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Fleshchild v0.00 - A YN Fangame

[This game uses RPG Maker 2003!]

The game is still very incomplete, but here is version 0.00 of my new game Fleshchild! Things work a bit differently in this game, for sure.

Here’s one helpful tip: BE CAREFUL WHEN EXPLORING NEW DREAM AREAS. Be sure to explore every part of one dream world before moving to a new location!

Or you might miss things. Hahaha.

Nitrosparxx - Composer and Beta Tester
Cheesydicks - Beta Tester
File13 - Beta Tester
BlueNeonPinkie - Beta Tester
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Don't start shit, our precious Mishka apologized properly and now is more precious.



File: 1426534434487.png (69.7 KB, 411x384, preciousmishka.png)


>your precious Mishka
thank you for this


File: 1426537328444.jpg (27.29 KB, 306x273, tumblr_inline_mnqu21TYJ21q….jpg)

Man, people sure are butthurt recently, derailing a game thread to talk shit about the creator instead of talking about the game within the first day of any activity.

Thoroughly enjoyed the newest version, and it's also the first version I've had any contact with aside from just hearing "its pretty cool." I really like that there's differences between playing Visi and Vice, and I'm still trying to figure out what the trick is to the parasitoids' language. I can't wait 'til FleshChild updates again.


Talking shit you say… Bleet did that with us, we're merely asking for an explaination here.


Because it's kind of true, I'd think, at least. But at least try to talk about the game, hot damn.


Wataru and Hedgehog.


Cutting myself from all this, I shall say my thoughts about the update.

Let me start, that I was kinda disappointed by fact, that no new places were added. However I must agree that it's a new experience playing Fleshchild now. Dream parts are more visibly separated from actions in real life. There seems to be some serious plot going on. I don't remember if it was going in previous version, but now even simple thing as adding separate animation for reading stuff made me actually want to read it. Dreams also don's seem to be that important now. It's just a part that adds a little bit of spice to the game imo. That may be the reason why bleet wishes for this game to be moved to /og/. I liked visible separation of chapters - each with it's own title and description from that mother thing, I guess. Visybil character was a really neat addition which actually gave this game a sense of a real plot. Overall, I liked previous version and this one - despite not giving new locations etc - was a really nice experience. I could say that this is the direction that all Yume Nikki fangames should be going now - game about dreams, but not being a copy of original, but seriously adding something new and captivating.


First of all, I'm very sorry that my thread derailed immediately after posting. I really did not anticipate that at all.

Second, I want to address this discussion about my post I made two years ago.

Just like anon says that uboa is where you go for total honesty with critique, I was totally honest in advising potential devs about uboa. I used harsh words that I don't believe in two years later, but my stance is that this place can be difficult for fledglings if they are not prepared for the potential harsh critique or dismissal they may face.

Though I also said I thought posting on Uboa is something every dev should o when they are ready, because it is a good tool for improvement.

I apologize that my words were taken out of context. This is part of why I do not delete posts or edit them: so if a situation arises, I have all of my cards out on the table from the beginning.

I think this derailment, however, partially supports the things I said in the past.

Overall, I still like uboa, I visit regularly, and I clearly think the site is useful and important because I still would like to keep my games on here, and even two years ago, despite my other words in that post, I said I thought devs should post here when they are ready. But as another anon said, I prefer not to post unless I have content to give to everyone. Such as last year when I updated this game, and right now because it's updated again.


>Just like anon says that uboa is where you go for total honesty with critique, I was totally honest in advising potential devs about uboa. I used harsh words that I don't believe in two years later, but my stance is that this place can be difficult for fledglings if they are not prepared for the potential harsh critique or dismissal they may face.

The problem is that no matter what you have written about coming here and post a game to improve as a tip, people will twist it in a retarded way and it will end being read like this:

>Uboachan is a hard place, but criticism is good there, although there may be bad bashing sometimes.

>Uboachan is a hard place, there may be bad bashing
>Uboachan is bad, there is hard bashing
>Uboachan is evil.

Which is exactly what happened with that post (although I bet Jojo helped spreading more spergs butthurt as we have already seen). But all in all, it's that kind of things which make bad propaganda and contributed to the abandonment we see now in /fg/. Although you already recognize this so there's no point in discussing it.

>I think this derailment, however, partially supports the things I said in the past.

No, but seriously, if you write shit about someone you can't expect that said people won't get mad over your posts. There will always be a reaction, because your post is basically chasing away people from a place they are needed and indirectly telling them to get away. You're saying something around the lines of "Don't post there until you're good at what you're making", a point most of the people never pass over, specially without support that may be given here. Or if they don't have enough confidence on themselves. Plus, posting the middens threads is like saying "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR POSTING IN UBOACHAN"; not a nice image for the site, considering middens is a good game. So, if a good game is shit for this site, what about my little fangame? Jesus, gotta tell all my tripfriends about how evil that place is and to keep away anybody from it and trust Jojo-sama about how they are worse than /b/. God may burn their server and fuck their kernel.


