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You're right, it seems to be the message they wanna give. People have faith too quickly and don't question shady things


like how the screenshots for this new game look like absolute dookie


If you read it, it's obviously from Kikiyama.


Yes I am. If the only reason why everybody is suddenly convinced that this kiki is fake is because of what some steam dev said, that's not full-proof. We don't know if that guy is in contact with the real kiki, so why would we believe anything they say? This feels like a knee-jerk reaction.




Wouldn't it be illegal for them to do that though? I mean lying on an image board is one thing but what you're suggesting is a bit more serious.




If Kiki's not around to say otherwise, nobody can really ever know if they actually got his consent or not.


Both are fraud, Kadokawa and this Kiki. I know the OP of this thread. Kadokawa is most likely fraud cause they have no evidence of having contact with him. But, no, this Kiki isn't real


File: 1516851916100.jpg (178.75 KB, 1280x960, kikiyama.jpg)





Do it.


That a demo will be released after the countdown and whatnot? Eh, not sure I buy it.


I don't know if true but since people here don't understand japanese (except for a few translators/that jap poster), most people seem to have missed the post.
Eh, could be real, could be not, but we're posting in the best fraud thread so…


File: 1516852102947.jpg (33.31 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.1349871157_ncu9.jpg)


File: 1516852153405.png (3.78 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


I'm Kikiyama
Mado was raped


but was it lesbian rape?


File: 1516852727872.jpg (142.45 KB, 704x802, 1435342307911.jpg)

So, according to >>7903 , when the countdown ends a demo will be released on steam for testing specs and internal functionality and game mechanics. Naturally, since it's a 3D game, there will be changes to the core gameplay but they're only to improve the playability on a 3D environment. ETA for full release is on late February.
Take that with a grain of salt, of course. Poster didn't use faggotsuki image reaction so it's likely fake.





File: 1516854669227.jpg (36.13 KB, 600x851, CjUUCSPUkAAQuaj.jpg)

No shit sherlock. And here I was asking kikiyama if he liked dickme dicki…


project yn has done it what makes thid new company any different? kikiyama can't fight any copyright infringements because he's dead. people like you who want to rape a dead man's ip deserve a slow painful death.


Regarding what's supposedly a verification of this not being Kikiyama:

That steam developer, cheru..
Lol what the hell guys, who is cheru?
Why have you all, all around the internet, taken this person's words for granted?
Look at how he said it, just 4 words, in such a casual manner. That in of itself alone would bring me to questioning the credibility, but that's far from the only issue with the credibility of his claim(which is that this here in this thread is not Kikiyama).
All we know is that he is associated with this new Yume Nikki game, BUT why in the world are you all assuming he is associated with Kikiyama in any way, yet alone for their association to be personal enough for the developer claiming here it is not KIkiyama to know what Kikiyama does on the internet?
No where have I seen that Kikiyama is involved personally with this new Yume Nikki game, they just have his copyright.
I don't understand the credibility given to these 4 words said by someone for who I repeat, you have no idea about being acquainted with Kikiyama.



"Nowhere have I seen that Kikiyama is involved personally with this new Yume Nikki game, they just have his copyright."

their* copyright


http://steamcommunity.com/app/650700/discussions/0/1693785035830519137/ He says he's been talking to kikiyama for years, and when asked to ask kikiyama to update his site, he just gave filler words and didn't really answer the question in a normal mannor. I don't trust his credibility either


File: 1516862437921.png (25.54 KB, 649x466, cheru.png)


File: 1516863051328.png (39.57 KB, 639x499, Screenshot_1.png)



Hello, the developer of Dreaming Sarah. I liked your game a lot. Thank you.
- random fan


File: 1516869066697.png (337.38 KB, 508x266, wut am i readin.PNG)


We still don't have an answer for this though. I'm assuming marisaperon9 was the faker?


Except that fits the style exactly and nothing about it is 'scary-ass'. It looks just like the Mall NPCs or shitty-san. I'm not claiming Kiki actually did it, but whoever faked it did well enough.


File: 1516873318468.png (104.41 KB, 1008x577, Gale_2018-01-16_14-29-04.png)

Thanks anon. Always makes me glad to hear someone out there has enjoyed it.


I still believe in you Kikiyama! Don't go, anon loves you! Come back!


File: 1516886643343.gif (826.74 KB, 264x480, 1324468086005.gif)

Kikiyama will never check out your fangames LUL


mail thing was also fake too?
I'm sad


We have no idea about this.


Until Kikiyama through recognisably credible means themself make a statament, no one else can particulary hold credibility over maters concerning Kikiyama.


>He says he's been talking to kikiyama for years
Okay, so now we know that he's full of shit. How hard is it to post screen caps? The initial reaction in this thread was probably unwarranted, but the sudden shift in attitude because of some random faggot seems just as uncalled for. The best evidence that this kikiyama is fake is actually this post.


Yeah this is suspicious. On the one hand, they say they have talked with Kikiyama for years. On the other hand, they say they contacted him with an email in order to make the game, which has been in development for 8 months. It doesn't match.

Can someone post a pic with that "for years" comment? Just to confirm it's not an anon exagerating


>Playism has been talking to Kikiyama for years now

That doesn't mean they've been meeting and talking every day, could be every couple of months. I have no reason to believe they're lying.


Playism were the ones to already have contact with him for years. Active Gaming Media Inc. were the ones to contact him for the new game.


Disregard this post I suck cocks. Playism is a platform owned by AGM


File: 1516916127896-0.jpg (29.54 KB, 640x263, 1.JPG)

File: 1516916127896-1.jpg (17.67 KB, 639x153, 2.JPG)



Look, Kikiyama's website is a thing based on something physical.
Be it that someone is paying for it, or that it's hosted via someone's personal equipment, it is something that continually requires someone's attention/dedication.
Why in the world, would Kikiyama not have made (or simply not make, since time's not short) any changes to their active website?
They can say whatever they wish, the Steam developer(s), but we have no verification..
Their reply in the screenshot you've posted is literally at the credibility level of gossip, since they've just written what they have, without ANYONE verifying it(anyone who could verify it)..
It's the same as the supposed Kikiyama here, it's based on blind trust.
The copyright is all the new game has.
Kikiyama might have died a long time ago, or something.
That's just a crazy guess, but we don't know.



Check the "Some Details/Developer Info Tidbits" thread on /yndd/. We got an official confirmation that they're part of the project.

>Kikiyama is properly on board with the project, he worked as a designer on the project and personally signed off on everything he chose for them to move forward with on the project and contributed ideas and scrapped ideas for the original for things to be added to it. Everything has gone through and been approved by Kikiyama for this project.

>Apparently how Kikiyama got involved was not that extravagant. They used the public email on Kikiyama's site and got into contact with them. Kikiyama has received a LOT of emails over the years and is not very happy about it, they asked only for people to email them about project relevant stuff. Kikiyama will not be doing interviews or popping up online anytime soon though, they aren't getting involved with the public.


Yume Nikki -Dream Diary-
A [f]raud for fans


It is just what they say, because they can say it, because of "owning" the copyright now.


File: 1517023099770.png (118.82 KB, 225x227, 1488296737684.png)

>ITT: Uboachan gets trolled by a fake Kikiyama

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