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No. 25 [Reply]

So I tried both reposting and shortening the old help thread, but the new Uboachan keeps eating it because it's too long. For now, I'll post a link to the full instructions that were thankfully saved on the wiki before the move: http://yume2kki.wikia.com/wiki/Installation_Instructions

This thread can be a general installation help thread for questions that the wiki page might not have answered.
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Ah, the quick effect shift function is also disabled, do i have to enable this manually?

File: 1316820211895.png (16.36 KB, 640x480, fuckypu.png)

No. 4 [Reply]

General thread, where we post things we found and ask how to get there and all that good stuff. Because we just need that thread for every fangame ever.
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File: 1326593164256.png (29 KB, 343x257, Graveyard.png)

No. 537 [Reply]

I love the "wat"-ness of the Graveyard World.
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File: 1406874770938.png (31.91 KB, 640x480, boat.png)

most relaxing place imo


Is that Ago-san in 2kki?


Japan Town. Calm, relaxing, and the music. dear god the music is good. I use the bike all the time, but there, I dont.


File: 1408634205515.png (12.08 KB, 639x468, mono.png)

i like the monochrome world


File: 1408715179036.png (48.95 KB, 189x185, is dis dragon serious.png)

You must be a broken person inside.

File: 1320555595904.png (4.96 KB, 319x238, uhhhhhhh.png)

No. 207 [Reply]

See this room? Yeah, I'm trapped in it.
I dunno if this might contain spoilers or not cuz what happened to me before this was actually pretty cool and I'd hate to spoil the surprise for anyone!

So in the hotel I transformed into a blob which was cool and caught me by surprise.
I was in the lower level with the cupboard you can go into and it was just like "whoa"
Then I went up here because I read the wiki saying that if you sit in the hot spring for too long you turn into the blob or whatever. So now, I'm unable to leave this room and even further unable to access the menu so I can't pinch out, unless I'm dumb and theres another way to do it.
Also when I press Z or X I hear a faint whistling noise
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You said: >So now, I'm unable to leave this room and even further unable to access the menu so I can't pinch out.
>Well, I decided to quit my game and forgot to save my file. I have the most recent update of the game I think. I'm going to try this again, but save the file first.
That was a glitch or something.


He probably unequipped the bathing suit through the shift menu or something. I believe that's possible and the event still thinks you're in the bathing suit so you have to interact with the hanger to bring things back to normal. That happened to me if I remember right. It could be something else though, I dunno


Got anything to say about the image I posted in >>2250?


File: 1404070731060.png (5.71 KB, 564x205, WHAT.PNG)

Slight problem.


(Theory) The paying customer didn't like Urotsuki as an abomination (similar to the one standing in the mirror), making it disappear from her dreams upon contact.

File: 1408092092584.gif (33.32 KB, 500x462, smile-san.gif)

No. 2320 [Reply]

I have a question, how do you know about the gender of the characters? For example the wiki mentions that Ookami is a boy, how do we know that? Was that fact shared by the creators or is that a headcanon that most of the 2kki fans have? This also includes other males.
Posting random gif of Smile because I dunno


Mostly headcanons.


File: 1408128245894.jpg (540.39 KB, 800x1131, 1408048430352.jpg)

Girls have skirts and boys have pants.
Otherwise is androgynous.


You don't, its just conjecture based on their appearance, like how the japs think the submarine assistant is male even though it looks feminine as fuck (more so than Ookami) because muh bishounen, weird dream things like the laughing guy are just probably genderless

File: 1403647921795.png (9.48 KB, 534x553, ramdom_fan.png)

No. 2236 [Reply]

I played everything I think, in my version, I get 26 "souls", "magics" you know, I think the new yume 2kki have much more ramdom things than yume nikki, but I loved very very much continue please! I want jump :3 I cant solve 30 puzzles in the video game but I saved the 2 survival horror games and I love the bad ending, the good ending too
just feedback


File: 1403658084511.jpg (71.77 KB, 555x555, Yugi_time_fraud.jpg)

Yume 2kki - Ubuuchon's only successful game: The thread.