File: 1426553797000.jpg (125.31 KB, 747x542, nig.jpg)

>I think this derailment, however, partially supports the things I said in the past.
So you wanted us to ignore it and smile at you? Come on lol, you generated the situation you can't expect us to love you after reading that.

I guess it's okay, but the things you said are not entirely true, for example now, we're having quite a peaceful time here in /fg/ with good threads and great feedback.

>uboa is where you go for total honesty with critique

There is a titanic difference between that and "if dev has any hint of inexperience the negative side will rip into that like a vulture going for the eyes of a corpse" by these "fucking brutal" people.

As you apologized for this, I sincerely apologize as well for talking about this here, I should have sent you a messege via tumblr or email.

I don't know about the other anons, but I think it's fine if the thread just continues with the original topic.



Like I said, I had made the post two years ago. It's unfortunate that it arose such a long time later when this isn't the case any more. Furthermore, I have not and continue to not talk about uboa like that post since then.

I've been here for four years, and my opinion of uboa continues to change just as the site does the same. But I still like this place above all else; if it weren't for uboa I wouldn't be where I am at today.

I didn't think anyone thought highly of me here, and I do not expect anyone here to love me or whatever else despite the post or in tandem with my apology. I'm really just here to post about my games.

Again, sorry for being rude in the past.


File: 1426566956000.jpg (233.3 KB, 1135x632, darker_than_black_anime_gi….jpg)

Ooh damn, this is awesome. This game was always one of my most favorite fangames, even if it was still so incomplete. I really believed it had been abandoned and wasn’t going to receive any more updates. This news makes me so happy.
I don’t mind if it isn’t going to be a fangame anymore. The new title screen looks great.


Thank you for your thoughts!

I do apologize that there aren't any new locations. Thinking up puzzles is harder than I thought, so the next location's puzzle was holding me back for a while, combined with school and work. However, I decided to update all of FC's graphics and mechanics first and foremost, so that when I add the new puzzles and dreams, everything will be up to date and on the same page.

Even though the update is mostly revisions of content/addition of optional events and plot, I wanted to be sure the fixes I had in mind were functional for the most part before moving on as well. I decided all of these changes were worth uploading as an official update so that players can 1. get familiar with the new direction the game is going in and 2. know what to expect for future updates.


File: 1426737162056.png (16.13 KB, 320x240, v1.png)

Ive uploaded a patch that should improve some things for the game. I have also uploaded a version of v0.02 that includes the patch.

Game + Current Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3mtatq5rw4pn4nh/Fleshchild_v0.02(2).rar
Patch Only: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bs363sv568lif84/FCv0.02_PATCH1.rar


I'm pretty much always making bugs as I fix them so here is a download for the game + patch 2:

Or patch 2 only:



File: 1426937171298.gif (1.02 MB, 540x540, 83a40a5fe0dac984e32ff07ca3….gif)

Wow, the patching really improved the gameplay even if it wasn't too much.
I'm mostly just glad the sewer doesn't have slowdown anymore.
You might wait until the next version or so, but the art gallery in the real world still has some pretty heavy slowdown. It doesn't kill the experience, but can make moving back and forth somewhat tedious.

Still, I'm really loving how Fleshchild is turning out, thanks for updating and patching and really just making the game in general!


File: 1427424290801.jpg (91.24 KB, 600x420, blllleeeerrg.jpg)

I gotta say, I'm really pumped for the rest of this game. I like how the little puzzles add to the plot and flesh out the rest of the world instead of just "lol it a city with da parasites." Also, I feel pretty bad for Visybil, for some reason…
Finished Vice's route, saved over it like a dumbass, so I'm gonna finish the Visi route I saved on it and then redo Vice so I have two save files. Are you planning on having the "routes" deviate from each other more significantly than just gender and whose head you take in the apartment? Do you think it'll matter later on if you don't gather the mutations and just leave the dream?


I love the new update. So much more was added and I loved the new characters. However, since you didn't add a new night, it mostly felt like cleaned up 0.01 than a true 0.02. When is the new night coming?


Don't take it the wrong way. Expanding the content that was already there was a great move. It had to be done sooner or later. It just felt like all of this was preparation for .03.


I felt like it was a dick move to put in an intermediate level code in without any kind of clues. Viscerian is an alphabet I've sat here for many hours trying to decode, and I can only guess what apostrophe, S, I and A are. Some of the symbols look so mashed together I can't tell if they're separate letters or one letter. I want to know what the goddamn game content says!! I shouldn't be made to feel helplessly ignorant.


Thank you very much! I know it's been a long time but I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed it all so far.

