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File: 1446593837877-0.png (17.93 KB, 640x480, fogblog06.png)

File: 1446593837877-1.png (35.7 KB, 1280x960, fogblog07.png)

File: 1446593837877-2.png (59.1 KB, 640x480, fogblog58.png)


FOG is my Yume Nikki fangame, made with RPG Maker 2003. This traditional Yume Nikki fangame has more upbeat themes and equippable Perks that can be collected along with Effects.


You should not need the RPG Maker 2003 RTP to play, but if it asks for it, download that too.

The current version is 0.0.2. Although a very preliminary version with 1 character (Leon) and just a few effects, all 12 Nexus doors are available.

Feel free to monetize videos and streams of this game. (Usage rules have just been updated.)


Tried this game out, really enjoyed it! The item-collecting aspect is interesting to me, and this also has some of the best MIDI music I've heard in a YNFG. The whole game has a unique feeling to it.
Looking forward to updates in the future!


Is anybody having trouble launching v0.0.2? I just confirmed that this game is in fact playable without the RPG Maker 2003 RTP, but please let me know right away if you have any problems.

If you can't launch FOG with or without the RTP, try copying a CharSet image to vehicle.png. I'm thinking that it might work if you have an "unofficial" English RM2k3 RTP installed.


Running FOG on any Windows system from Vista to 10 should work. I just got word that it won't launch with RPGHub.

RPGHub is not supported. Do not ask me how to get FOG to work with it.


File: 1448905636732.jpg (69.78 KB, 640x480, IMG_20151130_115831.jpg)

FOG v0.0.3 is out.

- 1 Effect for Leon is added: At Sign
- Over 20 maps added, including a new "office" dream world connecting some of the main worlds together.



File: 1453171431447.png (20.12 KB, 640x480, fogblog90.png)

FOG v0.0.31R is out.

- Sound effects for captures and jumpscares toned down
- In the "arrow parade" area, arrow tiles that do NOT move the Dreamer are now gray.
- Instructions screen is easier to read. Designed more like the upcoming multiplatform M version.
- You can now save anywhere in dream if you have the Laptop Perk equipped. Press 7


Coming soon: MV version. Coming much later: a third Dreamer.


Il give a shot once i find some time.


File: 1457666436040-0.png (9.11 KB, 640x480, fogblog98.png)

File: 1457666436040-1.png (70.04 KB, 448x256, fogblog96a.png)

It's taking me too long to work on FOG, I know. But in the next version, Tegan will be a playable character alongside Leon in the beginning.

Her quest will still be a harder "second quest": Her Effects and Perks will be much more well-hidden, and the dreams will behave rather differently for her.


File: 1458190310216.png (168.46 KB, 693x529, fogblog100-emory.png)

Thought I would create a mini-game/demo of sorts in MV while you wait for the next release on April 15th:

Game: http://dreamfog.net/tegandemo/
Credits/help: http://dreamfog.net/traverse.html

You can play as Tegan, Leon, or Emory. (Press X to switch; a Dreamer may also be randomly selected on area change.)


File: 1458951863389.png (489.18 KB, 1280x727, fog-forest-bgsample.png)

Hexel-based backgrounds and other graphics may be added with some future content in FOG.

I think it fits well with the Bauhaus-leaning style of the game.


File: 1460768237787.png (17.46 KB, 640x480, fogblog114.png)

FOG v0.0.40R and v0.0.40M are out.

- Tegan is now a playable character. Go to the laptop while awake to change Dreamers.
- 2 Effects for Tegan are added: Alternate, Onion
- Dream world slightly expanded.
- MV port (version M) is now available, featuring mouse support and 720p HD display. Gameplay may be slightly different due to differences between RM2k3 and RMMV.

Download version R (RPG Maker 2003 version):

Play version M in browser:
For mobile, use Firefox on a high-end device and rotate the device for widescreen view.

Download version M for Windows (RPG Maker MV version):


File: 1466990676547-0.png (10 KB, 640x480, fogblog118.png)

File: 1466990676547-1.png (18.37 KB, 646x511, fogblog120.png)

FOG v0.0.41R is out now.

Emory has now been added as a playable character. They have their own Nexus with 17 doors (15 more planned later.)

