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Which do you prefer? I actually like watching anime more. With a book you get total freedom to imagine things the way you like and with animation there's a lot for your senses to chew on. Manga is in that mid-ground where you don't have as much freedom or stimulus. Even visual novels are better since they have sound and color. Also, I like binging through stuff all at once. With an anime, you only have to wait a couple months to do that, but manga that's currently being published could take years to finish.
In manga's favor, it's sometimes better at actual story telling since nothing's cut and individual panels can have a lot more detail on them. I also get that anime basically works like an advertisement for its source material, but it's still not hard for me to pick between one or the other.


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Mangas usually have more unique premises and more freedom for the creator since animation is such an expensive demeanour, so they usually pay off for the lack of visual stimuli with better told plots (not held by time constraints / episode timetables), a more unique/defined artstyle and something more in between. Manga's can be way shittier than anime's lows though, since the lack of pretty stuff to look at coupled with bad writing, a bland artstyle and characters can make for a total flippin' borefest.

I prefer mangas myself. Lately these past few seasons there hasn't been anything that interesting airing, at least in my POV. And it's always fun to go on a trip and find underappreciated doujin gems or more underground stuff than it is with anime, since that medium is so commercialized.


Manga usually gets the more outlandish plots. With a manga, you could get anything from top tier quality to the worst cancer ever drawn and published. With anime, the range is less wide; you're either getting a good manga with added sound, colour, &c or you're getting a not so good manga with added sound, colour, &c.
Honestly, I'd usually at least read the manga to get the full story, no cuts. Anime adaptations are usually watchable, but few are really good.


Added sound and color would make a visual novel. Motion is the biggest advantage anime has over manga.


I prefer manga because the art is more attractive and I can follow the story at my own pace. Anime is usually adapted from manga and they change so many things it doesn't resemble the original; I also dislike the voice acting, be it in japanese or english.


Literally don't care, I just check out whatever seems fun.


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I definitely prefer manga, though I do consume more anime. Mangas just have so much more plot and detail, it feels carefully crafted and shaped. Both story wise and artistically.
Lately the mainstream animes we've been getting such as Jujustu Kaisen and Demon Slayer are so well adapted, it makes me happy!

Though I read Demon Slayer before it came out and it was so boring to watch because it was so well adapted (lol). It was literally the same thing as in the manga. No spice!


i prefer manga.

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