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File: 1514282936545.jpg (55.42 KB, 500x666, 1514273120245.jpg)

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Someone took a photo of a Yume Nikki poster for the upcoming Comic Market 93.
What the fuck is that?


Was just about to post this too. Of course we're not likely to get an answer here outside of LE FRAUD, but maybe someone at least knows Japanese? What the hell could this be.


File: 1514292966766.jpg (69.36 KB, 690x920, DR84jx2VAAAql6e.jpg)

Here's a closer shot of the text


'The focus of the event is not on the big publishers but on “dojinshi” – small, independent artists and publishers who often create comics in small runs that erm… borrow from more well known franchises. '

So probably another doujinshi


All I can read is that it's going to be on kadokawa's stand next comiket. But they don't have it listed there https://www.comike-matometemita.com/event/c93-1311/
I cant read shit of the smaller part at the bottom though. Where are you guys getting these pics from? Maybe we can find better ones.


It can't be fraud if it's doujin. We call things "fraud" when they pretend to be "originals authorized by kikiyama".
It seems to be an animation, get hyped guys.


>Of course we're not likely to get an answer here outside of LE FRAUD
Nice strawman mate, if you don't like it here you can like fuck off?


If it's just a doujinshi why would there be a whole poster? Is that how it's typically done?




This was my first thought but the art-style looks completely different, doesn't it? Madotsuki is more realistically proportioned in this new poster.


The logo is different and that thing was already released.

Yeah, apparently nobody knows exactly what it is but some korean guys think it's an animation.


Yes, some doujin circles are bigger than others. Ever heard of a faggot called nasu? They generally go like this. Kadokawa isn't two nerds drawing tentacles, you know?


A YN animation would be too big for a doujinshi thing though, right? Unless they were advertising it here to let fans know?


Touhou Mangekyo is a doujin anime. Remember otaku no video? That's a classic, and don't forget that PV made by Anno and his pals in the 80's. Doujin anime exists, and there are dozens of PVs made by fan circles too every once in a while. It's nothing too outworldly. If anything, it's a miracle somebody bothered to touch YN since it seems the japs had forgotten about it for a while.
How new are you to these things? No offense meant, but these things are… fairly, fairly common. Comiket is really a big thing there, contrary to anime cons here where almost everybody is a snowflake with no talent who only wants your money.


>A YN animation would be too big for a doujinshi thing
No, it wouldn't.


Kadokawa does mostly anime don't they?


No, they deal with everything. It's probably an animation because there's nothing about a YN manga in their catalog for C93 and a poster for manga is a bit weird. So it really looks like it's going to be a PV.


A YN anime is the only thing that hasn't been done yet, even though the game is pretty much perfectly suited for it.


Just for the record, "anime" and "PV" aren't the same thing. There are dozens of fan animations of YN already (we even have a thread around here), this is just a new one.


Might be wrong but none of them have been advertised this way


File: 1514323238285.jpg (287.43 KB, 600x572, 1507794849905.jpg)

It's being advertised because the people behind it are big AND in comiket. ZUN barely makes a post and yet everybody yells at the top of their lungs when a new touhou comes.
Gobou uploads his videos and yet people barely notices, despite they are some of the best (if not he best) fan animations. Gobou doesn't go to comiket as an artist though (as far as I know).


There's no dialogue and the, "story", is non-linear. How is it perefectly suited?



Because it's innovative (af) and there is a loyal fandom? (I wonder how big it is, exactly.)

Also, it doesn't matter where the animation would start; just cover all the events and effects (would be perfect for an animation with short episodes imo; let all of them start as a new dream beginning in the bedroom or nexus (depending on the distance), so people who haven't played the game can be like "wat") and don't forget the atmosphere and sound.

BAM. Masterpiece.

No matter what that poster is advertising, I'm super happy YN gets more attention again!


File: 1514330067846.jpg (118.93 KB, 355x504, 1505456388795.jpg)

It'd definitely be nice if that was the case here, but chances are that if this is indeed an animation it will be a 10 minute PV. And just hope dialoge is nonexistent and it's handled like tenshi no tamago, or something like that. I really wouldn't want to see k-on nikki.


File: 1514593786745.png (357.65 KB, 1007x299, Novel description.png)

Ok, so I've been digging up a few things, trying to figure what's going on.

