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So if by any small chance kikiyama is involved in this new project, this may be the last chance to share some new theories, and even if not, it's still a good idea.

I will go with a few of my thoughts, without the typical theories that bore me because they're too obvious.

What's in common between things like ufos, ancient ruins, stories about ghosts and creatures in the sewers and dark places, urban legends, in Japan also Yuki-onna etc? Yep, those tv programs that always use the things, Madotsuki could possibly like those and enjoy watching them.

Lucid dreams
I used to write "yume nikki" on the title of my diary of lucid dreams (where I wrote the experience, technical mistakes I made during them, and plans for next time - the usual in the best method I use, can describe it in /yume/ if anyone's interested) so that nobody figures out what the notebook is, and then I find out there's a game with the name. Fiction with dream/lucid dream theme is rare so I started it, and was actually surprised it shows some lucid dream mechanics well - for example the room in the lucid dream is the same with minor changes, or it reflects the past state of the room (in which case Madotsuki bought the console recently). And a lot of Effects are things one actually tries in a lucid dream - dividing consciousness into more thanone body, flying, influencing reality/weather, changing appearance and the list can go on, including poop hair - making realistic smells appear (the reality of the perception really impresses and shocks beginners in lucid dreming). And lucid dream doesn't always mean full control of the space around you - Madotsuki can simply not know how to do it, and thinking it should be stable like it is, and using effects may be a new "rule" she came up to actually make some changes possible. And of course you can only pinch your cheek to wake up if you actually know it's a dream.

UBOA with the perspective of lucid dreaming
When Madotsuki with not perfect control of lucid dream space wants to see a concrete person - Poniko, while not being calm and believing it's possible, narurally gets an unserponsive to anything person. And if Madotsuki came all the way to Poniko's room to find out the answer to "how will you react if I actually come to your room and turn off the light there?" - which suggests that Madotsuki likes Poniko but is afraid to see her reaction (no matter positive or negative, will she be sad, laugh at her or something else) she gets nothing because she doesn't believe she can get an answer in the dream world, and is projecting her fears and expectations to Poniko which assures she keeps not reacting or in the worst case, the fears materialize in some abstract way. And I am not making things up, speaking here as a lucid dreamer with experience.


File: 1516106485754.gif (573.83 KB, 800x657, UroRAVE.gif)

Another thought
I read a series of 10 books, and therir themes were dream worlds, lucid dreams, deserts in America with tall and dry-looking plants with a mysterious vibe enough to see creatures from other world, weird portals, unexpected perspectives and complete silence. Also ancient ruins and pyramids of America with their melancholic mysteries, colorful pattarns to which Yume Nikki images were compared to (not always directly though, but on various book edition covers more than I expected), the books also talked about journeys from the dream world to other existing worlds by noticing and touching/following creatures (which can be disguised as objects too) that are somewhat different or seem misplaced in the normal dream scenery, and you can wake up normally from these worlds. Also these creatures from other worlds you can get to help you. And in some special state of consciousness you see all living creatures in the form of eggs (seeing pure energy instead of the material world), color of egg depends on what kind of creature it is. Too much coincidences! And finally, the books had a thing that was called "a jump into the unknown", where someone actually jumps from some cliff in a state of higher consciousness and during the fall joins the "left and right parts of the consciousness" and does some thing to end in some other place of this or some other world, don't remember much of that part of the books. So Madotsuki could have tried to do the same and failed, with her body ending up dead and jellyfish being her left and right sides of consciousness since you can control the jellyfish at the ending screen. So there is a tiny chance parts of Yume Nikki were inspired by the books.
But all of the above is of course just a wild guess and the books are most likely unrelated to Yume Nikki, but they're at least a very fun read with Yume Nikki vibes sometimes, reads like a philosophical adventure. The books writer is Carlos Castaneda. List of titles:
1. The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
2. A Separate Reality
3. Journey to Ixtlan
4. Tales of Power
5. The Second Ring of Power
6. The Eagle's Gift
7. The Fire From Within
8. The Power of Silence
9. The Art of Dreaming
10. The Active Side of Infinity
People often recommend SKIPPING THE FIRST 2 BOOKS and starting from the THIRD: Journey to Ixtlan, I agree with this.


You write like this guy.

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