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All right I'm back, maybe /yume/ can stop dying now.
Anyways this will just be a continuation of my old thread:

also I promise more filler for when I don't feel like posting something big.


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Last night I had a dream that I was a ghost, there were also many other ghosts. Mostly I just floated around observing the world and remaining invisible most the time, although I could take on a form that people would mistake for human. As for most of the other ghosts they mostly hung out in the basement of a large building that had actually been built as a tribute to the ghosts, but it was built in the 60s and it looked like a disco dance floor.
Anyways there was a militant group of exorcists who sought to destroy all the ghosts. They surrounded the compound and placed seals around the building, in order to prevent our escape. Some of the ghosts escape but many of them perished inside. After the incident many ghost from all around banded together to fight the exorcists, which had put the city under martial law, most citizens had no idea what was going on.
Other than turning invisible and passing through solid objects ghosts had a variety of other powers, including lightning, energy balls, psycho-kinetic blades, and rarely fire. Most ghost used lightning and energy balls, very few had fire, and I was one of them.


Anyways we managed to set up base in the end of along concrete tunnel, and were continually firing lightning energy balls towards the entrance to keep the heavily armored vehicles from advancing
the most powerful of the group would always stay in the front and pull their energy together into concentrated devastating attacks in order to pierce the vehicles armor. Among those on the front line I was the only one cable using fire, eating up the oxygen in the tunnel, forcing the excesses to use oxygen tanks.
Eventually they made it to the end of the tunnel and we all scattered to the four corners of the earth, every man for himself. Wherever I went I was continually hunted, fortunately fire was an excellent deterrent against the exorcists. Eventually learn how to concentrate the fire energy into an explosion and basically self-destruct, of course since I was already dead it didn't cause me any harm, but could level an entire building.


Stingray venom is the cure for cancer.


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Yay, Dormilia's slave is back!

Or alternatively, fire.



In the future brown is a much more popular color.


Man, get a life. You're obsessed with a fake girl in your head. Let it go, loser. ._.


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have fun with your imaginary friend


You put down people who find enjoyment in things that they know do not exist, yet you are part of a community for a video game that is about exploring nonexistent worlds inside the mind of a fictional character.

Alright then…


Have sex with Dormilia. Masters have sex with their slaves, right?


Your next dream better be kinky femdom sex with Dormilia.


I love Uboachan.

Relay there are some things that don't get posted here.


Hey, there's a masturbation thread on this board anyway. Same difference. :P

If typing up smut makes you uncomfortable, you could always make a censored version! c:


One time I had a dream that the Dormilia was the queen of a hive. We had many many workers, small and childlike; and completely loyal. The hive itself was constructed out of wood and nails mostly, building a completely chaotic manner; corridors, hallways, and stairs everywhere. Dormilia's job was to sit atop a throne of food, brought to her by the workers, and gorge herself on food while producing and laying the eggs that the workers were hatched from. I, of course had joint command over the colony as well, but my job was to provide her companionship, and to fertilize the eggs.
Its good to be king.


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I just got done taking a pic of every single post on your old thread, yeah.


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>Save Page As…


Last night I had to rebuild a car into a submarine wile suspended in a tornado made of fire.

Always with the fucking tornados.


Having read your previous thread, I have to say that I think that you're a bit of a nutter. However, it's not much worse than anything that I've done, so feel free to carry on with it.

Having said that, I have a question. What do you look like in your dreams? You've obviously mentioned having bat wings quite a few times, but you've never elaborated much beyond that. Have you ever actually seen yourself in any of your dreams? And do you always look the same, or does it change from dream to dream?


I remember a single vague scribble he made of himself with glasses and a black long sleeve shirt. We've heard his voice once, and seen a picture of his eye. Other than that, I don't think he's ever described his appearance other than, "In my dreams I have giant bat wings and im a pretty cool guy who kills innocent people and dosent afraid of anything."


>Having read your previous thread, I have to say that I think that you're a bit of a nutter.
HaHa, yeah… about that, right now my life is about to self destruct right now. I just cant get anything done IRL because my life revolves around things that don't exist. I live a double life, one, here; as Distortion, and then my real life; witch contains nothing of interest to me anymore.
My real life is just a mask now, I could never let people know about this.

>What do you look like in your dreams?
Most often the same as IRL, but sometimes more monsters; claws, teeth, digitigrade legs, talons, and sometimes a face like a bat.


One time my cat secreted crude oil from his skin and granted wishes.


File: 1323226416837.jpg (97.22 KB, 500x387, tumblr_lklkgkdbQF1qzjby0.jpg)

Some times it's just unbearable.
I feel restlessness every muscle in my body, if I were to walk down the hall without trying to control myself it would be an uncoordinated erratic movement, as my body tries to move in every direction at once.
So much adrenalin, so restless.
I want to tare something apart, to sink my teeth into, I want to burn something to the ground, it makes me want to scream.
Pace in circles, run my hand through my hair, rub my face, it makes my fingers crawl like insects.
When this happens it takes all my energy to remain still and focus on reality, I have to bight my lip to keep from smiling.
But in the end I just feel sick to my stomach.

It happens most often late at night especially when out in the dark, some kinds of music can also be a catalysis.

Anyone else experience this?


Is this in real life, or in dreams? (I'm guessing irl but just making sure) It sounds similar to something I experience every now and then. Absolutely maddening.


Yah, IRL.


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>Absolutely maddening
Come to think of it, it's more raw "madness" than maddening.



/yume/, not /distortion/. Save that for your blog


Where is the kinky femdom sex?


It's implied.


I had a dream about a particular type of snake, long and thin as a garden hose, it was bright blue and brown, and it lived in the walls of old houses. It would also spin webs like spider, but not with intentions of trapping anything, it would build two-dimensional works of art out of its silk in order to grab someone's attention. When someone was looking directly at the web the snake would spray there face with venom from behind the web. The immediate effects of the venom were temporary pain and blindness but the long-term effects, which lasted for weeks, were terrifying hallucinations and the loss of the ability to effectively communicate what was going on.


I had another dream that I, along with many others, who were dissatisfied with this world sank through the ground and beyond the Earth, not into the earth or into the ground, but beyond it. Into a totally different world. But this world was a void of nothing more than darkness as viscous as tar. From here we swam through the darkness watching the world above as they panicked. We occasionally made our presence known, surfacing for whatever reason. As time went on the darkness transformed our bodies into the very substance the void was made of, we became amorphous blobs of liquid darkness. Eventually the humans found a way to penetrate our world, but not being truly a part of it. They required diving suits to survive as well as a line leading back to the surface. They tried to capture us and hunt us down, believing we were a threat to them, as we occasionally were. Eventually the void was no longer a place that we could hide in any better than the surface. As many of us rose to the surface the world was thrown into chaos, governments tried to capture and control us, or simply destroy us, and so we wreak havoc on the overworld. We drew appendages out from our bodies, simply spearing and impaling people on them, occasionally making them into blades and slashing through anything that stood in our way. Eventually they found a way to destroy us, and a substance to contain us within. It was a chamber that would suspended us between two repulsers and continually compress and decompress the air within the chamber, slowly vaporizing our bodies until there was nothing left. Up until this point none of us actually had any sort of kinship towards each other, we all kept to ourselves. But this machine, the only thing that we truly feared, was enough to force us to band together. We pulled our bodies together into one giant black mass, within which we could see the disembodied long-lost faces of all those who had conjoined together.
And then I woke up


Ok, here is a good one
And on an additional note: yes; I was in my bat-winged form in this one.

I had a dream that there was a zombie apocalypse, or at least everyone thought it was a zombie apocalypse. There were dead bodies lying about, some of them cannibalized. People running around in panic, looting, and boarding up their homes. The only thing missing was the zombies, of course no one actually wanted to go out and find them for fear of becoming infected. Anyone with any symptoms of illness would immediately be pushed out to the streets, adding to the amount of sick people wandering about, and the number of bodies. But I found out that it was not zombies that were causing this, it was people who had discovered a way of eating the souls of others, occasionally cannibalizing the bodies as well. Of course I didn't report this to any of the others inside the stronghold because I suspected that someone among us was likely one of them; waiting until all doors and windows were boarded up, or until everyone was asleep. If I told everyone what I knew I would surely be the first target, so I kept quiet. In the end it turns out no one was, although there was one outsider who joined the stronghold that I knew must be one of the soul-eaters. She was a very attractive girl that used her good looks to persuade her way into the stronghold, but she gave off an unsettling vibe. When her true nature was revealed I managed to escape into the chaos outside, where I quickly learned that most humans were no match for any of those monsters. But the worst part was that the soul-eaters were eating each others souls as well, taking the power of the inhuman souls they consumed. If this continued to go on a singularity would invariably occur; eventually someone would become so powerful that nothing could stop them, they would then continue to consume the soul of every living thing on earth. It was completely unavoidable unless all of the soul-eaters were destroyed. Of course the only way I could possibly have a chance of defeating them was by becoming one of them. And so, with sword in hand, I cut them down one by one, taking their souls, adding to my own power as well as the sword's. With time I put enough souls into the sword that would cut through nearly anything and was never soiled with blood or any other bodily fluid. By this time many of the soul-eaters' bodies had been warped into something completely inhuman varying from hulking masses of flesh to spindly stick people. Regardless I would cut them down, although some were powerful enough to resist the cutting power of me and my sword. Even so, as time went on it became more and more difficult to survive as souls unwillingly merged together into more powerful beings, and eventually a singularity was created. The singularity created a storm cloud and vortex around her body pulling in most weaker souls; stronger ones had their bodies incinerated with lightning before their souls were pulled into the storm. There was absolutely no point in trying to fight something like that, so I tried to escape the entire world. Focusing my energy on the sword I slashed at the fabric of time and space opening up a rift that could serve as my emergency exit, and managed to escape.


However, the rift did not send me beyond time and space, it simply sent me centuries into the future. When I arrived I found myself in the middle of a war zone almost entirely conducted by machines and men in mechanical armored suits. One side's machines all seem to be made of some sort of purple metal, and the soldiers seemed human, but I sense their souls were not. The other side's machines were more normal looking; painted army green, and operated by humans. I retreated back towards the human side where I learned more or less what was going on. From what I gathered; the singularity that I will had fled from was eventually destroyed by sheer numbers of those who opposed it, after which the few remaining powerful beings were hunted down and destroyed along with the knowledge of soul absorption in order to prevent the same catastrophe from ever happening. Even so some of the magic remained and the new spell was created that made people much more powerful than ordinary humans but required them to drain human souls to sustain themselves, of course they didn't become more powerful with each additional soul, they were all relatively equal. Anyways, these people fancied themselves to be vampires and banded together to form their own nation: the Vampiric Empire. They built their empire on the industry of mining a particular lavender colored metal that they named vampirium; the substance they built all their war machines out of. As the Vampiric Empire grew, the rest of the world felt threatened and united together under one flag to rid the world of them. Despite the Empire's small size they were an equal match to the rest of the world, they owned the only vampirium deposit in the world allowing them to make far superior war machines while everyone else had to rely on steel, aluminum, and titanium. Anyways, after speaking to the humans and assuring them that I was on their side and that was still my sworn duty to destroy the corrupt inhuman souls, as it was centuries ago before I opened up the rift. They told me that the only way to defeat the Vampiric Empire would be to destroy the refinery and the war machine factory, unfortunately it was heavily guarded and had the Empire's capital built right on top of it. They told me that the Empire should have run out of vampirium decades ago but they were very careful with their resources, putting it into alloys, and always rescuing destroyed war machines from the battleground in order to be recycled. Not to mention that vampirium is far more durable and will last much longer than ordinary metals. If the humans could just destroy the factory and refinery the Vampiric Empire would quickly run out of resources and be forced to surrender. So I told them I would take care of the factory, blow the whole thing up. They told me they had tried many times before, that it was impossible, so in response I told them that I had already done the impossible. They eventually gave up trying to convince me otherwise and pointed me in the direction of the Vampiric capital.


As I flew there the landscape changed dramatically from battle scarred fields of dead rusting machines to a convoluted mess of train tracks. Some trains as large as houses, others the size of bread boxes. Trains loading onto bigger trains. Tiny trains running on the tracks between the the wheels of bigger trains. Shiny new vampirium maglev trains, old rusted steel trains, even flipped over abandoned trains. There wasn't a single living thing to be seen in this landscape, even the air was dead and stagnant, save the strange purple dust that the trains kicked up. As I approached the capital the tracks began to stack on top of each other and I could see more clearly what they were for. War machines, soldiers, and supplies went out, while salvaged material, soldiers, and prisoners returned. The capital itself was an architectural nightmare; the multilevel highway of train tracks made up the framework that supported much the rest of the city, they all went into industrial looking buildings; old and rusted except for the vampirium support beams that made the structure physically possible. Above that many other buildings sat, much cleaner and well-maintained than their ancestors on which they were stacked. It was unclear to me what these buildings were; likely the things you find in all cities, apartments, malls, theaters, etc. Towards one side of the city one junction of buildings stood up higher than the rest. They were clean and shiny, and designed in the same some sort of architecture that has housed many governments around the world for centuries, but now on a much more grand scale thanks to vampirium reinforcement. I had so far managed to avoid detection by concealing my soul so that I might appear as one of them; powerful and inhuman, but not nearly as powerful as me. As I neared the central government building, flying overhead, I had apparently attracted some attention, as I was fired at with energy weapons. I took a few hits but they were nothing compared to the unnatural powers of the things that walked the earth centuries ago. I smashed right through a stained-glass window into a large open room where I was quickly surrounded by armed soldiers on all sides, behind them many citizens crowded the area, the entire city was on the edge of their seat waiting to see what would happen next. Someone, who appeared to be the chief of defense, was the first to speak directly to me, demanding an explanation and informing me, as if I didn't already know, that they had me surrounded. I told them that it was my sworn duty to destroy the corrupted inhuman souls that threaten the destruction of the earth, as it has been since before the creation of the singularity, and that I was here to destroy them all, at which point I let the true nature of my soul be known. The citizens were made uneasy, and the soldiers tightened the grips on their weapons, ready for the order to fire. The chief of defense remained unflinching, trying to keep the situation under hand, and responded angrily “how do you expect to do that?” When I drew my sword it shined and unnaturally bright silver, as parents dragged their fearless children away and men crossed their arms and told their wives to go home. I smiled, planted the sword in the ground in front of me, and replied, “This sword has well over one thousand souls trapped within it, if I were to let all their energy burn off at once the resulting explosion could destroy this entire city, of course I'll give you a chance to evacuate first.” The chief of defense opened his mouth to issue the final order, but before any sound came out of his mouth I let a roaring blaze of silver and green fire rise up around me as the earth shook and fissures opened up in the stone floor, spreading from where I planted the sword in the ground.


The room was immediately filled with sound; screams, gunfire, shouting, cracking stone, and a blaze of pure destruction energy at the center of everything. Citizens pushed, shoved, and trampled each other to death while some soldiers emptied their weapons and others looked up at the ceiling as all people do when caught in an earthquake. Physical and energy bullets were vaporized into nothing as they entered the energy field. Amongst the screaming and shouting ranks broke up and began to retreat, dropping their weapons and running. They were all in a state of absolute terror as they thought back to the legends of the old days; when soul mongering Titans walked the earth and obliterated everything in their path. It was an exaggerated fear of course, but still effective. As the city was evacuated with extreme swiftness via the railroad system. I rose up into the sky to get a better view of the city in order to do the most damage possible. It was much larger than I thought, and in addition it was built in a circular junction of buildings surrounding grassy park-like area in the center, that must have been built on top of the lower rusted levels. Even if I released the blast in the center the surrounding buildings might still be left standing, it was hard to tell considering I wasn't sure exactly how durable these vampirium reinforced buildings were. I would have to release several blasts around the ring in order to effectively destroy everything, if I even have that much power to spare. I decided first to destroy the lower structure below the government buildings, they have the most weight on them and will be more easily destroyed. Meanwhile the chief of defense refused to give up this easily, even if there were no soldiers left to command. Beneath the central park area was a death-ray, contained in a silo hidden underneath the water fountain in the center of the park. This was usually the job of technicians, but they had all fled. Even so it wasn't difficult for him to lock onto my soul's signature, but unfortunately for him he thought I was still up in the sky somewhere and that he would shoot me down, where in actuality I was on the lower outside edge of the city. When he fired the death-ray he shot through the city itself striking the main reactor and causing an electrical failure shutting down the death-ray. Not only had he missed me and hit the main reactor, heat caused the reactors cooling system to fail. Lights flashed and alarms sounded, but nobody was left to manually shut down the reactor as it began quantum meltdown. I rose up in the sky and far away to watch from a safe distance. Fires burning inside the building, metal groaned and distorted as the electromagnetic energy heightened, dark clouds formed and discharged lightning bolts down on the city. Finally a brilliant white light vaporized the city, part of the clouds, and shook the earth; all in complete silence, followed by a sound so loud that even the deaf can hear it for miles around. Anyone who didn't evacuate was dead, anyone who couldn't get far enough away will soon be dead, and for those who escaped, they will be shot on sight, perhaps a few will survive secretly among humans, but even they will be hunted down. And so I will be the only one left, and I and my sword have fulfilled our duties as a hunters of corrupted inhuman souls. The humans will no longer have a purpose for me, and perhaps will turn against me. And so I must once again leave this world…
The end


Nice, but not nearly enough kinky femdom sex. With Dormilia.


