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Happy Holidays!
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So this upcoming dream jam has mtivated me to touch rpgmaker for the first time in a while, what should I do to ensure it doesn't blow over like my other projects?(image not related)


Try to get at least one thing done per day. Better yet, set aside an hour a day just to work on the project. Don't get too ambitious or you'll never get anything done.


chiming in to say i am considering giving this jam a go too. i have a copy of 2k3, no experience, and no skills but it could still be fun


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Oh man, is Tumblr still making those?

Only a few end up being decent, but for the most part it only adds numbers to the pile of garbage unfinished games that is YN fangames.

Having a deadline is a terrible TERRIBLE idea for a beginner in the first place, most people's first game suck enough ass as it is.


If it's your first project, definitely look into some free/paid asset packs just to help you along. I know you WANT to do all the graphics/music/sfx/etc yourself, but realistically its just not really gonna happen on a free, month long jam project. There's some great horror assets out there and its not like you're "cheating" just because you chose to use a stock "footsteps on metal surface" sfx instead of teaching yourself how to make sfx when you are trying to learn how to make a whole game on top of that.

Good luck, hope to see your game friend


Get a friend to be your critic, someone who's not afraid to tell you how much you suck.

Or post it here, I'm not afraid to help you with the truth while being as much as a dick as the rules allow me to.


Well, it's over anon. How'd it go?


It bombed, I realized I didn't habe a lot of time to work on the game because I took up a writing course and work was busy during the summer.


That sucks. As someone else who joined the Dream Jam, time management was one of the hardest challenges to overcome during development. I managed to get mine done, but it came at the cost of my personal health.

Not everyone will be so lucky in terms of time, but you seem to be working hard on yourself. Take solace in that fact, and keep your chin up for the next go around. I have faith you'll make something of worth. Godspeed anon.


which game was yours?



It was my first time making a game. Don't know if I'm exactly proud of the final product, but it was an experience if nothing else.

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