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🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉

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If Yume Nikki were to get a live action adaption, what would you want to see in it? Specific worlds and effects? Actors? Etc.




It would be bad.


Yume Nikki would require so much CG that the entire notion of it being live action would be pointless. Just make it animated. Give it to either Shaft or Masaaki Yuasa. Zero voice acting. Just three hours of weird shit.


File: 1519914040789.png (147.25 KB, 357x392, doughforthedodo.png)


Not necessarily


I'd love to see a legit animated version of YN. No dialogue and a heavy focus on surreal atmosphere would be integral.


Holy FUCK that dough for the dodo was the shit!
I would actually be really on board with this, too.
Going a little deeper, a merry melodies feel would actually be really interesting for this kind of game. I think a formula with hints of formatting in episodes like Duck Amuck, or, of course, the aforementioned Dough for the Dodo. Just madotsuki interacting and sometimes going against the surreal forces acting upon her.


>merry melodies
fuck no


Eh I'd rather have a Cat Soup/Angel's Egg feel as far as an animated adaption goes.



I like Looney Tunes, but that kind of humor wouldn't work for Yume Nikki. I just featured the image because the episode is surreal.




Have a black guy investigate Mado's case and have him rescue her before she jumps ship.


This would be literally perfect, but I have a feeling that if a Yume Nikki animation does get made it would just be in a generic anime style.


it would be garbage


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File: 1520286344496-1.jpg (82.72 KB, 420x630, poster.jpg)

If it were live action I'd want it to be like Mirrormask. Strange creatures, beautiful CGI, and good set design all put together.


Don't forget Glassy Ocean/Tamura Shigeru in general


I think the most important thing in any sort of Yume Nikki adaptation is that you preserve the feeling of having a limited scope. Using close-up shots and Dutch angles could give this effect, but could also get nauseating very quickly.

What makes the exploration in YN so fun is that the camera only sees a tiny bit of the map at a time, which sometimes makes the world seem massive and mysterious, and gives an element of thrill in diving into the unknown with no objective.

Dream Diary tried to recreate that feeling by making many portions into side-scrollers, but this felt more restricting than anything. Instead of feeling like you were exploring the unknown, it was like you were following train tracks at night. You may not know where you're going, but it doesn't matter because you can't be going the wrong way.

If there was to be a live-action adaptation of Yume Nikki, the screenplay authors would need to find a way to limit the scope of the world to both Madotsuki and the viewers. If this can be accomplished, I think a good short film/silent film could be possible.

Any ideas?


File: 1522088845965.jpg (31.17 KB, 480x320, coraline.jpg)


Good suggestions.

Television and movie screens are much larger than computer screens. If the creators of a hypothetical live action film knew what they were doing, they’d use size to their advantage and make the world bigger. This would provide more room for visual effects and create more of a setting, as well as give the creators an excuse to show off and manipulate the worlds as they see fit. They’re not going to put everything in one scene, of course, so it’’s kind of necessary to make everything big. Although I do agree that the game has a limited scope. One of the reasons I liked the “official” manga was because the panels were relatively small, making the world feel somewhat closed in. But that wasn’t a bad thing.

There’s a brilliance to Yume Nikki that stands out through its level design. It’s easy to get lost in the different worlds because there’s no guide markers or dialogue. It really feels like you’re in a dream, or just thrown into a strange, alien world while playing. That effect may have been deliberate on Kikiyama’s part. However, this effect could not easily be simulated in a normal video game, much less a movie. YNDD was created by multiple people, while Kikiyama was one person, and an entire team will impose different ideas on their creation. That is why they made the new game a side-scroller. While an art film could work (and I would really respect the creators if they went this route), most movies need dialogue, plot, and exposition to create a story. You aren’t just presenting to one person when making a film; you’re presenting to an entire audience. Some of which might not have played YN and complain about its more alienating features because they honestly don’t know about them.