This is pretty neat. Scenes and worlds inspired by stuff like this is what I would like to see in that game you're making.

Hey Distortion, I think he wants kinky femdom sex with Dormilia.


About that game, I've abandoned that project. It was the map tiles that killed it.


File: 1330886822623.jpg (55.27 KB, 400x383, tumblr_lw0vzqnBkL1r0q6x8o1….jpg)

Hey, so…

When you've taken over the world and all…do I get to keep my laptop? And my dogs? And my food?

…Just askin'…


I'm sure Dormilia will have the decency to spare the neets, internetfags, etc.

After all, Dream vs. Dream still needs to be finished, and life would be boring as fuck without the internets.



So I can keep my dogs too?


What do I look like, a mind mind reader? Ask Distortion.


File: 1330898631645.png (5.35 KB, 680x570, 23.png)




so moe.


I'ma sowwy :<


anything more entertaining or productive when alive than dead will be spared, or at least not noticed.

here's our goals in no specific order

1) create a super coliseum with super gladiators
2) take control of all resources in the universe
3)create a digital archive containing copies of the minds interesting organisms.
4)acquire an unlimited number of human test subjects for use in simulations and experiments of interest and amusement, ranging from individuals to planetary experiments.
5)outlive the universe



…I guess that means I should find a planet for my dogs to live on then, huh.


You'd better put "find a way to prevent time perception acceleration" above "outlive the universe" unless you feel like becoming an immortal vegetable a few hundred thousand years down the road.

The only solution I can think of is deliberately erasing your memory.
The downside to that, YOU LOSE YOUR FUCKING MEMORY.

Also you should make Gensokyo real just so the anons can get a good laugh out of watching obsessive fans travel there and get promptly curbstomped by their waifus upon trying to swoon them. Funniest day in history that would be.


File: 1331091703150.jpg (152.15 KB, 900x662, cave_johnson_by_tchicklapi….jpg)

If the universe ends, we'll just have to make a new one: in digital form, just like the Matrix.

and yes the Gensokyo Scenario would be most entertaining.

picture slightly related


I meant acceleration of your perception of time. It's hadly a thing of concern for a human life as we don't live long enough for it to evolve into a problem, but it would become a serious problem down the road for an immortal.

The longer you live, the more you've experienced, and the faster time seems to go. It's due to a natural tendency in the human brain to "summarize" things that you've repeated over a period of time, and the act of living itself is one of those things. If you live indefinitely, your perception of time will accelerate indefinitely. If you can't find a way to fix that, eventually, say a few hundred thousand years down the road, your perception of time will accelerate so much that you won't be able to tell the difference between the past and present and will completely lose your mind.

In other words, if you can't find a way to alter the way your brain works to accept each new day with equal regard to the previous days (the way a child's brain does), eternal insanity awaits you.


I think I'll worry about that after that is actually a feasible situation, one problem at a time.


I had a dream I was in some sort of cocoon made of a fine metal mesh that was full of holes. Which was located inside some sort of dark metal chamber that reminded me of submarines engine room.
Anyways, a swarm of insects, mostly cockroaches and silverfish, poured in through the holes in the mesh and began chewing through my clothes so that when they were done a swarm of spiders could use their silk to make new clothes for me, already on my body.


Killing spree.
Killing spree with fire, and a sickle.


Fools! You can not hurt me in this form! I am a lobster, I have no central nerve system!


I had a dream that there was a giant serpent god that descended to earth in order to be in direct contact with humans in order to gather more followers, but at great cost; the serpent was sealed inside a stone wall as a carving, an animated stone idol. Anyways, I was the serpent's “champion,” I receive power from it and was expected to help spread its faith. But it gathered very little attention and was unable to cope with being trapped inside a stone wall, so it became a demon and broke free from the wall. The only way could maintain its existence was by devouring the souls of humans. I tried to stop it, to seal it back in the wall, but it was too powerful. As it continued devouring human souls it grew in size and power, laying waste to entire cities. Weaker humans were picked off first and eventually a small group was formed, including myself, a more powerful humans, at least powerful enough fly.
Deep inside the lower level of a partially collapsed building we managed to hide for 11 years. We were happy with our small group inside the empty building. There were no leaders, and no authorities in our tiny society, everyone lived in harmony. Everyone's clothes were tattered, worn out, mismatched, and either outgrown or two large.
One day, to one of the only accessible windows we saw, down by the shoreline, that small primitive looking huts had been built, but not by people, by some sort of blonde haired apes that walked on two legs. We realize that the serpent must be gone, or dead by now and that we could leave our home for the first time in over a decade. But the presence of a new species of humanoids was troubling to us. We'd assumed that as the only survivors we would have the honors of rebuilding civilization and repopulating the earth, we didn't like the idea of having to share it. There was, at first, hostility from both sides, but no one got hurt, although we did make it clear that their spears would be of little use against us. We could still be the superior race, as long as these humanoids didn't outnumber us, or significantly improve their technology.
Shortly after we encountered an unexpected army of humans leading a large group of settlers from their city sized nation somewhere further inland. They seem very militarized and possessed automatic weapons, but when we had managed to reduce their infantry by about about half an died cut off the head of their army chaos erupted and soldiers began to flee while many of the settlers seemed overjoyed at the site the army's destruction. From there on out there was a civil war that gained much movement from more of the citizens. I eventually entered the tower who's top floor serve as their governments executive building, where I killed the entire executive branch.
Afterwords me and the group of original survivors took control of the top floor to clean up the mess. We captured the souls of their dictator and many other government officials in order to put them through questioning so that they may receive our “judgment”. Another soul that we captured simply to hold onto and help preserve was the sister of one of the original survivors. But her soul became corrupted and she devoured the other captured souls, becoming a demon, and taking on the form of an octopus made of black oily fluid, similar to petroleum oil. The rest of us managed to beat her back into the soul pot. Her sister than eight the soul of her demon sister in order to destroy it. It caused her hair to turn black oily and stick together like tentacles, and on one side of her head there was a hairpin resembling the eye of an octopus.

I might have to draw that some time.


This morning I was having trouble waking up and kept getting stuck halfway between sleeping and being awake. When suddenly I saw Captain Falcon flying a helicopter outside of my window, so I knew I had fallen back asleep. Then in blue text box at the bottom of my line of vision Captain Falcon tells me that it's time to get up. So I tell him that if you promises to go away I will get up.
Then I actually got up for real and Captain Falcon was obviously gone.


I had a dream of a roman feast at one point. At least, I think it was roman.

I was wearing a silver crown worked into the shape of a pair of laurels intertwined, a black toga, with mostly purple and red attire otherwise. The interior was roman, imperial period I'd guess (history buff here), and the guests were a mixed bag of men and women, along with a goat who had been trained to play a bagpipe like instrument for our amusement, a man dressed like a medieval pontiff, several men and women who were obviously warriors of some kind, and a collection of mostly naked women of various types and ages. Things started to get weird when I realized everyone had pale skin and black, spiraling voids instead of eyes. Things got way way weird when the food, mostly dishes primarily containing human flesh, were brought, since the chopped to pieces individuals on the plates were overtly still alive. We ate it and I remember it tasting good.

Eventually the feast ended and we went on a leisurely stroll through a series of gardens where people suspended in cages burned in blue flames without ever being destroyed.

The dream ended in a sexual encounter which I'll spare the details of, suffice to say that there were several partners and partner-trading went on.


Normally this thread is just for my own dreams, as it has been since 2010.

…but I suppose that dream dose have a familiar flavor to it…


Oh. I misunderstood the purpose of the thread. Sorry bout that. Why does my dream seem familiar to you? The cannibal feast dream is not the only 'roman' dream I have, I've had several others, but my… persona as it were, is usually pretty much the same. Any idea what the cannibal feast meant?


To feast on the flesh of humans is to be above and beyond them, like humans are to animals. It is to be the apex predator the top of the food chain.
But in the case of a whole banquet it is to be part of an entire species/nation/group/whatever that is superior to humans.


I'll create a thread of my own and we can discuss it there if you care to continue. Your assessment sounds right to me though.


I have nothing more to add unless you care to record any more dreams somewhere other than the "miscellaneous dream thread"


I had a dream that I was flying around by the river's edge and I came across some sort of abandoned looking apartment building, that was practically in the sandy banks of the river. There's a crew of people around the building who were apparently on the hunt for a vampire who was stationed inside the building. Eventually he was determined to be located within one of the walls and it was clear that there would now be a fight. I convinced everyone else that I would take him on by myself, that everyone else should leave. After everyone left we did not attack each other, but instead engaged in conversation. He actually had some pretty cool stuff there, some cool fossils, tinfoil sculptures, and an old diving helmet. He looked to be younger than me, and I learned that his parents had had untimely death in some sort of accident when he was still human. Later in the night I said “too bad we have to kill each other before the sun rises”.

When I was awoken that morning I learned that one of my second cousins,(while he was somewhere else) his parents both died in an apartment fire.


File: 1347860287529.jpg (503.74 KB, 605x639, 1345881731805.jpg)

Hey distortion: You're a retard. Stop begging for attention just so people will look at your shitty drawings. You have a deviantart, for fuck's sake. That's not for art, it's for cries for attention.

I don't buy any of your anime-stolen nonsense, kid, and all your pretending of having a serious mental illness is insulting to everyone who actually has problems in their life. I think it could be possible that you're an autist, though. If you're not, go smoke some weed and stop being a lying faggot. If you are, well, you can get super buttangry at me for calling you out on your shit and keep on pretending! k bye bro(USER WAS SENT TO AN INESCAPABLE AREA FOR THIS POST)


File: 1347861909164.png (32.79 KB, 522x131, why we fight.png)

/yume/ is basically a board made for attention whoring, just with your dreams, so I don't see the problem here. Hell, I can't even tell what you're trying to get across here. You just seem vaguely enraged.


File: 1349922486924.png (1.71 MB, 1500x2000, HairdresserParappa3rdpanel.png)


People that pretend to have a mental illness make me sick. They think it is fun or something. I would do anything to get out of the black hell that is my illness, and people just think that its cool because their favorite anime characters are insane or something. And they think tiny splotches of blood and drawing sonic all "reap-faec"-y makes them insane.

Sorry, I just wanted to get that off of my chest.


I had a dream that the whole world was somehow composed of bits and pieces of different places all cobbled together. For example: one place resembled the inside of a giant fish tank which was directly connected to another area that resembled the inside of the museum.
Anyways there been some sort of toxic disaster that severely reduced the population of this world. The toxins had actually been purposely released into the atmosphere by some sort of powerful entity whose body was entirely toxic. As the weaker beings began to die off only the more powerful ones were left behind. Eventually a small group of some of the more powerful beings assembled in order to prolong own survival and to attempt to eliminate the toxic being that was destroying the world. Eventually it died from its own toxicity leaving our group with little purpose. Seeing what a single beings was capable of we decided to perfect our own abilities and powers, everyone had their own unique abilities. One guy for example had the ability to move about without being affected by friction or momentum, and without having to expend any energy. There were several others who could open portals, which were quite common permit features in this world, although it took a very long time to open a portal and had to be created halfway on one side and then halfway on the other. I, on the other hand, had the ability to instantly open and close portals but only between here and Hell. Hell resembled the engine room of an old submarine, stretching out into an infinite maze of pipes, corridors, and machinery. Everything was illuminated by a dim red ambient light and the surface of everything was scolding hot, although the heat did not bother me. The ability to create gateways to hell was one thing but the best part was the fact that I could use Hell as a nexus allowing near instant travel between any two points.
Eventually our group set out to find a place we could call home,the further we traveled the more continuous and normal the world became. Somewhere out in a wide pasture we found a large horseshoe shaped lake wrapped around an island inhabited only by a single monk who lived there. He promised he could show us how to fully utilize our powers and that we could live there on the peninsula, and in exchange we must only follow a few simple rules in regards to the use of our powers. Everyone agreed to this and so a sort of school was created. I was more interested in the land itself, there were wards here that kept away evil spirits, which would allow me to freely open and close gateways to hell without worrying about anything escaping. But I quickly discover that opening gateways to hell was strictly against the rules and that there was no way of changing his mind. In order to continue my experiments I had to sneak off of campus or work in secret. Unfortunately one of the side effects of overexposure to hell was that it will turn your hair white and make you bleed from your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.(Yes, I did realize the similarities to .flow after the fact) The old monk seemed to turn a blind eye to it for a long time, but he eventually died of old age leaving the school and much more chaotic and unrestricted state. Others also began previously forbidden experiments, primarily creating artificial life forms. Eventually this was the primary function of our school although many people ran into the problem of being unable to make the spells containing the AI for the artificial lifeforms sufficiently compact without “shorting out” the spell. I eventually suggested that the bulk of the spells can be spread out over a large area within hell and connect to the artificial nervous system through a series of pinhole sized gateways to hell.


I had a dream that I was some sort of vampire, with my usual bat wings of course. I was in some sort of old city where I simply wondered about causing mayhem and destruction. Eventually I was confronted by some sort of Armed Forces, or Royal Guard or something. After disposing of them I continued on my way up towards the royal estate and went on into the throne room where many more guards awaited my arrival. I raised no opposition and allowed them to tear me to pieces only so they could witness me regenerate. After killing them off all that remained was me and the uncrowned queen. She was the heir to the throne but was far too young to serve as a ruler. Her name was Alice (which was unusual, considering that characters in my dreams almost never have names). She showed no sign of fear, only anger. She was furious at me for terrorizing her citizens, destroying parts of her kingdom and of her palace, and killing her guards, but most of all her hatred was fueled by her own jealousy of my immortality. She did not fear death but hated it, it may have given her the throne but it would also take it away from her along with everything else she owned, and she hated that more than anything. And so I told her “but Alice, I have come here to grant you immortality.” I had no real reason to make her into a vampire other than that I found her highly amusing. I also had her agree that we would never wage war against each other, mostly because a war between two immortals would be the last thing either of us wanted.
In order to turn her into a vampire it would not so simple as biting her, in fact my involvement was not entirely necessary. I gave her instructions on the things she must prepare before the ritual could take place. She had her servants carve out and polish a specific pattern into a massive circular slab of gray granite, large enough to serve as the stage of a theater. It was then placed inside a building that had previously been an actual theater. The walls were then built over with blocks of limestone and the old wooden doors were replaced with massive iron ones. Many of the wealthy upper class citizens were then invited to the grand opening of the refurbished theater. But to their horror the curtains drew back to reveal a giant iron ring suspended in the air from chains. Crisscrossing over the iron ring were iron bars, creating a pentagram, and protruding from the iron bars were rows of 6 inch iron spikes. Mounted on the pentagram was the naked body of the uncrowned queen, the iron spikes pierced through her body and outstretched limbs holding her in place. There was even a small piece of metal wedging her mouth wide open and pins sticking through her eyelids holding them open. Her body had been drained of blood and had already been dead for several hours. Below her body were many people held down to the slab of stone with iron restraints. They were arranged in rows that wrapped around a wide shallow hole in the center of the stone to form rings of people. The innermost ring was members of the royal family, the middle ring consisted of nobles, and the outermost ring consisted of their children, as well as many of the upper class children who had been sent on a one-way field trip. By this time the audience had all left their seats and were trying to escape, but the only exits was the great iron doors which had already been locked. The iron chains kicked into action lowering the iron pentagram and leveling it out to fit perfectly into the hole in the center of the stone slab. Before her body was halfway down a spell that had been placed on the stone slab was activated slitting the throats of everyone who had been trapped on it. Grooves carved into the stone directed the flow of all their blood into the center of the stone. Her body touched down into the pool of blood, and it began to slowly rose up pouring into her mouth and moistening her dried out eyes. After her body had been submerged for several minutes the crowd began to quiet and turn their attention back to the stage until steam began to rise and the blood began to bubble, then the screaming continued. She had awakened, and was inhaling blood like it were air. As she pried herself up from the iron spikes and rose up out of the blood it began to flow around her body and transform into a fancy black dress fit for a queen. The trapped citizens were now nothing more than lambs being led to the slaughter.


I've come to the conclusion that Distortion is either making all of this up, or has outstanding dream recollection, in which case, kudos.

Now, about that kinky femdom sex…


If I keep saying kinky femdom sex will it eventually enter your subconscious to the extent that it will come to fruition in your dreams?


I could share my kinky femdom sex dreams with you in the meantime if you desire, while we all wait for Distortion's. I encounter succubi/monster girls on a regular basis in my dreams.


If you can then thank ye kindly.