I think I want to include multiple endings based on some late game choices + effect collection? Really Vice and Visi are there more for the player's benefit than the plot; I wanted to have options for people, since at the time I was making it, masculine protags weren't really the norm and it's just nice to have a choice most of the time.

You're exactly right! This update was preparation for the next puzzle and night. I decided to release it as an update right now because while there isn't any new gameplay content, I was like "well if I want to change the format and add in plot and other things I might as well do it all now, instead of waiting until the game is finished".

Coincidentally I've been making the next puzzle area's chipsets in the past few days. There's still a lot to be done for 0.03 in regards to the puzzle, but afterward the dream segments will be really easy to make. I don't want to put a date on 0.03 yet though.

I didn't realize Viscerian was any level of code hahaha sorry. I'll admit, I designed it in a way to be difficult to understand from a face value, I borrowed a lot from the look of Japanese hiragana. I also intentionally made them look mashed together, I had the idea of "moonrunes" in my head when designing the font lol.

I'll give you some help: There's a character in the body room (where collected body parts show up) that will translate part of the code in the title screens for you each night. His translation is correct, but he doesn't translate the entire code. The rest should fall into place for you. :]


Well, it also somewhat feels like you've intentionally chosen the words so that it is hard for an amateur decipherer to guess how each letter is being used. We need to see J and Z in use, as well.


Honestly I didn't put nearly as much thought into how the players would receive the language. I intended it to be really more of an easter egg/fun activity for the players to do if they want to, and it has little bearing on the plot. If I wanted it to be a bigger part of the game I suppose I would have put a lot more of the dialogue into Viscerian, but I want the game to be accessible. So using this language for important things like speaking with Visybil and talking to the eye directly was out of the question and not my intention anyway.


It should continue to be prominent, but not for the actual dialogue or anything that is needed to understand the plot. It gives players a reason to look deeper into the game. I support Viscerian all the way. In fact, players are more likely to decrypt it if you offer more words written in Viscerian.


Maybe towards the end, most of the Fleshchildren except Visibyl and the Visceriph/mother start speaking entirely in Viscerian text to show you have become too human, and nothing anyone else says is of importance at that point. I wonder if that would be received well.


Crazy assed fan theory: Irene is Visi after she became too human to remember her origins. She was found with amnesia and eventually adopted when no one could identify her. This doesn't have any backing other than Irene is a shy girl who tries to stay out of trouble. The shy types can also be extremely suspicious. Maybe Irene has experienced her Visi anatomy and doesn't want anyone to get so close they'll figure her out. Visi's human form also looks slightly younger than Irene. Sorry about this theory if it annoys you, bleet. I love making left field theories.


File: 1427518766748.png (9.88 KB, 735x432, 2222.png)

First, an update on my contact info:

Tumblr - http://bleetdev.tumblr.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/bleetdev
Pixiv - http://pixiv.me/bleet
Email - bltvisi@yahoo.co.jp

Yeah, one of my ideas was to put more Viscerian in the dreams. I started doing that with the hospital, but I also had plans for NPCs to speak in it as well. I'll have to wait and see how everything pans out though since the dream world isn't even halfway finished.

That's definitely an interesting take on it! I've had a few endings in mind for a long while, (at the least only two endings), but that idea opens up some more possibilities for how the game can turn out. In fact, I think it would be received very well should I do something like that. Thank you for the suggestion!

Nonono, I encourage it! It's a fact that Irene's story takes place in the same town that FC's story does. I intend on connecting the characters and storylines throughout the town; I have at least one, two other games that I want to take place in Ashvale. So I'm really excited that someone thought to connect these characters so soon!

I sort of feed off of left field theories and all that fun stuff, it's perfectly fine. :]


Oh, wow. I was half joking and was shocked that you even took me seriously, bleet. It would still be interesting to be able to connect those dots together. Anyway, Visybil provides a bit of comedy in the form of not fully understanding humans. I love him for that and hope this doesn't slow down with him.


Initially I had been very worried that nobody would like Visybil! They explain a lot more about the plot and the Vis species, and I know some people prefer subtlety, and might not like that you have such a chatty character but then the rest of the gameplay is Vis operating in silence. So I made them optional, but let players know at the beginning that they are available.

However it looks like Visybil has been received really well; beta testers and regular players alike seem to like this character very much! So I can assure you that they're not going to lose any of that quality any time soon. :]


File: 1427570810100.jpg (64.98 KB, 320x370, tumblr_inline_nfs712Opfc1r….jpg)


Oh wow, I wasn't aware that people not living Visybil was a concern. No, they're great! I actually make a point to talk to him as often as I can so I don't miss any of their dialogue.

I also don't mind the other guy, but his name escapes me right now– it's the guy in the body parts room.

regardless, can't wait to see more.