So, the first thing that I found interesting is that, apparently, the rights for Yume Nikki are still property of Yume Nikki Project, as they were when the Manga, Light Novel and all those things came out, but unlike before, Kikiyama's name is not in the 2004-2008 time frame, but it's included as the 2017 rights holder. You can compare pic related with how it appears in yumenikki.net

On the other hand, and reading this description for the mobile novel, it looks like Kikiyama gave the approval to write this: "原作者のききやま氏から許可を得たうえで制作した作品です". By the way, the novel is called the 14th door.

I find this interesting, because it looks like Kikiyama is somehow involved in all this, specially with the right's change being there. The approval looks more in line with what happened before with the manga and the light novel.

So why is Kadokawa in all this? They own the tool where the mobile novel was written, and of course they own RPG maker too. To me, it looks as if they are trying to use Yume Nikki (and other works) as a means to make this app to write your own phone novels more popular. But it may as well be the opposite, and they may be trying to promote Yume Nikki for whatever project they have in their hands,

So, whatever this is, I'm slightly optimistic. I guess it will be announced properly either today or tomorrow, since it says Comiket93 on those posters (hell if I can read that last kanji though).


The texst is:
Something that can't be seen on these pictures is that it also says "copyright 2018", so whatever it is wont be released this comiket. Again, more than likely a PV of whatever is coming.



I'm more excited for this than I am for New Year's Eve.


File: 1514600395261.png (15.09 KB, 344x135, 1514449707807.png)

Sorry for the fucks up there, wrote it from the phone.

As long as it isn't a big piece of shit like the manga I'm all in for anything.



The manga was okay, in my opinion.

It didn't have the same atmosphere due to the author not having stayed entirely true to the game and its original content, but the art style was cool (besides the characters).

A manga version of all the stuff happening (nothing besides the effects was covered here) from another perspective, without any context would have been much better.

But I know I'm not allowed to complain, since a "tiny" fandom has to appreciate everything it gets, even if it's a pile of shit.



The last line of my previous comment doesn't even make sense since the commenter before used the same words before in another context…

Damn it, I'm going to sleep.

Or not.


But nothing Happend


Well, it does say "Copyright 2018", but don't get your hopes high.


Yume Nikki is such a special video game, is it even possible to make a good adaptation of it in manga/anime


A world-less anime focused only on atmosphere, with music similar to the game could be done well.


File: 1514802256468.png (713.83 KB, 1419x1080, IMG_20180101_111917.png)

I would love if it at least looked like this.


File: 1514850940379.jpg (539.22 KB, 2048x1536, DSXe3CtUQAEd1ti.jpg large.jpg)

Does anyone know if Kadokawa promotes only anime adaptations with posters like this?

It's true for Satsuriku no Tenshi at least.


File: 1514856758336.jpg (135.12 KB, 900x1200, DSHE0HRVoAAxZAg.jpg)

That poster explicitly says "The broadcast of a TV Anime has been decided for 2018", while there's absolutely nothing in our poster other than "Coming Soon". It's interesting to note nonetheless that it points to their booth in C93, just as this YN thing does, so it seems like they intended to present something. The question is, did anyone figure out what? So far I haven't seen people overseas reacting to it so apparently nobody bothered to ask or they didn't mention anything about it.


>©2018 kikiyama
>©Project Yumenikki
Jokes aside im looking foward to this, it might revive a bit of the dead fandom. Let's just hope it's not like the manga.


Kikiyama agreed, so it's not fraud.

Why do people keep saying that?


Oh, it was a joke probably.

Still, why do some other people keep saying this?


It's called tradition. And it's true anyway. The proof of kiki approving any of that is zero, it very well could be fraud.


I'm pretty sure Kikiyama would already have complained if they did Project Yumenikki without her consent.


File: 1514920474213.jpg (76.62 KB, 199x570, 1512875012676.jpg)

On the same line of thought, kiki could at least have updated the HP adding details about the endorsement, but that never happened. Remember that activity by part of kiki is null though (not replying to mails, or updatong his site), plus the fact we interrogated surfer para about how they contacted kiki and how they never replied to that question. If you sum 2 + 2 you see that something isn't right here.

Also, kiki isn't a "her" as far as we are aware. Most likely male than female but we can't prove anything so w/e.


You're right. It sure is weird. False assumptions from my side.

I still hope Kadokawa or anyone will tell what kind of project was planned with that poster…

Another question:
Who exactly does the copyright of Yume Nikki belong to?