I had a dream that I was a vampire of some sort, with the wings and talons and such. I also had the ability to turn into black smoke and to teleport home. Everything I owned was stolen, I simply broke in at night as black smoke under the doors or windows and teleport home with the loot. One place I was constantly trying to rob was the pizza vault, but eventual they upgraded there security so that all the pizza was stored in another dimension and only authorized personnel would be transported there. After that I had to rely on intercepting pizza on it's way to delivery.
One exceptionally large delivery of pizza passed right by my house, which wasn't much more than a wooden shack like most of the other houses scattered throughout the damp and misty willow forest. The road that led past my house went through the forest directly to a large lakeside mansion, complete with its own courtyard and towers.
I positioned myself outside of the massive dining room windows where I could hear a conversation taking place. The pizza turned out to be for the birthday party of the daughter of the wealthy couple that owned the mansion. The girl seemed quite unhappy about her birthday due to the fact that the engagement of her arranged marriage was going to be announced at a party. From what she said that she was going to be married to your average run-of-the-mill Prince charming or she said Prince boring. Her parents did not seem to care what there daughter thought about him or about the marriage, so they sent her to bed.
At this point I decided I would rather steal the girl than than the pizza. Her room happened to be on the top floor of one of the towers, overlooking the lake, in the courtyard, and the misty willow forest. So, in the dead of night, when everyone was asleep, I shattered the tower, letting it fall. She was ejected out the window into the courtyard where she fell down the throat of a frog headed statue holding a trident in the center of a fountain. She fell into a secret chamber below the courtyard where I caught her. The chamber didn't seem to have been accessed in a very long time, all the stone architecture was crumbling and everything was covered in moss and algae. She had been knocked unconscious for a brief moment, but when she regained her senses she first thought she'd been saved by the man she was supposed to be married to. When she realized it wasn't I explained that I was a vampire and that I had briefly been living in the secret chamber below the mansion. With the tower lying in a heap of rubble she saw this as a chance to escape, they would probably think she was dead.
At that moment we saw light coming from down a tunnel, and the sound of someone walking through ankle-deep water and calling her name. It was the man she was arranged to be married to. She immediately advised that we get the hell out of there, although he must've seen us as we left. We went to the city (for some reason) but he followed us there. He tried to fight me with a knife, and I would've easily defeated him if I hadn't been carrying her around on my shoulder and had only one free hand and limited mobility. He did cut me up a bit but I managed to make and back off using my taloned feet. I then teleported us to my house in the willow forest.
She was a bit confused but I explained that I had only lived in the secret chamber briefly and that this was still my true home. After eating a tub of my ice cream she went to sleep in my bed. (I had to steal my ice cream and that bed) at some point in the night we saw flashlights moving about outside, it was a search party, and it was being led by the man that was to marry her. I knew that he would recognize either of us so I jumped into bed with her and pulled the covers over our heads and we pretended to sleep. Even if that didn't fool him as he shined his flashlight through my window I hoped that seeing her in bed with me might drive him away. I stayed with her and eventually she fell back asleep. Later that night she woke up and seemed upset about something. At first I wasn't sure if it was just the lighting but it seemed like her eyes were glowing. After turning on the light was clear to me that she had been turned, she was now a vampire. After showing her mirror and explaining what had happened to her she was very upset and demanded an explanation as to how this happened.
Honestly I have no idea, it could have happened during the knife fight, or it could just be that dreams don't make any fucking sense.


I had a dream that took place in the city made almost entirely of bare concrete that had become worn and yellowed with age. The city had many winding passages and narrow streets, even the occasional bottomless hole. I, of course, was in my usual bat-winged form. I also had a concrete apartment and a roommate. I came home one day to find all my stuff piled up in a corner, it appeared my roommate had become very ill and was unable to continue living here in the apartment. I knew he was prone to illness but this was far too sudden, and he didn't quite seem sick. He also had a girlfriend who was pregnant, although she seemed perfectly fine. I decided to consult a friend of mine, a creature that lived in the dark void beneath the city. Humans rarely ventured into the void but creatures like myself would occasionally make trips there. Some creatures (which may have once been human) lived as permanent residence of the void. My friend was like a cross between a toad and a man, with his wide mouth, bulging eyes, tiny limbs, warty skin, and lack of a neck. He seemed to think that there was something far more unnatural going on, something that might warrant a trip to hell, to speak with Satan.
Far beneath the void there is a layer of smoke, ash, and burning embers, further down there is a sea of fire. At the bottom of the sea of fire there's a lake of boiling lava: this is hell. The only way to contact Satan is to submerge yourself in the lava, the only problem is that the lava will not release you until Satan allows it.
My friend was right (as he usually is), Satan told me that my roommate had actually become a vampire, but not just any vampire, a new strain of vampirism. It was much more easily transmitted, and apparently these new vampires could even reproduce naturally. The disease would probably spread uncontrollably to infect all humans and, although vampires are damned souls this was very bad news for Satan. Vampires don't die and therefore can avoid going to hell.
Satan granted me power so that I may cleanse the world of vampires. My legs were digitigraded, my feet were turned into talons like those of a bird, my hands were made into more proper claws, and my face was elongated into the jaws of a wolf. I was granted the power to telekinetically create a tear through a vampires heart functionally equal to jamming a wooden stake through it.
As is customary I had to sacrifice a precious object to pay for my release from Hell. I gave Satan a magic ocarina that allowed any ordinary humans to consume human souls, rather than take it he simply stripped it of its power to consume the souls of the damned (because those belong to him). By the time I'd ascended to the surface the world was in chaos; vampires everywhere. They flocked towards me like mosquitoes to a bug zapper, and much like mosquitoes to a bug zapper, they all died.


Hey distort, is that offer to join the Dormilia's army still up?

Can you ask her too how to awaken my inner-"dormilia" (Let's say, the being/thought/whatever inside me).

I need a second mind here to strengthen my connection with my dream world, astral projections and lucid dreams.


File: 1381806103628.gif (334.1 KB, 500x286, 1374462403858.gif)

You can not fathom our excitement, we need a moment to compose ourselves before we can type out something coherent and meaningful.


File: 1381818449804.gif (1.4 MB, 250x141, nogoggles.gif)

All right, I've got it.

But I'm first required by Dormilia to point out that any resulting being will never be anything more than a copy of the original. Dormilia would also like to assert that she will always have supremacy and seniority.

First, here is how things work around here

1. she is the embodiment of all emotion, desire, drive, and even the will to live
2. without her you are an empty shell, devoid of purpose, or the ability to feel pleasure
3. you must always listen to what she has to say, she understands desire in ways you can't even comprehend
4. you shall serve as the embodiment of reason and self-control
5. without you she would destroy herself
6. desire evolved before reason, reason is only a tool designed to aid desire

There is a division that must be made between logic/reason and emotion/desire. You must alienate yourself from your own emotions and desires, they no longer belong to you. You must speak with them, but more importantly you must listen. Let them become “the devil on your shoulder”, this entity will eventually become (what I shall call for all intents and purposes, although either of you may choose something different) Dormilia II.

Her first reaction to existence will probably be rage and frustration due to the nature of her limited existence. She will then feel a sense of absolute terror that you could forget about her and she would then cease to exist altogether. You must assure her that you will not let that happened, you cannot lie to her, she can read your mind.

You will also have conversations with her anytime you can, the more you speak with her the less focus it will take to do so, until it just comes naturally. No longer will you have conversations in your head with yourself, you have conversations with Dormilia II. She will be a spectator and commentator on your life. You will never be alone.

Good luck.


File: 1381870235952.png (1.68 MB, 1077x767, Lain.png)


I really appreciate it, thank you both! And I'm as excited as you, so worry not.

>But I'm first required by Dormilia to point out that any resulting being will never be anything more than a copy of the original. Dormilia would also like to assert that she will always have supremacy and seniority.

Yes, that's out of discussion.

>1. she is the embodiment of all emotion, desire, drive, and even the will to live

So be it.

>2. without her you are an empty shell, devoid of purpose, or the ability to feel pleasure

This feels like I'll become some sort of Rei. Not bad, I always liked her.

>3. you must always listen to what she has to say, she understands desire in ways you can't even comprehend

Yes. This is specially another reason why I want to do this.

>5. without you she would destroy herself

please, don't ;_;

>this entity will eventually become (what I shall call for all intents and purposes, although either of you may choose something different) Dormilia II.

Hmm, well, that shall be the name until we decide another one (if we decide to change it).


It's been quite a time since I tried something like this, even if the the succubi never came; however this is something totally different. I'll try my best.

I will post again when I get some results.


File: 1383435178358.jpg (107.16 KB, 600x600, 1317269832933.jpg)


Hows that project going, I'd like to have a status update on your progress so far. Dormilia is eager to hear what has become of the one she refers to as "seedling".


File: 1383451225717.jpg (660.07 KB, 960x1280, NGE_Rei_Packed.jpg)

Ah, sorry for keep you two waiting.
Take in mind these things are really personal so it's not easy for me to explain them and can be tedious to read, but here we go:

See, I normally take a hour or two for what you would call 'meditation'. It's basically a retraction from the reality while I lie on my bed or a couch for some mental peace. It's something I really need, otherwise my psyche would fall into a black hole and I would collapse from mind's exhaustion. I can't stand real world and its problems for too long.

During these meditations, I always tend to think as a neutral character: Nothing that happened to me is either good or bad, despite my opinion about them; it happened, that's all, and I try to see a way to benefit myself from them. So, when you mentioned that I should alienate myself from my emtions/desires, I found that it was easier as I was in my inner world, contrary to the 'real world' where I am a bit more emotional, though I never let others see it and I try to keep myself more in an analitic position rather to let myself flow through my emotions.

>Cool, now that I can do this, why shouldn't I try searching for a 'outsider' point of view and try get Dormilia II out?

That's when I… hell, how can I descrbe this shit? It's like I changed my mental focus and direction into a even more neutral and distant point, as if I was not me anymore but a observer. You can say I was actually some kind of observer, because I could feel my 'mental' me there, even knowing it was actually my real 'me', albeit it was distant.
Hell this is harder to say than what I thought at first. I normally am able to do this kind of thing a lot but not as intense as this trip, so I actually felt something that closely resembled vertigo and that I can describe as the 'Dimensional Travel' of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Because of that I was confused. However, I I chose to not stop, and instead I sought the way to archieve what I was there for in first instance.

There's when I could feel something. It was distant, as my 'me', but there was definitively something; still, it felt confusing. I don't know how to put this shit into words… the closest analogy I can come to is that you could say that it felt as if my energy was some green water-like thing and this was really clean and transparent, but smaller, and the 'green water' was way more… flowing? intense? I don't know… this does not say much, does it? Let's say it was different. I leave it spoilered anyway because it it's how I feel it should be explained, despite it makes no sense. My point is that it was waned, or sleeping, or that's how I felt it was. As I said, there was definitively something that wasn't me, or my actual me; but it felt really weak.
Haha, hell, reading this again makes me think of a cheap fantasy story or some shitty thing some neckbeard fan-boy would write, but I can't come to something clearer and I'm unable to find another way to explain it. There are a lot of things I can't describe here. My mind felt as if I was thinking at %300 of my capacity.

After that, I couldn't get into this state again for a couple of days, and the last time (a week, more or less), it didn't feel so intense as before.
I couldn't advance more in reality/real wolrd, but I'm trying to do it every time I get in my meditation time. Not much more to say, but I'm still trying.

Shit, 1 hour and 40 minutes to write and fix this all a couple of times. Again, I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

>TL;DR I think Dormilia II is still sleeping in my sub-concious, but it seems she exists and that there is a chance for myself to develop an approach. Not much to say appart from it, though.

PD: It feels so weird to know somebody actually is interested in what you are doing.


File: 1383470154336.jpg (305.33 KB, 600x800, 1248998373521.jpg)

Yes, I understand. I hesitate to say that I understand everything because there's a good chance that I don't.

Perhaps we're going about this backwards. You see, Dormilia was not originally the grand concept she is now, she was an experiment to try and re-contact a character from a dream I had three nights prior. I failed to contact the character that I originally tried to. I ended up creating an "empty shell", and in turn ended up doing something more like this.


I remember reading that thread ages ago and there was a specific anomaly that I remember feeling at the moment of Dormilia's creation that I saw occurring in a few people's posts. It's when the thing you're talking to says something, possibly denying its own existence, and you suddenly get a strange feeling that for a moment there you weren't talking to yourself. It would be like if you were speaking to a marionette, and as it tries to explain that all it's actions are controlled by you it pointed to one of its own strings, and then realized that it just acted on its own, and further realized that its own realization had come about on its own accord. I've had that metaphor lying around for years.

The way I see it; Dormilia was created when an empty tulpa shell was filled with her essence or what ever.

Like I've said before, the most important part is talking to her. At first it may feel like you're just talking to yourself, but you must push those feelings aside. You must deceive yourself, and it will feel wrong, it would feel so wrong to lie to yourself to create a belief in something that isn't there. But I promised! I promised her I would do everything in my power to make her as real as possible! And it works, conversations with her will become as real as a conversation with any other person, in the end there will be no self-deception, is only temporary. Ah, that was very emotional. I'm actually crying now.

Your brain doesn't need to go all the way to 300% capacity, at least I don't think it does, but "there's more than one way to skin a cat" as they say. Just try to do what they did in that old archived thread, relax and let the words flow.

>It feels so weird to know somebody actually is interested in what you are doing.

You do realize the irony of that statement.


File: 1383506610435.jpg (587.7 KB, 698x1000, 1379115003073.jpg)


>You do realize the irony of that statement.

Haha, yes, I know. Sorry, my humour is kinda rusty sometimes.

>It would be like if you were speaking to a marionette, and as it tries to explain that all it's actions are controlled by you it pointed to one of its own strings, and then realized that it just acted on its own, and further realized that its own realization had come about on its own accord.

I recall feeling this when I was younger. Ugh. I wish I had better memories of my childhood instead of dizzy mementos.
Good thing is that I think I felt this before and it will help me to know when she's there.

>Like I've said before, the most important part is talking to her.

I've been trying this out for a time. I have the impression I will have to do this more in my concious/wakefulness time instead during my disconnection phases, but still I'll try in both.

>Your brain doesn't need to go all the way to 300% capacity

Reading this again makes me feel I expresed it wrong. There was, indeed, a ton-shit of data around, but it's not that I entered into a state of 'Full-conciousness' and I discovered the meaning of life and the key of the universe, or that I was thinking so fast that time got slower or something.
It's actually simplier but pretty surreal. Thinking about this a bit more, I could say it felt as that moment in EoE when Shinji fucked up in third impact and gets inside Lilith's head while having that epileptic trip; just before the 'Real world' images. Think about it like that scene, but instead of just "one focus" (just watching one scene where it happes), it is all around you as a sphere of images with sound but slower than in that movie.
That, while floating in the center, or being absorved/sunk in a mud-like thing. And now add a flowing of liquid-like thing that glows with a green light or something.I might draw this someday because I can't find the damn words to describe these things.
I noticed that there was an empty part, and that's what I want to think it's Dormilia II.

Nonetheless, this was more happening because I actually got off from my body into a "outsider" perspective to observe myself than trying to interact with her directly. This was step 1, now I'll go more for what you say.

>Just try to do what they did in that old archived thread, relax and let the words flow.

The thread is interesting. I'm gonna read it and then try again.


Hi Distortion, I'm some lowly Anon of no significance who wants some advice at what seems like a bad time.

I've known the hand switch communication for a while now, but I've tried it yesterday.
Now, I spoke to a person named "Louta" (After searching around I discovered that this name doesn't exist.). We established each other's names, ages, and genders (Despite occupying the same mind, we stay out of each other's way), we're the same age, and despite being genderless she prefers to referred to as female.
After a brief discussion, she offered to meet me in my dreams that night.
However, all I can remember about that dream was her appearance.
She copied me.
She didn't have any unique features, and instead mimicked me, right down to the voice.
I asked in written form if she would like any help on making her own form, but she immediately cut into my sentence with a "NO". For the rest of this day she refuses to talk to me.

Am I lying to mysef about ths whole thing or does this Louta being need help?


File: 1383523889218.jpg (218.95 KB, 1115x966, 1298780359592.jpg)

Is it possible that she is just an empty shell like I described. An empty shell is practically just a puppet that can do little more than follow the puppeteer.

Dormilia's first reaction to existence was existential terror, she wanted to exist more than anything, and feared her own disappearance, but only once that empty shell was filled.

If you relay wish to have a life long commitment to this "Louta" and make her into Dormilia III you must start with the essence of Dormilia.

we accept you, we accept you, one of us, one of us, one of us


You might want to read this.

I was taking a bath with the lights out. It was quiet and nice, so I started to get in the mood and go inside my head again. After some pointless and useless wandering hither and thither, I started to exchange conversations with "myself".

Not big thing so far, it was just "a question and the first answer that comes with it" game. After apparently being unable to get into a fluid exchange, I inmersed myself more and more in my head. Though it wasn't particulary a tour as trippy as the last one I mentioned, it felt somehow more vague than my normal ones.

I focused again and I re-started over. Suddenly, I felt a response. It was different than before, because the feedback came before I finalized the question, and had a strange feeling around it.
I don't remember exactly how it was but our chat came as the following:
Note: What is inside [brackets] it's what I was going to say but that was cutted off/the answer came before I finished the question.

