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It's spooky-scary halloween once more, and I have a question for all you who still use this site.

Do you think that Yume Nikki is a horror game? and either way, I want to know what part of it really creeped you out, or at least unnerved you a bit.


No. Yume Nikki isn't a horror game because the game play isn't centered around horror. Literally nothing in your dreams can actually harm you. It had horror elements. I'd say that number world and parts of the woods gave me the most creeps. Any part of the game that was slower, less surreal and less colorful was more scary. The Mars part was just surreal for me, while uboa creeped me out.


No, not at all.


Even to this day I don't get why anybody would associate Yume Nikki with horror. Yume Nikki incorporates eyes and hands and other nightmare-ish elements into a dream world. It's part of the nature of dreams.
It's like saying that adding some blood to a FPS game makes it gore.


Because of how unnerving parts of the yn are. Horror is a much looser genre than gore. Gore needs to have very specific things, but horror is just scary.


Gore is a genre now? ech.


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Good question. When I first played Yume Nikki, I definitely thought it was a creepy horror game, the ambiance behind it always gave me chills, never knowing what unholy abominations could appear in the dreamworld like so many other creatures in the game.I was always on edge when playing it, it was great. It wasn't until I was near the end of the game and I was stuck finding the last 2-3 pieces that I looked up a walk through and found out that there's actually no way for you to die in this game, and I really wish I didn't see that part. Because that took a lot of the experience away and kinda ruined a lot of what made the game special, knowing that in this world of creepy, disturbing and often deadly things serve no way to actually do anything to you whatsoever with the exception of one enemy that just traps you. Thankfully it was near the end so I didn't lose much at all, ending got me by surprise, what a great game.

On the surface it can appear a horror game but at it's core it's a psychological walking simulator with creepy elements that could be debated as horror or not.


Not that this thread hasn't been done 100 times, but I think most of the horror experienced is more of a reflection on a personal lack of comfort with truly unfamiliar locations. The scenes with blood, sounds of stabbing an npc, etc. are horror elements, but I don't see it as a "horror" game over all.

could've ended the thread


If getting caught by the Tori's made you lose all effects you collected in your dream run it would definitely make them way more threatening


YN is not a horror game.


Yume Nikki is a horror game and every part of the gameplay is tense and horrifying.


I'd echo that it is at least extremely unnerving. I think that whether or not it's a horror game could be attributed to how much you relate with it. And even then, that still borders on just being psychological. Still, Uboa, the Toriningen, FACE, the Guillotine world, and a few others struck me as genuinely terrifying. If anything Yume Nikki is relatable, and that in itself is scary.


I think the question people should make is "Did you play YN before or after the rpgmaker 'horror' fade?", because I doubt you could think of YN as such if you've played it before misao, ib, the witch's house etc became popular.


Who would associate YN with such basic trash?


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All the fags claiming this is a horror game. Believe it or not some people is that stupid and think YN is horror just because of that crap, reason as to why I think that question is more important.
I played Yume Nikki before any of that games became popular on the west/before knowing about them, and it never stroke me as horror or horror-ish or anything at all. It has very calm and isolated areas (sky garden, the cliff, flute room), one cheerful place here and there (pink sea for example), and some very odd and surreal events (mars, famicom world, takofuusen). In the whole game, only Face and Uboa stroke me as an element deliberately placed to cause fear, and even then it's still more in common with the whole "dream" theme than horror for the sake of horror. There are no eldritch monsters chasing you (the toriningen can be passive or aggressive, so it's more like it depends on whether or not they're mad at you), there are no supernatural forces trying to destroy you, scare you, hurt you. At most, it fits as a psychological game, but even then I'd have problems calling it "psychological horror" because it's not the main thing in the game.
You explore the psyche of a young girl who doesn't leave her room, that's all. The rest is pure speculation.

Now look at .flow for example. It did strike me more as a horror version of YN simply because there were actually some sort of scary monsters (literally, 怪物 "kaibutsu") chasing you, the whole silent hill ambiance, the blood, the edgy drawings and pikes everywhere, and the corruption appearing in Sabitsuki's real room (some sort of external force affecting her life). And let's not forget the endings, it wasn't just a ".flow" (whatever that is) thing like in Mado's case where everything happened inside her head. A real maid appears in the real world and cuts Sabi's legs. One could argue it's not the real world and she just lost it or whatever but it is presented in that way.
Even though the mechanics are literally the same, .flow is actually horror-ish while YN isn't.

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