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File: 1511568945002.jpg (823.83 KB, 778x1010, yumenikki_sketch.jpg)


Hey there. I am an amateur cartoonist that makes cartoons and drawings and comic books and such, and I really love Yume Nikki. So, I decided I would make a comic about it! I've made a post about this before, so I might as well keep y'all updated. Here's some sketches of Madotsuki I'm working on. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let me know!(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING UNDERAGE)


I think your art would get much better if you studied figure drawing. I know you're not trying to make it super realistic or anything, but learning how to construct a body and how to create depth will permanently improve your artwork. You can find lessons and references for life drawing on youtube.


Maybe try drawing real life objects first?


Keep it up and let us know how it goes!


Good advice in general but at his stage figure drawing would be utterly worthless.

MUCH better. Seriously, can't stress this enough. If OP is really determined to get better starting from life is the best place; draw literally anything around you, get a feel for transferring 3D objects onto paper. The website drawabox.com is great for this, and so is mark's drawing tutorials on Youtube.


I see! I guess I can try drawing things from real life, but I'm not very good at drawing things from different angles. Maybe I could try doing that with real life objects. I'm just trying to think of what I'm going to do when I have to draw stuff like the Medamaude, or the towel effect guy or the ghost that gives you the triangle kerchief…


I'm concerned about this comic not becoming a reality! For a long time, I've also wanted to draw a Yume Nikki comic… but I don't have the time or skill to do so…

As other users have said, you might want to improve your skills drawing the human figure and other objects. Remember that the world Madotsuki dreams is full of bizarre creatures , but also has objects we see in our everyday lives.

Anyway, looking forward to see what you are leading this comic to!


The only reason why you're not good at it is because you don't do it. You can't expect talent and skill to just pop into existence. It needs to be cultivated. If you practice drawing real life objects every single day you will get better at it. Musicians who aren't naturally gifted at cite reading will still practice cite reading to get better at it. Just practice practice practice and you'll get there.


Perhaps you should consider learning the rules (ie anatomy, lighting, depth, etc) before you break them.


Yea, I see what you're saying. I have a bunch of different things around my house I can try drawing from difficult angles, but I wonder if that will help me get better at envisioning things from different angles? Because not everything I put in this comic can be found in real life, of course.
Yea, I've heard about those things a lot. I've even tried signing up for an illustration class at my school, with no luck. But I could always try again next year, or find some other place around where I live that specializes in that. I'm just trying to think if there are any good online tutorials for that… hmm.


>but I wonder if that will help me get better at envisioning things from different angles
Yes, it will. If you draw the same table in your house enough times, you'll be able to draw a decent looking table even without looking at one. Every part of our imagination is at least somewhat inspired by real life. If you get a good grip on drawing reality, it will also help you draw imaginary things. Art principles also both apply to both real life things and imaginary ones. Tutorials are fine, but don't think that looking at them can substitute for actually practicing, because they don't, at all. Don't go down that hole.


I like how you want to make something out of this comic, but one word of advice I will gladly share is to practice everyday. Your comic is waiting for you to hold it in your hands, but before you can begin, you need to practice how to draw depth, angles, lighting, etc. in order to make it really pop. Not to sound like a bully at all, but I personally tell myself: "Unless you draw at least ONE thing a day, do not dare call yourself an artist." again, not to be harsh, but that's how I motivate myself to get better at drawing everyday. This is a great first step, and I HIGHLY encourage you to keep at it, and practice basic anatomy,along with more 3D related stuff. Don't let my words dishearten you, but let them encourage and make your mind flow (.flow? he he) as much as Madotsuki's Dreams. Good Lord that sounds cheesy, but yeah, keep at it OP


While classes ARE good, in my honest opinion, I believe that self-practice is my preferred way of studying. I scrutinize EVERYTHING, and then I apply that to paper with either a pencil, pen, etc. But hey, whatever helps you learn some new techniques my dude. This is coming from a guy who failed art-class because I spent way too much time drawing my own things XD


>>7066 Nailed it, bro.


Yea, I see what you're saying! I draw everyday. And I will continue to do that. But keep in mind, I am working on other things at the same time, so I just have to plan out how the day will go. Oh, and by the way, I have made some more drawings for this comic, but they're just previews. One is a preview, and the other one was supposed to be the cover for the actual comic, but I've changed since then, so I'm going to redo it: http://tylersworld.us/ComicPreview.aspx
If the pictures are blurry, try opening them in a new tab. But yea, that's just my web page that I update every now and then that has a lot of my works on it. That's all.


Wow, that's an amazing site, tell me, what year did you make the first Lies in? Release dates in between games in a series are very important.


