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cirno day edition

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How has anime/nip stuff changed your personality? What were you like after you really got into it compared to before?

In elementary school I probably spent more time in the office than in class. I almost compulsively did stuff to tick the teacher off and she wasn't actually that great considering how poorly she dealt with me. Around middle school I started watching typical slice of life crap. I started comparing myself to the characters. They were polite, courteous and thoughtful. They just seemed better than me, so I started trying to emulate them. It wasn't an immediate change, but I grew to be a lot more respectful of adults and in control of myself. It sort of put me on a better path. I did also start noticing how much more freedom characters seemed to have compared to me in my suburban environment, which i'm still kind of bitter about, but I wouldn't consider getting more perspective a bad thing.


I adopted quite a bit of japanese mentality, prioritizing harmony of a group now over self-affirmation. It's a double edged sword though. I'm bad at reading the air and can't handle arguments or direct criticism well.


File: 1544846339288.jpg (192.59 KB, 500x500, Fragile_Moonlight_Trax_fro….jpg)

Ooh this is something I've thought about a lot. I think it has definitely changed my life in a pretty dramatic way.

Like you, I found that slice of life stuff made me try to be a better version of myself. Everyone in those shows maintains a very positive attitude, are kind to the people around them, and society reciprocates them for it. It made me more like that and has helped me out with making friends. Kindness goes a long way.

I also think my sense of humour has been changed dramatically. Like, Japanese humour is really freaking weird, and I feel like those who didn't grow up with it might not "get it" if I show it to them. Western stuff doesn't really do it for me any more.

I also just feel like some of the Japanese mentality has permeated my mind in some way or another. I watched way too much anime during my formative years, so I'm sure I act just a bit weird for a westerner. Even just repeating stupid anime mannerisms. Who knows.


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>prioritizing harmony of a group now over self-affirmation.
i wonder if these two thought processes are mutually exclusive. sometimes harmony or what is best for a group sometimes feel like it can lead to self-affirmation. i can see what you mean, though.


My personality hasn't really changed much since I was about 8-9. Incredibly anti-social, very lazy, very coarse in all manners.


Well.. Devil May Cry is a video game but everyone says it's animesque. I found the lead character Dante's laid back attitude and heart of gold in the face of his fractured family and constant fighting inspiring, since I had a family that fought and backstabbed each other so much. The rewarding difficulty of the game taught me to be both a go-getter and patient. I know that's a lot for a goofy action game, but looking back I think it made an impression on me, as I've been a fan of DMC since I was about 7 years old.


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I developed the habit of bowing when I apologize. I try not to do it, but if I bump into someone on accident I clasp my hands together in the praying position and nod my head down a bit before saying sorry.
I write/ draw a bit so anime has affected me the most their. I instinctively draw people with those low japanse tables, that no one in the western world uses.


Watched the first ep of "Power of Hope – Precure Full Bloom" (Otona Precure 23).
This is the timeskip sequel to "Yes Precure 5" but it's not a kids show anymore. This is the show for people who watched Precure 10+ years ago.

So far it's an interesting take. They chased their dreams and became who they wanted to be… but now the realities of being an adult are starting to rear their head. Nozomi can't help the kid in her class because the problems aren't something a teacher can solve, Rin is passed over at work simply because the other person was better, etc. And somewhere along the line their transformation devices disappeared, maybe because they grew up and out of being Precure…
The gang gets together for drinks, but in the darkness a new menace emerges.

Anime made me check out more indie stuff. Technically anime is indie, even in Japan, barring a few mainstream hits (ie. PreCure, One Piece).

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