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I have the biggest anxiety that the new game'll bring all this attention to something dear to my heart and we'll get stuff like a Yume Nikki game theory or something, bringing this game down like everything fun does these days aaaaaa :(


i feel you, it's like taking the entire magic away from an abandoned amusement park by making it a tourist attraction which makes it unable to enjoy for people who can apprechiate this aura those kinds of things have.


You know… What ARE the chances GT makes a video on this? And what are the chances it's bad? Perhaps we should take a look at the Petscop community and see what effect GT had on it. From what I've seen, Petscop couldn't have been that popular before getting covered


File: 1516998674995.jpg (147.31 KB, 1200x900, 1476200514283.jpg)

>what are the chances it's bad?
Game theory is cancer. It's literally just nonsensical connections being made through sweeping assumptions followed by Mat Fuck excusing all of his mental gymnastics with a, "well that's just a theory. A game theory hurr duur".


(((MatPat))) is a fucking idiot who ran out of ideas so he has to make huge logical leaps for his videos.


Matpat sucks mostly, but the attention itself can't be that bad. First of all, Yume Nikki is just way to wierd to attract large bases even if it is popularized by some big youtuber. And it's not like somebody can take away Yume Nikki from you. You can probably worry for communities like uboachan, because shitposting is shitposting, but there is definetly no way a lot of people will come here even if Yume Nikki was popular. It's just too obscure.
And there may be people out there who can feel about Yume Nikki the same way you feel and don't know about it. A Game Theory video is not really the best way of spreading ceartanly. But I doubt it can hurt much. It will probably be just a shitty video.


>Yumesonas are here!
>Thousands of people have been creating their own costumes of Yume Nikki, the protagonist of the famous Yume Nikki Dream Diary!

I'm not ready for this brothers.


>Yumesonas are here!
Didn't that already happen with the OriYume thing and those weird DA memes (that were all about "create your own dreamscape + MC") back on the day?


File: 1517125042160.png (17.91 KB, 729x315, what.png)

You are sadly correct, anon. What the fuck.


File: 1517592887102.png (549.88 KB, 1024x984, angry_monoko.png)

I think people are being too paranoid about the fanbase getting worse. Yume Nikki has been out for 14 years- if the fanbase were to become complete cancer, or MatPat were to make a game theory about it, that should have happened years ago. But it hasn't, because the game is a bit too obscure and strange to really draw in an audience beyond the RPG gaming crowd.


Makes me wonder why that was a thing, RPG Maker is one of the most easiest game engines out there, a 7 year old could learn the most basic shit in it.


People are worried that the new game will bring yn back into the spotlight though. That isn't garunteed to happen, but over the last 14 years kadokawa hasn't been making yn games, so who knows.



Isn't that a good thing, though? Not so much getting unwanted fans, but the fact that new content is being made. Uboachan has been dead for awhile, so this actually gives people something to talk about.


It's easy to design characters. Programming a whole game is difficult, regardless of how user-friendly the rpg maker is.


Honestly I remember some Yume Nikki cringe from my deviantART days (I think mainly it was about people shipping Mado and Masuda) but nothing major.. Not sure if Game Theory making a video will bring a bad community or not… he made a video on petscop and that fandom seems like its okay.


File: 1517656085360.jpeg (422.13 KB, 670x800, 1381418940202.jpeg)

I feel like no matter what the yume nikki fandom will never be something as bad as UT, YNDD can be a piece of shit and new people might hop onto that but they mostlikely wont care about the original since it's too different.

The worst possible scenario is that a bunch of tumblr waste start being "kin" with random things from YN but still places like Ubuu will be spared from that since everyone there thinks that this is just a bully haven because we disagree with something sometimes.


I can't wait for the neckbeard tears on this board when one of those normalfag shows like Big Bang Theory makes a reference to Yume Nikki and this place gets an influx of /v/ kids and redditors.


We already got an influx of /v/ sukas and redditors. Nothing much happened.


Why do you think they come here? This is a cute game with a cute fanbase. You must be new.


I'd rather have normal fags here than more vfags like you. At least one goes away quickly instead of lingering like the smell of shit.


No matter what may end up happening to the fandom, I'll still love this game.


While we might not be able to stop the inevitable "Uboa is Gaster" Game Theory video, it's pointless to try to control the flow of time. Enjoy what you have while you have it, because, pretty soon you won't have it at all. While I hope that the game doesn't get too big and ruin the fanbase, whatever happens, we just have to accept it and move on.


File: 1518942829915.jpg (193.44 KB, 1136x640, yume nikki fanbase.jpg)

I'm more worried about Markiplier making a 2 spooky Uboa reaction video than a game theory honestly.

The kind of game Yume Nikki is I'd argue requires and acquired taste, and that's what keeps the fanbase small and relevant. Hopefully the new game is good, and will still be strange enough to keep the hoard of degeneracy at bay.

Uboachan obscure? Its on the front page of the Yume Nikki wiki, that's how I found it. (I played the game a little more than a year ago though)


File: 1518965638326.png (787.6 KB, 803x474, this guy really likes his ….png)

>Its on the front page of the Yume Nikki wiki, that's how I found it
Not to mention a huge user overlap with /r/YumeNikki (both before and after YNDD). It's linked in their sidebar.

About your picture, one of these is not like the others. I'd argue all of those are inherently shit in their own ways (ones more than others) excluding fandom and reviewing the product by itself.


I found out about Yume Nikki thanks to Game Theory, actually.

There was a video where MatPat told something about the game Doki Doki Literature Club.
That was before he later made theory videos about that game.

The few words about DDLC were enough for me to think it could be interesting so I downloaded it and played.

After finishing the game I was reading on the internet to find some additional information. I found an interview where Dan Salvato says something about Yume Nikki being one of the games he was inspired by.

I decided to find out what this Yume Nikki is. I googled it, downloaded and played.
I like this game.
This week, after many days I reached the ending.


do people on this site really give two hoots about gametheory? it only appeals to kids and its easy to avoid


I think they're mostly referring to the influx and flooding of communities caused by GT and other YouTubers. I don't think anyone here actually watches his content.


Yume Nikki is too old and too high-concept for the fandom kiddies. It's got natural immunities in place. I wouldn't worry unless one of the bigger youtubers plays it (which they won't, because it's too old and too weird for the ad-money children). Dream Diary didn't kill us, I don't think anything will.


pretty sure we'll be fine. Earthbound gets quite a bit attention from MatPat, and it's still one of the best fanbases out there.

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