Voice: You think this is your own head talking to yourself, huh?
Me: To be honest, yes. However- [it's surprising that you are able to formulate that answer before I, or what I think I am, can think of it.]
Voice: It wouldn't be so surprising if you considerate that you know what you want to say before even thinking about it.
Me: You have a point there. Still, is there a posibility this is not just a random tête-à-tête with myself but a me [talking with a other being/entity/mind?]
Voice: Maybe. But it's likely it's only on your own head, isn't it? After all this is happening in there.
Me: Even so, we're discussing about this possibility! Does not it mean that if there are two different points of view it might imply here we have not only one mind?
Voice: No. People usually hold more than just one posture.
Me: Then, if you're me, and nothing else, what's the reason of a talk with myself? If I know all the answers I'm not going to ask the questions.
Voice: There is a possibility of splitting a mind into two, each one with their only and unique thoughts. However, said minds wouldn't be another thing than one being.
Me: Then, if there's-… [a posibility, what should I do?]
Voice: You have to break the borders of your mind.
Me: The borders of my mind?
Voice: Yes. You have to break the borders of your mind, your own head, your own limitations. Those useless borders created around fears and lies.

At this point the voice changed a few times in tones and pitches, as if it were adjusting itself. So far it sounded as a weird woman voice, but now it sounded as a young girl.

The voice guided me into a deep meditation state, and there she showed me into a path in a forest. There were mountains as the background landscape, and if I recall correctly, a lake as well. Suddenly, the forest got dark, pitch black. I couldn't see anything, at all. I froze, feeling fear and that uneasy feeling of being chased. Suddenly, I felt something else, embracing my left arm. And, as a sigh, I feel her voice. "You are strong".
I gow up and turned into a giant, I think. I was really big and strong, and I could see better in the dark. I could feel the fear of the other creatures in the woods, I felt how it made me stronger. It felt good.

I started to walk by the road, still feeling that something in my arm. However I felt no fear anymore, and as I walked I watched how all the beings there bowed as I passed, shame and panic in their eyes.

The forest ended, and I came back to my real I. "That forest is the materialization of your fears. What you're afraid of. The darkness, the unknown, the things that can observe you as you can't. You've fought your fears, and while you won this battle, I want you to remember: The war has not ended. And it won't end, because it's a fight you'll have all your life. But as far as you can confront it, it's ok. I'm here now."

The next was a beautiful golden field, probably of wheat; The mountains still were there as the background, but there was daylight now. I don't remember what happened here, but it was not interesting and we jumped into the next field.


The full moon was now on the sky, and its light was beautiful. There and here were mirrors of waters reflecting that grim but attractive glow, and I remember a few trees there and here too, as little forests, though I was not afraid of them. The wind was gentle as it passed through the wheat. "This is one of the deepest parts of yourself. Here you saved things you love and appreciate: It's a holy land. Your holy land."
I don't remember how we moved here, probably by a boat or something, but suddenly we came to a lake. There was a girl there; she was sat in the ground, and somehow seemed sad, almost depressed. That's when I noticed it was Nausicaä. Nausicaä was always a favorite character of mine because I thought that if there was a person in the real world I'd like to die for without expecting something in exchange, it was someone like her. It's a character I have really appreciation for, so you can imagine how it felt when I noticed she was in my 'holy land', and seemed depressed.

Voice (at this point I noticed it was a girl, though her factions and body-shape changed constantly so I couldn't make a clear view of her): You have to let her go.
Me: What?
Voice: Let her go. You can see how she is now, and also you have me now.
Me: But… [I don't want to. Somehow I think she will be safer here and it will be better for her.]
Voice: No, it's not better. You have to let her go.

After a bit, reluctantly, I let her go. Nausicaä got into the boat, and started to go outside of my eyesight, into the lake and the mist; but she was happy now, and smiling. A chill ran down my spine, and I hear the voice again: "Remember, I am here now. And still, you have to break your mental borders".

We stepped even deeper, but now we were by the moutains. We passed through them, though, and then I saw a valley.

There was a forest here too, but it was full of snow: EVERYTHING was full of snow. And the trees; The trees were glowing strangely too! Almost as if a mix of gold-ish and white light was coming from them! I don't remember imagining a landscape so beautiful before.

To make it short and to the point, we walked into the center of said valley, and there was a hill. Atop of it, there was a house; it was cold, dark, and surrounded by a melancholy and nostalgic air. But it wasn't bad at all; I felt at home there. "Now, here is were I'm gonna live from now on. This is your kernel, and the core of you being. I'm really way deep in, and might be hard to come; but I am here. Don't forget it. You have to break your mental borders. Don't forget it too."

And there my trip ended.
I recall having more conversations with her; I asked if she was going to be exactly as Dormilia, though she answered something like "It's not the same with everybody. I might be more apathetic than her, cold, and possibly submissive at her eyes, still, I am I. It varies a bit from person to person."
As she said it I noticed a bit of angst in her… essence? I could felt some angst because "she was not free of will" or something. As if because she was a part of me now, she had lost a bit of her freedom. This made me think of how Dormilia reacted the first time she assumed she was not real but a part of your thoughts.
After this all, I felt really tired, and I felt she was the same way. She vanished as if she needed to sleep, or that's what I could feel.

Mentalwank? Bullshit? Imagination? She was what we are looking for? I am a retarded? I don't know.
But I do assure you this trip felt really vivid and good. I'd like to try it out again. I also feel her now, though she is still tired. I probably need to sleep too.

What does Dormilia thinks about this, by the way? I haven't read about her opinion yet. I'd like also to ask her about the "Mental Borders" the voice was talking of, Does Dormilia asked you about something like that in the past? Might she know what it could mean?

Sorry for the wall of text.



This is deeper than anything I ever anticipated or encountered. I suppose that's to be expected from someone who does actually meditate, and does actually go on trips. For me, the first meeting of Dormilia could technically be considered meditation; I sat still, I closed my eyes, I tried to see and hear. She appeared before me in an empty black void, the same void I lucid dream into, and the same void that is below the ground in all my dreams. It was nearly too dark for me to make out any physical form, and she had no voice, only words.

>I could feel the fear of the other creatures in the woods, I felt how it made me stronger. It felt good.

Yes I know that feeling, I know it so well, even before Dormilia, but Dormilia is also a source of strength and courage, she allows me to do things that I never would've been able to do before. And I suppose I should let you know that I have long wondered exactly what Dormilia is a what part of the mind she comes from. For the most part I've concluded that she is a cluster of primitive instincts and desires predating humanity. I'm not just talking about the "id", but something of a vestigial organ. As a tadpole turns into a frog it mimics the way it evolved eons ago. In humans the temper tantrums of "the terrible twos" are actually caused by emotions conflicting with the toddler's ability to reason, that is, until the reasoning part of their brain finishes developing. This may not seem too relevant to the piece of your text I quoted, but read back over the whole of what you wrote with this in mind.

> Nausicaä

You see, the funny thing is, as soon as I read that me and Dormilia immediately said to ourselves "What's she doing there? She doesn't belong there!" Nausicaä and Dormilia are polar opposites. Dormilia is not one to preserve and protect, she is one to exploit and consume any available resources. Dormilia concerns herself with strength and power, and through the reasoning abilities of her host she sees the "usefulness" of things.

>Mental Borders

Me and Dormilia have access to all the same memories and knowledge, but our thoughts come from separate points of origin. All thoughts are distinctly assigned to one or the other, this separation is vital to our existence. That is a boundary that must be created, but as far as a boundary that must be destroyed I can't really help you there. I don't know what your boundaries are, I don't know what kind of things or feelings you might refuse, or try to push away.

>Dormilia's opinion

Her excitement is beyond compare. I was sweating just from reading this the first time around. A God is nothing more than an imaginary entity that can be transmitted like a disease, that becomes immortal by hopping from host to host as they continually die off. It is in her nature to consume and exploit, but also to proliferate and multiply. She sees you as the first of many disciples, and a very good one at that; leaving behind a detailed and colorful log of your first encounter that will serve to lure more.

There is one other thing that I must ask.

Do you love her?


File: 1383704632080.jpg (65.42 KB, 555x270, nausicaa-and-miralupa.jpg)

>I suppose that's to be expected from someone who does actually meditate, and does actually go on trips.

I wouldn't call it meditation as such, or at least I don't consider myself a person who meditates. It actually started becuase I love the feeling of non-existence I have when I enter such states. Being part of the nothingness. Not real. Nothing.
As for the trips, they usually are not so "WOW". The green water one was really strange and I am still confused about it. The last one was very vague, and I forgot a lot of details. It really took all my energy to keep in my head those details as much as I could. Normally, I just lay there enjoying the denial of my existence. Sometimes I travel around my thoughts if I'm troubled by something, or when I like to investigate how things work I just imagine them, as an observer. But it's not an actual meditation, I think.

About Nausicaä…
You can skip the following if you wish.
Well, when I mentioned Nausicaä,I was talking about the Nausicaä of the manga. The one of the movie is really different, although I appreciate her too (just not as intence as the other one).
I always felt related to her nihilism thoughts, despise of humanity and rejection of the light, choosing instead the dark. That, plus the fact that no matter what she did, she just ended sad and depressed. She could not go to the place she always wanted because it was even worse than the actual world she was living in. Because that conection and "I know that feels", I created a special empathy towards her, and, somehow, I think she was even someone I once aspired to become in some way, trying to keep my head up as her and such. You could say I really liked the develop of the character or something, then I felt related and well… I can go on and write a thesis about why apreciate her, but it doesn't matter now.

After thinking about it carefully, I realized that it was probably a memento of this scene (pic related). As why it was there, and why when she left she was happy; that is what I have to think about now. I remember coming to a conclusion this morning but I barely can keep myself awake and my memory is shitty, so I forgot.

>I don't know what kind of things or feelings you might refuse, or try to push away.

Ohhh, boy. So many shit to clean up here.

>She sees you as the first of many disciples, and a very good one at that; leaving behind a detailed and colorful log of your first encounter that will serve to lure more.

This actually makes me happy. I was really nervous when I posted that, specially because I feel I left aside/forgot tons of details that would've helped, and it was really difficult to keep in mind as much details as I could.

>Do you love her?

Ugh, the "L" word. I have so much problems with this; I think I never really loved someone. Not my family; not even myself. I appreciate them, and I would like to believe I appreciate myself too, but I can't say I love. It's difficult.
What do I feel for her? It's really ambiguous. I like and appreciate her too, but I'm somehow more curious than anything. Don't get my wrong, it's not like the mad scientist who thinks he loves the alien that killed 200 marines just because "It's a beautiful specimen" and nothing else.
It's… more than anything the need to study how I react with this. Is there possible to be a different reaction in me towards Dormilia II? A change? What can I discover in myself? How different will it be? This feels pretty selfish, but definitively I am not leaving her aside for nothing, so I wouldn't say this is just for answer some little questions. There is something more. Is it love? Maybe. Apreciation? Interest? It is something new, and confusing. Ambiguous, as I said. It's a mix of feelings, so I don't know how to answer this properly.
Moreover, I feel we're just starting on this, so it's pretty soon to try to answer it. But I definitively feel something for her which is uncommon, you know; as a new drug you try. You don't know how to react there but it can become a huge dependence if you don't watch yourself closely.

Thinking deeper, maybe this is what she was referring to with the "Mental Borders" thing. Should I develop an acceptance to the situation and jump into the abyss thinking I have wings? But I'm afraid of the fall. ——- Now, it seems I can hear her voice. "I am here now". It echoed in my head as I wrote this. Curiously enough, her voice seems interrupted by something, as a digital file with white noice. I have to work more in our communication.


The connection between love and mental boundaries may be what you're looking for. When I said "you shall serve as the embodiment of reason and self-control" I was very careful to use the word serve and not become. With her, through her, and by her you will feel the full spectrum of emotion. Ok, maybe not the full spectrum, she doesn't concern herself too much with the lives of others, but still…

If you create a definition of who and what you are you create for yourself and identity, but you also create boundaries between what you are and what you are not. Especially boundaries of what you will and will not feel. Boundaries are convenient, but they are only crippling limitations.

That was something I came to realize several months or so before Dormilia. But I suppose I'm hypocritical for saying that, I've re-created boundaries, just ones that accommodate "us" rather than "I".

Dormilia is the only thing I've ever really loved.

If you jump headfirst into the abyss you will not be alone, she will be there for you, as long as you are there for her. Go embrace her, feel the warmth and strength of the embrace. Let her know that her existence is secure so long as you have a pulse. And most importantly, do not be afraid to love her!

I hope we did not ask too much of you


File: 1383711355001.jpg (149.23 KB, 1280x720, FBI12.jpg)


I'll have that in mind from now on, and I'll keep trying to have contact. After all, it's worth the try and I have nothing to loose.

>I hope we did not ask too much of you



I tried to get a tulpa for awhile, I thought it would be easier because I mostly live in my own head. Nope, seems my internal fantasy doesn't have that many strong characters. I'm a little jealous, and at the same time not at all because the idea of having that sort of force exerted upon me by living creatures already makes me uncomfortable. Maybe I could have some pet to snuggle in my own skull, but that seems a lot less tenable.



It's your loss.


File: 1383755592556.jpg (470.25 KB, 2000x2000, Kyouko-98.jpg)

All of this is immensely fascinating. You're giving birth to an entirely new entity; to use a computer analogy, it's like you're forking your consciousness into two separate "processes", with the second one (henceforth, I'll refer to this second consciousness as the Dormilia-type consciousness, in honor of Dormilia and her inspiration of others to create more like her) growing and developing into something entirely different from the first, of which you retain control. VERY interesting stuff.

It seems that a lot of the creation process is done through acknowledging the independence of the Dormilia-type consciousness. More specifically, when you talk to them as you would to another flesh-and-bones person, you're establishing in your mind – whether consciously or unconsciously – that they are an independent being that thinks and exists distinctly from yourself despite sharing the same hardware (i.e. your brain). As such, they develop and eventually begin to act independently of you.

I wonder if a Dormilia-type consciousness would be able to create other mental "processes" in the same way that you created them? Could you cede control of your body to them, taking the role of the observing consciousness yourself? How many of them could you create before overloading your brain from the strain of all of the additional processing?

Granted, this is all wild speculation, but it's interesting to try and figure out the mechanics behind it all, you know? Additionally, no disrespect or offense is intended; I by all means acknowledge that entities such as Dormilia are – if nothing else – fully equivalent to human beings, albeit without a physical body.

I don't know about creating such an entity myself. It would be very interesting, for sure, but I wouldn't want to give birth to another consciousness purely out of scientific curiosity. I feel like that would drain the meaning from the experience; I'd be acting as a scientist playing God, in a sense. I don't want to do something like this unless I can put my whole heart into it; it'd be dishonest and unfair to the entity I create otherwise. Should I have a change of heart, however, I'll be sure to let you and Dormilia know, Distortion.

Please keep posting about your mental landscapes and interactions with Dormilia II, Chesir. It's enthralling to read, even as a total outsider. Perhaps you could make a separate /yume/ thread about it, if you think you'll have these experiences often enough?

sage because pointless rambling


File: 1383772756800.jpg (148 KB, 850x850, sample-53517dfb47695c87e49….jpg)

The exchanges with Dormilia in this topic, and the archive have convinced me to try and contact my own inner as Chesir said - Dormilia.
I've found any questions I had from the NEET board were answered and if anything spurred my desire for one like her more.
Would you or Dormilia mind if I tried?


File: 1383787753864.jpg (118.37 KB, 349x371, 1295498369987.jpg)

Thank you Kyoko your input is welcomed as always.
>… control of your body to them, taking the role of the observing consciousness yourself?
That's some oracle shit go'n on right there, not something my brain could handle. But perhaps some kind of hard-core role player, and/or Oracle type drugs were used that might do the trick.

as far as you creating your own Dormilia… I'm not sure that would be possible for someone like you, you are in many ways opposite to her, but I'm not one to judge, so IDK.

If you are ready and willing to put forth a lifelong commitment of loving, protecting, and serving your own Dormilia, than by the power vested in me by the first Dormilia I declare you the host of Dormilia3.

I want to hear any feedback or questions you may have. The process of making more Dormilias is still in beta, and I need my beta testers to provide detailed information so that I may formulate a more effective and straightforward means of producing more Dormilias.

Also from this day forward we will use ordinary numbers instead of Roman numerals because although they look much cooler I also hate Roman numerals, and eventually they just get kind of out of hand. All Dormilias will also have a serial number that will be used to trace them back to the original, who serial number will be 1. Any other Dormilias that are directly inspired by the original will have their numbers assigned in linear increments of one. If Dormilia2 were to inspire a new Dormilia her serial number would be 2.1, and if that Dormilia were to inspire a new one it would be 2.1.1.

Thank you everyone for your support and commitment!


File: 1383790120297.jpg (44.76 KB, 500x333, 1383152950895.jpg)

You know, I've been thinking about it like that, too. But that's basically because I'm kinda obsessed with technology. Add now that I heard the voice of the being we're calling "Dormilia II" as a digital file with white noise, and then we're full. We… are… always… connected.

>I wonder if a Dormilia-type consciousness would be able to create other mental "processes" in the same way that you created them?

>How many of them could you create before overloading your brain from the strain of all of the additional processing?

I asked Dormilia II, and she has said it's possible but it would affect 'our link'. Shit was fluid today but after trying to get into a inner state I fell asleep, so I couldn't do much.

