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File: 1320778041450.png (16.95 KB, 518x359, uboa.png)


Uboa is amazing.
Why does everyone hate this amazing creature?
Why would Madotsuki abuse Uboa?
Why are you guys making fun of Uboa?
You "Haters" are getting on my nerves!
The "Lovers" should be respected or else you will see the power of my FIST.
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uboa is adorbs. idk man.
they just cant stand the aaaAAAAAAAAAAああああああああああああああああああ


jesus fucking christ if you're talking about other websites complain on those fucking websites not here


This. Haters of Yume Nikki or Uboa probably wouldn't go on Uboachan, so why would they see it…?


Thanks for the chibi uboa, though. :3


oh my gOD why did i post that

File: 1323574609991.jpg (45.82 KB, 553x353, surfinguboa.jpg)



File: 1410289235417.jpg (18.91 KB, 230x226, gegege no kitaro.jpg)


So, there's this manga called Gegege no Kitaro. Kitaro only has one eye and in some pictures Kitaro looks kind of like Uboa due to the eye socket's curvature making the hole in his face look crescent shaped. Am I seeing things?

File: 1319305890196.gif (979.54 KB, 796x772, UboaaaaaAAAAAAAA.gif)


Hasn't been a new topic in a while…
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I swear I can remember seeing a picture of Masada on a toothbrush. Can someone please tell me who is making these pictures?


Is that I rainboa I see? I've been hunting those for the Time


File: 1329290830795.png (139.96 KB, 600x485, POKEMON_MASTER_NAPPA_by_Bl….png)

A shiny Uboa. I've got a masterball with yoooour name on it.


File: 1406272802258.png (2.99 KB, 100x100, rainboa2.png)

alother rainboa for you my good sir


File: 1407865008012.gif (475.46 KB, 150x150, Uncut Infinite aaaaAAAA.gif)

I made this in my spaaaAAAああああre time.

File: 1321418187726.png (2.88 KB, 196x236, eyeballs.png)


So I usually see Poniko drawn with open, blue eyes… but to be honest, I always saw them as shut eyes with beading blue tears in the corners…
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The dick is why she is sad.
(I made it)


Well, Monoe's eyes are higher than Madotsuki's too, and Monoe's face is normal in proportion. But I don't believe that Poniko is crying; I saw her blink a few times.
Or Mado has Down's.


File: 1380112539470.gif (2.86 MB, 450x379, 1830635895.gif)


File: 1382745708362.png (2.06 KB, 196x236, 1321418187726.png)

Problem solved


File: 1406270872246.jpg (44.68 KB, 455x600, MyStyle (2).jpg)

couldn't resist makng this, also it fits in

File: 1393987770065.jpg (95.02 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)


Uboa be all like "whaddup bitches".
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File: 1398315522860.jpg (25.33 KB, 433x480, fufjfjf.jpg)

any excuse to write on myself


Actually, I don't even take many photos of myself. I just made this with a tattoo marker (took awhile to make since I was using a sprite as a reference) and I figured I should post it.


There are plenty of people in the YN fandom who go outside less than me. Why don't you go pick on them?


I plan on getting a tattoo of Madostuki's game sprite on the back of my neck or something.

Cooto's to you mah nigga


File: 1402011281062.gif (585.27 KB, 240x180, danisnotonfire-faling-off-….gif)

So you drew that without tracing?
That's cool.

File: 1400806842602.png (341 B, 250x100, Uboa.png)


What happens if you activate Uboa's event and get teleported to the inescapable White Desert, then use Medamaude to return to the Hub, and THEN return to Poniko's house?

I would try it myself, but I've spent hours and hours trying to get the Uboa event to activate and never have. Terrible luck. It's probably nothing, but I've never heard anyone confirm anything…


File: 1401500440223.png (2.47 MB, 1366x768, 4.png)

Just tried it now and it doesn't change anything. The house is the same as before.

File: 1398063934945.png (2.62 KB, 529x529, Uboa.png)


Don't fuck with the lightswitch
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noubs can'd triforse



囧    囧


File: 1399156514950.jpg (74.61 KB, 1366x768, kaichou-wa-maid-sama-ep-16….jpg)



File: 1399173053723.gif (987.26 KB, 500x375, playthatfunkymusic.gif)


I see…


  / ,—、\
 | /||_  _ヽ ヽ
 | |/ノ '-ゝ | |
 | |` _,__, | |
 | |  ヽノ  | |
  i \   /  \

File: 1333163464838.gif (27.17 KB, 145x453, Yamato_%22Matt%22_Ishida_t.gif)


Poniko is Matt from Digimon.

Uboa is a Digimon.
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they both look like retards so im not discounting this


itt someone is mad matt ended up with sora and not tai


File: 1335412248995.png (148.04 KB, 258x281, poniko_frontier_girl.png)

Poniko is the girl in a background scene from Digimon Frontier. She spirit evolves into Uboa to defend her light switch.


this thread

my god. too strong

File: 1396323943345.png (18.29 KB, 438x600, 囧.png)


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File: 1397318972084.png (465.05 KB, 850x680, Jiong.png)



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