dislikes you. It's all a joke.

IRC is always like that.


That's fine if that's the case, but I would rather hear that from one of the people involved.


I'm on the irc a lot, but if that does not suffice, just come on yourself.


The "you're owl" joke came from that thread about fangame cliches because someone listed their game's/s' cliches and asked the thread to guess which dev they were, and people guessed it was you, and more anons came to list their own cliches and have people guess and it just spiraled from there, I thought?

I really don't think there is any sort of negative drama about you, just a running joke on uboa.

And the only thing you "did" to uboa was make dickme dicki and as a result you became more "known" here but I wouldn't call that negative either.


File: 1371259387984.jpg (30.56 KB, 500x360, 1366392049978.jpg)

Ur owl


I went to IRC as suggested and as I suspected it wasn't really as bad as the message I got made it out to be.


I just want you to know ilu owl <3

Nobody actually dislikes you. It's kind of become a joke within a joke in the channel because I pretend to not know who Owl is and everyone keeps saying I'm Owl.

If it does both you I can tell everyone to stfu.


It's fine. I don't mind jokes, as long as they are not evil jokes.
Let's go back to not talking about the game.


If you want to be hated just tell us


File: 1372271593704.png (6.66 KB, 96x96, Boss1.png)

Made some major changes to the demo. Removed some of the dreamworlds and completed the first temple world, complete with new creatures and the first boss. Beating the first boss and exiting the temple will now also end the demo, so there are two ways to finish the demo now, either through buying the statue in the shop or completing the dream segments.

The reason I made these changes is because the dreamworld was a mess before, and not very representative of how it will play in the final game. This should give anyone playing the demo a better idea of how it will work.

For those who played the first version, the places I removed will still be in the game, they will just appear in later worlds. So consider those places sneak peeks into other parts of the game.

And with those words, I put up the new demo:



File: 1372943319958.png (7.98 KB, 64x64, Snail.png)

Demo got a bit of a update a couple of days ago. It can be found here:

I made a short video recently showing a cutscene today, just to try out making a video:



So I played the 1st demo awhile ago, and now I'm playing the new one, and I'm really liking where this is going so far!

Only annoyance I have with the game were those birds that fly in your farm. (they just sound annoying…) But that's a small thing.




Owl, what Anon Dodrio is trying to say is that you're not alone. I talk to myself too sometimes. But he has three heads so he posted three times.

PS: I have to build up the courage to try one of your games… so… much… detail…


I see. Well they say you know yourself best.
Also, build up courage, why?


Because… seriously, just look at dem graphics. I know it's not 2k3, but still… they have so much quality it makes me angry!


why angry? your graphics are nice, owl's just a veteran here, I'm still drooling at miserere


Don't be angry, be happy. ;_;
I try my hardest for you, bejbi.


D'aw. Okay, you got me. I'll give it a try. Who knows, maybe I can find some inspiration in it… I need some new, fresh air.


File: 1374593291813.jpg (35.03 KB, 476x400, UbuuIsLove.jpg)



owlgape optss xdxdxd



File: 1377840724299.png (148.61 KB, 396x400, Reap and Sow2.png)

I seem to be having the damnedest time defeating this thing

Are there any tips or tricks to beating it? because every time I hit it more monsters pop out and get me and when I try to run away from them they still get me


Try hiding behind the barrels to the right/left after hitting the boss. They won't go there.


so at first i didn't like this game because of the fact there was a forced dreaming process

but then i got into it very slowly after i forced myself to sit down and play it, and i already beat the doll boss. now, two things:


the most annoying thing. i can't tell what to do and im sick of wasting my shrooms, tails and worms trying to figure it out. i suggest trying to put in a tutorial or a sign that talks about fishing somewhere.

and about the third "level"… is that the end of the demo? i can't find a way around the croc-beasts since i dont seem to walk fast enough.

also a bit of a bug: i could move around during the second cutscene after the doll boss. it was awkward.

interesting game though. giving us something to do other than dream and fiddle around with a video game or two.


Did you play the most recent demo? There are tutorials on how to fish in the shed where you craft.
There is a way around the croc beasts. Hold shift to run (controls tutorial are also in shed).
I'm sure I fixed being able to move around in cutscene in the newest version, too.
Maybe I forgot to post newest version here. In that case, here it is:


ah, so it turns out i was playing an earlier demo. i totally forgot about the shed and it's books

i found out about the shift thing minutes after posting.

i still get some random lag spikes though, i doubt it's my computer since no other game really does it…

one last thing: how do i beat the asylum boss? there's no way to even hit it as far as i can tell…



You added the ability to buy multiple items
>currently praising the ground you walk upon

It's taken me a bit of time but sit next to a wall and run away from it before it gets there. It will lash, hitting the wall which crumbles and damages it. At least that's what I'm guessing, I'm still working on it myself. I got it to happen 3 times but it got me before I could do it again.


File: 1378779316721.png (1.63 MB, 949x1085, reap and sow bug.png)

Also sorry for double posting but there seems to be a bug with the fishing in the recent version (I just downloaded Demo 6). I caught 4 bluegill and sold them to the guy; I got my gold but my fish are still there. In such a way it's possible to get infinite gold.


Put this in "Reap and Sow/Data" folder, it should fix the bug for now:

You are on the right track with the boss.

In what areas do you get these lag spikes?


Yep that fixed it!

New problem, after running into the witch, after losing, my walk/run speed is super slow like I'm still trying to run away from her



it's the entire game that gets lag spikes as far as i can tell.

also, about the fourth dream level: are there any checkpoints at all? or is it glitching and sending me back all the way to the start whenever i dream again? maybe its because its the last level or something…? i hope it isnt just because i merged the new game files with the old ones because i was lazy.


There is one checkpoint a short while before the boss. It's pretty much the last world in the demo, yeah. Which is also why it was a bit buggy.

About the lag spikes, Guess I'll have to remove some of the picture overlays and visual effects, then.


Scratch that checkpoint part, I added that after I uploaded the demo apparently.

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