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File: 1458698270696.png (6.88 KB, 320x240, flow_Title_Screen.PNG)


Games I already know about:

>Yume 2kki


It seems like no YN fangames are finished or good but I might not be looking hard enough.


Miserere by our local troll Owl.


File: 1458703702895.png (157.07 KB, 920x518, 1457395473054.png)

PFfffff, no. It's constantly being updated and faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from being finished.
Neither is .flow from what I recall, lol never stated that he's close to finish it.


File: 1458703910360.jpg (40.83 KB, 330x332, sour.jpg)

>finished or close to finished
>file title screen posted says 0.18
Want a punch in the ribs?


File: 1458704658616.png (389.85 KB, 800x600, resta_by_m_256-d67a7nj.png)

Me by M-256 is a good fangame! Art also by the game creator


File: 1458707952246.jpeg (30.79 KB, 350x350, shut.jpeg)


I consider "has an ending" to count as finished in my department. .flow and 2kki both have endings, development is just adding extra content/easter eggs at this point, which is all extra for the most part.

Go fornicate with a cactus.


File: 1458708738173.png (368.4 KB, 1038x370, 1458500979276.png)

>my imaginary idea of "finished" is the common one
By that standard, around 70% of fangames do have an ending.
Reported. Try being less obvious next time.


File: 1458737848354.jpg (18.05 KB, 218x196, kek.jpg)

Sorry I didn't know your imagination was part of real life, how dumb of me.


File: 1458761880044.jpg (92.1 KB, 600x528, aa13be1465260fec5b7711b837….jpg)

This thread became so unreasonably sour.


Are you honestly surprised? This shit happens on pretty much every thread.



Maybe I should have put "fangames with an ending" but I figured I could put "finished" and you would connect the two like a normal functioning human being and not nitpick like a shit.

"Reported" for what? Did you even report me? Probably not. Go take your 15 gigabyte folder of smug anime girls alongside your unreasonable hostility and go to bed. You have school tomorrow.


File: 1458781819900.jpg (95.94 KB, 1156x720, youunderstimate.jpg)

Debris has a few endings already, also Gnosis, Gnosis is pretty good.
>Only 15 gigabyte folder of smug anime girls
See file


File: 1458781985733.gif (995.41 KB, 257x194, big boss.gif)

Oh god, I'm such a normalfag that I had no idea that you could check file sizes on posts.

Thanks for the suggestions though


The person who made that fangame also created Mikan Muzou, which was okay too. Nothing out of the ordinary for a YN fangame but still kinda fun at some points.


Neftelia is quite good if rather small/short if it even counts as a proper fangame

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