I also decided to slip in 1 effect for them too since everybody's waiting a little too long for this update.

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw8qNi_Zg1ydNjBsU0JWTF93bkE


File: 1476059303155-0.png (390.6 KB, 1920x1080, fbshare-20160930-fog-moder….png)

File: 1476059303155-1.png (313.56 KB, 1920x1080, fogblog123.png)

So you can play as Emory in FOG version M now.
Plus, some fixes for version R.

v0.0.52R - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw8qNi_Zg1ydRVF5ZW10UWpjTnM
v0.0.51M - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw8qNi_Zg1ydOU9ITlZqOXFYYms


File: 1493603060195.png (8.32 KB, 288x256, FOG_examplec.png)

Don't recolor Mado or Uro sprites; that's illegal. And it stirs up drama, potentially balkanizing the fandom.

I released "Dream Origins," a selection of FOG graphics for everyone to use:


I put these free assets together for others to edit for the Dream Diary Jam, but these graphics can also be used elsewhere.

Next release of FOG will come with a redone soundtrack and that will be free to use, edit, and remix too.


Not different enough.

- 2 cents


File: 1499527808014.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, dreamfog-title.png)


That's why I'm redoing the whole thing.

Certain Yume Nikki game design aspects that we take for granted in our fangames, such as wandering in looping open spaces and red herrings (things that look funny but don't serve any meaningful purpose), actually make the game frustrating. Several friends of mine from outside the fandom (they're more into Zelda, NiGHTS, and FNAF) pointed this out to me.

I know I've held long enough onto wanting to make a traditional fangame in the vein of LcdDem, but now I'm going in a different direction like some of the other authors.


As I see it, a fangame is a fan made game, this doesn't need to be an exact copy or similar to YN, you can make a space shooter and call it a YNFG if you wish.
YN is not perfect, and making a clone of it will also clone its bad things.


This probably goes without saying, bit it should probably at least have some sort of connection to the original, like for example it uses the originals characters.
I wouldn't call it a fangame if you can't identify it easily as a fangame after playing it. Maybe an inspiration, but not a fangame.


File: 1499617260110.png (1.16 MB, 680x877, 3c3.png)

Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding, but doesn't that mean that, by your definition, about 95% of the fangames on /fg/ shouldn't be called "fangames" because they aren't technically related to YN at all?
Of course, I'm probably just misreading what you wrote, but if not, that just seems unfair.

Now about FOG. I'd say just do what you think works best for it. Don't overthink shit, especially not the story. Just ask "does this work with the rest of the game" and if so, I'd say go with it.
I will say, a lot of recent fangames in my opinion tend to fuck up when it comes to "story". YN was certainly not clear, so I don't know why so many modern games are obsessed with creating an overly complicated story which can only be told through the same things YN already did for some reason. Things don't have to be so deep.

A lot of recent fangames later on in their lives tend to switch over to /og/ even though they're still essentially the same thing as YN. I still consider The Other Line to be a YN fangame even if the author doesn't. I feel it's just a cheap and lazy way at trying to make oneself known, like trying to take credit for YN by saying "This is my Dream Diary game, if you'll notice, my protag doesn't actually dream even though the principles are similar, so it's an entirely different game. Pay me." LISA: The First I'd even consider a YN fangame, which also spawned an RPG series that made the guy rich and now he's in hiding, but it just feels iffy because it's basically just YN but with the rape themes made explicit. Remember who you are and what you came from, etc.


>I don't know why so many modern games are obsessed with creating an overly complicated story which can only be told through the same things YN already did for some reason.
Egotism. People's dicks get hard when they think about how they made some fanfictiony epic that people suck them off for.


LISA was still far more inspired by Earthbound and the author readily admits that. If we follow your logic YN is a ripoff of Mother 1 and LSD Dream Emulator.


File: 1503446856306.png (186.73 KB, 1920x1080, dreamfogblog-0001.png)


I won't be forgetting my Yume Nikki/LcdDem roots; that's for sure. dreamFOG will still have Effects, despite being a semi-linear puzzle game.

