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So among us here at Uboachan, we use Japanese nicknames. But imagine this: Yume Nikki is officially dubbed or something and the names are changed. Like with Pokemon, that shit happens a lot (not necessarily all the time, though. In the series, I mean.)

So if Madotsuki wasn't Madotsuki, what would her name be? Windona? And would Poniko become Ponytailia?

These names are bad, I know. Let's make english dub names for our beloved characters, just for fun. We don't have to use them because honestly I don't think I could ever stop calling Madotsuki Madotsuki.

picture unrelated as fuck

not sure if this should go in that one character naming thread. probably not…


Mado and Poniko would probably stay the same. I'm still standing by the notion that #59 is now and always will be GOD DAMNIT


madotsuki - wionna
poniko - phoebe
monoko - madeline
monoe - madelyn
mafarako - maggie
kamakurako - kacie
masada sensei - mr. mason
toriningen - tori

that's all i can think of


File: 1342891706368.png (137.67 KB, 413x329, nYIDz.png)

Poniko's name would be Tails, obviously


File: 1345591366801.png (339.98 KB, 635x297, haw.PNG)

alright i have a few more for fangames

sabitsuki - rustelle sounds sort of cute. rusty is more of an actual name though. however it makes Rust sound… cute or something.
usotsuki - lyra maybe? cause it sounds kinda like liar if you pronounce it weird.
urotsuki - alright get ready for this one. you ready? wanda

b-because you know, urotsuki means "to wander??


oh my god i find it so hilarious people still use GOD DAMNIT because i suggested its o long ago
i am so glad other people find that funny.

in regards t othe post tho, not every dub equals white washing/americanizing the characters. in Kuroshitsuji's dub, they changed Shinigami to reaper probably to fit with the theme of it being set in england, while in deathnote, set in japan, used Shinigami in both the dub and the original.
I think Madotsuki, Poniko, Monoko, monoe, etc would stay the same.
but as far as the minor characters, i think theyd probably get english names, like Oni may be called Demon or Ogre instead, Mr or Ms Mars instead of Mars-san, Bird people instead of toriningen, and octopus balloon instead of takofuusen.


Akumu/Bloody Touching Monster: Nightmare
The Thing with the Quivering Jaw: Mephisto



p sure thing w jaw would stay the same


That's a thought. How about Sabitsuki's name being something like Sabine Rust?


File: 1406284925855.png (2.99 KB, 100x100, rainboa2.png)

uboa could be Jon Boe and the bloody touching monster could be recnac (say it backwards). and floaty ghosty thing 1 (pink one)casn be shiela (idk why) and the 2nd one (purple one) could be Sheldon, because why not. picture is completely related


what if yume nikki is paprika


Madotsuki = Nikki

Wouldn't be the first time she was called that.

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