It would be interesting to come up with the spoken phonetics of Viscerian. The sounds that make up Visi, Vice, Vis, Visybil and Viscera should remain unchanged. Many phonetics are changed to sound like they start with V. I would do it as entirely fan content for a fanmade trailer if no one else is interested.


Bleet, you sneaky, sneaky woman. I just figured out why I couldn't consistently decode Viscerian. I won't spoil it for the other players reading this, but there is a certain similarity to Japanese characters that makes all the difference.


File: 1427583084504.gif (1.66 MB, 500x281, notlogic.gif)

Don't mind me, I'm just another indie developer dying of envy, I mean, look at this huge thing your game is! Look at it, beautiful enternatining, well done and full of followers and love.

Literally, not just me, I bet there is a long list of devs looking at this thread in pain.


I care more about Vis than any other fictional character. I want to see what happens when the story ends so bad. I don't care if I have to wait years to see that version, as long as it comes.


I never really thought out how the language would sound, but I do agree [v] sounds would be prominent! Kinda fitting with the whole V theme lol. For the most part I personally figure they do weird gargles and roars more than something akin to a language style/sound humans would recognize. But it would be cool to see someone attempt to make a unique sounding language out of it!

You're right! Good job figuring it out. The way I designed the language like that made it easy to add variation, but not anything very obvious for people to notice. Giving each English equivalent letter its own unique appearance is common in a lot of coded alphabets, the easiest to mention being Daedric from TES. I wanted to do a little more, make it a little more fun than that. And that's how we get Viscerian. :]

One thing that is so important is not letting envy eat up your motivation. I was a very envious person for a long time when I started working on games and I felt like I could never match devs who, to me, seemed to be so much more successful. Even now I think my stuff is nothing in comparison to games like Ultra Violet, Answered Prayers, and literally all of Moga's works.


I don't dwindle on it, I don't let it bother me. I'm really just having fun making my games. This is a great hobby for me that I love sharing with people. I enjoy everything I do, every little thing from changing wait times for teleports to drawing cutscene art, is fun for me. If you have fun and keep working at it, things like envy won't even matter anymore. Having fun is so much more important than anything else.

It makes me so happy to see that the game has affected you like this! I can only hope the endings I have in mind for Vis will satisfy that hahaha.


File: 1427627047030.jpg (19.48 KB, 320x216, HNI_0042_JPG.JPG)

I hope it isn't illegible. I wrote it on my 3DS because I'm shaky with a mouse. Viscerian text would be the best response.


File: 1427627719915.png (34.56 KB, 320x216, Viscerian thing.png)

Ahh, crap. I can't delete this because the 3DS instantly tossed out the cookie, so I'll simply post the revised character.


Oh, I'm already trying to incorporate a deep growling noise that almost sounds like I'm about to hack up something for several vowel sounds. Some sounds need to be very gurgly as well. Much like the language of the Deep Ones, it is hard to pronounce it correctly without tearing up your throat if you're inexperienced and human, so the human bastard form, like Visi/Vice might speak with human parts, might sound very different.. Of course it has many similarities to English because the species pretty much borrowed their language from observed English.


According to some players, my download links broke, probably after I was trying to organize my mediafire and I deleted things that were still linked on my public pages for FC.

These are the correct links:

Full Game + Patch 5 http://www.mediafire.com/download/g8js5iojdhhnur3/Fleshchild_v0.02+Patch5.rar
Patch 5 Only http://www.mediafire.com/download/udx2bvczoyeovc8/FCv0.02_Patch5.rar


Good job Bleet! I'll check this patch in a moment.


Patch 6 is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hbwpqqkdbja4nlp/FC_v0.02_Patch_6.rar

Patch 6 should fix/improve:
- Lag in the sewers and Art Institute
- Teleport glitches in the Art Institute


Patch 7 is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q0nx2lgvdnp9mfn/FC_v0.02_Patch_7.rar

Patch 7 should fix:
- More teleport bugs in the Art Institute



Haven't posted in a while, I've heard that you've updated Fleschild even after the ywrd contreversy.

But I'm a bit worried about it being in /og/. But I also have a theory on Vis. ywrd said about stealth games; Vis' ability to form itself into a puddle of flesh seems to follow ywrd's exemplar.

Thank you.


I know Fleshchild has become something bigger than a fangame, so but I hope you still continue to advertise it as inspired by Yume Nikki so it can be classified as a miscellaneous game.


File: 1440075416761.png (219.39 KB, 340x368, shitpostingcup.png)

>something bigger
That's debatable, it's just not a fangame anymore, but I agree with the rest, denying it's roots after getting so many fangame players would be a dishonest move.


Well, the game has been formally cancelled. I don't know how to feel about this. It was because Bleet was too stressed to do it. RIP Fleshchild.



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