According to the Berne Convention, Kikiyama owns the copyright by default and does so for a very long time. This is a major problem with copyright law: in addition to automatic copyright upon fixing a work in a tangible medium (generally a good thing) the copyright has an extremely long term. Yume Nikki is what's known as an "orphan work." The creator is gone and has no apparent interest in actually enforcing copyright, but it's technically still not legal to treat the work as public domain and Kikiyama could pop up out of nowhere and sue if something successful enough came about using Yume Nikki as a basis.


Honestly I wouldn't mind if that happened becuase it would confirm that they're alive.


Yeah, but the point is Kikiyama is about a decade silent now and no one can coax a reply out of him/her/it if copyright was properly balanced instead of bought and paid for by Disney it would have fallen into the public domain years ago.



That would be the one-and-only crime I would actually commit then.


>Kikiyama agreed, so it's not fraud.
Show me one official source, you can't.
Do you know something we don't?


There's nothing proving Kikiyama is a man.


File: 1514945009856.jpg (64.35 KB, 639x463, CUPQ1CsUEAEXN6t.jpg large.jpg)

As far as we know, Kikiyama is Kikiyama. No associated gender, although I read about Kikiyama being possibly female due to how they would refer to themselves through email when that address was still responsive.


File: 1514945329790.png (8.43 KB, 300x300, 1514463788357.png)

>although I read about Kikiyama being possibly female due to how they would refer to themselves through email when that address was still responsive.
Bullshit, 私 is a pronoun used both by males and females when you want to sound neutral and polite, which correlates with how kiki writed in the readme and the HP. I use 私 along keigo when I write to japanese people and have a dick here, because that's just how manners work. Whoever wrote that shit didn't know jack shit about japanese language and etiquette.


File: 1514945620512.jpg (149.74 KB, 418x501, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou….jpg)

Alright, I'll keep that in mind then. Try calming down, I was only mentioning something I heard. I agree with you that the gender is unknown.


File: 1514945724071.jpg (155.27 KB, 850x1198, __may_lee_the_king_of_figh….jpg)

You're doing god's work, anon.


File: 1514945784706.jpg (422.81 KB, 495x1173, 4f6b0d1f9d248bb002f625fd5e….jpg)

I wasn't bashing at you, but whoever started this shit; I remember that somebody started posting shit of YN found in tvtropes and one of those said kiki was a girl too (but can't remember why, I think it was this). It's just too stupid, you can't inflect the gender from the speech because it's completely neutral, kiki could be a tree for all we know.



Sorry, I wrote that before I realized that all the information is vague.


I did surf through tvtropes a few days ago as well. I guess I got it all mixed up, I can't even remember what info came from where…


you heard it here first folks, kiki's a tree





Kigi. That's kigi. That's not kiki. That's the repeated kanji for "ki" as in tree but it's not "kiki."


File: 1514953962962.jpg (6.35 KB, 256x256, 13514_p0.jpg)


Hint: kigi is a word, kiki is an ateji spelling of the name and 100% valid. I see nips doing it all the time. Even this guy agrees http://yumenikki.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Mt.kiki/Mt.kiki


So… any news about this yet?


You mean you have been down like the site?
YN is on Steam right now, and Kadokawa has opened this site:


This is going to be so much fun.


File: 1515793842665.jpg (129.37 KB, 768x630, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg)

Watching the trailer gave me hope after reading all the scared and angry posts about how much it's going to ruin Yume Nikki.


You know there's a second pv, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc0KzL1LjBg&


I don't trust Kadokawa with it though
Seems like they are turning YN into a multi-media project


Kadokawa is shit but at the end of the day just out for money. The worst they're gonna do is make merchandise. I would be more interested to hear about the staff.
>inb4 Mado VA

The PV reminds me of this Adult Swim show called "Off the Air".


Are we sure it's an anime? Not sure how I feel about that.


The new countdown is called "gamecountdown"
So It's either a VN, a remake, or some new game

Any option is HYPE AS FUCK
I'd prefer no VN though, best case would be a YN expansion and 0.2 update


I don't know how i feel about a remake or a VN. Why can't we just get an anime.


I'd honestly be really happy with a remake. Normally I hate them but seeing a new take on YN is always fun, which is why a lot of the fangames are good.


