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Hello all.

A while ago I did a Let's Play of .flow, and a friend of mine said I should post it here to try and get more people to see it, so I am.

I'm planning on doing a Let's Play of Yume Nikki, Yume 2kki and Yume Nikki Gensou real soon, With me likely recording Yume Nikki hopefully within a week (and if things go well uploaded within a week or so).

So let me know what ya think of the .flow LP (the first ep or two is a bit slow as I'm still blown away by it all) and anything you guys think it's Vital that I show in the Yume Nikki LP, of cause I'm planning on showing of UBOA and Mars, so any other neat things ya would like to see?


File: 1484891087101.png (276.14 KB, 800x640, stop.png)

I'm not trying to be harsh, but let's plays are kind of cancerous. They're unbelievably over saturated and whatever entertainment that could be squeezed out of them has dried up long ago. Not only that, but yume nikki and games like it are best experienced first hand due to their atmosphere and nature as exploration games. Watching someone else play video games isn't really most people's idea of a good time anyway. A review would work a lot better. I'm telling this for your own good. Also this technically counts as self-promotion which is usually pretty obnoxious.


It's a fair point, Though I guess the entertainment from Let's Play would be different from person to person, personally I enjoy Let's Plays or watching people play games, though It dose get a bit strange when it comes to games like .flow or what not where a lot of the game is just exploring and not much happening.

I just put it here cause a friend told me I should along with thinking that some people who enjoy the game may also enjoy seeing someone else play the game and reacting to things maybe to a different way then they did?


While it is true that any YN game should be done first-hand, if we followed that constantly, how would we know the good ones from the bad ones? I sit on both sides of the line here. It was LP's that got me really rolling into YN and it's fangames, but yet there's something magical about playing it for yerself. So here, I remain impartial.

Also for the record, I am that friend he mentioned.


File: 1484923203750.jpg (52.93 KB, 960x640, normies.jpg)

Let's Plays are like you say, but people seem to consume them for some reason, lets suppose its just a normal thing, that is why for indie game devs they are great. I see LPs like an opportunity for both game devs and youtubers.

Of course, .flow doesn't need any promotion…I think it's very pointless to offer LP of games that everyone and their mothers already know.

I also think this is bad for the LP'ers, I mean, who the hell is going to watch your video about something literally everyone saw alraedy?


File: 1484930543079.gif (493.99 KB, 245x240, 1484879561347.gif)

the self promotion is really obnoxious though

plus, everybody here already knows about .flow, late to the party


By people you mean children and by reason you mean the person doing them being obnoxious enough. Let's say hypothetically somebody like Markiplier made some videos on yume nikki and all his fans flocked here for some reason. Wouldn't that be the fucking worst? Exposure isn't always a good thing and mostly benefits people who are selling their game. Making a well known indie game is great and all, but reviews do the same thing and are watchable at the same time so more people should make those. When I was a lot younger I sometimes watched let's plays as a substitute for buying games, but that reasoning doesn't apply to free-ware.


I completely agree that LPs are nearly universally terrible. They're also hugely popular, so no reason not to stream what you like. You still get to play something fun, provide commentary along the way, and others get enjoyment too. Win-win, if ya' ask me.


Keep on LPing, Ifrit.

I think LP commentary can bring forth some brand new insight, especially with YN+FGs, which are wide open to interpretation.


For a YN type games I agree but I watch quite a few lps but from one guy who isn't screaming and editing his facecam every 5secs. I loath that kind of thing. The ones with chill people doing it because they want to is comfy and allows me to experience a lot of games I can't play. And they can also help you experience a game again in a new way. You get someone else's opinion and views which can be interesting.

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