Thank you! It might not be the cleanest looking website ever, but I'm happy with it. I post my drawings and comics and other projects up there. I'm going to post the Yume Nikki comic there once it's finished. I'm going to update it pretty soon, a lot of the stuff on there is outdated. The first Lies was published January 30th 2017, and I'm thinking of releasing More Lies in October of next year. It's heavily inspired by Yume Nikki, but it's not a fangame. It's also inspired by Don't Hug Me I'm Scared! Here's a newer trailer: https://youtu.be/s85Pyo6G7is

But anyways, thanks for all the suggestions you guys. Working on drawing my water bottle from different angles, I will post again soon!


File: 1512239115158.png (5.82 KB, 822x40, seigetoverhere.png)

It says on your website that you completed Lies while in 9th grade. Are you eighteen yet? Sei, where are you?


File: 1512240268443.jpg (83.73 KB, 500x380, 12634845155.jpg)

Well…that explains the enthusiasm inserted into the tone of his posts. Most people who type like that are either e-grills or children that should be protected from the Outside World™.


Where the fuck is sei when you need him?


Classic Uboachan thread, it's literally the archetype, beginning, development and ending.


Yeah, but this time nobody was excited about the potential end product.


Can this meme be left behind on 4chan where it belongs?


File: 1512324585483.jpg (40.48 KB, 736x467, 876427ed042e8b0bc3027679ec….jpg)

We didn't, "copy", it from 4chan. It's not a meme, it's on the rules. Users under the age of 18 cannot and shouldn't be on this website because it is a NSFW site. If you're not happy with it, go complain to the law.


It would suck if I couldn't post guro because the people okay with accommodating towards children got their way.


File: 1512328029667.jpg (609.91 KB, 968x1300, 04c1715f01acd580a9edc1b008….jpg)

I know, right? But at least you're completely free to post loli this way.


File: 1512330485646.jpg (53.8 KB, 970x1454, takeaseat.jpg)


reddit is NSFW too, but I don't see anyone getting banned for being underage.


File: 1512415908884.jpg (22.54 KB, 736x625, 1442475291682-0.jpg)

Just because reddit does doesn't mean we should (besides the fact the whole of reddit isn't nsfw, while the whole of our site actually IS). It's not our fault if they have a shitty moderation team. You just said we shouldn't follow 4chan example but you also want us to follow reddit's, while in reality we don't care for either. Uboachan is Uboachan.
Thing's are pretty easy, it says explicitly on the rules that users under the age of 18 shouldn't be on this place and can be banned. Of course, the rule isn't followed that tightly (i.e. as long as nobody can claim with proof that you are indeed underage, you can't be banned), so it's not like we are nazis about it. But, for the fuck's sake, if you are actually underage, at least be smart enough and don't fuck up by telling everybody you are, either directly or indirectly, since there is people like >>7077 who get off by blowing up your age.


Do you want Sei in prison so badly?


I'm not saying it was wrong to ban them, I know the law is out of our hands, but how is stopping them from posting supposed to stop them seeing the nsfw content posted here?


That's not the point. Banning them removes Sei's responsibility for letting them engage in nsfw content. If sei knowingly allows a minor to post, he could potentially get in some legal trouble.


>You just said we shouldn't follow 4chan example but you also want us to follow reddit's
Is that what you thought the point was? Really?

What kind of dystopian shithole puts people in prison for letting underage users post on an imageboard? And how come I've never seen anything like this outside of some imageboards? 8chan doesn't seem to have a rule against underage users either.


Sei lives in the US you fucker, soon it will be illegal to be male there.


File: 1512485316298.jpg (84.24 KB, 900x900, UBUU.jpg)

>Is that what you thought the point was? Really?
And what was your point then, other than "you guys shouldn't, look this other irrelevant site doesn't do it, buh buh"? Did you miss the part I said this site is this site and how irrelevant how other communities manage their stuff is?
And even so, that stuff is besides the point: we aren't copying 4chan, it's been always a rule to be over 18 because of the nature of our site.

>And how come I've never seen anything like this outside of some imageboards?

Because imageboards ARE NSFW. Most of them don't even have a lift on guro/gore (and I honestly don't even remember why we do?), we're one of the softest imageboards I know of. But that doesn't dismiss the fact we're still a NSFW site. As I say, play smart, if you are stupid enough to get busted by your age, then you weren't likely good enough to post here in the first place. Seems like a reasonable filter to me.


>And what was your point then
Well obviously it was that if other sites don't do it then why should uboachan? "We're not copying 4chan, we're following a law" doesn't seem plausible when nobody else is affected by this law.

>Because imageboards ARE NSFW.

Depends on the imageboard, and you can find NSFW content anywhere.

This is just a 4chan meme and people should stop pretending otherwise.


File: 1512498801539.jpg (10.11 KB, 259x194, 1367497134112.jpg)

>Depends on the imageboard
We are.
>and you can find NSFW content anywhere.