File: 1515797174976-0.png (433.24 KB, 648x900, January18.png)

File: 1515797174976-1.png (395.67 KB, 551x900, January19.png)

File: 1515797174976-2.png (426.83 KB, 430x900, January20.png)

File: 1515797174976-3.png (156.31 KB, 266x900, January21.png)

Posting the leaked files from the website


File: 1515797208314-0.png (545.28 KB, 842x900, January22.png)

File: 1515797208314-1.png (282.56 KB, 264x900, January23.png)



This is definitely starting to look like some sort of visual novel to me based on that art.
Which would suck unless it was REALLY open ended, you can't do exploration like YN in a Visual Novel.

Has anything else been leaked from the site yet?


File: 1515798771318.png (354.1 KB, 393x900, umgpUT7.png)

The countdown art killed all possibilities of it ever being good.


Not like this…


The pv is horrible, it looks like they want to turn yn into a yandere kawaii uguu shit with all the blood and bells and crying and strip it of all the cool things it had.


File: 1515802137689.png (191.37 KB, 1280x720, YUMENIKKI –DREAM DIARY–(ゆめ….png)

Dream Diary - Dream Diary
Nice title.


File: 1515802291679.png (47.76 KB, 1280x720, YUMENIKKI –DREAM DIARY– We….png)


Why? It's not like Kiki is actually making this stuff or that the project has his supervision (See: Project YumeNikki and FRAUD). It's just Kadokawa running out of milking material and opting for YN. While the new content is a good way to revive the community, the way they are handling it seems shit. I would be fine with a fan animation or novel but a big megacorp coming around and staining YN's legacy, (or lack of, at this point) potentially releasing updates/remakes without the original creative vision really feels shitty for me. Not that they don't or can't make good stuff, it just feels like they're unnecessarily bringing something up.
Why can't some things stay dead for the better?


File: 1515804476196.jpg (15.72 KB, 391x178, chrome_2018-01-12_17-17-25….jpg)

Well he is credited on the copyright section, probably he just gave permission or maybe he is actually involved, who knows, I am just happy he is still alive. I too am worried about this and have low expectation after seeing the PV and the leaked art but at this point let's just wait these 11 days to see what it actually is.


Why do you act like that actully means anything? I'd be willing to be bet that that copyright information was just put there to save face. To me, it seems like this a cheap attempt at exploting a piece of media that is largely considred irrelevant becuase they wouldn't have to worry about the creator of said media. If I were them, I would do the same. Yume Nikki has enough recognition to be worth their time, but there's no way that they would have bothered with it if kikiyama hadn't disappeared. It's practically a freebie.This could mean that even companies,which have to worry about stuff like copyright, think kiki is either dead, or has just stopped giving a fuck. Think about that. If my theory is correct, even companies acknowledge that kiki is effectively dead and feel safe using his work without permission. These are very dark times…


Seriously, you people should stop with your tinfoil hat theories. I'm worried you will start talking about the flat earth soon enough.

Kiki never cared about what others did with his project. Yes, your theory is possible, just like it's possible that NASA is giving us fake footage and thousands are involved in a huge hoax. If they didn't have Kiki's permission, they wouldn't bother to put it in. They don't need to. They could do one million things other than YN. There's no point for anyone to fake all this other than pleasing your ego. And the only reason you convinced yourselves that this is a hoax is so that you can keep denying it all.

Accept it already, Kikiyama is fine with other people creating things out fo Yume Nikki, be it you, me, or Kadokawa.


You're assuming a lot of stuff lmao


So what? What kikiyama's feelings are is irrelevant. Why would they not give any response at all to the tons of people who have emailed them, but suddenly perk up their ears and explicitly give permission to some company while also not bothering to update their site in any way? There's also no way that some company would somehow have found an alternative way of contacting kikiyama, when regular people who have been trying to do so for years haven't. They're not the CIA. I don't buy it. They put copyright information on all of their stuff, so why would this be any different? Permission or no, they have good reason enough reason to put something there. It means nothing, and that's my point.


I'm excited. It's either going to be an amusing trainwreck, a neat fangame-esque experience, or something out of left field, and I'm okay with any of it since the original game will still remain the original game. Manga had nice art and laughable story.

The only thing that would blow my mind is Kikiyama changing anything on their website, posting a new project, or even just concept art behind Yume Nikki. That's all I'd ever want.

Think of it this way: Would a big corporation take a huge public risk like this if they didn't have Kikiyama's permission? Even if say they knew Kikiyama was dead, do you think they'd risk a friend or family member going public, showing proof of Kikiyama owning the website or something, and cause a huge scandal?

