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/dev/ - Software Dev.

All the finer topics not covered in /fg/.

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This trial board is too inactive, and will be annexed shortly.

I may replace it with a /sci/ board.
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Good idea.

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HTML is simple business.

My friend recommends learning Coffeescript rather than Javascript, lemme hit you up with a link to that.


Tutorial and Compiler

If you'd like, I can also send you a series of tutorials that cover HTML, Javascript, and CSS


That's funny, I started a 2-year course on "multiplatform software design".
I thought it'd be all cool shit. Learning to do portable C/C++ code among multiple architectures and OSes…

All we do is random useless Java programs (for Windows) and fuck around with MySQL (also in Windows). Second year is dedicated to Java for mobile phones.


yes plz



Contains a very basic HTML, Javascript, and CSS tutorial.

With the HTML tutorial, you can create something that looks incredibly meta like this ( http://www.remar.se/yuka ) off the bat. I like the meta look and there's nothing wrong with it.


woo! thanks.

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hello world


delete all anime.exe


Gandalf.exe has encountered a critical error and needed to close. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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If this is out of line, at all, pleas e just tell me and I will delete the thread.
A few friends and I started working on a game as a sort of slow side project, but if we ever want the game to happen, we need to enlist in some help.
We need help with coding, animating, and we need voice actors.
Currently we have people in charge of designs/art, including me(and I'm also in charge of story I suppose)
and we have people in charge of music(we may need another musician as one of them hasnt gotten back to me in a while)
I am ambitious to an unfortunate degree, so while this project isn't on a specific deadline, it is most likely a lot of work
I am hoping, after gathering together some people to help work on the game, to put up a kick starter so I can raise money to compensate the future wonderful people who join the 'team'.

The game itself is about a girl known to us only as Bii, who wakes up at a bus stop with not much recollection for who she is. The object of the game is to help bii remember who she is, and figure out how she got there in the first place.
The game will involve some puzzle solving, exploration, and combat. You collect certain items that give you abilities.
The game's full story and background will be shared with the people who work on the project.
here's a tumblr we've been using to track our progress/lack of progress:
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I quite like it actually. I have a friend who does 8-BIT sounding stuff doing the boss battle theme music, as his music is generally fitting for fast paced and agressive things..
but I do need another musician who can pull off more calm and ambient/dreamy sounding things, and more catchy/pop like things.
so yeah long story short= 8-Bit is totally fine with me. As longas it adds to the environment of the level, I really don't care what kind of music it is, and I'm willing to consider just about every sort.


Yes, good. I'm looking forward to this.


i'm hoping to be able to deliver!
I hope people drop me a line soon (ive put my email in the email field here)
Here is the list of what I'm looking for but with some more specifics(because im brain dead of course and forgot that this kind of thing is important)
-Animators: We'd like more than one so no one person is stuck with the burden
-Coders,Scripters,etc: People good at coding and scripting in flash, maybe a team of them because like i said, i feel it'd be unfair to put the work on one person
-Voices: If you want to audition, pick any line(s) here: http://biizaar.tumblr.com/tagged/poetry , and record yourself reading it. I'd appreciate it if you did a couple of lines in different tones or voices, just so i can get a feel of how your range is. A note: Only one of the speaking characters is male. also the reason I want those who audition to read the poetry lines is because I really do not want to reveal any of the story to people who won't actually be working on the game yet.
-Music: Someone with the ability to produce both beautiful and dream like, scary and nightmarish. while we don't want ambient noise, we'd like music that has a good sense of atmosphere to it.
-background painters: I've made some collages of backgrounds/environments for the game, but I'd like it if we could get some talented artists to actually bring those environments to life.

For those who really are interested in being a part of the team(it feels weird saying that :T), send us examples of what you can do! You can send it via file attachments, or links to a gallery/youtube account, whatever.
Thanks to those who have shown interest so far.
(also it looks like my email wasn't typed in properly? how dumb of me im sorry :c hopefully its fixed now but its thespidersfrommars@rocketmail.com incase the email field messes with it or something)


I'm thinking about auditioning for voice acting but I'm shy about my voice…can I send it to you via 'ask'?


email would probably be easiest! again: thespidersfrommars@rocketmail.com

just send an email to me with a voice recording as an attatchment, whenever you're able!

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This board.



File: 1348283660665.jpg (192.35 KB, 499x497, 1344051035555.jpg)

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just curious, would this board be a good place to post about games that are not related to yume nikki at all, and games not even done in RPG maker? i assume so since its in off topic but i just want to be sure..
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Yes, but every fangame is (currently) made with RPGMaker.

Though, considering the first couple days worth of activity, I might just delete this board soon.


We could always recycle it as a /wild/ board every once in a while. It's not too terribly inactive in /wild/


Source of OP image?


File: 1348159949246.jpg (1.11 MB, 1100x1000, img038.jpg)

op was actually me, and its from a picture book adaption of Alice in Wonderland. It was an old book i found in my local second hand book shop, and it's in korean(i think..) so I have no idea what the specific series title/author/illustrator is.
there's a link to the post with more images of said book!
and there's more from the same series of fairy tale books if you go to the children's books tag.


Hey Sei, why not turn this into Computers and Software Dev to boost activity, as the board won't fit a small niche if we do that.

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I'm trying to learn how to use Allegro with dev-c++. Anyone got any tips.


My first API wasn't allegro, but SDL, but they seem similar from the allegro documentation. I'm not sure how much of this may apply to allegro.

-Remember to initialize allegro before creating any allegro objects, this will probably crash your program. I was using global objects in my program and had to turn them into pointers and then allocate them after the initialization.

-Remember to make sure your color formats match up (RBGA, GBR, etc).

-Always delete allegro objects when you're done with them (if they're pointers, which I can see some of them have to be from the API functions). I had an issue with a huge memory leak that randomly made my screen go blank and it took me awhile to realize it.

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