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How do you guys motivate yourself to play all the YN fangames out there? Once you've played YN, .flow, 2kki (and maybe LcdDem) you've pretty much played them all.


Mostly by boredom. You just want to check out what little new spins and worlds are there. Then again the spins are hugely derivative, but there are games which attempt to move on from the basic formula.

Also, if you want new stuff, keep yourself away from most eastern fangames. It is not that they're bad, but they have this tendence of repeating themselves.


"all" and "more than those four" are very, very different. also its just entertaining to go through a whole new set of connected worlds, not so much for gameplay but more because, yknow, if they look nice and they arent too frustrating to navigate, its just fun to relax to them sometimes. even if they are not as fresh as YN felt, since thats a very high standard to meet.


>"All" and "more than those four" are very different

Not really? I mean, a lot of the games have the exact same worlds, but with slightly better or worse graphics than the other games.

So to answer your question OP, I don't bother, because I have better things to waste my time with than the endless march of hollow facsimiles.


There's usually a lot of time between new decent fgs and updates
I tend to play random ones on the wiki, only when I get very bored.


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I am a disgrace to the staff and this board in general. I only played 2 fangames - Divinity Fatum and Dickme Dicki (best one imho)

I haven't played .flow or tikki. I am a horrible person. I need to make myself do it.


File: 1421353488358.jpg (50.63 KB, 626x458, b8KnDSU.jpg)

I nominate Dickme Dicki as the best fangame ever done


Pure joy, most of them are horrible and it is a good laugh, try them.


I'm moreso motivated just by the fact that I want to have played them all. It's a weird goal of mine, but I do enjoy YNFGs, so I heavily rely on the YNFG wiki + /fg/ to direct me to which is the "most worth it". Occasionally I'll play a new release, and some I have yet to even play… because I haven't finished translating them yet.

I think one in particular that I enjoyed that kept me on the train going to play YNFGs is Farewell. I liked the scenery, events, effects, endings, and protagonist.

Still, there's a lot out there. But I feel motivated after playing De I Cide as well.
I think it matters, for me, mostly whether or not I enjoyed it.



A combination of these two answers.
I'd agree that they aren't that similar past the only real game mechanic most have, which is walking.

Not counting exceptions, positive or negative.

I like Meri also just wanted to see what all was out there though. I've found that there are some pretty damn good ones past .flow and 2kki despite what most of the userbase here tries to shove down your throat.


maybe it's because most of the userbase doesn't feel beholden to developers for making yet another bad ripoff of YN, makes ya think

I mean I've played a lot of fangames myself, and that's how I came to the conclusion that barring one or two minor differences, they're almost the exact same game. The only games that are really different are Me, and some games that don't really remind me of Yume Nikki such as Fleshchild, and thoughs are games I'd actually play for fun


How is Me different? It's a honest question. I haven't played it, but it looks like another Yume Nikki ripoff to me.


Me has dialogue and a story with cutscenes and some adventure game stuff in it.

Most fangames don't have any dialogue or story because the developers want you to play "guess what I was thinking when I made this!"


some games i recommend you inspired by yume nikki but not rippoffs:

Is a sidescroller/platformer, preety weird but i love it a lot, it has surreal, black and dadaist comedy elements and still cute at the same time.

-REalM: Walk of Soul-
Its also a sidescroller/platformer but this one is gritty and dark, kinda slient-hill-eske,i would say its preety psicological but i dont know psicology, its made on the unity engine and it was greelit by steam apparently.

-The Path- (dont know if influenced by yume nikki, but i guess yes)
7 different interpretations of Red Riding Hood wander though the forest, gathering some artefacts and unlocking backstories.

-LSD Dream Simulator- (I think Yume Nikki was ispired by this)
this is your PS1 on drugs, its a first person dream simulator, its preety weird and nobody knows how it works.


Me may have a lot of story segments, but on the other hand, most of them are "the protagonist may have murdered someone" and that kind of thing. It really plays up the 'generic insane', however I should note that there are some story segments that are a lot better, and I haven't seen the ending(s) so that may change my opinion on the plot.

And other than that it's not too different anyway - very big, yes, with lots of cool stuff, but it is still very YN.

I think the "perfect evolution" of YN hasn't come around yet, but there are elements of it here and there. I.e. in The Looking Glass, the unlocking of an additional Nexus door once you get to a certain area - I want to see a game that does that a lot, really gives you a sense of progress. That's how I think YN-likes should evolve, by giving back the "progression" that Yume Nikki itself had very little of. (And games like Me and 2kki give some of this too, with the wallpapers and similar collectibles, but not so much in the actual progression of the dreamscape.)

Also, I'd like to point out Dream Graffiti as being one with a lot of very unique environments, at least in my memory. Good music too, lots of events.


>the unlocking of an additional Nexus door once you get to a certain area - I want to see a game that does that a lot, really gives you a sense of progress.

This actually gave me a certain idea - a game that would be a kind of a mix between YN and The Binding of Isaac. Basically player would enter small dreaming sesions (for example, 5 minutes per sesion, or 20 maps per sesion). Every time player meets certain criteria, something new is unlocked (let it be new location, new effect, or whatever). Also to make it feel like more oneiric, player would gain experience and level up with every achievement, which would also let him stay in one session for longer.

Does that sound like fresh idea? I remember I had such concept in my mind long ago, but back then my game making skills were far too inferior than they're now.


File: 1421529357759.jpg (336.38 KB, 600x624, 6adc6a503200988b90cb2cdcd9….jpg)

This actually sounds pretty good, and certainly something fresh and new.
10/10 anon, would love to play it.


File: 1421615063046.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.69 KB, 200x215, tumblr_ml5ndhB8aw1rycxflo1….jpg)

>the unlocking of an additional Nexus door once you get to a certain area

Debris did this, and to an extent De I Cide employs this as well, and Gnosis has this to the point where you can unlock an entire additional nexus in a sense if you meet the required criteria.

How many YNFG games have you all played? I've gotten through 18 so far. Includes the "Big 4".


Once you've played Yume 3kki, there's no need to play any other fangame, because no game will ever be better than that.


In a sense even YN alone had unlockable areas. Part after Uboa is a prime example.


>the unlocking of an additional Nexus door once you get to a certain area
Yume Nisshi also did something like this, where you started off with four doors in the nexus, and could unlock more when you reached certain areas or exited through the other doors.

Something I'd like to see more in fangames is the use of things like orbs (like in Me and LcdDem). I think they're pretty interesting and really go a long way to making people actually explore the world.


Sometimes I feel like drama is a big motivating factor around here


That's understandable. Viral works like that.

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