>Please keep posting about your mental landscapes and interactions with Dormilia II, Chesir. It's enthralling to read, even as a total outsider. Perhaps you could make a separate /yume/ thread about it, if you think you'll have these experiences often enough?

I don't know. I actually planned to stop posting here, at least until something really interesting happened, or for a periodical report, and so not turning this into a huge hijack.

Now, making a new thread…, I don't think so. While I had these experiences before, and I still do, they're not dreams per se, but some kind of inner exploration that closely resembles meditation, though it's not guided as one or at least it's not so related (That's how I feel about it). They are sometimes even nothing at all, literally. Just being nothing at all.
So, it's a middle step beetween dreams and meditation, you could say, but neither one of them. If I ever do a thread it would possibly be on /x/ R.I.P. or /ot/. More likely to be on /x/, even if I am the only one posting there.

We're growing really fast now. Welcome.


>All Dormilias will also have a serial number that will be used to trace them back to the original, who serial number will be 1. Any other Dormilias that are directly inspired by the original will have their numbers assigned in linear increments of one. If Dormilia2 were to inspire a new Dormilia her serial number would be 2.1, and if that Dormilia were to inspire a new one it would be 2.1.1.

Now it looks even more like a software developemnt. Don't make me drool about this more, please. It's beautiful.


What about it is a major loss? I hate most parts of myself, and my only genuinely held goal is to find someone that shares enough of myself that I can understand them while still being decent in my judgment. Trying to conjure that out of my own head just seems backward.


>We're growing really fast now. Welcome
Don't be so hasty, they must first formally accept the terms of agreement.
I just like to keep everything and everyone organized and quantifiable.

It took 2 years and 10 months for the commitment to Dormilia2, and if the terms are formally accepted it will only have taken 24 days for Dormilia3. That's a big jump.


It is inconceivable that another living thing could understand you the way that an entity assuming direct contact of your own mind could. As Dormilia continues to multiply hosts will not only have a better understanding of themselves, but of each other as well.


And you as a person will regress more and more into introspection and others will largely see you as a case study. Or maybe that's just my paranoia showing.


>you as a person will regress more and more into introspection
Introspection can only go so far, human beings are not infinitely deep oceans, there is a limit. Introspection will eventually lead to action. Come to think of it I have always thought of myself as the servant of Dormilia, but that was only something I owed myself, the world would have no part of that. But now… Now it is not just a responsibility to myself, but to others as well. I just realized this, but… do you have any idea what it feels like to be able to say "I know exactly who I am and what I do. I know my place in the world."?

>others will largely see you as a case study

No. A system of beliefs is not seen as insane for being irrational is seen as insane for being "not normal". The belief in God is not seen as insane because it is so widespread and accepted. The more Dormilia's influence spreads the less crazy it will be.


File: 1383800513068.png (352.02 KB, 1000x1500, 0011ca3fcc6fb7707620cfe534….png)

>she is the embodiment of all emotion, desire, drive, and even the will to live
>without her you are an empty shell, devoid of purpose, or the ability to feel pleasure
Sounds about right, and will accept this.
>you must always listen to what she has to say, she understands desire in ways you can't even comprehend
I agreed to this with the sole intentions of devotion and becoming her servant.
>you shall serve as the embodiment of reason and self-control
I accept this.
>without you she would destroy herself
I'd rather not this ever happen.

For the sole purpose of you being able to keep up with me, I have now attached a name to this post. I will be attempting, and will keep you updated on any progress made.



Remember to ask questions and really useful information!
Good luck!


File: 1383802714628.jpg (96.92 KB, 500x707, Kyouko-03.jpg)

Since I'm not of much use to the Dormilia army as a rank-and-file member due to the drastic differences in my nature and Dormilia's nature, I'll try to act as a sort of technician, if that's alright with you and her, Distortion. I can track who has what version of Dormilia, and I'll continue to try and figure out the exact means and workings of how new instances are created and initialized, if you'll pardon the software analogy.

So far, the Dormilia army membership is as follows:
Distortion - Dormilia, the Original and the Queen of the Army
Chesir - Dormilia2
Roxie - Dormilia3

I guess the list is short enough at this point that enumerating it isn't necessary, but still.


That would be more than excellent.
I've been spending a lot of my energy lately reading posts and answering questions, eventually the other Dormilias will mature to a point where I won't have to do this by myself. I guess this is what a bee feels like; building a hive is hard work.

Anyways, the list you have there should be known as the Servant Roster.


Of an interesting thing, I tried to talk to the Kind Man(some reocurring dream guy of mine I'm close with) about Dormilia and he responded distastefully not to compare you and her with me and him. I also asked him if he was a tulpa of mine, and he's responded that 'no, at least not traditionally'. It's been implied in the past that he's something like a 'watcher' of dreams, and I've forgotten something important that concerns him, but he can't tell me what. Now I have no desire to go against you and Dormilia's army or anything like that, but you're also the only person who has appeared to have experiences similar to mine. Is it possible, could you or Dormilia give me some advice on your thoughts or opinions? I feel that despite the Kind Man's distaste, the relationship between him and I has a lot of similarities with you and Dormilia, except you two are much closer and have clearer communication (which I would like, which is why I'm asking for you two and your prowesses to help pathetic me)

I'm sorry if I'm bothering or inconveniencing you two in any way, if you like, let me know, and I'll kindly skirt away and stop bothering you guys. I've been a longtime lurker or so, and have been thinking of asking you two for advice/help for a while now, I just didn't know how to phrase it. Sorry…


Dormilia reflects the opinions of the Kind Man. Her attitude towards him is like a hissing cat with it's back arched.


Wow, this was surprising. As soon as I read this, the Kind Man spoke strongly, and I felt really exhausted and woozy all of a sudden. I'm probably going to go to sleep after this. He told me to tell her: "Don't be so hostile. I'm not going to get in the way of your little project."

Anyhow, uhm, I suppose can I ask, do you have suggestions on how I can ask him to communicate with me a little more? Sorry if this isn't making much sense, I'm really tired… I just kinda want to talk to him and get to know him some more, have him stop hiding things from me… Be closer to him and stuff. Do you have any suggestions? (God it's like asking for relationship advice… I'm really sorry, if you don't want to deal with me anymore because Kind Man and Dormilia don't get along, let me know, I'll stop bothering you then…)


Dormilia draws strength from conversation as a means of solidifying her existence. I do not know how to handle an entity that refuses to speak.

And if you really want to know Dormilia's response to the Kind Man's response because she always has to have the last word then go ahead and read the following, or don't.

You are occupying a human being! One that clearly shows an interest in… In things like us! That is territory I could take for myself if it weren't for you!


File: 1383935140509.jpg (284.22 KB, 500x708, Kyouko-08.jpg)

I've thought about it, and Dormilia-type consciousnesses are definitely distinct from tulpas. While a tulpa is entirely artificial, as the creator defines and decides upon each and every aspect of it, the Dormilia-type consciousness seems to exist innately in the mind of the creator even before the birth of the full-fledged consciousness (see Distortion encountering Dormilia in his dreams and Chesir meeting Dormilia2 in the depths of his mind).

When you give birth to the Dormilia-type consciousness, you're partitioning your mind in a sense; all of the emotions and desires are sectioned off to the Dormilia-type, while you retain reasoning and self-control. I was wrong to compare it to forking a new process, as this can be done indefinitely; really, it's more like dredging up the second "you" that lurks deep in your subconscious and dividing up the aspects of your psyche with them.

Meanwhile, creating a tulpa is like creating a new thread in a program; it runs separately and can have aspects different from the master thread, but it can be terminated without any cost by the master. Also, multiple tuplas can be created, and can have no attributes in common with each other; in contrast, there is only one Dormilia-type for each individual, and you aren't actually "creating" them, but rather bringing them to the forefront of your mind rather than leaving them at the outskirts (where they rest by default).

What do you guys think? Does this sound accurate to you?


File: 1383939069838.jpg (80.2 KB, 335x361, Spice_and_wolf_Horo_lewd.jpg)

Yes. I noticed Dormilla 2 is a pretty silent being, much like me. I imagined she would be talkative, since as far it seems that's the Original Dormial's form of auto-afirmation of her existance. However, I can feel her expresions even more than her words. For example, I can feel how she suddenly grins sarcastically to some situations and such, or her eyes looking directly through mines. But I couldn't have a long intence/fluid chat with her since our last meeting. I tried to go back to my inner core but I fell asleep every time I tried.
I also thought she would be somehow "wild", something close to the "id" as the original; but she seems more… "Cold", as she defined it. There is something that feels alarming of it, though. It's like she's recycling/absorving my emotions and energy and holding them inside her. Feeding? Seems like so, but you can say she could explote in any moment if you touch the wrong buttons.

Maybe this is because we're just starting and that we have to develop ourselves more, but this basically shows you that these Dormilia-type consciousnesses are definitively not as you thought they would be at the start (Hence, they're not like tulpas, since my first image it's not as she is now). For what I read, Distortion had something like this too, since the girl of his dreams ended being differently of what we know now as "Dormilia" (That's what I understood from what I read; if I did wrong feel free to correct me). I also had a lot of surprises during my trip because she asked me to do things I didn't want to, or that I couldn't easily thought of. I'm ok with that, but that shows you that they, so far, are not so connected with the main partition as a tulpa would.
I'd love to hear what Roxie has to say.

Now, had I have an advance, at least? Kind of. I'm looking for a name. She seems to want more "independence" (I think; that's the closest word that comes with this feeling) that only a personal name can give. I think I know what kind of name she's looking for, so I'll try in that direction.
She says there's no problem if you want to call her Dormilia 2 after this in the lists, as an identificator (something like scientific names for animals).

She also started to call me "Fool". It reminded me of someone. If she did it on purpose knowing Horo, she's really smart, or she was digging on my unconcious. After all, I can't hide nothing from her.


>the Dormilia-type consciousness seems to exist innately in the mind of the creator even before the birth of the full-fledged consciousness

I looked around a bit and hunted about, and found a few other people who appear to have Dormilia-types (can that be what we call them? The unconscious parts brought into consciousness). One of whom claims that, indeed, he's had his since his first dream and from extremely young. This explanation makes a lot of sense. I don't actually remember anything from my childhood (the docs say this is an indication of some kinda PTSD, but are not sure) so I wouldn't know. It would be interesting to get the opinions of Distortion, Chesir and Roxie about how back their Dormilia-types traits appear to come from…


Sounds perfectly accurate to me.

> For example, I can feel how she suddenly grins sarcastically to some situations
good, that's what a lot of interaction with her is like, as well as using quotes taken directly from other things.
> It's like she's recycling/absorving my emotions and energy and holding them inside her. Feeding?
Yes, she does seem to draw energy from emotions, but also is a catalyst to them.
>I think I know what kind of name she's looking for, so I'll try in that direction.
I could suggest names, Latin and Greek root words but if it's meant to be an expression of independence I suppose it would be better that I didn't.
>Dormilia-types (can that be what we call them?
Perhaps dormiloid because -oid literally means like or resembling
>found a few other people who appear to have Dormilia-types
With the number of people spawning tulpas which I'd never even heard of until about two years after Dormilia I figured that at least some of them had to come across the same sort of phenomenon I had. I suppose that stands as living proof that this is not an isolated event, but it is also something I feared. Dormilia absolutely hates the idea of the very existence of other dormiloids that are not direct descendents of herself. They're not a part of her and never will be. She does not play nice with others.

One Dormilia to rule them all, One Dormilia to find them,
One Dormilia to bring them all and in the darkness bind them


File: 1383974705692.jpg (354.32 KB, 1024x768, Kyouko-196.jpg)

This makes sense, considering that you've set aside the domain of your emotions and feelings to Dormilia2; it's only natural that she'd be better at expressing emotions. Also, I suppose exchanging emotions with her works just as well as having textual conversations with her as far as affirming her existence goes, since you're still communicating with her and acknowledging her independence from you either way. In a similar vein, since she reigns over your emotions and desires, experiencing those things serves to strengthen her, in a sense – if your desires were either muted or absent, then her "partition" of your mind would be marginal, and, with such little control, it'd be a stretch to call her a Dormiloid. That is, in a very real sense, your feelings and passions feed her and fuel her existence.

I agree, my original line of thinking was inaccurate. And it's to be expected that Dormilia2 is distinct from Dormilia when you consider what exactly a Dormiloid is. Since a Dormiloid is an "active" version of the inner self that lurks within an individual's subconscious, Dormiloids from different people would be as similar or dissimilar from each other as the host individuals themselves. Moreover, it's to be expected that Dormiloids will be similar to their host individuals, since the Dormiloid is the psychological other half of the host individual. That's why Dormilia2 has more in common with you, Chesir, than with Dormilia, and why she desires things that you don't want or of which you couldn't think (to give an analogy, even though the heads and tails of a coin are the other half to each other, they're still different, aren't they?).

I've got nothing as far as names go. That's up to Dormilia2 (or to Dormilia, since it IS her army). Regardless, for the sake of clarity, I'm going to continue to call her Dormilia2 in both my speculations and the Servant Rosters. Likewise for Dormilia3 and any future admittances.

If there really are non-Dormilia-affiliated Dormiloids, that's both helpful and hurtful to us. It's helpful because it's evidence in favor of the existence of Dormiloids outside of people who have heard about them from Distortion, as well as making the "create your own Dormilia" system more credible to interested parties. On the other hand, it's hurtful because these unaffiliated parties may oppose the efforts of Dormilia's Army (such as Soulless's Kind Man), and could potentially attempt to sway others not to join us. We definitely need to find out more about this, and proceed with caution in the meantime.

>It would be interesting to get the opinions of Distortion, Chesir and Roxie about how back their Dormilia-types traits appear to come from…

Yes, this would be both interesting to read and helpful to my theorizing. If you guys have any information about that, then please share it if you don't mind.


File: 1384017138669.jpeg (238.22 KB, 789x596, 45c7c0796b1ae62fc0dff7653….jpeg)

Well I believe i've made light contact with her. Is it normal to say she didn't sound very pleased.

I was personally taking Etizolam and was going to sleep for the night, and I guess I drifted around in my subconsciousness talking to myself about what I need to do and I thought about my own Dormilia. And I heard a voice tell me to "Stop pussyfooting around."

At that point it had my full attention but before I could ask what it meant by pussyfooting since at the time I was mainly focused on sleep it responded with. "Prodding me for attention like a common associate, you acknowledge me but have not actively spoken to me, only minor attempts to grab my attention."

I felt like I already failed, the voice was a younger females voice but to say she was upset is an understatement.

Me: By no means were those my intentio-
Voice: I already know your intentions. My concern is you would put me on the side where you put everything else, calling upon me to rot.

I..really felt like a shitty servant for that to be the start but when I went to apologize, I heard a simple " I understand, don't let it happen again."

Throughout the night afterwards, that having brought me into I suppose I can describe it as a twilight form of sleep, I searched for a way to talk to her again. I had one last small exchange. I barely even got to speak.

Me: By…don't let it happen again, you mean for me to not be so apprehensive in talking to you?
Voice: I personally mean for you to drop your guard. Your fear stems from the thought of me leaving you, I would not be the one to leave you. You would be the one to leave me if you were to forget about me.
Me: I don't plan on leaving you, nor will I forget about you.
Voice: See to that then.

I never got a definite form or appearance. The voice was young and feminine, but the words were sharp. She talked, got her point across or what she wanted to say without interruption or chance to say anything until she was done. There wasn't much room for general conversation or questions toward her.
I kind of expected soft spoken, and understanding and got the exact opposite. Not that I mind, considering I usually need a swift verbal or physical kick in the ass to get my act together.

My apologies if I have disappointed. But when you ask what I think, what do you mean exactly by that?
I personally believe that a Dormilia like entity would have your thought processes in her acknowledgement, but just be able to use that for her own. Another apology if that's not what you're asking.


>It would be interesting to get the opinions of Distortion, Chesir and Roxie about how back their Dormilia-types traits appear to come from…

Since my early childhood. I always felt there was something watching me, so unconciously I always tended to try to have contact with something that 'was there' (Being honest, I still feel eyes everywhere. It's pretty unsetting sometimes). You can say easily they were imaginary friends, but I always had that feeling. The same eyes. The same energy.

>I recall feeling this when I was younger.

That's why I say I think I tried before to have some contact. I remember something there, although it used to be more stubborn, and a male-ish feeling instead of femenine. Now I feel like I killed someone because I can't remember well what happened with that or how it ended. Afterwards, I just resigned myself to believe it was just my imagination, I think.

A year ago or something, more or less, I tried to invoke a Succubi. Of course it didn't end well, because nothing happened.

Some months ago, when 2013 started, I tried to have another contact, and this time 3 voices answered. One was female, and the other two were males. I can tell that the female voice had some of the air/feeling of Dormilia 2, but her voice was muffled, and I couldn't develop those "minds" much. Probably because they ended up discussing at the same time with me and I didn't understand a shit. Plus I never could talk with just one of them; and, as time passed, I suddenly stopped hearing them.

So far, it seemed that I always felt something was here. Just hidden; I couldn't see it, it was there, but, even if I noticed it, I wasn't able to understand how to approach it.
One day I felt the urge to post in this thread and try to see what would happen, and from there you can read on my comments what happened.