Also, it's one thing seeing thousands of spam emails from some foreigners, but when you see some officially marked email from the company that made the engine you worked on, then yeah, you'd probably give that more attention, and were like, "Sure, do whatever you want, you have my permission legally to do this. Kay, goodbye."


Because money. It seems very likely at this point that Kikiyama doesn't even check the email provided by them. At one point, they responded to emails, but then they just stopped entirely. It sems far-fetched that Kikiyama would check that email just in case something important came up when there was no reason for them to think it would. Also, if Kikyama's family cared enough to say something, they probably would have done something about all of the merch based on Yume Nikki already sold. That's also assuming that Kikyama's family would both know about the pseudonym and pay any attention to this kind of stuff. Besides, who would actually believe somebody who just claimed to be kikiyama's relative? The only person who could call them out would by kikiyama themself or somebody with help from kikiyama, and there's no reason to believe kikiyama would do that after all this time and everything that has happened. The actual legal grounds are also rocky since kikiyama doesn't own rpg maker, so why would kikiyama or his family risk the anonymity that kikiyama clearly values for something that they very apparently lost interest in without even knowing if it's within their right to complain?


>List of personal opinions
One question, where did Kikiyama say any of this is legit? Answer that and I leave this shithole forever.


>Would a big corporation take a huge public risk like this if they didn't have Kikiyama's permission?
Yes, big companies shit on small developers, musicians and artists ALL THE TIME without consequences, that was never a risk.


because of japanese copyright laws, kikiyama would still be the copyright holder for a couple years(i think 50?) even if he was dead/missing in action. this isn't just a company risking a scandal, this is possibly illegal. i don't think they'd take that risk.


File: 1515815630549.png (76.62 KB, 735x224, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at ….png)

In the html header, I saw: ゲーム「YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- (ユメニッキ ドリームダイアリー)」は近日発売予定です。
Which means something along html lines of "Yume Nikki - Dream Diary: Available for pre-order in a few days.


Yeah, and whose checking? Unless kikyama says something, which they very likely will not, nothing will happen. At this point, would kikiyama even be able to identify themself if they wanted to? Even that's questionable.


File: 1515830215203.jpg (39.48 KB, 336x243, 1469424233946.jpg)

From what it looks like, it seems to be a follow-up/sequel/remake rather than an anime judging from >>7266
Which I don't think is a good thing, I'd rather have Yume Nikki not have a sequel that lacks the style of the original.
And if this turns out to be stereotypical anime shit I'm fucking shooting myself.


I'm wondering how this would even stand up to some of the bigger fangames? 2kki alone is an excellent sequel/spinoff.


I think they're great, though that pic you posted is the worst one.


Its a dating sim




Mado looks weird but I have no issue with the others, really.
red flag red flag red flag


2kki and .flow are better sequels than any straight YN sequel could ever be. The story YN had to tell ended, Madotsuki is dead. There is no good reason to come back to it.


Where did he say it isn't? The problem I have with you is not that you bring a possibility to the table, but that you are convinced you are in the right.


That could mean simply that it's launching soon. It's not necessarily talking about sales.


I'm not knowledgeable about this but isn't it illegal to put the creator copyright without their consent?


Mado best girl.


Just the fact that it's a game and not another sorry attempt to turn the original game into a more conventional story like the manga is practically a blessing.
I feel like if they bothered to put the effort into making a sequel to Yume Nikki, they probably have something pretty good in mind. We'll just have to wait and see.
The fangames are overrated trite. The fact that they're praised anywhere near the level of the original is a fucking insult. They're just cheap, lazy rip-offs that only exist for people to show off their RPG Maker 'skills'.


> They're just cheap, lazy rip-offs that only exist for people to show off their RPG Maker 'skills'.

okei. sure.


Using YN's general gameplay style doesn't make something tripe. That's like saying all shooters are trash because Doom exists.


> this is possibly illegal. i don't think they'd take that risk.
Sorry, maybe I should have used caps where I said it happens ALL THE TIME.
Corporations defecate in the heads of defenseless producers and the posibility of Kikiyama being defenseles(disabled, dead, etc) is firm.


>Where did he say it isn't? The problem I have with you is not that you bring a possibility to the table, but that you are convinced you are in the right.
I'm not, if Kikiyama updates their website, I will be proven wrong and celebrate this new thing.


