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Hi guys, here's a thread for DvD where you can talk/complain/debate/whine etc. about the game as well as its progress, its spinoffs (see: 4/01), and some other stuff.

I'm a skeleton/budding sprite animator, so I can pretty much tell you that the progress is heavy on sprite animation. At the moment we're working on Urotsuki primarily. God bless this goddamn walk cycle and god bless Pico.

Feel free to ask questions. Though I have to say that some are better asked on the forum rather than here.

(Also, if you are a sprite artist, please post on the forums if you're willing to join the team. Again, animation is one of our biggest priorities with the game.)



>The screenshot section on the website appears to be unfinished, showing off an older version of the game. Do you think there should be some pictures of the Sabitsuki update?

I'll talk to Mat about it. He runs the website.

>Also, how are Monoe and Monoko going to be turned into full characters?

The first thing is that the movesets are created for characters with tag in/out in mind. Monoe and Monoko are somewhat like exceptions because of their limited movesets, but the other characters in games like .flow, y2kki etc. have more expanded moves.
The tag in/out system simply hasn't been implemented yet, that's all.

As to your question about opening a window for background characters … we have to animate them, they have to have movesets first, though. If they have no interesting moves or distinguishing features we won't implement them. But adding a whole load of background characters would put an enormous strain on the animators and keep the game from being truly complete for much, much longer.

As for fangame protagonists, those are in the "Other" section - there are a few lined up, and even one that I'm handling on my own since I got permission from Saki Izuriha.
We're considering the idea of more fangame protagonists than YNFG side characters.

But right now, our priority really isn't so much thinking "which characters will we/will we not add" , it's more like

>are we done Urotsuki yet

>we need to tweak Sabitsuki's sprite
>we need to tweak Madotsuki's sprites
>we need to tweak XYZ sprites etc.
>will we have Uro finished by the time the new engine is working
>afterwards who will we work on next

There's a rule we have in regards to DvD's characters, and it's "If you want to have a character in the game, you have to come up with the moveset, sprites, etc. yourself." A character about to be released was created this way with help and authorization with the creator of the fangame.

That's basically the gist of all this. Hope I answered some of your questions/curiosities.

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