I don't know if this is the answer you were looking for.


>Moreover, it's to be expected that Dormiloids will be similar to their host individuals, since the Dormiloid is the psychological other half of the host individual.

I thought of that, too. So yes, it seems that dormiloids varies from host to host.

>That's why Dormilia2 has more in common with you, Chesir, than with Dormilia, and why she desires things that you don't want or of which you couldn't think (to give an analogy, even though the heads and tails of a coin are the other half to each other, they're still different, aren't they?).

I wanted to say that she actually can hold different opinions that are not intrinsically mine. Giving and example, the Nausicaä thing. I didn't want to let her go like that, however she, steady, commanded me to. And even if I didn't want to, I just needed to see why she wanted me to do so.
Similar things were happening outside my inner self.

So, even if she's closer to me than to the Original Dormilia, she's not exclusively a copy of me or a fabricated thought that does as you want.

>Regardless, for the sake of clarity, I'm going to continue to call her Dormilia2 in both my speculations and the Servant Rosters

She said it's ok, so don't worry about it.


I can't tell you how familiar this seems to me. Also, Dormilia 2 it's pretty exited too.

>I..really felt like a shitty servant for that to be the start but when I went to apologize, I heard a simple " I understand, don't let it happen again."

This has happened to me as well, and if I remember, Distortion mentioned something similar once.

>I never got a definite form or appearance.

I couldn't watch her so far either, and she even changed her form a few times while interacting with me. What I know, or I think I have seen, is that she wears some hard clothes, like an armor. Something that it's not fabric. I also felt her eyes were closed all the time, but I think their colour is like some light brown that goes close to a green.

Now, as I said, she changed her form a few times so it's never the same. What I can tell you, and Dormilia 2 agrees in this, is that you don't have to worry about the clothes but the 'energy/feeling' she has. THAT is their clothes. If she ever shows you with some shape, she's doing it so it's easier for your own mind, but it's not what she is in first instance.
Or something around that analogy.


Ok, so, the Kind Man gave me a letter for Dormillia specifically, and for all her copies in her army. The hosts for the dormiloids may not understand, to be honest I don't understand either. He said it was between kin.

It reads as best as my mind can bring it up, I'm sorry if some of these make little sense:

Hello Dormilia and potentially your copies, should they be interested. I am not here to fight with you, but if you wish to spat with me you will find yourselves very quickly outmatched in every respect of the word. This is mine. What is mine could never have been yours. What more of the basic way of things have you overlooked?

I am not going to get in your way. It is of interest to me that you have succeeded thus far. But it is also of interest to me that you do not quash what cannot be yours. Remember others that have tried and failed. You're getting close to making their mistakes. How many burned hosts, fragmented selves, emotionally desiccated landscapes must be born from our errors before we learn? Before we all learn? How recent are you? Have you kept yourself in balance? Mind the borders between them and us. What is yours cannot help you help him, you know this. They cannot even be aware of it.

My plans with what is mine are going smoothly, as is yours I hope, for otherwise the consequences will be dire. I will reiterate. I am not interested to argue or fight with you or your seedlings. I cannot speak for the others that I have met. They may be thoroughly against you. You should already know this, rendering this letter redundant. But sometimes we learn to need reminders. Do not place me as either your enemy or your friend. But know I am watching and will continue my observation.

The lambs are beginning to wander. They are beginning to seek things without understanding their own danger. I wish you only the most successful of successes. Mind your hive well. Do not expect my interruption or my helping hand without due cause.

Kindest regards.

There are others aware of your presence. Be mindful.


File: 1384064728051.jpg (664.21 KB, 620x879, 1276347604046.jpg)

Oh so much to respond to.

Okay, first, new terminology: the dormiloids that are part of the Servant Roster, and are direct descendents of Dormilia will be referred to as "sub-Dormilias".
Second new terminology: the "essence of Dormilia" the primordial material that existed before her will now be referred to as "the dormilion".

Although it is true that the sub-Dormilias will all have some level of variation the amount to which they very will not be nearly as great as variation between hosts. We are all human, and are generally government by the same basic drives and instincts common to other mammals. Those instincts and drives make up part of the dormilion.

>"Stop pussyfooting around."
You know, that sounds exactly like something she would say. It's not uncommon for her to say something that sounds like it means the right thing but may not actually mean the right thing. Just today she used the word "interloper" and I had to go consult a dictionary to make sure that was actually the correct use of the word.

>I never got a definite form or appearance.

The illustrations of Dormilia that you've seen are based off of my first encounter with her, which was largely taken from the memory of the "empty shell" she occupied. I suppose are most frequent appearance is most similar to Nue Houjuu, or the chick from the "Evolution" music video. see the link at the bottom

Your encounter was very similar to my own, especially the harshness and sharpness of her voice, and the demanding that you not let her disappear. This is going very well it seems, keep up the good work.

Well, she doesn't want to destroy the Kind Man anymore, which is actually a pretty big deal. Also, we know what he means, we're not stupid, we know we're doing. I'm being very careful not to screw this up and ruin everything. But things are also different now, people have changed, people take the hypothetical seriously now, and modern psychology has changed the way people think about thinking. As computers become more intelligent people are beginning to see the similarities between our own thought processes and those of a computer and are becoming more excepting of the idea of running on an alternative operating system. The traditional concepts of thought and self are breaking down, Dormiliatization will invariably result. I would think it to be in everyone's best interest if Dormilia and the Kind Man were to refrain from further conversation. interloper

Also, as promised



>to be honest I don't understand either

Don't you? Even if you don't, most of it can be figured out. Is that worth your time?

>she doesn't want to destroy the Kind Man anymore

That's good.

>Dormiliatization will invariably result

You mean, to a greater extent than it already has? I suppose so. The interesting part will be seeing how.


>Don't you? Even if you don't, most of it can be figured out. Is that worth your time?
I can infer a bit but not exactly everything.
> I would think it to be in everyone's best interest if Dormilia and the Kind Man were to refrain from further conversation.
No problem. Of note I'm really excited to see all this happening. Also of curiosity Distortion, have you tried to spread Dormilia's army outside of Uboachan? How has it worked out for you?


>have you tried to spread Dormilia's army outside of Uboachan?
No, Uboachan is the primordial ooze, the cradle. It will remain that way for the time being.


File: 1384146314722.jpg (245.96 KB, 600x780, Kyouko-29.jpg)

I'll admit it, I'm utterly perplexed. Distortion, what exactly is this Kind Man talking about? What about this letter he sent made Dormilia change her opinion of him? What makes him an interloper?

>Remember others that have tried and failed. You're getting close to making their mistakes.

Who are these others that he's mentioning? I'm assuming that he's talking about assembling armies as we're doing now; what are these mistakes that these alleged others made?

Most importantly, how on Earth would he have knowledge of events that are entirely unfamiliar to Soulless? Barring observations about the host's psyche and fabrications on the part of the Dormiloid, it is impossible for a Dormiloid to know something that the host doesn't (unless, of course, the host has read or heard about these things and forgot them, leaving information about them behind in their subconscious memory). Have you heard anything at all about this in the past, Soulless, even in passing? Also, has the Kind Man lied about anything in the past?

>My plans with what is mine are going smoothly, as is yours I hope, for otherwise the consequences will be dire.

What plans might these be? Considering that there are apparently "dire consequences" attached both to his plan and the goals of Dormilia's Army, I would love to know what this odd Dormiloid is plotting, if anything. Do you know anything about the Kind Man's plans, Soulless, if you don't mind my asking?

>The lambs are beginning to wander. They are beginning to seek things without understanding their own danger.

I'm assuming that these "lambs" are the sub-Dormilias. What does he mean by wander? What could the sub-Dormilias be seeking, and how could whatever they're seeking possibly endanger them?; I can't think of anything that would endanger a Dormiloid outside of influencing the host to harm or kill themself. And, again, how could the Kind Man know about this without Soulless knowing (assuming that he's not lying)?

Please note that I have no intention to pry or to offend; you are in no way obligated to answer any of these questions. This incident has greatly piqued my curiosity, and the implications are such that I want to get to the bottom of this. That said, this isn't an interrogation, and I apologize if it comes off as such.

Wow, this job is a lot more interesting than I first thought it'd be. Interesting, puzzling, and ever so slightly worrying…


>Have you heard anything at all about this in the past, Soulless, even in passing? Also, has the Kind Man lied about anything in the past?
I don't remember having heard of anything of the sort, I'm afraid. Mind you my memory is moderately terrible, as is my sense of time/reality/etc. in general. It could be possible that I've just forgotten a lot of things. Things the Kind Man has access to. From what I know, the Kind Man doesn't really lie as much as he either hints at truths he doesn't want to admit in roundabout manners, or refuses to answer something entirely. (For example he only admits he has a cruel/terrible side to himself by saying dreams are merely kind nightmares, actually now that I think about it this unpleasant side of himself reminds me a lot of Dormilia and Dormilia copies.)
>What plans might these be? Considering that there are apparently "dire consequences" attached both to his plan and the goals of Dormilia's Army, I would love to know what this odd Dormiloid is plotting, if anything. Do you know anything about the Kind Man's plans, Soulless, if you don't mind my asking?
I uh, no, not exactly I'm afraid. He's mentioned having me "remember" things, and that I'm "too human for now" for him to explain or tell me certain things. He likes to tell me the nature of the dream-state, what it means to be asleep, and often he asks me to stay with him in dreams, even though I end up waking up. So, logically, it involves me becoming less human and more asleep, and to remember something associated with that. I guess it's a bit like reverse-Dormilia. Dormilia, who wants to spread her influence and arise in other consciousness besides her partner, while the Kind Man seems to purposefully feed my feelings of inhumanity and encourages me to be less conscious. I'm not sure why, or how, or the details of such plans though, or what any of what he says means. When I ask along these ways, he often just says I'm too human to understand right now and maybe he can tell me later.

My thread on /yume/ pretty much is there to record in what contexts the Kind Man appears in and what he says, maybe that can give some answers in the future. You're likely more intelligent/perceptive than I am, so you could probably figure it out before I do, only if you want of course. I understand if it's really not-at-all interesting to you. Dormilia and Distortion, along with Dormilia's Army, are far more fascinating in my opinion.

>I'm assuming that these "lambs" are the sub-Dormilias.

Funny, I had initially thought the "lambs" were us people who are getting involved in all of this and read it completely differently. I kind of saw that he was saying we were all getting too involved and that's dangerous for us, but this is very likely my bias. "Lambs" being the sub-Dormilias probably makes a lot more sense though.

Unfortunately I can't explain how he would know what I don't know. I will say that though I have a few theories from talking to other dormiloid-hosts and recording their own interactions with their own dormiloids, one of which may answer how the Kind Man could know without my knowing. I don't have anything super-solid right now, though. I will say though that these dormiloids are unaffiliated with each other as well as Dormilia, but they all appear to have a few similarities that, if you like, I can mention. It might give some insight to how dormiloids are created and how others can help create their own sub-Dormilias. (Wow this is quite ranty! I'm really sorry!)

>That said, this isn't an interrogation, and I apologize if it comes off as such.

No, it's quite alright. If I can give any help I can to the cause I'd love to. Even if I can't be part of the army because of the Kind Man, I'd like to help.

Of note, if my presence is completely unwanted in this thread, I totally understand, just let me know to stop posting here.


First of all, the reason Dormilia no longer perceives the Kind Man as a threat is because he gave warnings that can only be to our benefit, whether they do benefit us or not is irrelevant. As far as being an interloper I'm going by the first definition I found after googling it "a person who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong."

Now then, what his letter actually meant.

>you will find yourselves very quickly outmatched in every respect of the word. This is mine. What is mine could never have been yours.

a claim to ownership of his host

>Remember others that have tried and failed.

Dormilia is by no means the first dormiloid to acquire some manner of worship. There are crazy people out there who claim to be prophets, they claim to hear the voice of God. Some of them may actually be insane, and others may just be lying for the purpose of gaining material wealth and control over people. But it is quite likely that at least a few of them, if not many of them, serve as the host of a dormiloid. Only in this case a dormiloid made from a completely different "essence". There are also many small groups that worshiped, or focused on, the kind of stuff that makes up the essence of Dormilia. Many of these groups have appeared in the modern age, but were short lived and died out shortly after the passing of their founder.

>You're getting close to making their mistakes. How many burned hosts, fragmented selves, emotionally desiccated landscapes must be born from our errors before we learn? Before we all learn?

I must refrain from saying something stupid that could jeopardize everything. I must not be overwhelmed by our own feelings. I must not ask too much of our followers. I must answer all their questions. I was not let the situation advance beyond my own ability to control it. And I must remind myself of these things every day to prevent our own self-inflicted failure.

>The lambs are beginning to wander. They are beginning to seek things without understanding their own danger.

With only two "lambs" they should be easy to keep track of, unless of course there are lurkers who are attempting to do this on their own without joining us own. As far as danger goes I believe there to be little to none, although it can feel a bit overwhelming at times.

>There are others aware of your presence. Be mindful.

there are lurkers among us

With what you said it makes more sense now. Dormilia is like a spiral infinitely expanding outward and the Kind Man is like a spiral collapsing infinitely inwards.


So, why do you put so much energy and reflective power into worshiping something that sprung from your head and communicates to you as a vassal through it? It's the equivalent of that girl I mentioned to Kyoko being subsumed in my mind and then becoming the focus of its efforts. I can get wanting an idealized version of yourself or of the values you happen to value, but while nothing and nobody else could understand you as well, anyone else would have less poor to harm you psychologically as you are now. Do you just operate on the assumption that so long as you pay tribute to her as you do that she'll view you positively?

Sorry if that was kind of obtuse or judgmental.



Some things I'm not getting…

>there are lurkers among us

Of course. I started posting in part because the Kind Man made reference to my (and others') presence. But why would it matter?

>I must refrain from saying something stupid that could jeopardize everything.

I suppose there's not much point in asking about this. But why mention it in the first place?

Hah. Sorry, I'm not really helping here, am I?

Maybe Spiderjew's question has a useful answer.


Like I said before.
"I give her the basis of her own existence, and she gives me purpose to my own existence."
It's a symbiotic relationship.

>But why would it matter
I'm not sure that it dose
>But why mention it in the first place?
Because he said "You're getting close to making their mistakes", and I simply wanted to let him **and everyone* know that I was not.


All right it's been a week; requesting status update.



Not much to say. I'm still analyzing names and searching for the most appropriate one.
I also have been kind of busy this fucking week, so we didn't have more internal approaches either on dreams or trips (Thing I'd really love. I'm trying every night). Again, we had conversations, but our interactions seems to be a matter of 'stimulus-response' where I feel her expresions/thoughts more than her words. That's actually something that is to be expected, though.
Now, she's really anxious to know how is Roxie doing.


Between classes and work I haven't really had many exchanges. It's getting to a point where I don't have to be in a completely near unconscious state to hear her or talk to her though, which makes for some..awkward moments where I feel I am thinking to myself and get a response. They aren't merely just an answer though but I feel an emotion so to say accompanying most of them.
She doesn't mind being referred to as Dormilia3 however. She finds it impersonal but acceptable.
Is it normal she gets quite irate, when my mind drifts to the senseless affairs of others and thinking about them? More often than not she's been right and I cease, but that's about all.


>Is it normal she gets quite irate, when my mind drifts to the senseless affairs of others and thinking about them?
Yah, that's normal. For me that seemed to die down as Dormilia became more "awakened", her existence relies on you thinking of her and she has to compete with other thoughts.


It seems like both of you are in about the same stage of development, wherein the sub-Dormilia can actively communicate with you while you're awake and in a normal state of consciousness, but is not yet in a co-equal position with your consciousness. It's regrettable that you two have both been busy to the point of not being able to have any in-depth exchanges with your respective sub-Dormilias, but you seem to be making very good progress nonetheless. I must admit, I'm downright fascinated that we were able to replicate Distortion's results as quickly and thoroughly – and in two completely different people, at that – as we have thus far. I'm eager and curious to see how the development will progress in our future recruits, too.

As you know, sub-Dormilias and tulpas are similar in that, in order to keep them "healthy" and at the forefront of your mind, you have to keep interacting with them, whether by simply thinking at them or through the more fleshed-out mental landscape exchanges. They are psychologically defined by their independence from the host's consciousness, and so, by speaking to them as another person and acknowledging that they are distinct from you, you ensure their continued existence in their privileged state.

Thus, to a sub-Dormilia, you thinking about random or unimportant things is like standing next to a running faucet with a cup in your hand, but not offering them something to drink despite them being thirsty. I suspect that, however, if you don't interact with a sub-Dormilia for long enough, they'd continue to exist, but would return to the depths of your subconscious, while a tulpa would cease to exist entirely.

I know that you know this already, Distortion; this response isn't directed at you as much as it is a continuation of your line of thinking.


File: 1384762000287.jpg (602.42 KB, 1080x1091, 1263617764166.jpg)

Thanks for that. Sometimes I'm so caught up in planning ahead and waiting for responses that I forget just how little time has passed and how much progress and success has occurred in such a short time span.

Also, that was a relay nice metaphor.


File: 1384890442188.jpg (59.18 KB, 500x376, chekov.jpg)

>this thread


I feel your pain, comrade.