I'll probably only throw in a few storyline twists and ending branches, but it'll basically just be the same old FOG, only redesigned for modern/core gaming and featuring two more Dreamers. It certainly won't have a bizarre tree of story branches or relationship meters like in a visual novel or a dating sim, and it most certainly won't have red herrings or "Guide Dang It" moments.

Interestingly enough, I'm actually not too familiar with Mother/EarthBound. Zelda is a much bigger inspiration for dreamFOG.


The art style is amazing! Can't wait to see where this goes!


File: 1518583264130.png (28.22 KB, 960x720, FOG_backtobasics.png)

I just turned back around and decided to go back to working on the traditional open world game that is FOG. Especially with the recent revivals of Yume Nikki on Steam. Besides, it would be a total pain to overhaul the gameplay into something it wasn't intended to be in the first place. A different gameplay model would belong in another dreamFOG game.

I will be focusing on version R ("the Desktop Edition") for now, because I'm lagging behind, and I already have a deliverable beta ready for this month, but I'm not sure how I'm exactly going to include the three new dreamers Lindsey, Feldon, and Mitsuru as playable characters in later versions. For a long time, FOG was made with just Leon, Tegan, and Emory in mind.

In any case, it's OK to include FOG in the YNFG archive. While I don't think Kadokawa will go after my game in particular, I think it's important to curate the wave of fangames that arose from Yume Nikki's viral popularity, and how it helped develop things like dreamFOG, the works of lol, community collaboration at an unprecedented scale (Yume 2kki and Outotsu Yume), and a spark of global interest in surrealism and emergent RPG Maker horror games which were already a thing before Yume Nikki; Corpse Party comes to mind.


File: 1519866608144.png (60.23 KB, 966x751, FOG-141.png)

FOG v0.1.41 has been released.

Download: http://dreamfog.net/files/FOG%20v0.1.41.zip

- 14 maps added. Please start a new game and re-explore the dream world.
- New effect for Leon: Banshee
- New overhauled soundtrack
- Leon now has an improved appearance
- Removed Yume Nikki-like epithets for the Dreamers (Leon, Tegan, and Emory are no longer additionally known as Kiritsuki, Matatsuki, or Yokunashi.)
- Various maps simplified for easier navigation
- Easier puzzles and mazes are telegraphed
- You can now save anywhere in the dream if you press 5. (Regardless of Dreamer or Perks.)
- Alpha version of minigame added: "Goodbye Stranger"


Hey, not really playing any games right now but good on you for continuing to update.


I just pulled the plug on YouTube monetization.

YouTube videos of FOG made on or after April 16th, 2016 can't be monetized with ads. (This doesn't apply to live streams.) YouTubers can still use things like tip jars or Amazon product affiliate links after that date, though.

It's because of shit like this:

Survey gates are unconscionable. When Internet ads get more aggressive, it's getting harder to fathom allowing just anyone to commercially use your work.

Hopefully, this won't negatively impact (dream)FOG. After all, Persona 5's strict streaming policies didn't stop Atlus from continuing the MegaTen franchise.


File: 1532369348053-0.png (176.99 KB, 544x416, fog-streamlined.png)

File: 1532369348053-1.png (261.11 KB, 544x416, fog-new-title.png)

I just restarted this project: FOG v0.2.00.

The game project was originally improvised, but it proved too complicated to continue working that way. So I have to remake and streamline it. FOG will still be an open-world lucid dreaming game in the tradition of Yume Nikki.

- It will be remade in RPG Maker VX Ace. It appears to be the most powerful and efficient RPG Maker engine for this game. MV is bound by various HTML5/JavaScript nuances and limitations, and RM2k3 on Steam causes problems on certain operating systems.
- The game will NOT be in HD, as HD/UHD/4K does not appear to be a major concern to most gamers. The default screen size will be used.
- The game will have six dreamers: Tegan, Leon, Emory, Lindsey, Feldon, and Mitsuru.
- All music has been remade. For the third time. With the use of FL Studio (as opposed to a MOD tracker with ST-XX Amiga samples), the production value has increased.
- All dream maps are remade and streamlined in an outbranching world called the "Web of Dreams." 99 areas are planned. Familiar areas, such as the Neon World, will still exist. Further outward areas, such as endpoint dungeons, require certain Effects or Perks to access.
- After the base game is finished, a built-in randomizer with user-defined random number seeds and flag sets will be added.
- A RMMV-based HD mobile version based on this remake is still planned. It will be substantially different and optimized for mobile touchscreen play.