See this? >>7283 This is not someone that is not convinced that he's right. Now, you may not be like him, but most people that talk about fraud have blind faith in their conspiracy theory.

Imho, it's quite unlikely that there's any fraud going on. It's not like YN is a multi million dollars franchise. As far as I'm aware, sales have been average at best. It's just not worth getting into trouble. You would need to basically build the franchise from the ground, and if you are doing that, you may as well do it with something you really own.


Fraud or not it looks like shit. I don't dig it.


That's great man, your opinion is yours, we may all enjoy our opinions.




shit, didn't even think of that.


>all shooters are trash because Doom exists
but it's true


What about wolfenstein?


File: 1516017109078.jpg (1.01 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_0143.JPG)

Yume Nikki has been talked to death. Before the big announcement, this imageboard (from my lurking perspective) seemed to consist mostly of conversations about being NEET. The game has already been squeezed dry of all meaningful discussion, so why does anybody care what happens to the community? Friends you already have made can stay your friends. There are a million obscure imageboards to talk about being NEET on. If anything, a new project is the only chance this community has to be revitalised.

Likewise, despite other shitty projects (e.g. the manga,) v0.10 remains enjoyable to play. Whatever kadokawa gives us, no matter how shitty it is, v0.10 will still be special.

Basically, this whole situation is either going to give us something to be happy about, or affect nothing. If you measure your expectations, you can only be pleasantly surprised or come out exactly the same.

Everybody complaining needs to pick up a new hobby.


Yeah because the possibility of a bunch of corporate faggots making false official content without Kikiyama's authorization doesn't affect anything.
Also, you said it right there
>There are a million obscure imageboards to talk about being NEET on.

Why not this one? You know a horde of normies is coming, and you know we don't want them here.



>Yeah because the possibility of a bunch of corporate faggots making false official content without Kikiyama's authorization doesn't affect anything.

You're basing your opinion on things you don't even know are true yet, as likely as they may be. Besides, unironically, yes, it affects nothing of the enjoyment from kiki's original creation.

>Why not this one? You know a horde of normies is coming, and you know we don't want them here

Nothing lasts forever and you're wasting energy stressing over things you can't control. Besides, you don't have to be a normie to have your life together, maybe this is the kick up the arse you need.



Pretty much this.


File: 1516024719018.png (38.05 KB, 352x610, fraudver.png)

>Besides, unironically, yes, it affects nothing of the enjoyment from kiki's original creation.
So you're saying that the development of Yume Nikki up to 1.00 doesn't have consequences?
They have shown the intention of updating it, it already happened, the Steam version is 0.10a an it has changes on it(Even though those are fixes or minor stuff), they will obviously add new stuff, new worlds? New effects maybe?

The point is, canon will change for those fans who consider the Steam version legit, and the community will be divided, it already is, see file.

It's not just that though, I'm a fan of this game, and to see corrupt degenerates abuse the developer simply makes me mad, so if this is true fraud, it does affect things.

>Nothing lasts forever and you're wasting energy stressing over things you can't control.

You're right here, it's inevitable.

>Besides, you don't have to be a normie to have your life together, maybe this is the kick up the arse you need.

My life is perfectly fine and I love it.


As far as I'm aware, there is no changes at all on that steam release (source: http://jp.automaton.am/articles/newsjp/20170110-60642/ ) other than fixing what the translators broke (missing sounds/BGM). Why on fucking earth would they dare to add a fucking alpha to it, beats me. It's stupid because they're not developing, they are only fixing their shit. Maybe they could add a "ENVER0.10α" and that would be kind of okay since that makes it different from the original, but it's really, really needless.


>other than fixing what the translators broke (missing sounds/BGM)
How could they fuck up something like this? How could they release it like that?


>the Steam version is 0.10a
To be fair, that "version" has existed since Playism first released their translation back on 2015.


>v0.10 will still be special.
Good post. I don't think anything can change the initial impact that discovering this game had on me. If anything, more fans and new discussion will only help me understand why I feel so personally connected to this god damn game.


An Anime kinda like Angel's Egg would be good.


File: 1516857384721.jpeg (6.29 KB, 234x215, download (9).jpeg)

madotsuki looks like the same as the one on the countdown website


File: 1516865233569.gif (3.57 KB, 320x240, Untitled3.gif)

hey ya'll i'm hungry for more content

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