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Uboachan I'm bored give me some dev fag stories


I dunno anon, maybe you could try making a game yourself or supporting the devs you like, that usually brings jealous devfags out of the woodwork.

For real though, there was a blog for a game called Monotose that got shut down not too long ago without warning. The creator started getting asks about why the MC looks so dumb on the title screen and he gave up almost immediately lol.


File: 1429482244009.jpg (23.31 KB, 232x197, Bugs Bunny still sees this.jpg)

>Be young me.
>Be bored.
>Decide to do a yn fangame.
>Go on.
>Eventually make more games.
>Eventually realize that from my lack of things to do, make a fucking universe of some sort.
>Doing yet another YN-like on all this time
>mfw I am in several years in this shit


This is kind of cool. Sometimes I fantasize about leaving the real world and dedicating myself to just creating my own world and becoming a seasoned yet slightly crazy developer. Realistically though I would probably just end up killing myself after too much of that, and at the very least my mental and physical health would degrade


File: 1429485024095.jpg (63.63 KB, 593x342, Shadowman is sure he had N….jpg)

Wince because it's mostly too late for me.
I am okay, though.
Here's another, not YN related.
> Be me
> Be making a fangame of OFF.
> Suddenly Anon h8 on Tumble around some fangame makers.
> Never receive ONE piece of anon hate.
> However, get some praise that day.
> Mfw
I still suspect the sender of that happy note was part of the troop.


That's sad


File: 1429489952635.png (70.34 KB, 257x252, Uboachansecretsociety.png)

>Be low profile dev and harmless funposter.
>Accused of being part of a Secret Society that controls opinions in Uboachan and Tumblr from the shadows while performing Counter Intelligence tasks in other imageboards to start Board Wars and hacking Spanish Forums for no fucking reason.


File: 1429492214391.png (166.18 KB, 800x800, 60_0.png)

I'm not a serious dev since I mostly do kusoge for ubuu (that nobody plays anyway), but I can pull off at least 2 stories that happened to me so far.

>dev-chan asks for advice

>I spend time giving a full run of the demo, pointing out what I think should be fixed, what I didn't like, and what I thought should be improved. 100% honest.
>"Hey all you're telling me is nice but since I don't give a fuck of half the things you said I will keep them the say way because – I – like it that way".
Funniest thing is that I never heard of dev-chan ever again, or the game.

>being nice to devs

>accused of trying to start shit because I actually pointed out some faults that should be fixed

I also send those shitty asks to Owl when I'm bored. He probably thinks it's just somebody to play around and doesn't really care about his games, but the ironic thing is that actually he's become one of my favorite devs.


File: 1429494210705.png (49.52 KB, 205x196, OH SNAP.png)

>Be 14 year old me
>In a really big fangame-playing hype
>Decide I want to make a game
>Works on it and posts it to tumblr
>Gets some followers and quite a few reblogs
>Doesn't update for months
>Finally promises some updates
>Never touch it again

http://somniarepuella.tumblr.com/ i ain't joking you, mr. uboachan


Oh, I remember this one.
Don't worry, I already lost the count of the number of people who dropped their shit without even publishing a single demo.


This >>10508 at least you gave us something…


>Be a dev starting out like everyone else with a shitty game
>make it substantially better and tie it into my own fictional universe
>enjoy a little fame for a bit
>no one cares about me not long afterwards
>quietly continue making games in hopes of tasting that small notoriety again



This looks cute and I like the colors
, at least it's not the bottom of the "I won't even pretend I put effort into this" unfinished games barrel.

>I mostly do kusoge for ubuu
Post it, that's my shit

On another note, I find "live" threads on Uboachan pretty cool when I find them


File: 1429495540417.png (58.26 KB, 229x321, 21.png)

Person from >>10507 here! You guys are a lot nicer than I expected about this.. the people who say uboachan shits on devs is pretty wrong.

Thank you! I actually did put quite a bit of effort into my tiles since I wanted my game to look pretty.

I wanna do an actual game sometime soon and I have enough time to do it, but I don't know if I will due to who I am as a person. But I really want to! Only reason I had to drop the earlier project for good was because my laptop died and took my files with it.


Yeah Uboachan pokes fun at us "devfags" from time to time, but the general reception to native devs and people who actually take the time to come here is lukewarm to good. We like progress updates.


File: 1429496308865.png (51.84 KB, 1000x560, 563_0.png)

>Post it, that's my shit
They are already up, man, scattered around the boards.


I don't really wanna dig around the archives for other crap.

>You guys are a lot nicer than I expected about this.. the people who say uboachan shits on devs is pretty wrong.

Oh yeah, the "uboachan is so evil" thing again… people here speak their mind with honest words; this is a chan after all, so it's pretty common to be kinda "harsh" and arrogant, but actually it's more of a thing to act that doesn't necessarily implies you're being an actual cunt. People new to any chan sees all these sarcasm and irony posts as malicious, but they don't realize it's more of a common treat around here than the "so called bashing" thing that people want to make out of this place. If you actually read the posts, they make good points, but it is generally dismissed because "oh noes must be bash", and honestly, I can't count more than 2 threads where some games had extremely negative feedback. But then again, this is the INTERNET, every forum has trolls and drama.
Also this >>10513


File: 1429496495277.jpg (30.7 KB, 640x114, image.jpg)

>your request looks automated
This is for >>10512


File: 1429496621480.png (252.28 KB, 540x499, holywigers.png)

Ah I remember that thing now! I am still following the blog, please tell us when you get some new ideas.


>Been in fandom for years
>Only ever made two games that aren't even finished
>Have like 7 different games "on the backburner"
>No time or patience for anything once I talk about it
>No literal time to work on anything because school/work/family
>Still feel like I'm making excuses and letting people down

It is so true it's hard to finish and follow through. I admire M-256 a lot and always have because they're always completing whatever games they release, I actually feel really guilty I can't seem to do the same. This stuff is a real commitment and I did not expect that when getting involved in this and I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up in the end.

Like it's gotten to the point that I feel like I'm just stringing people along and that sucks and I am so sorry. I want to do better but I'm not sure how to go about it.


File: 1429500492881.png (356.52 KB, 640x480, this thread is actually an….png)


Don't bleet yourself up over it. Like I said here >>10515 , a lot of us here totally get it. I'd like to get some work done on things too once summer starts. We could work on it (I mean time management and getting projects done and stuff) together. But don't feel guilty about a project, that'll probably just hurt motivation because you won't want to think about it


File: 1429500749131.jpg (55.21 KB, 340x460, AgentPatchy.jpg)

>Revealing our secret plans to the public
You will face martial court for this


>Find Uboachan in 2009-2010
>Decide to make Madotsuki recolors in MSPaint of myself
>Play around with the idea of making a fangame of me for my friends and I to play
>Give up on it
>See someone make a thread on uboachan, "Make a short fangame in a week" or something like that
>Heck yeah I can do that.
>Use some old assets from original game
>Get way more in depth
>Avoids all other projects until I finish this game
>Four years later I still haven't finished the game.

I took a year-long break and am trying to finish at least a prologue to the game but it still feels overwhelming.


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