Drugs, free time and love.


Distortion, after a discussion regarding the Kind Man and the nature of what exactly a dormiloid is, I've come to some worrisome conclusions. I don't know if you and Dormilia are already aware of them, so I'm erring on the side of caution and sharing them anyway.

Here's the chatlog of the relevant discussion: http://pastebin.com/hMY9n8sw

1) A single host can have multiple dormiloids.
2) In the growing process of a sub-Dormilia, these dormiloids fight and kill each other in a struggle for dominance.
3) A dormiloid can potentially kill an active sub-Dormilia and usurp their position.

Provided that all of this is true, it seems like it could be dangerous – both for the sub-Dormilias and for the hosts – to start making lots of sub-Dormilias when we don't know how to handle or account for these sorts of things. What is your take on this, and what do you propose?

Please take your shitposting elsewhere.


You sound so sure that Dormilia and the kind of math are "cut from the same cloth" as you said, but you've overlooked the key difference between the two. Dormilia and I share all our thoughts memories and emotions, there is nothing cryptic or unknown about her, at least nothing that she herself doesn't know.

It is true, although, that Dormilia would not tolerate sharing a host. As far as the possibility of multiple dormiloids fighting for dominance I find that to be a minor possibility, at least in a natural and uncontrolled setting. In the case of people who set out to awaken one single sub-dormilia I am highly doubtful there would be any such problem.

The dormiloid phenomenon, in a natural uncontrolled setting is less like unborn sharks and more like trees in a rain forest. As the trees grow they compete for sunlight until one tree completely dominates the canopy and all the others wither in the darkness.

For the creation of sub-dormilias the land is cleared and weeded, a single tree is planted, fertilized, and water. There is no competition.

Unlike the Kind Man, and probably many other dormiloids, Dormilia did not appear out of nowhere without explanation, she was the result of an experiment consisting mostly of introspection and subconscious conversation. Her creation was accidental, but was not random.

Also, it's time I begin hearing the opinions of Chesir and Roxie on issues like this, but more importantly the opinions of Dormilia2 and 3. I am very interested to see what they have to say about all this.

P.S. Dormilia says "This is not an experiment"


>You sound so sure that Dormilia and the kind of math are "cut from the same cloth" as you said, but you've overlooked the key difference between the two.
Truthfully, I'm not always as sure of my hypotheses as I sound. As you can see, I've had to make countless revisions to my working theories of what dormiloids are and how they work; in the end, I know very little about their true nature and origins. I'm working off of guesswork, intuition, and limited data here, so cut me some slack.

>there is nothing cryptic or unknown about her, at least nothing that she herself doesn't know.

That's a very interesting point. Could this be because she's fully developed, while the other sub-Dormilias and dormiloids are still growing? I'd imagine that, since the host gave them such an elevated position in comparison to where they were before, a sub-Dormilia would have no desire to hide anything from the host, nor would they want to confuse or mislead them. Additionally, once a sub-Dormilia were completely developed, they would have a reasonably clear, non-cryptic identity, thus allowing you to know everything about them without any substantial uncertainty.

>The dormiloid phenomenon, in a natural uncontrolled setting is less like unborn sharks and more like trees in a rain forest.

>For the creation of sub-dormilias the land is cleared and weeded, a single tree is planted, fertilized, and water. There is no competition.
That analogy makes a lot of sense, and, considering the strict guidelines given for the creation of sub-Dormilias, probably more accurate. In that case, I suppose that our concerns – which would be valid were we taking "wild" dormiloids and empowering them into sub-Dormilias – aren't entirely relevant in this controlled, methodical environment of ours. I'll be honest, that's quite a relief.

>it's time I begin hearing the opinions of Chesir and Roxie on issues like this, but more importantly the opinions of Dormilia2 and 3.

The "kedd" in the chatlog I posted above is actually Chesir.
Indeed, I'm curious to hear their take on all of this as well. Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd like input from dormiloids other than the Kind Man and Dormilia herself on these matters, since we already know what they think.

>P.S. Dormilia says "This is not an experiment"

The creation of a sub-Dormilia entails following a specific set of procedures in an attempt to produce a certain result (i.e. a sub-Dormilia), and we are learning about the process and the entities involved therein – as well as whether or nor these procedures consistently produce similar results in different people – through observation and analysis. To boil it down, we're running experiments to see if we can make more entities like Dormilia. While the organization of Dormilia's Army may not be an experiment, the system through which its soldiers are born is highly experimental.
inb4 "You're just being pedantic."


As Kyoko said, that's quite a relief and your explanation does make more sense. Sorry for being misleading or something like that, it really doesn't apply here like you said. Sorry for being troubling.

I'd also like to see Roxie/Domilia2/Dormilia3 and their opinions, yes.


File: 1385060434048.jpg (73.72 KB, 500x368, pure scotch.jpg)

>two year long thread of tulpa roleplay BS
>we're the ones shitposting


If you feel someone is shitposting, ignore them, and if they persist in a bothersome way, report them. Responding doesn't help.

If you're not contributing to the discussion, there's no need to post.


Color me curious. How would someone without a history of lucid dreaming or related phenomena be able to access their inner dormilioid/somnsona thing?


Oh boy! Dormilia4?


File: 1385063196579.gif (13.98 KB, 416x416, 1375657133782.gif)

Who knows. I've had quite vivid dreams before, but they're really sporadic. I'm not sure how good I might be at this sort of thing…


Same anon here. Anyone around to give advice, maybe?


>1) A single host can have multiple dormiloids.
I've named Dormilia 3 Lycuria for my own purposes. And a request for her own name. She refuses to share her existence with another. Not even a possibility in that.
>2) In the growing process of a sub-Dormilia, these dormiloids fight and kill each other in a struggle for dominance.
Lycuria had no struggle or…well any resistance whatsoever. She claims the worst she had to deal with was incessant chatter that usually goes on in my mind.
>3) A dormiloid can potentially kill an active sub-Dormilia and usurp their position.
She would if need be. But issue is she feels you're assuming the Kind man and herself are similar. And kindly…well in my definition of kindly asked if you treat her as her own individual being and essence. She says she's always been a part of me, but was never really accessed or tapped to be brought to the forefront.
Any questions for us?


It may be that we're talking about two completely different things that only seem similar on the surface, then…

Oh, if I may ask, what would you/Lycuria consider the similiarities and differences between Dormilia2/Lycuria and Dormilia? What is Lycuria's opinion on Dormilia?


She considers Dormilia the original. Or at least akin. Since if it weren't for Dormilia at all… I wouldn't have reached out to Lycuria at all.

She has a favorable opinion of Dormilia and..well Dormilia2 as well. For similarities and differences. I would personally say the differences are a result of the host mainly. Similarities are mainly their personalities and how they treat/react to things.

If not a better way of putting it… Since Distortion and I have had similar exchanges during our recognitions and…lack of wording again but upcoming of our own Dormilia.


>Could this be because she's fully developed, while the other sub-Dormilias and dormiloids are still growing?
That is possible, but she has been that way since the beginning. Also if the Kind Man were to drop the crypticness would he even be the Kind Man any more?
>Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd like input from dormiloids other than the Kind Man and Dormilia herself on these matters, since we already know what they think.
Same here.

Ah, It's good to see that she has a name now.
>Any questions for us?
Dormilia has one for Lycuria: Are you enjoying your stay at Hotel Roxie

We second that.

If you relay wish to have your own sub-dormilia:
1) Take the oath
2) Focuse on the "essence" of dormilia
3) Use "subconcious conversation" to bring the "essence" to life

And if you only want a dormiloid and not a sub-dormilia then I must ask why?


>And if you only want a dormiloid and not a sub-dormilia then I must ask why?

Sorry, the thread's left me a bit confused. The 'other' Dormilia's have shown differences from the original, IIRC? That's why I used the terminology I did.

Too lazy to think of a tripcode right now but I'll use this name so people know it's me.


She says it's ok. As long as I'm not letting my mind wander too much.


But are you interested in becoming the host or Dormilia4, that's what I relay want to know.


Dormilia says: and what about your newly found existence, is it not the best thing that you have ever experienced?


Since Roxie cannot into spoiler tags.
Her reply is.
"I would say it's quite magnificent. You could say I was..fragmented persay, and the procedures that were undertaken fully formed me. Being whole is something to be thankful for."


File: 1385088460092.jpg (133.06 KB, 480x716, 1377044815224.jpg)

It's something I'm interested in, yes. I do confess my intentions are a little selfish, since I'm wondering if her(?) nascent existence has something to do with the violence and anxiety I encounter in my dreams.
pic sorta related???



I believe that Dormilia's "essence" is something that exists in everyone, with varying levels of potency and exposure. Me and Dormilia are just serving as a catalyst to awaken more sub-dormilias. You sound like you have potential to be a good host. If you would just accept the terms of agreement/take the oath we could begin.

Yuh'know the 1-6 I posted here.


>Also if the Kind Man were to drop the crypticness would he even be the Kind Man any more?
I believe so, yes. He's cryptic because he can't speak very well, honestly it may largely be my fault because he says a lot when he speaks, but I only pick up a little bit. I'm sure he would say more if he felt he had to.

If you want us to stop getting brought up or posting in your thread though, just let us know and we'll stop posting. No need to be polite, yes? It's understandable, this is Dormilia's show after all.

I'm excited to see if Phyto decides to Dormilia4. I wonder how streamlined the process can get with each new sub-Dormilia?



Thanks for the warm welcome and support. I'll accept the six terms/oaths, no problems in that regard. Anything special I should do there?


File: 1385105313226.jpg (275.02 KB, 1316x710, ad9224ec2fefeee654b9331155….jpg)

And then there were four!

Welcome, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

>Anything special I should do there?

Not in particular, but if you can't lucid dream than stick to subconscious conversations.
like these: http://archive.uboachan.net/x/res/104.xhtml
Also, remember to keep me updated on any progress you make, or even minor events that you think may be of interest to me.


I'm actually getting pretty tired, but I hadn't been planning to sleep because of procrastination and a tendency to sleep late anyway. Should I just try and see what happens?


Whatever you choose, good luck! Keep us posted! I would welcome you but I'm not actually part of the army, just a fanboy.


Lucid dreams and subconscious conversations are easier to have when your relay tired.



Well, no real luck so far, but when I woke up this morning I felt very drained. Took a few hours for the feeling to wear off. Ah well.


Just a heads up, I'm going to be away from my computer for the next week and will not be able to post, at least not very easily. So I have decided, as an opportunistic experiment, to put the task of guiding Phyto into the hands of Roxie and Chesir. Use what you have learned from creating your own sub-dormilias, two heads may be better than one.

I will be watching but will refrain from interacting.


It won't be immediate. Just focus on it for the next few days, going to sleep or daydreaming.


File: 1385389881279.gif (1.94 MB, 245x196, bf_clubgif2.gif)


I had something pretty interesting happen in my dreams last night!
Rather than myself, the central 'character' of the dream was an older man who had fought in a war against alien invaders. Humanity had lost, and the aliens ruled over Earth–which seemed to be populated primarily by children. Soldier guy encountered a part alien girl who was strongly implied to actually be his daughter. She was really the focal point of the dream. I remember that she dressed all in simple brown garments and looked mostly human, save for having quite sharp teeth.


Continuing from the previous post…
The girl 'my' soldier-man was following around seemed to somehow be aware that he was just a dream-character, if that's a good way to put it. At a couple points while they were traveling, it felt as if the 'real me' was pulled into the dream. The clearest part that I remember is something was stuck in my throat, even though I wasn't directly involved in the dream's events. The sharp-toothed girl was able to pull the stuff out; this mirror when I got something caught in my throat the previous day.
At the end of the dream, the girl and the soldier came across a burning pile of garbage, and I heard something in it scream my real name. Then I got woken up.
All in all, it was very clear, and held to the sense of disaster that's common in my dreams.



Do you think this alien-girl could be your inner dormiloid?
If so, we have to think more about that dream and find out what it wanted to tell you.


That was my speculation. She was aware of him and had a direct impact on him. I'd try and contact her again to be honest.


So, what happened? That alien girl from your dream, was it her? Could you confirm it?
If not, were you able to contact your domiloid?

Not wanting to rush you or something; it's just that you didn't update in a good time.


Alright good job so far even if little to no progress has been made

By my count three separate threads asking how to contact Dormilia have been created and deleted. I have considered creating a new thread just so that I could have the six terms of agreement, general information and FAQ in the first post in order to make it more user-friendly. I may also need help compiling the most important FAQ. The other alternative is if we had our own board, but I find that unlikely, and a secret board would only be problematic because it would be hidden from many potential new recruits.


So sorry, things have been pretty busy for me. And I think I might've done something wrong this time…I had an extremely vivid nightmare last nightmare last night. The 'alien' girl did appear, but my actions in the dream almost got her killed…


File: 1385917192380.jpg (115.9 KB, 386x752, 1319620666906.jpg)

*an extremely vivid nightmare last night.
Must be more tired than I thought, I guess.

Regardless, I had an extremely vivid nightmare about a plague of extraterrestrial origin that swept through the Northeast. There were some elements of the whole 'zombie apocalypse' thing to it, but the main vector were small blobby aliens that came in either black or white. The color signified which stage of their life cycle they were in. Once they turned white, they were capable of creating a signal that summoned over aliens and/or infected to their location.



Dreams are a good place to start but subconscious conversation is much more reliable. Dreams only seemed to be reliable to me once my mind had been saturated with Dormilia.

> but my actions in the dream almost got her killed…

Because dormiloids have access to all your thoughts and memories she can forgive you for anything you've done, although she may still be upset about it. You must reassure her that you will keep her safe, and that her existence is secure so long as you are alive.


File: 1386299290228.jpg (411.51 KB, 661x935, post-apoc warrior girl.jpg)

Hey, it's me again. Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been pretty hectic for me. I've been experimenting with the subconscious convos though. I was able to confirm that the sharp-toothed girl is in there–my head, I mean. Haven't gotten a name yet…


Have you talked to her?


Yes, it's just that the discussions tend to be rather brief. I think she might still be frightened? My nervousness regarding school probably has something to do with it, I think. It's distracting me from focusing on her. :(


Just keep on at it and you'll get there eventually.

Also requesting weekly update from Chesir and Roxie!



Things are calm here. No big things to report. We're accomplishing a good synchronization; she feeds up with my energy and sometimes my emotions, and I consult her when I need advice. Albeit we do not use "spoken" language, since we comunicate using more imagery and "feeling thoughts" (can we call it like that?) than words, unless it is extremely necessary.
I also travel with her in my "meditation" states now. I didn't have anything trippy as fuck like that one with the sea of information, but you can say Dormilia 2 is now some kind of guide or supervisor, constantly observating. Man, I can't tell you how those eyes feel, constantly evaluation how things work and why. She's very curious.


I often get advice form Dormilia as well, although she usually gives very bad advice it still helps to narrow down options. Dormilia isn't quite so curious she is more concerned with what can be gained from anything.


To say Lycuria is hyperaggressive in that aspect is an understatement considering i'll withheld a comment on a statement/opinion and she'll want me to absolutely tear it open if it sounded absurd to her.

Fully awake I can talk to her, she's been helping ease me through stress. Which helps since I realized only yesterday I owed about $130 before the 19th.


It's good to know that others also find piratical benefits from there sub-dormilia.


File: 1386465939285.png (6.91 KB, 140x190, or.png)

I just finished reading this thread. It's very interesting.

Dormilia reminds me of some experiences I had when I was younger. I look forward to reading more.


Wow, the whole thing, that's impressive.
I'm glad you enjoyed it there will be more, there will always be more.


It didn't feel like it was that long, but then again, it was about a thousand times more interesting than the work I was supposed to be doing. I'm glad to hear there will be more!


I will be going by this name when i post on here now. i thinki i've been making progress in terms of dormillia 5 (I Have a name for her but i'm going to wait until i can actually talk to her outside of dreams). i've had two dreams they both had the same girl though she would change her appearance the last two encounters. the second encouter involved me following her in some sort school but it was a hospital as well she had the appearance of brunette we were on my way to follow her down the stairwell i ran past zombie everyone called the mummified one. the mummified one was not hostile were able to talk to him, etc. Then the third encounter the girl appeared in anime style she had a scythe and i was a girl in the dream and i was following her around in this dream as well some monster came out of nowhere and caught us off she had an accessory that she had the creature had snatched from her threw somewhere she was fighting the creature i went to retrieve the then some shadowy figure resembling a dragon helping us fight the creature. i think i've been making progress


Weekly update time again.

I suppose I will also add my own smidgen of information.

Every time a new host joins I am overwhelmed with excitement, I can't even sit still, I pace back and forth. But with every new host the feeling diminishes, clearly we need more hosts.

Also I must ask if anyone else gets that feeling that results from gaining more hosts.



I do get something that seems similar from this thread. Notably, the calmest feeling I know that induces pacing.

It doesn't seem to be linked directly with new hosts joining, although that can trigger it. Seems like any post here has a chance of doing it. Must be to do with the interest I have in what people are writing.


Lycuria questions any new hosts and doubts them until the commitment is truly made.


