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Is there ever a point in yume nikki where you feel kikyama is trying too hard to scare you? Namely with the body horror section or the ghost section. I feel that yn works best when its spooks are more subtle ie the mall area where there are lifeless humans around they dont do anything scary but them being motionless is where the real scare is.


>the mall people being motionless
Anon, they never stop moving.


Were those things supposed to scare you?


Did you leave the stoplight on or something?


Why people think it's a horror game. It's like thinking that every dream you have is a nightmare.


File: 1497197954449.jpg (113.34 KB, 735x785, 1487271833188.jpg)

I saw various people say YN is a horror game.
It doesn't really try to scare you and it just feels like an exploration game and the occasional batshit insane areas are to be enjoyed during the ride.


Everyone assumes every game made in RPG maker is horror.


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I've yet to find a game made in RPGmaker that I can call horror. Very few approach the idea, and even less actually pull it well. Most are just splatter or just "choice A,B,C, bad end, good end, true end, meme end" tier shit. All that aside, it's hard to immerse completely in the atmosphere of a game with bird perspective, because you literally see everything (even through walls) and the only way to fix that is through darkness, which usually goes wrong. We can also not forget the AI that is so retarded you can't really get scared of it. And, if the only scary factor of your game is jumpscares and loud noises, you are doing something very, very wrong.


What about corpse party?


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File: 1497207740993-2.jpg (21.25 KB, 480x360, 835315hpj.jpg)

File: 1497207740993-3.jpg (24.69 KB, 450x338, 20150615_459943.jpg)

Corpse party does a good job in that it is a good game with horror elements, but I wouldn't call it horror either, hence the "Very few approach the idea, and even less actually pull it well". Corpse party actually managed to generate a good ambience, had a top-notch OST and the story, and while being slightly cliché, is good overall. My point with JRPG-styled games not being suited for horror is that they can try to mimic horror, but seem to never get the full of it, just as Corpse Party doesn't. Maybe it's just me being too elitist about what I call horror, but for me horror means "to horrify". I think Corpse Party is nice, but it doesn't horrify me. I wanted to kill all the students, so there you have it.

On the other hand, I've played visual novels that were better than any RPGmaker "horror" game, simply because the format is appropriate to immerse the player in the plot. Say, compare Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. or other 3D/First person games with rpgmaker-based games and you will see what I mean. Horror is best played in the front row. JRPG aren't good for that. Visual novels can because if the writer is good enough he can transmit a lot of information through it without annoying the player with endless mountains of texts (like it would happen in RPG). First person/3D play with the ambience and "realism" that they proportionate through their medium, but RPG? I haven't seen a single one taking the chance to use something similar at all.

If anybody wanted to do a good horror game in RPGmaker, they should focus on realistic graphics and real horror, not a little girl with white powder and make up following you up with a knife in a biiiiig mansion that is also empty in the middle of a forest full of dolls.


If a game's main objective is to scare you, then it's a horror game. It's the intent that matters, not the result.

I don't think yume nikki is just a horror game. It's scary at times only as a side effect.

You made me remember half life 2. There were quite a few scares and just fucked up shit, but it's not the main focus.


File: 1497216326205.png (8.47 KB, 578x318, 1984 magic.png)

>If a game's main objective is to scare you, then it's a horror game. It's the intent that matters, not the result.
That's… horrible. Because they hardly ever come to anything close to scaring you. It's like playing a humor game that isn't funny at all. And I suppose that makes mogeko horror too.

Remember that slender game that was shitty as fuck? It had more horror than any RPG game I've ever played. Simple because it made you shit bricks. But Corpse Party? I just wanted more ryona below that OPN soundtrack…


Exactly what do you mean by "real horror"?


but then you end up with subjective genres everywhere. "hey, what's a good real-time strategy game? I'm a big fan of Warcraft 3" "well, the Warcraft series never required much strategy for me so I wouldn't call it a strategy game. I can only recommend you real RTS games."

that just reminds me of asking knowledgable people for music recs by giving them genre examples and they just laugh at you for claiming something is something that it isn't because to them there're better examples of it out there.