>This is just a 4chan meme and people should stop pretending otherwise.

Up until you mentioned it I didn't even think it could be considered a "meme", I think it's just you who has a problem with it. Are you underage or what?


Dude if you don't like it here you can gtfo.


File: 1512502870386.png (190.21 KB, 1253x419, happy halloween.PNG)

4chan cannibalizes nearly every single english speaking imageboard, so it's expected to get people acting like this


Not all of 8chan is nsfw. "Blue" boards forbid nsfw content. Even if there isn't any exact law against it, I still wouldn't want kids on here. Rule 34 actually got the into some legal trouble because after a kid googled Pokémon and found the site, their parents sued or something like that. They had to chage the tag to porkymon. Stuff like that happens in the states.


There's hardly anything NSFW here.

Are you saying this entire site revolves around the rule that underage users must be banned?


It's not.

>Are you underage or what?

I'm not, but you clearly are. I guess you're next on the chopping block then.

>Not all of 8chan is nsfw.
Not all of 4chan is either, but there's still a blanket ban on underage. 8chan has no such ban. In fact you can even doxx people on 8chan and make violent threats and that's apparently legal too. Yet Uboachan is going to get v& if someone claims to be underage…


Why are the reply links fucked up all of a sudden? The multi-quote was supposed to be addressed to >>7100.


Don't ignore my example faggot. Also, nobody gives a fuck about 8chan and you can't even find it on google search. The self-moderated nature of the boards there could also arguably remove blame from the site owner, similarly to how file sharing sites can't get in legal trouble for hosting movie streams that users upload, which are different from torrents by the way.


>Don't ignore my example faggot.
Get fucked, faggot.

>Also, nobody gives a fuck about 8chan and you can't even find it on google search.

This is so irrelevant that you are certainly doing it on purpose because you can't defend this 4chan meme garbage.


Also, nobody cares about 8chan? Implying that uboachan is some traffic magnet. 8chan gets a ton of traffic whether or not it's listed on google. uboachan gets almost nothing.


You were doing quite good but its obvious now that you don't have any arguments and are making shit up just to play le troll.
>There's hardly anything NSFW here
Irrelevant, we STILL are a NSFW site and you can't law around it no matter what you say. Whether there's porn everywhere is irrelevant, we are still a NSWF with NSFW content, if I want to post loli, tentacles and other stuff I can.
We don't care what other sites do or don't, if you are that new then you should definitely lurk more. If like it, good, if not, get out.


By nobody I meant anybody who cares about upholding digital law. That's why they can get away with it. If you have such a massive problem with the rule, leave, or make a thread in /suggest/.


File: 1512505900399.jpg (Spoiler Image, 773.42 KB, 850x1062, sample_2813644757ee61cb2a2….jpg)



8chan is the biggest board after 4chan. It's home to /pol/ and likeminded boards. It was a hive of pedophiles not long ago and was also a major gamergate hub. But sure, nobody cares about it, whereas uboachan is under constant surveillance because it's so important.

Jesus Christ just stop already. This is a fucking 4chan meme that uboachan blindly co-opted. End of story.


They aren't listed on google and hot wheels probably had to go through some shit to keep the site up. Maybe sei doesn't care about your arbitrary standards. Make a thread or gtfo.


Being unlisted on google does not fucking protect you from the authorities you dumbfuck.


It's a repercussion, you dumb fuck. Sei probably wants the site to be findable easily.


Being unlisted on google does not permit sites to break the law, dumbfuck (not that this law actually exists). Danknet sites aren't even on the normal web and they still get taken down.



Did you forget to read the word repercussion? Being unlisted is a punishment in of it self. Also, you continue to ignore my example. Being sued or potentially having your host refuse to provide service for you are also potential consequences. It's not a meme, fuck off.




I am fucking done coming here. You are fucking retards.


Good. I think Reddit is more up your alley.


Why would sei want ubuu to be of interest to the law? Did you forget want we were arguing about? 8chan has clearly faced some consequences for it's lack of self-regulation. Most of the people who actually use it also don't care about this. There is no reason for sei to want ubuu to end up like 8chan or rule 34. There's clearly potential consequences, so it makes sense to enforce the rule.


File: 1512509727009.jpg (103.93 KB, 640x512, 1485780399937.jpg)

Pretty 4chan-ish rant for somebody on such an anti-4chan meme crusade, right up to the very ragequit. If he gets that worked up for a silly rule I don't want ro imagine how the family deals with the little kid.


File: 1512510122752.jpg (152 KB, 850x602, __original_drawn_by_windfe….jpg)

I'd bet fifty bucks that he's the guy who's been posting pictures of Pepe as of late.


ITT: FBI trying to bait hard


Thread Locked.
Take it to sugg

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