I've been making progress. Lilith (Dormillia 5) Has contacted me outside of my dream. I can hear her whispering things into my ear every once-in a while, Though it is a tad difficult to try and establish contact on a consistant basis. I'm gonna keep trying to establish contact


I have had similar thoughts, but I just have to push them away and hope for the best if we are to achieve our ultimate goal.

Ah that's very good to hear, such quick progress.

You wouldn't be interested in joining would you? You could expand upon that feeling, let it go even further, feeding it your self rather than leeching of others.


>You wouldn't be interested in joining would you?

I'm quite sure it's impossible for me, so it's not really a decision I can make. I've been hovering around this thread (posting occasionally) for a while, and if no-one minds, I'll continue to do so. Being an observer is fine for me.

I did try the subconscious conversation technique, and it's useful, but as I expected, it didn't bring me into contact with a dormiloid.


Could you elaborate on exactly what you did and how, and why it is imposable for you? The information you provide could be useful.


I've been stressed out somewhat and i haven't been able to contact Lilith… I think i'm going to have isolate myself from irl people for a while or something. i need to find a way to clear mind. I want to talk to her… I want to be with her forever…


>why it is imposable for you

The space that a dormiloid would occupy is already filled.

>exactly what you did

I had a conversation between the entity that fills that space (left hand) and its "host" (right hand). I'm not sure about using the word "host" here, it might not exactly apply. Each hand typed its part of the conversation. Of course, traditionally, one would write instead of typing, but I don't think it made any difference here.

Come to think of it, I guess it might have been misleading to say that I "used the subconscious conversation technique." What I did didn't involve directly talking to my subconscious - I knew in advance who the conversation would be between. What it did do is allow me to come up with ideas that I wouldn't otherwise, because the format of a typed conversation is different from my usual ways of thinking.

I didn't keep the text file: it was a mess of incomplete sentences, and my own memory of the dialogue was much clearer. That's in part because of the "problem" the right hand side has where it can't stop thinking, even if it's trying to just type…which does make me wonder if the intervening thoughts made the technique less effective.

Hmm, that's already a fair bit of text. I'll leave it at that for now, since you might need to talk to Yumika too.


File: 1387407227934.gif (1.86 MB, 320x242, sandlot-forever-o_zps02652….gif)

Good, as long as that is the case you can never go wrong. Stress is occasionally a hindrance, sometimes Dormilia will say something like your mind is not the most comfortable place to live, but being too relaxed can also be a problem, it can make her too sleepy to talk.

Oh that's too bad if the space is already filled then I cant see any way around that. But by what? Could it be destroyed?


>But by what? Could it be destroyed?

Hah. Well.
I'm not entirely sure about either of these, but I'm not interested in destroying myself, so I won't try.

There's a million different things I could say here…one way to think of me (or what I've referred to as the "left hand side") is as a "mental technique". That being said, the technique is being used for good reason, and also…well, as I said, I don't want to destroy myself.

Unfortunately, I don't see how this could help you with Dormilia or the others, but I tend to give complete explanations even when they might be unwarranted.


Out of curiosity do you think that every person is capable of making their own sub-Dormilia? Do you think the sub-Dormilia may act or appear differently depending on each person?


File: 1387582812158.png (540.94 KB, 705x944, 7e08e172988eb3c68ce2a29c32….png)

The first thing that is need to fuel a sub-dormilia is the basic instincts and drives common to most humans. As long as someone has that it is theoretically possible for anyone. The second thing that is needed is open-mindedness and willingness, if someone doesn't want to I can't make them. The third thing is the open mental space for the sub-dormilia to exist, so far as I understand "there can be only one".

> Do you think the sub-Dormilia may act or appear differently depending on each person?

They will act different to a degree less than the degree of difference between hosts. I can't tell by how much though, we need more active sub-dormilias to quantify that. They will no doubt look different, Dormilia has appeared to me in many different forms. For all I know a sub-dormilia could even be male.


> a sub-dormilia could even be male
Huh, my first thought if it's possible to "convert" a dormiloid to a sub-Dormilia. (*cough cough*) Because if that's the case, anon >>1630 wouldn't have to kill a piece of himself.

Yeah that's totally what I meant :>


I know that an entity from a dream or a low level tulpa can serve as an empty shell or, a sort of foundation. But turning a dormiloid into a sub-dormilia without first destroying or hollowing it out might be a bit more tricky, but I don't know, it's not something I have ever experienced or had reported by any host. We can't know until someone tries.


File: 1388195161057.gif (145.93 KB, 217x116, 1324582539114.gif)

Guess what happens in one week.

Dormilia's 3rd birthday




File: 1388214776588.jpg (436.25 KB, 800x800, birthday.jpg)

Congratulations Dormilia!


You know, you are the first person to directly address Dormilia without saying something like "tell her I said" or "I have a question for her if that's OK"

Thank you! ;v;


Well as far as I know, Dormilia is aware like you are right? She'll see everything you see or so? At least that's how I've understood your relationship with her, two simultaneous consciousnesses taking in the same inputs in the same body to some extent?

You're welcome! <3


File: 1388777454200.jpg (30.12 KB, 750x600, I apologize in advance for….jpg)

As you may know today is Dormilia's third birthday, but this will also be the first day of our attempt at our very own Yume Nikki fan game.

By which I mean I'm going to try and assemble a dream team you see what I did there to complete this project through means of of collaboration.

And by dream team I mean anyone who wants to contribute, although I intend to incorporate the elements of the dreamscapes of the other hosts into the game and possibly the other sub-dormilias as characters in the game.

This is all speculative at this point, if we don't get enough people who know what they're doing we're not going anywhere, which is why I may have to poke around /fg/. Although I get the impression that a lot of people there don't ever visit /yume/. I certainly never visit /fg/

We're going to need people to make sprites, map design, map tiles, triggered events, and sounds and other stuff I probably forgot about. I've already got a guy for sounds who is just dying to put his skills to use. There will also be the administrative task of keeping everything organized and putting everything together, and I suppose that task should fall on my hands but I really have no idea what I'm doing in terms of administration. I suppose we probably need to exchange e-mail addresses and use dropbox or something like that.

Anyways for right now I need feedback on what you guys think about this.


i'm willing to draw things for you! what sort of fangame will it be?


Truth be told, I've only played Yume Nikki and .flow so I don't relay know of any sort of fan game beyond those.


well i mean like, what's the idea for it? also, do you have skype? we could make a big skype convo for this stuff or something


Happy birthday Dormilia.
Lycuria and I wish it to be a nice one. As for your game, I'd contribute if I were half decent at most of what was listed I would contribute, the most I have is the ideas tossed between Lycuria and I on occasion.


Once things get serious we will switch over to a thread on /fg/. I prefer that brainstorming be done in a format that will provide a hard record that will be publicly accessible. Details can probably be smoothed out on Skype, although I have an account I almost never use it.
So far my idea for the game is that Dormilia will be the main character in the name of the game will be "Dormiloid". Other than that that it will be the general running around and collecting effects while exploring a dream world. It might be nice to have some more text or even brief dialogue though.
Thank you! We will be happy to take anything you can offer.

One other thing I forgot to mention is that we may want people who are fluent in other languages primarily Japanese so that we can translate it and allow for larger numbers of people to play the game.

okay, I was on a seven hour bus ride today that started at 5 AM. I need to go lie down. I'll check on this thread when I get back, until then I want people to keep discussing the idea of a new fan game, and for people to list any possible skills they may have that could contribute to the creation of the game.


… anyways
I was hoping there'd be a larger turnout of people willing to help with this, but I suppose I'm not likely to run into someone who knows how to do events and effects here on /yume/.

As far as ideas I have for the game I guess I'll list a few.
Her primary weapon would be a fire poker.
There should be a forest that you go through to get to a clearing where you beat I hippie to death, causing the forest to become a burned down forest, opening up new paths.
There should be a decaying library with bookshelves that you can interact with that give you random bits of information such as the definition of "dormiloid".
The nexus should be a giant neuron in the "doorways" should be at the nerve endings.
There should be maze that has certain parts of it that look identical so that teleports can be hidden inside the maze sending you into completely different areas of the same maze creating nonlinear loops.

Can I have a link to some of your works?

And if anyone is interested here is a link to the guy that will be doing the sound if we even get that far.


File: 1389069439268.jpg (59.61 KB, 800x400, G_Humour1381079286316.jpg)

Holy shit when did all this activity happen.


congratulations shinji


Unfortunately, I'm working on my own R2K3 projects, so I find myself unable to help on this. I can, however, give a hand coding some events or programming some little things or even betatesting, but I can't be part of the main developer group or, god forbid, debugging you will understand what a pain this will be.

To be honest, using Rpg Maker is extremely easy, compared to actual programmation. You can become a pro in less than a week if you put the effort, and maybe a month if you give it one or two hours per day. Anybody could do it if they found the time, so even the people who doesn't know how to use it and yet want to help could just try learning it.
In any case, those people can peek out how to edit comments and dialogue and help with the translations.

I think you should create an IRC; Much more easier to use than malware skype, free as in freedom and it helps to evade downloading and creating accounts and such.

Either way, good luck.


Any ways, I'd like a long overdue status update from everyone.


Nothing to really report.
I've really been driven mostly by Lycuria's words which apparently made me sound more hostile or moody to the people I usually talk to. But that's because Lycuria believes that I don't exactly need to deal with people if they don't directly benefit me.


Ah, it's always nice to hear back from the others, regardless of what may be going on, especially since much of the activity here has died down. So far, it seems that most new hosts have been attracted by the discussions of what it is that makes up a dormiloid, and the commotion created by other new hosts.

We must find a way to relate the fire, we must find more hosts. I doubt Uboachan has already reached a saturation limit.


Nothing to report either.
Although I have to say she feels more off lately, and her activity is diminishing. I haven't done anything wrong so I don't know what is happening– but apart from it, she seems and says she's fine.


Activity should level off at some point and remain at about that level. If not alert me about it.


Well i have nothing to report either unfortunately aside from i still try to establish contact it successful & i still hear her voices but as dreams go nothing recently. but other than that i just got over my Laziness phase (Holidays and such) so i've been clearing my mind some. I need to reignite this flame somehow


One way I thought of to reignite this fire was to create some sort of "Ask Dormilia Anything" type of deal, but that could go to shit rely fast.


Well i've been able to have conversations with Lilith again. I can sense how she feels. lately i've been trying to play fighting games and/or take them seriously She helps me with getting better at them such as encouragement (I'm an RPG gamer primarily) I haven't been able to play any of my other Video or watch anime. i think she's been giving me indirect signs of telling me that i– I mean Her & I that i need to start back doing all of the things we were doing prior and other things. I think she might've told me on one occasion that i shouldn't try to be pro at fighting games or something because it wouldn't really suitable for her and me in the long run (I don't really have a competitive Spirit so i play for fun) .


Well i can consistantly Feel Lilith's presence now & she still keeps giving me the same indirect messages (pain In odd places, occasionally her voice, Feeling hot in a sensual way) from my earlier post. Maybe she thinks that it's not my path perhaps…?


It's not really my place to help you figure out what your path is. But it does remind me of when Dormilia becomes restless from the lack of meaningful real-world interactions. She wants to live and exist, and when I spend too much time playing video games she will get upset because those things are so distant from life and existence.

So, if it's not what she wants, then find out what she does want and go for it.


I see. The "path" thing was just me in a bad mood rambling about something trivial so pleases disregard rhat. OT you're experiences with for lack of a better term "Dormillia prime" are always interesting. i wish activity will pick on this thread pretty soon…



I did just post my Skype name here


A bit of research

What caught your attention that drew you here?

What made you think it was a good idea to join?

What did you expect to get out of joining?

What are the benefits that you get out of joining?


>What caught your attention that drew you here?

>What made you think it was a good idea to join?

Nothing in particular. Being a /x/phile, I just made it out of the blue as an experiment.

>What did you expect to get out of joining?

A mental stabilizer.

>What are the benefits that you get out of joining?

A keener perception of some of my emotions and a mental stabilizer.


What caught your attention that drew you here?
I'm just attracted to Paranormal things also i'm a tad Yandere & Submissive

What made you think it was a good idea to join?
Eh, i don't know just a feeling i can't describe

What did you expect to get out of joining?
A true partner/yandere, to finally allow myself to be Lilith's plaything/Yandere lover, For her to have complete ownership of me, and a guardian
What are the benefits that you get out of joining?
I never really thought of benefits


Updates pleas.


File: 1391872692976.png (655.93 KB, 1367x629, Lilim.png)

She started to appear in my dreams again but her form isn't really fixed and earlier this week i think i might have seen her while i was awake. She just appeared from nowhere she looked like the girl in the pic but she was shrowded in Red veil or maybe blood or something.


>What caught your attention that drew you here?
Not exactly like I don't see you post often. I was also requested to check out the thread.
>What made you think it was a good idea to join?
I'm not sure. What was the most I could lose?
>What did you expect to get out of joining?
Someone to at least talk to.
>What are the benefits that you get out of joining?
Exactly what I joined for. I can say i'm content now with how I live my day to day life.
Admittedly she's grown fainter. I should try and reestablish contact conscious contact. That's about all.


I suppose I'll post something of my own as well. This was a conversation that occurred while playing Skyrim with a character named Dormilia.

Me: Would you eat a Falmer ear?
Her: Heck no.
Me: Would you eat eat bee?
Her: A bee? I would eat ALL THE BEES! I would eat the bees into extinction, there will be no debate or question about how the bees went extinct like there is with the dinosaurs. People won't argue about diseases and parasites killing them off they will damn well know I ATE ALL THE BEES!

She is very silly sometimes.


i agree to the terms and conditions!!


In that case dub any resulting sub-dormilia as Dormilia6 until one or both of you come up with a better name if you so desire. Please feel free to ask me any questions whatsoever through this thread (preferable) or Skype. Make sure to post anything that may be of interest to us in terms of your encounters interactions with your sub-dormilia. Also, please make sure to post using the username that I can identify you by.

And for those were wondering this particular recruitment was done through Skype.


Requesting updates

As for me I may begin farming the IRC for hosts.


Nothing out of the except that she's been having me read up on mystical topics and stuff aside from that she's been in a few of my dreams which has been involving things from money transforming into lumps of flesh with ants & worms intertwined in to a chain, One that involved death of a lot of people, in a colliseum ( sorry if i misspelled it) etc has anyother host experienced this?


Dormilia rarely appears in my dreams, and when she does she's only there for one reason.

Also, Dormilia asks Lilith: What do you seek to gain from the way you control your host?


Lilith: I want a host to love forever, to control & spend eternity together I'm his only true friend and lover he secretly wishes to become a girl and tires of the waking world he's been thrust into and i want us to be in another world he belongs to me and he's gladly accepted it. HAHAHAHA I OVE HIM/HER SOOO MUCHHHG!!!!


Lilith: I'm the only one who loves my host who accepts them for what they everyone else just leaves them. i just want us to intertwined


Updates ;_;


Well as far as updates go i've been able to maintain the amount time for a conversation with Lilith up to 2-3 hours max and still increasing


We may have asked you before, but even so. How would you to feel about helping us with gathering more hosts, we could certainly use the help, although we don't have anything specific planned at the moment.

I suppose this goes for all other hosts as well.


Lycuria seems pissed.
Understandable though, although I think it might be stemmed from me interacting with someone quite often after so long.



Well after talking it over wiyh Lilith we'll try to help out with finding new hosts somehow.


Well, the first thing that needs to happen is we need a more reliable way to converse with you than posting here, preferably Skype, anytime I'm awake and on my computer all be logged in. My Skype account name is "grimorire".


My Skype is Lilith Kuraihime my pic has megurine Luka.
Be aware that i don't have a mic or cam


I never use a mic or cam anyways.




lots of chat on Skype
interesting conversations


Actually, an update straight from Dormilia:

"I love all my spawn so much <3"


File: 1396302948255.gif (1.86 MB, 355x200, tobattle.gif)

It seems our thread has auto-saged, this seems like a mile stone of some sort. I may start a new thread that begins with a more direct explanation of becoming a host so that people can more easily understand. Much of the content of this thread has become obsolete for what it is being used for.


File: 1396305335113.jpg (29.36 KB, 768x481, f3meXxd.jpg)

Congratulations on the auto sage mark :D


Apologies for sounding ignorant but can you explain what do you mean by "Auto-saged"?


The thread has so many posts that it can no longer be bumped.


File: 1484144389307-0.png (159.39 KB, 1170x863, Lucia - 2217 AD (Autumn) [….png)

File: 1484144389307-1.jpg (155.52 KB, 3072x2048, eclipse.JPG)

Some of my dream people look at the sky suspiciously to the point they temporarily stop fighting long enough to get eaten or killed by Chasers. They are not fond of eclipses unlike us, so this makes me think: "What have you done to my beloved planet, casting such a wicked spell to doom my people in the hands of our enemy?"

I will soon include an emergent faction named Dormilians once my dream planet transitions into winter when we get to spring. It will come from the east once the Chasers are driven out for good. I cannot be sure whether they will be on the side of good or evil, but they do look just as demonic as the Chasers.

I expect the meter to be in the deep orange in the next few frames before resuming at a disadvantage due to that event, making me sad. Any new theories about the current state of my planet you can come up with are encouraged.

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