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Wow, guys guess what!! Today is Yume Nikki's 13th birthday!! To believe it has been that long is amazing!! We've done so much in a short time. All you guys are truly amazing. So yea, you guys can post whatevs about Yume Nikki here! When did you guys first discover Yume Nikki, and how?


4chan's /x/, ages and ages ago. Before this site even existed.


was on youtube and randomly came across videos about lsd game, and then this one


I think I actually came across this website like months ago, and watched several youtube videos around that same time.

I'm not sure if I got here from Desu or if it was originally from a mention or a link in those youtube videos. This was a while back but last month or so I re-discovered this game (and downloaded it onto my new laptop) and came across this place again, which is what inspired me to download it anyway.

This site also introduced me to all the fangames like .flow


polite sage since I'm the same poster as above.

I know I said months, but it could even have been years in all honesty. My memory isn't too perfect after all so sometimes long ago things feel like they happened much closer to the current day than they actually did.


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I was first exposed to Yume Nikki many years ago when I watched a Uboa summoning video. I forgot about it for a long time until about two years ago, when I stumbled upon a video with Monoko's full-screen event. I made the connection that both videos were from the same game and I got massively interested. I downloaded it and I've been a massive fan ever since!


I really can't remember. Maybe on those gaming forums about freeware games.


I learned about it from indiegames.com back when I followed that blog religiously for free games my low-spec laptop could run. At first I didn't really get it, but after a month or two it sank in and I couldn't stop thinking about it


I was reading the page for W.D Gaster on the Undertale wiki. I saw on the trivia how Gaster resembels Uboa. Later I learned more about the game and decided to download and play it! Been a huge fan since I've played.


>reading the page for W.D Gaster on the Undertale wiki
So anon, which game do you like better?


I was looking up something about number stations, and in the search there was a Youtube video with Uboa in the thumbnail. Then, of course, I looked up Uboa and the rest is history. Probably not the best way to find a game through a big spoiler like that, but I guess it was kind of unavoidable.


I was browsing Youtube and found a video that briefly discussed Uboa. Then years later one of my friends told me about the game, soon after I played it and loved it.


So is yume snickers one of the most influential games of all time or what


Not even close lol


Ages ago I think I saw a video on youtube about weird shit in video games, and Uboa was on the list. I heard the game was free, so I became interested. So I Downloaded it and played it and loved it.


That would be Earthbound, but yeah, Nikki followed its footsteps to an extent.


I dunno man, I always figured Yume Nikki is to Undertale and/or Lisa what La Monte Young is to The Velvet Underground, or The Residents to Devo, as in YN is not immensely popular but directly influences something that in turn amasses a cult following and ends influencing a lot more stuff.


There is a lot more of Earthbound/Cave Story influence in undermeme. YN and Undertale don't have a lot in common, about Lisa, it's not even a big game for indie game standards.


I agree, and the only similarity I can think of off hand with Undermeme and Yume Nikki is Uboa influencing Gaster. Otherwise nothing else seems related at all to Yume Nikki.


The piano room, repetitive background noises and umbrella statue made me hear echoes of yn. There's a lot of, "events", if you can call them that, in undertale. Lots of random details to find. None of them are nearly as intriguing as the events in yn though. The whole silent protagonist with shut eyes in a bizarre world thing is also something that have in common.


>YN and Undertale don't have a lot in common
True, but Toby Fox sure loves his shoehorned Uboa references. Or the iconic eyes-closed look of the dream diary hero.


Undertale fags will find excuses to talk about undermeme even in fucking Dragon Ball Z discussions.


I feel ya, but nobody was really talking about it, it was just a passing mention.


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youtube years ago, found out about uboachan around 2010 i think. used to not be able to play game since computer at home couldn't run it and schools blocked access to .exe downloads without admin password (for obvious reasons i assume) so most of my knowledge of the game came from here and youtube. that all changed about around 2 years ago though once i finally got it downloaded on a better computer. been playing through every once and a while, played some tonight as well. still wonder why /mado/ is no longer a board


No, but MOTHER/Earthbound is. YN itself is inspired from it, as shown by say, the entire world literally based on it (FC World)


You could have have downloaded it with your home computer and brought the files to school on a flash drive.


(New fag here) Whats this then?


It's been annexed and it's no longer possible to post in it.
Hint: The reason being, nobody even posted there anymore, so inactive boards were purged and annexed.


Is there a place were all annexed are?


Hit "Annex" in the frame to the left.


Please read the FAQ, that thing is there for a reason.


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I could've, but i doubt it wouldve worked. i think i tried a few times and complications still arise. playing yume nikki at school is also probably the least immersive way to experience as well considering how limited the time frame is to play there and you have to share the room with like fifty other people next to you looking at adidas, michael jordans, and porn while you play. not my favorite way of playing but I have attempted to play cave story on there as well.


Thanks a lot


File: 1507749765816.jpg (123.03 KB, 800x600, 43973914ce2004ddd4ac67c612….jpg)

>Cave Story
Oh man, that reminds me of how when I was in middle school I would get hours to myself to play the game towards the end of the year. The library in my middle school was weirdly big and hardly anybody went there. Every assembly, every lunch, I would go there. During the last day we had nothing to do so I could literally spend the entire seven hours going at it. I managed to finish it right before I had to go home(I never did manage to actually go all the way through hell though).


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Happy birthday to the girls that changed my life


Did you make that anon?It looks great


Dis is a good post.


Wow, that is seriously some awesome art.

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