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File: 1356495373283.png (4.86 KB, 634x481, Debros.png)


so i didnt see a topic about this fangame and i have so many questions about it

Debris follows an idiot (literally, theres a thing that says "BAKA" by his name) named Tatsuki. he explores his dreams and stuff. uh, it's pretty basic. but what bugs the shit out of me here is that i can't find out anything about it. can someone fill me the fuck in? i love it and all (its pretty up there in terms of how much i like it) but i have no idea what the hell is going on

there are even endings implemented but it doesn't seem you can get to them in-game. really what i want to know about is the princess or something that's in it?

fangame wiki page: http://yumenikkifg.wikia.com/wiki/Debris all it consists of is a list of effects and how to get them though.

picture is title screen because i dont have anything better to post pertaining to characters or anything of the such


File: 1356495494925.jpg (185.31 KB, 454x674, 1356390340585.jpg)

Tatsuki is a girl name…


i'm sure that the protagonist is a boy though. unless its a masculine female who really likes blue and dresses like a boy

there's a tuxedo effect so


File: 1356642885796.png (88.94 KB, 320x960, comicyn1.png)

Why there wasn't a thread about this game earlier?
It's my second favorite YN fangame, losing ONLY to Yume grafitti.
Also relevant to this gender discussion… sorta.


Can someone upload a working (updated) version of Debris with the Rpg_rt file?


File: 1360642833222.png (334.88 KB, 516x522, 31249360_p2.png)

this game just updated today actually! its now version 0.05x! (seems to be just some bug fixes/tweaks/minor graphical/sound changes though hhh)


the game has the rpg_rt file in it, you can just click the "ゲームスタート" icon and it should work (also goes right to windowed instead of full screen mode now which is kinda nice), but you can also click the debris folder to click the root rpg_rt file.

and yeah there are 4 endings currently, the princess's name is Lefia, and she's a second playable character in the sort of "post-game" (?) where after collecting all effects, you can use the mirror effect in the sort of palace area to find a hidden area and unlock her. i kinda explain it a little better here http://yumenikkifg.wikia.com/wiki/Debris/walkthrough (still incomplete but hey there a lot of incomplete things still, and the wiki isn't exactly "active" hahaaaaa….) and this is a kinda old thread but yeah….

version 0.05x woo hoo






File: 1363675065226.png (700 B, 88x50, it is a mystery.png)

the title screen in the op looks like nehris

well since this thread got bumped, i did actually finish it thanks to some updates to the wiki. finding those moving arms for one of the effects was nigh im-fuckin-possible, but i did it

this game is some kind of clusterfuck, really. one of my theories is that lefias his mom and hes a prince, but he's also crazy and thus locked away to battle his inner demons. another is that shes his conscience and tries to desperately keep him together, but probably doesn't succeed at all.

who knows? it's got some good stuff in it, though. i myself liked that market/town square area quite a bit. but some of the areas are… lackluster, too.

everything's a mystery


File: 1364004729659.gif (1.38 MB, 500x279, debrisbmongatarigif.gif)

I finished translating Debris into English so uh… yup!?


(I apologize if its not the most accurate translation but yeah…)

Let me know if there are any problems but It should work okay!



Thank you! I tried the official link but the game didn't work! Let's see how goes with this…


Thanks Toro!


File: 1364012231957.png (36.8 KB, 636x475, 688900765453.png)

Ooh, a translation. Thanks, Toro!


I think Tatsuki and Lefia are brother and sister. Their parents prefer Lefia over him because she is smarter, better looking, and pretty much better at everything than Tatsuki. She is treated like a "Princess" hence why she looks like one in his dreams, while Tatsuki is a disappointment. Tatsuki doesn't see that his parents are in the wrong for not loving him and just sees Lefia as the problem. The reason He kills her because he is jealous of her.


File: 1377045300917.png (52.7 KB, 650x518, ewwww.png)

Pardon the necrobump, but is there any way to kill this lil fucker right here? Tatsuki walks way too slow to step on it, and just gets the shaded over animu eyes when it gets near him. Is there a debug room or a speed glitch I could use?


I was actually was able to step on the bug, nothing happens though.

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