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after thinking about a possible way to find the creator. i had a thought about just setting up a buy for the domain name of the official site and seeing whether or not they'd bite to sell it.
or maybe breaching the site to find its public ip or just upload some photo on the site to see if it gets removed.
Do you guys think the creator knows about the amount of fans?


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The creator has most likely already forgotten about this and has left it in the past. Think about it, this was more than a decade ago for him. Although this game might be just a pleasant memory tucked away somewhere for him. For us its different. Some of us have grown so attached to this game that everyday we wake up and hope to hear something from him but alas nothing answers except for the void that we try so desperately to fill.
In my opinion I think we should forget about him for the time being. He created something wonderful but has left it behind to work on something greater I assume. Well that is if he's still alive. We have lasted this long without him, that we shouldn't forget. Also although it may seem like it I am not opposed to trying to contact him and I wouldn't mind if he ever showed his face again. But I've simply grown too old to believe in happy endings.

If you ever do come up with a plan to contact him though I'm sure I could be of use somehow. Don't hesitate to give a shout.


yeah thats true he probably forgot about it. but i think the only way to contact him is through the manga/ light novel writters or through the main yume nikki site. other than that its impossible i think


lurk more.
cockyummy has been dead for a while.
The light novel writers didn't actually get in contact with him any way.


really then how did they get the rights? i know it can be classified as "fanmade" but at the same time i dont think they would be able to sell murch


They didn't get them, there is no evidence of connections between them and Kikiyama.


Wait… KIKIYAMA is dead? How? How do we know?


If you don't reply mails in more than 6 years then it's safe to assume you're either dead or don't care anymore, which is the same at this point.


If no-one is there to claim intellectual ownership of the material then there's no law suit.
If you make a game and I steal it and sell it for money claiming I made it, if you don't do anything about it no-one's the wiser.

Look at the fraud yumenikki 0.04
Do you think nikiyama was like "you can sell my game for money, go ahead dude"


nikkiyama-> nikkiyume


I think he might actually died. how can he of not seen the popularly of the game by now. i think he might of died arround 2008 since thats when the popularity grew


Sudden popularity is pretty jarring though. Maybe kikiyama never intended or wanted for yn to get as big as it was. Maybe the popularity was too stressful and alienating for them. Once something you made gets that big, it stops being yours. You lose control of how your own product is perceived. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if kikyama had some sort of mental illness. Off-kilter people have made a lot of great stuff. A small, timid, deer in head lights, insecure, mentally unstable Japanese person might have been driven away by popularity. If nobody ever noticed Yume Nikki, version 1.0 might have been already released by now. How does that thought make you feel?


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Maybe Kikiyama died after reading YN tvtropes' article


I already made a thread about that in case you haven't read it.


There's this conspiracy theory on /v/ that Shimomura of the Kirby series (another person we know nothing about that vanished one day) is actually a psuedonym that Shigesato Itoi (Mother) went by. I wonder if we already know who Kikiyama really is without realizing it.


I would really like to know who KIKIYAMA really is… I guess we'll never know.


This is the most likely theory IMO. I would bet Kikiyama was the pseudonym of a musician, and YN was an experiment in game-making for them that they eventually left. Perhaps they even joined the game industry and no longer had time to work on it.


A musician who makes very short tracks on a project where ambiance is the main thing and silence fills as much space as noise doesn't necessarily ring a bell of logic in my opinion. More so considering he didn't work little on it, non-music wise. More than a side project or experiment it feels like some sort of game he aimed to complete someday.


Pseudonyms used to be quite common in the japanese game industry because companies used to expressly forbid developers from using real names in the credits: the fear was that acknowledging their work would make their developers more likely to be poached by competitors. This isn't related to kikiyama's decision to use a pseudonym because that practice was largely abandoned by the early 90s, and also because he didn't have a publisher to pressure him into it to begin with. Or, perhaps he did have a publisher who was just not aware of his work.

Hypothetically, he may have had financial reasons to keep a low profile: supposing YN were a passion project of an established game industry developer, their contract might include an exclusivity/non-compete clause granting the employer copyright of work even outside company time. I wouldn't want my personal creation to fall into the hands of a company that did nothing to create it, and certainly not to one that I've fallen out with or gotten fired from.


I find it more likely that using a handle is just a doujin thing.

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