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File: 1335530568009.jpg (1.98 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_4206.JPG)


anyone at acen?
look for me!


File: 1335530912139.jpg (1.98 MB, 1936x2592, IMG_4206.JPG)

whoops. fukkin sideways pic.
this is what i get for posting directly after waking up


File: 1335571923490.png (153.79 KB, 210x281, can't-believe-my-eyes.png)

Ho. ly. SHIT!

I give an E ranking for accuracy (E, being the highest).


That is excellently done. Can you see out of it?


yup, although its hard to see in overcast and its kind of painful to wear for long term and


(and nothing lol)
i ran into yume nisshi cosplayer but it was kind of early and i didnt recognize her >>
theres a meet up on sunday though so maybe there will be a few people there!


please come here so I can touch whatever I can of you.


hahah come to acen next year and ill shake your hand?
i overslept and missed the yume nikki photoshoot, which really saddened me. i hope the YN cosplayers there seee this and know im sorry for missing it! ill be there next year too!



holy shit, can you tell us how that was made? that's fucking amazing.


Ah alright.
The main black structure that is holding my head is a hat box. I cut a half circle equal in size to the bottom section of the e shape out of the lid. Then black cloth was stretched over the lid and glued in place, the other section had black cloth simply glued to it tightly. The e shape is a beach noodle, cut down the long way (in half) and then carved and bent to form the e, then red cloth was stretched over it as well, and glued to a sheet of cardboard on the back of the e. then the two parts were attached.
Everything in red is noodle, everything in black is hatbox


I say then too much lol.
If there's any specific questions feel free to ask.
All in all it took almost a month to do because of school work, but it could have easily been a weekend project if I had the time to sit down and do it.


Also I custom dyed the clothing, but the shirt took in less dye than the pants.
The shirt is a dress shirt and the pants are doctor scrubs. Scrubs are amazing for cheep cosplay pants if you didn't know


I love your shoes.


thanks! :D they were mildly expensive but on sale so not terrible. Roberto Chillini is the brand and they are actually reptile print when you look at them in person. its not too distracting from their necessary elements of being red and fancy though.
I may or may not be planning to wear them as regular footwear >>


File: 1339801132478.png (1.43 MB, 1680x1050, 1335476413141.png)

That's fucking amazing.


Thank you! :DD
so if my friend pulls through for me here, I may have the flute effect guy/ O man/speakerdude (as i call him) as duo cosplay for next acen! the techniques and materials are almost the same except with different coloration and of course the different shaped headpiece front.
gonna start building that asap. My friend isnt the most motivated cosplay maker but he would wear it if it was made already i bet.
that was actually the plan from last year, but it fell through due to time.
its still not high on my list of costumes to make this summer, but it should be doable before next spring for sure…

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