An example of a film I can think of that utilizes this is Coraline. In fact, all of Laika’s films do, and I mention them because they have excellent stop motion and abstract imagery. I was a bit loathe to do so initially, because the anon who mentioned Merry Melodies was shot down for it- but everyone in this thread has been talking more about animated adaptions than live action, so I’ll discuss my preferences. Coraline has some really great scenes in it, and though the creators did things I don’t like I still think it’s excellent. It was based on the book of the same name, which came out long before the movie did. I remember it was really surreal and dream-like, and there was more of a focus on imagery than dialogue. The creators made the movie more dialogue-heavy and added a new character, but that was so Coraline wouldn’t spend the whole movie talking to herself like she did in the book. The changes they made were good because it provided the audience with more of an idea of what was going on, and they didn’t go too far with them. The new scenes still held the spirit of the original, which was one of the best things about it.

My point is, a live action adaption would require a lot of changes if it were brought to the big screen. But that could be a good thing, and add content that is well-received by viewers and fans alike. A silent art film would be excellent, though.


You're looking at this from way too much of a conventional perspective. First of all, there is no way in hell a YN film would make it to the big screen, so the point about utilizing extra space is moot. At best, something vaguely inspired by YN would appear in select theaters for like a week. There also would be zero need to try to appease a larger audience becuase there is zero chance that it would be profitable, making your second point about dialogue and story moot. If you want to think about this thing practically, you have to have realistic expectations.


Also, going out of your way to make it more widely digestable would completely go against the spirit of the source material.


I think that's really the great dilemma of any niche art. To people who like Yume Nikki, it is an amazing game. To people who don't like Yume Nikki, it's a terrible game. Not a lot of neutral stance.

The surrealism in Yume Nikki appeals greatly to people who like surrealism, but that market isn't very strong, so making a big Hollywood hit isn't realistic. If one was to stay true to the spirit of Yume Nikki, a short animated (preferably silent) film could be done very well and be a great hit among the fans of Yume Nikki.

It's a shame that Yume Nikki will never be fully appreciated by mainstream media, but the unconventional aspect of it is really the reason we all play it in the first place, and I'm sure we'd rather have it no other way.

So if you were to make a film about Yume Nikki, you would have to either stay true to source material and create a film that never sees the light of mainstream media, or you could adapt the movie so much that it does amazing at the box office, but loses the attention of the fans.

Really a sad reality.


That's true. I was thinking of the growing audience for the game since the new release has revived interest in the community. It would be more realistic for an anime or an indie film to be made.

Again I did say I liked the idea of it being silent.

It's a win or lose situation. Maybe it's best that the game remains obscure.


I think it's best the game stays obscure, but I also think it is impossible for it to be mainstream. Surrealism just isn't popular.


File: 1522238227582.jpg (226.18 KB, 1000x563, the-twilight-zone.jpg)

surrealism has been popular before, it's nothing new. it isn't as popular as other things because it's harder to talk about and it's more of using your own imagination.

>To people who like Yume Nikki, it is an amazing game. To people who don't like Yume Nikki, it's a terrible game. Not a lot of neutral stance.

i feel like this is an over saturated statement. i have a few friends who aren't in love with the game but don't hate it, so there is some neutrality


File: 1522284856136.jpg (30.71 KB, 600x400, cali2-600x400.jpg)

I'm pretty sure Yume Nikki's art direction is more expressionist than surrealist. Which is why it ultimately got so popular in my opinion – it's not just weird crap, it's weird crap with an underlying emotional pressure. Maybe something can be made if you approach the source material from that angle.


Yes, surrealism has been popular before, but the keyword there is HAS. I can't say that I recall any surrealist blockbuster films in the last 10 years. Surrealism was strong in it's time, but that time is over, pop culture has for the most part moved on from that.


File: 1523375087847.jpg (672.66 KB, 1941x1455, Cross-Over.full.588673.jpg)

What I'd like to know is what the fangames classify as.

2kki is definitely dadaism, but what is .flow? Deconstructivism? Industrialism?


I don't know, I'm pretty sure all dream diaries could be considered expressionist. Even the more realistic designs can appear kinda warped and grotesque simply because of the graphic limitations.

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