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File: 1512077283544-0.png (6.32 KB, 176x174, Mado's_Room.png)

File: 1512077283544-1.png (58.42 KB, 608x291, Poniko's_room.png)


Just noting that the furniture in Poniko's room is identical to Mado's dream room (Dream room has no famicom, sorry, couldn't take screenshots for some reason, had to use images from wiki, wiki only had the real world room, not dream room), except from one thing: Poniko's closet. Now, having a closet
is (obviously) significant, because of closet Madotsuki. Perhaps indicating that Poniko is also just as 'closeted' as Mado.


Or it could represent Uboa hiding in the closet.
I mean it's right next to the lightswitch.


It's a called a wardrobe. There's a difference.
>Poniko is also just as 'closeted' as Mado
I really hope that this is a shitty attempt at being funny.


They're really not that similar at all. Different shelves, different desks, different chairs, Poni's got a winder…


Very average japanese room, to be honest. You could even argue that at least one character from every anime ever set in Japan has the same room.


I thought I was the only one who noticed! It's like they have the same desk with lamp, bed, carpet, pillow on floor, and bookshelf! I wonder if this has any sort of meaning to it.


Yes their furniture is CLEARLY a metaphor for something and not just decorative.


No, I mean the fact that their rooms look so similar, yet are both so far apart and isolated from everything else. This, with the fact that Poniko's house is where you find Uboa when you turn off the lights, makes me wonder what it could mean.


Does everything need a meaning?


No. Everything in the game is isolated and their rooms aren't that similar. Kikiyama wanted to put a room there and he probably didn't feel like going out of his way to make the rooms look completely different, so there's a few similarities. Even if you are actually right, and the few things in common do mean something even though those similarities are very common place, there's literally no way of knowing for sure. It's a pointless exercise to look at every single little thing in the game and stretch all the way to moon and back to come up with some kind of convoluted connection between them.


I don't think it means anything. If you watch a lot of anime you'll notice how very similar the rooms are in different shows.


Did you notice too that each of their rooms have walls? Almost suggesting they're both "Walled" in or have "built walls around themselves?" Of course there are also doors, but doors open and close, much like mouths and eyes do, but Mado doesn't ever speak, nor does she open her eyes. Does that mean she never leaves her room?!

Yes this is a shitpost

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