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File: 1317171544388.png (58.65 KB, 640x480, 1280178191479.png)

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So I tried both reposting and shortening the old help thread, but the new Uboachan keeps eating it because it's too long. For now, I'll post a link to the full instructions that were thankfully saved on the wiki before the move: http://yume2kki.wikia.com/wiki/Installation_Instructions

This thread can be a general installation help thread for questions that the wiki page might not have answered.
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Thanks anon, this worked for me on my Win8

File: 1316820211895.png (16.36 KB, 640x480, fuckypu.png)

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General thread, where we post things we found and ask how to get there and all that good stuff. Because we just need that thread for every fangame ever.
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Thank you.

File: 1435615368803.png (55.95 KB, 640x480, Playtime as of Jun 29th..png)


Alright people. let's compare playtimes and Stats (If you want) with each other!


File: 1435618883806.jpg (271.22 KB, 641x960, 2kki.jpg)

Here's mine.

The first line on the second window is number of steps taken I believe. Don't know the second.


Days of sleep: 402 (I had trouble translating this)
Play Time: 57 Hours, 17 minutes, 5 seconds.

Number of Steps: 0610639 Steps
Kills: 1040 Times

I think.

File: 1380117813606.jpg (266.99 KB, 606x748, redsun.jpg)

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ver0.100c has just been released…


Still waiting for the files to finish downloading, but looking at the file sizes I'm guessing they've fixed a lot of the problems from .100b
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File: 1433721255111.png (10.67 KB, 640x480, 420blzitfgt.png)

I get the feeling if I apply the chainsaw to these folk something really bad will happen.


File: 1433721593243.png (11.56 KB, 640x480, Kill your friends.png)


File: 1433721978009.png (1.5 KB, 77x80, prbprbptrpbrt.png)

[spoiler]They respawned when I went back in. Sometimes the room is empty. Either way, one gets trapped in the corridor leading into the room.[/spoiler]


File: 1435017566618.gif (1.29 MB, 800x557, 1423707310899.gif)

Oh, I dunno where else to put this, but we at the wiki organized the maps by author now, so you can see everything a particular user has made by searching their category. It would also really help if I could get some screencaps from some newer areas. My computer is out at the moment so capping is impossible. You can look through and see which articles really need pics.


File: 1435205584957.png (47.42 KB, 650x512, yiff in hell uro.PNG)

For whatever reason now, the pipe organ Beret Sister runs away at the use of the wolf effect. I always like having it on because it looks cute, so…that's a bonus, I guess? Also, hello again, I hope I didn't fuck up my trip.

I noticed that. It's a good addition, particularly because I'm just curious who made what additions to the game.
I will say, though..if wataru ever made his own game, just judging by his contributions, I'd play the shit out of it.

File: 1430697271898.png (5.75 KB, 640x480, 1353734859263.png)


Can we have a thread for removed content? I remember there being a white room in a much, much earlier version that would have no exits once you entered it. I've never been able to find it since I first started playing the game, and I assume there is a lot of content like this that just disappeared with updates.

Also, this guy.


Here's my list of beta elements:
- Pokémon World
- Twintail Monster giving Urotsuki the Twintail effect when interacted with
- Art Gallery route to getting the Stretch effect


Stuff I remember:
-90% of 710's nexus worlds
-Neon Purple Maze
-Anything previous Anon's have said
->>1's worlds (OLD AS SHIT.)


File: 1434571558748.png (95.73 KB, 1600x1200, 1304153432879.png)

Did they remove pic related? I haven't played 2kki in a while and this was my favorite wallpaper but I don't see it listed on a 2kki wiki I found.

File: 1427551071576.png (2.05 KB, 160x80, Yeris_System_Rainbow.png)


Does anyone know how to get the new menu type in this version?


Sorry the wiki's out of shape still since the new update. We're working on it.

First thing's first:


>Red Streetlight World
>Grass World
>Neon Green World
>Construction Area
>Cog Maze
>Red Nail Passage

Make sure you get to the 'outside' of the Red Nail Passage.
Look for a nail that has a paper pinned down on it. This leads you to the world you need to be in.

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I did not know this was a thing! Much thanks to you.

File: 1407675500699.gif (2 MB, 500x460, jdshfkjsdjfsdnkjfsn kd.gif)


Hello gentlemen, ladies, I tried reaching the planetarium but unfortunately I only got to this pretty little area. I still want to see the actual planetarium. Got any tips?
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Really is a beautiful place. Too bad its hard too reach.


actually i'm having trouble finding this place too what areas do i pass through?


nvm i found it


Really looks amazing…time to get back to the videogame


just found it… took me like 30 mins wow
but its so pretty, it was 100% worth it, i think its my fave area now.

File: 1427118047816.jpg (37.77 KB, 640x480, Spellingredone.jpg)


Sooo, does anyone have a save file with full effects they'd be willing to post? freash reinstall and i would really help me out.


Made the same mistake. Shoulda backed up nigga.


File: 1318371339861.jpg (219.33 KB, 900x620, 1318294462985.jpg)


There will never be a new update
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then again if they did move to a new uploader and we didnt know this whole time they probably made a shitload of updates and that's kind of equal to a newer version with tons of updates right???

maybe they REALLY bucked up and decided to blast through development to finish the game and release it??? either way i dont care i just want my delicious mindfuck… perhaps issues in real life are stopping some of the developers from updating. perhaps they put on a hiatus, perhaps they really are just working their asses off to get it done and over with.

only time will tell



oh god i had no idea this existed

there goes my plans for doing anything remotely productive today


File: 1318542552385.jpg (51.38 KB, 407x355, 232.jpg)

>>107 Wtf? You were on the forums so long and never saw this!?


Don't worry, a new version will come out as soon as you try playing 0.095e again.

File: 1318400932860.png (180.1 KB, 291x265, halp.png)


Trying to submit 2kki to the Wineskin AppDB so I can play it on my mac.


I uh…how do I do this?


You should probably submit RPG Maker as a whole, that would make all of the other reindeers work.



Probably, but I think to submit something to AppDB means you already have to have it converted to Mac format…times like these is when I wish I was even a little bit tech-savvy.


I just got a mac and was thinking about this too.. have you tried installing everything using crossover?

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