File: 1403674546241.jpg (9.23 KB, 154x193, well-WAIT WHAT.jpg)

Now I've read my share of retardese in the past but this…this is some advanced level retardese.


what the fuck is wrong with you

File: 1400037213435.jpg (2.5 KB, 126x112, boxxy says.jpg)

No. 2190 [Reply]

Has anyone played 2kki while rolling? I was thinking the last time I rolled, Yume Nikki would be perfect to play. I tried playing 2kki while high after smoking some bud but it got boring pretty quickly. I was thinking, if there's any drug that can enhance playing the game, it has to be molly.


drugs are bad



*some* drugs are bad.


File: 1401084894254.jpg (18.45 KB, 385x415, ReactionHuddledInCornerOfR….jpg)

Oh gosh, I can't imagine playing these games while on some sort of mild altering drug. I think I'd end up like this. Like, even more so than I am now at certain parts of the games.


Bump. Still curious of anyone else's experiences.


File: 1407883894620.jpg (87.44 KB, 400x240, HNI_0020.JPG)

That would be interesting, playing Yume 2kki while high on mari or any other sort of psychedelic drug.

Maybe not just 2kki, but Yume Nikki, .flow I can see myself shitting my pants at the scary moments and any other fangame, too.

A worthy experiment to try.

File: 1407675500699.gif (2 MB, 500x460, jdshfkjsdjfsdnkjfsn kd.gif)

No. 2309 [Reply]

Hello gentlemen, ladies, I tried reaching the planetarium but unfortunately I only got to this pretty little area. I still want to see the actual planetarium. Got any tips?
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I found it, thank you very much!


File: 1407766512399.gif (942.68 KB, 500x460, fucking beautiful.gif)

Wanted to post a gif too.


Really is a beautiful place. Too bad its hard too reach.


actually i'm having trouble finding this place too what areas do i pass through?


nvm i found it

File: 1401085463938.jpg (128.83 KB, 960x712, ReactionsForHorrorGames.jpg)

No. 2204 [Reply]

Hard to pinpoint exactly where I would be on this lineup when it comes to 2kki as well as Yume Nikki and .flow, but this definitely describes some of the feelings! Where are you guys on this? Any certain events or areas that match the faces?
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File: 1403962549432.png (66.4 KB, 214x297, whatisthisidonteven.png)

Same here.

Maybe follows the fact Urotsuki may be a Catholic?


File: 1405401840989.png (213.34 KB, 536x412, waste disposal unit.png)

I list as 3 in terms on Yume 2kki, 2 for Yume Nikki, and 4 for .flow.


i don't think this game is scary. i find it more captivating with it's atmosphere and themes.


File: 1405575827848.jpg (23.59 KB, 400x268, Monsters.jpg)

I see what you mean. But, for me, I think it's a little different because I have mental illnesses so I can relate to the main characters in the games in some ways. For example, not being able to leave the house often, or difficulties straying too far from my room, and also sleeping a lot and dreaming of so many different places. I guess I really identified with the games in that aspect, but what's scary for me are the suicidal areas. For example, the end of Yume Nikki. I'm still not sure I want to finish the shirt I starting making because I don't want to end up like her, I don't want to end up losing my abilities, who I am, and then killing myself. Though, that only happens if the player chooses to end the game, so is it really so bad? I don't know, it's all so confusing. .flow was scary because no matter what, in the end, Sabitsuki is still sick, she doesn't get better. I think that's why I liked 2kki so much, because there were different endings, and the one I got first was the best one; she wakes up, she cleans up the room, and best of all, she leaves her room and ventures outside.
I guess the games have been more personal for me so they've affected me on a deeper level. Maybe that's why some of the things are so scary.


>Doesnt afraid of anything

Id be at 3 though. Im at 6 for any non pixel horror however, Im the biggest scaredy cat I know

File: 1318124017510.png (85.84 KB, 480x640, chainsaw sirene.png)

No. 77 [Reply]

To satisfy my love.
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i also believe this is why her grandfather was at the beach with the wolf effect. just as when she was a child he helped her with her fear of wolfs, she thought of him on that beach and that memory of him helped guide her.


File: 1405550484160.png (160.38 KB, 500x436, you fapped to WHAT.png)

>eyeball bomb effect
>her head blows up
>exploding head syndrome usually wakes you up/resets your dream (at least in my experience it does)
>that's exactly what medabomb does
It was right in front of my fucking face and I didn't even realize it until my friend pointed it out while reading about the dream that I got exploding head syndrome at the end of.


… That makes a lot of sense actually! I quite enjoy this theory, nice job.


Except it gets batshit insane and stupid when the chainsaw thing started.


you gotta be squidding me

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