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File: 1697789670198.png (9.27 KB, 1080x512, Stickman.png)


hEy gUyS i'M mAkInG a NeW gAmE lOl
nOt lIe pRomIse


looks promising!


wow this is by far the best looking game I've ever seen can't wait to play it someday!


File: 1697812863984.jpg (40.73 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

Finally a good thread


I dont know. Not a fan of winter themed fangames, and look at that background, what do you see? Damn snow. All of it. All the damn snow.

So cold.


File: 1697820914694.png (169.86 KB, 1080x512, heyguys.png)

ok guys I made the first scene, it's the Desert!


Unironically already has more work into it than most of these threads


File: 1697826694460.png (129.75 KB, 1080x512, bog.png)

Just wait until you face the BOG.




damn OP you're like, so super talented wtf do you work for a real studio??


I unironically like these


Why yes. Yes I do


File: 1697876156373.png (168.17 KB, 1080x512, itsreal.png)

I heard some unfortunate gossiping that this game is not real… So I guessed I must share a screenshot with you of my work environment. Just please don't steal the game code… Thank you




This game was yome nekkay inspoored? I can't believe 1 man made this!


File: 1697881178602.png (371.91 KB, 1080x512, desk.png)

Since you can't believe it, here's a smartphone photo of my desk where I'm working on this game. The room is extremely bright because of that strange door that appeared a few weeks ago, you can even see my yomen ikke branded mouse clearly…


Ok I believe it now


Did you make any more areas by the way?


OMGOD this looks so good >>15873


Um is…is this for real?


File: 1697909685931.png (447.76 KB, 400x533, clussy.png)

more real than 60% of the "im making a game guise" all thats missing is some random coming in here saying "op is a bad dev he raped me" or some gay drama.


Lmao imagine if someone actually did post something like that


If someone doesn’t I will


File: 1697920211877.gif (5.4 MB, 498x376, marisa-kirisame-touhou.gif)

The ultimate Yume Nikki fangame dev guide:
>Download RPG Maker
>Self insert as an OC looking as plain and boring as possible because you cannot design nor draw
>Watch a tutorial on Youtube
>Give up because your attention span can't handle more than 3 minutes on anything that isn't fun or porn
>Make a tumblr and roleplay as a game dev with your fellow fangame buddies
>Make a wiki for your project
>Roleplay as your main character on Discord
>Focus on increasing your followers
>Achieve nothing and move on next summer


Why’s your anonymous tag blue?


It means I subscribed to
It also gives access to secret boards and all the money we invest goes into UboaCoin cryptocurrency.
It doesn't make any money, we just do it for the memes.


Uboachan plus is run by the sushigirl cabal. I am a part of the
We are an elite group run by seisatsu to force the sushigirl cabal out the market by holding a monopoly on Uboachan based blockchains. It makes your anonymous tag blue and adds a smiley face.


Have you tried opening it? Yume Nikki Fangame is a door-based genre, walking through doors is vital for inspiration.


You should prolly go through the door
I mean it’s not like you’ll actually be in a you may knee key fangame right?


Holy shit that is so accurate


I am late butt wooow this gaem really is so amazing, i still can't belooove it. I am just glad that it is yooomey nekkay inspoored! I bet it has walking!


Oh don’t you worry
It DEFINITELY has walking


What the fuck is this?


Wdym wtf is this?!?!??
You’re looking at the best fangame ever
Inspired by yome nekkey


File: 1698069469371.jpg (1.49 MB, 2395x2918, The human condition.jpg)

woow you eleetist doorkeeper, even dot flow didn't even have doors! we needs more windows


I wonder if the nexus has windows instead of doors


and i think you may have wonders for everyone to show


who would have though these pearls would be so low


How low exactly?


About as low as it gets motherfucker


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