I have also restored monetization permissions for videos and streams. You may use currently available versions of FOG for this purpose. However, due to recent economic concerns, please use discretion if you monetize FOG videos and streams so not to inconvenience your audience.


Sounds great a bit overambitious even but I want to ask – what is the theme of your game? If there even is one, that is. I'm pretty sure the well of random exploration in dream diaries has long since run dry, so if you want your game to be acknowledged, you have to have an idea or theme that you would design the game around.

This mught sound dismissive, but the big idea is that your plan for the game sounds like a whole lot of work, so if the end result were to turn out generic and unmemorable, that would be a complete disaster. As such, you might wanna give it some thought while you're still at early stage of production.


dreamfog.net will close down this month.

Google Drive downloads will still work.
The archive is here:

The official Tumblr and Twitter are still up:

Projected release date of next version v0.2.0: February 28, 2019.


File: 1667077216669.png (5.46 KB, 640x480, FOG_itch04.png)

After a long hiatus, FOG v0.1.47 has been finally completed and released. It has 7 different endings, and the game is now 100% completable with all three Dreamers.



Awesome that you're still working on the game and kept the thread up to date even after so long. I'm excited to see the differences from your last update long ago


File: 1667284378937.png (20.45 KB, 640x480, FOG_itch03.png)

Here's what to expect:

- Number of maps expanded to 192.
- A soundtrack remade with FL Studio 20.
- Leon and Tegan each have 13 Effects and 20 Perks. Leon must collect his Effects; Tegan must collect her Perks.
- Emory has 2 Effects, 5 Perks, and a radically different objective involving gift boxes.
- Appearances from the Dreamers' other friends. There is a certain character whom they're worried about. Is she dead or alive?
- There are color-coded boxes that all require a certain Effect to open: Key
- Una traducción oficial al español está disponible.

I haven't been updating my Tumblr or Twitter, but feel free to ask any questions here.




File: 1716221906887.png (5.17 KB, 320x240, FOG_instructions.png)

Believe it or not, FOG v0.1.48 and FOG v0.1.48-es (new and improved Spanish translation) have been released today.

There have been some fixes to the in-game sound. The gameplay has not been impacted at all.

Download it here:


File: 1716230371510-0.png (44.37 KB, 295x406, 499765438.png)

This will make a fine addition into my collection.
By the way, do you happen to have ver.0.0.40M of this fangame? That's the only version of it missing, the last piece to complete this puzzle.
And maybe, perhaps, by any chance, some other fangames and/or their version?


File: 1716244172119.png (Spoiler Image, 9.87 KB, 320x240, NBN_title.png)

I do, in fact, have v0.0.40M. I might upload a cleaned-up rerelease of that particular version for historic purposes, though as far as an MV/HTML5-based version of FOG, I would rather remake FOG in MZ instead with a few bonus areas and all seven dreamers being playable with their own objectives.

I am, however, working on a new game with the same characters and art style in RM2k3.


File: 1716255166161-0.png (62.15 KB, 230x505, 56469270_p19_master1200.png)

I'd appreciate if you could share this version as it was at the moment of it's release, pretty please. For the same historic purposes.



I just uploaded FOG v0.0.40M overnight. Since this is a historic release, it will not be on the Itch store page.

I will not provide any support. Download at your own risk.



File: 1716327856551-0.jpg (82.64 KB, 828x877, ECeWk5bVAAAWqeJ.jpg)

Thanks a lot. With the next public release the archive will have all versions of FOG. At least according to the wiki records about the game's versions.

And speaking about new game: will it be a submission for Dream Diary Jam, or you're not partaking? Will it be fangame at all, or it's own thing?


File: 1716360491934.png (Spoiler Image, 146.36 KB, 1920x1080, dollarsign2.png)

I won't be participating in the Dream Diary Jam, but the next dreamFOG game will be sort of a fangame but not entirely a fangame, in a transition of dreamFOG coming into its own.

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