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Merry Christmas!

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So I tried both reposting and shortening the old help thread, but the new Uboachan keeps eating it because it's too long. For now, I'll post a link to the full instructions that were thankfully saved on the wiki before the move: http://yume2kki.wikia.com/wiki/Installation_Instructions

This thread can be a general installation help thread for questions that the wiki page might not have answered.
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You have to run it in one of the compatibility modes, I don't remember which.

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General thread, where we post things we found and ask how to get there and all that good stuff. Because we just need that thread for every fangame ever.
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can anyone think of any areas that changed/got rid of that they miss?

I really miss the old Toy World

File: 1427551071576.png (2.05 KB, 160x80, Yeris_System_Rainbow.png)


Does anyone know how to get the new menu type in this version?

File: 1427118047816.jpg (37.77 KB, 640x480, Spellingredone.jpg)


Sooo, does anyone have a save file with full effects they'd be willing to post? freash reinstall and i would really help me out.

File: 1407675500699.gif (2 MB, 500x460, jdshfkjsdjfsdnkjfsn kd.gif)


Hello gentlemen, ladies, I tried reaching the planetarium but unfortunately I only got to this pretty little area. I still want to see the actual planetarium. Got any tips?
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File: 1407766512399.gif (942.68 KB, 500x460, fucking beautiful.gif)

Wanted to post a gif too.


Really is a beautiful place. Too bad its hard too reach.


actually i'm having trouble finding this place too what areas do i pass through?


nvm i found it


Really looks amazing…time to get back to the videogame

File: 1416056310495.png (141.27 KB, 1286x566, something.png)


I'm curious as to how much time other people spent on 2kki.

Game says I've spent more than 45 hours in game. Some people might have fewer hours clocked in, some may have more. Let's share those stat shall we?

Also to get access this, you need the key to open her door, meaning you need to get all endings.


Do you mind sharing the AGTH Key with us, so we can use the program you are?


File: 1420239289595.png (74.99 KB, 640x462, 2kki.png)


For those who don't speak Japanese and too lazy to figure out what the numbers mean:
Play time: 20 hours 53 minutes 6 seconds

File: 1380117813606.jpg (266.99 KB, 606x748, redsun.jpg)

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ver0.100c has just been released…


Still waiting for the files to finish downloading, but looking at the file sizes I'm guessing they've fixed a lot of the problems from .100b
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apparently 2kki's updated again? anyone check it out?


Gimme non cropped pic please


File: 1424818530394.png (47.05 KB, 641x481, dfkljh.png)

Has this place died or what?
Anyway there's a bunch of new stuff



yes it has. where have you been?


File: 1424822214252.png (6.73 KB, 641x482, dfgdgfd.png)

Some huge park area filled with other portals that's accessible from streetlight world. There's also a portal to a new town at the gray road.

File: 1423290505681.jpg (17.15 KB, 436x182, What Is Happening.jpg)


Trying to install 2kki version 0.102c Revision 2. I've been using this guide (http://yume2kki.wikia.com/wiki/Installation_Instructions) and working with the DL link it provides, but I can't get it to work. I have the RPG_RT.exe file and all of 2kkis assets in a folder, as far as I know, and I've been running it with applocale set to moon runes. I even unzipped the .rar using 7-zip with a jap local.
I don't know what this says and I don't know where I went wrong. There aren't any tips for this that I saw in the sticky.

Also, I'm using Windows 8. I'm running applocale in compatibility mode, but it doesn't let me choose which system to run it in, just "older versions of windows".
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I don't know why it's happening and I don't know what I'm doing.

I don't know why it shuts itself down because it never stays on long enough for either me or it to figure it out. I searched for issues involving shut downs elsewhere and came up with hardware issues involving the fan. What I have involves software because I know my fan has been working properly and the entire thing started while installing the RTP. The only software-shut-down things that come up involve viruses and malware.
For all I know the corrupt files in the RTP could have freaked out the computer. I'm not even sure something like this can happen just because the computer tried to process something corrupted.

What I was trying to ask before is, after choosing to switch locales, is the switch immediate and the computer just has to restart so it can reorient itself, or does it preform the switch while your computer is restarting. It doesn't matter now. I checked the last time I was able to get it to run for a couple minutes and it said that the locale was still Japan. I was just hoping changing it back would help. I'm grasping at straws for anything that seems like it would help at this point.


File: 1423416584241.png (23.41 KB, 640x480, 582f847003c199fa782620c3d1….png)

>The only software-shut-down things that come up involve viruses and malware.
No, if your OS is shit, like it is since it's windows 8, it can also fuck itself up.
It can also be hardware, if your motherboard is loose in some spots (or burnt) it can lead to this kind of problems.

>For all I know the corrupt files in the RTP could have freaked out the computer.

Some missing zeros and ones can't break anything, they're only lost and the file won't work, that's all.

>I'm grasping at straws for anything that seems like it would help at this point.

Install another OS. I'm assuming your computer is "new" since it came with windows 8 so I'd recommend to call the place you bought it in and ask for technical support. Warranty usually last 2 years, but you better check it if you still can ask for tech service and use it.


So… There's no version that don't need applocale, japanese RTP and all this hardship?


File: 1424135378418.jpg (57.74 KB, 777x932, 1392608899625.jpg)

Look, applocale renders japanese encoding so instead of looking like this:
It looks like this:

Using applocale is just telling your computer "Ok, instead of autistic mojibake I wanna it to look like actual japanese."
Therefore, if you want to play japanese games, you either change your locale manually to japanese, or use an application to temporarily change it to japanese. Applocale does the later, and it doesn't do nothing else; people blaming it for any problem they have are only morons. The only problem for not having your locale set to japanese (by any method) that you can have, is a filename error, since \ can be confused in the encoding with another character (that's why japanese computers use the yen symbol, \, instead of \).

The japanese runtime package is necessary, though it should not be. I don't even know why the devs didn't bother to fix this stuff but well, whatever.

>all this hardship

It's just downloading your game, changing your locale and installing the rtp. The rest is compatibility problems that people have and deserve for using windows 8.



I see. Sorry if i sound like a lazy fuck. It's just that i already tried a couple of times to make it run here and it never works. Would be cool if someone had already made an "click and play" version.

File: 1400037213435.jpg (2.5 KB, 126x112, boxxy says.jpg)


Has anyone played 2kki while rolling? I was thinking the last time I rolled, Yume Nikki would be perfect to play. I tried playing 2kki while high after smoking some bud but it got boring pretty quickly. I was thinking, if there's any drug that can enhance playing the game, it has to be molly.
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I'm sure DXM would definitely enhance the play through lol. I'll try to experiment tonight and see how I enjoy the game while I roll. Will definitely keep you guys updated!



That is if I remember to. Lol



k I'm about to play this shit right now lol.



ya so basically, it's not that fun. you're too focused on finding something relatively elusive that it takes the fun out of it when you're rolling.


Oh god please no I can't even stand properly on that shit

File: 1419378924674.png (537 B, 20x32, cake.png)


Can we get images of cake effect Urotsuki in here? Cake effect is my favourite effect.

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