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Maybe I should have rephrased it before posting so I don't sound so stupid.
I meant the contrast of the sentence that followed it. In the RPG scene it seems horror seems to mean edgy character bathed in blood following you with a knife/monster or something in a cliché place like mansion, asylum, hospital, you name it. Solve the puzzle, two jumpscares, choice A and bam, "XXX ending". Rinse and repeat, choice B, "YYY ending". A little girl isn't scary, why the fuck do people even believe that is beyond me. Shitty shadows coming at x8 speed at you is just a jumpscare, and gore is just gore, so blood-splattering doesn't really make much of a difference.

I can tell you what I consider good examples of horror scenes done in some of these games. Ib's doll event (the painting coming for you) was quite well done, because it didn't rely on loud sounds and darkness to ""scare"" you and it actually makes you feel like "fuck!". But that's the only "scary" moment in the game.
Now look at Mad father and the boring plot and even more boring "horror". I just quit half-way because I had enough of gay dolls and mansions. Hell, Misao was way better horror-wise because it actually had more going on.

You know, you are right on that. I suppose I just want something that actually scares me and doesn't force "scary" into it without actually being scary. It's really disappointing when you expect something good and get only very poor-written and even more devoid of anything but clichés.

Going back to the Corpse Party example, I enjoyed it more for the gore than for the "horror", it actually never crossed my mind that it could even be considered horror until you mentioned it in this thread.


File: 1497233866498.jpg (361 KB, 700x1000, __shinozaki_sachiko_and_sp….jpg)

Just to clarify, I'm the guy who brought up corpse party, and I agree with you. Just wanted to bring it up. Rpgs are a poor medium for horror because its limitations hinder its ability to invoke terror. Fear comes from sensations. Sights sound, etc make you tense. A good horror game makes you feel trapped. Even if you turn off the game you're still tense because the game trapped your mind in that on-edge mood. Something about rpgs keeps the player from being that immersed. The top-down perspective, the game play revolving around fighting instead of fleeing, the limitation of motion. You don't feel like you're fighting or running for your life when you press the attack button to trigger an animation and see a health bar lower or when you use a potion to restore your own health or a party members. There's no sense of urgency because you have as much time as you want to make a move. Creepy music can only go so far. The game play has to be scary. Yume nikki succeeds as being quit scary by not being an rpg. You're just walking around and looking at scary shit. It's unnerving. Kikiyama wasn't trying to make a scary game though so yn wont make you piss your pants as much as give you nightmares. If somebody really tried I think they'd be able to pull off something scary in an rpg. Maybe by not having any health restoration items, making the enemies' health bars invisible, having long, creepy cut scenes(not just text), putting a short timer on how long you can take to make a move, create the feeling of something following you around, but mostly leaving it to the player's imagination (pokemon platinum did this pretty well with the ghosts in the chateau), having sections of the game where you can't see anything, but you know there's something that's chasing you(a background noise that gets louder and louder). I don't know, maybe with some creativity it could be pulled off.


It would also probably be better if you never fight the main, "villain". That keeps them more threatening. Only fighting off grotesque spiders, bats and stuff like that adds to the game play and keeps you on your toes, while not subtracting from the main threat


File: 1497417715118-0.png (1002.68 KB, 1400x1137, 50046575_p0.png)

File: 1497417715118-1.png (1.35 MB, 990x1400, 50526268_p0.png)

File: 1497417715118-2.png (714.34 KB, 1400x905, 50219331_p0.png)

File: 1497417715118-3.png (827.55 KB, 849x1200, 50657961_p0.png)

>If somebody really tried I think they'd be able to pull off something scary in an rpg.
Honestly, I believe some well-done graphics could do wonders, though that's asking way too much, specially from a medium such as rpgmaker where authors rarely aren't amateurs.

Something that really bothers me is that these modern "horror games" seem too cartoon-ish and therefore not scary. The best 2D horror games I played relied on the fact that the closest to reality something looks, the creepier it gets. The Uncanny Valley is your best friend, followed by a fitting OST. Ao Oni had "scary" moments because it relied on jumpscares, but once you looked at the demon's design, it is just hilariously stupid and comical, even. However, look at any of H.R. Giger's works and you can't say they are comical at all. They're unnerving; maybe not scary, but they do touch the primal sense of "this isn't right, at all". And that's the heart of horror, what I meant with "real horror" some posts back: the sensation that you are against something opposed to reality. That you are dealing with something that breaks all common sense, strips you off your security and leaves you stark naked in the dark.

Maybe this babble is a bit too much but that's the closest I can come by putting into words what I think horror should be.

(Art is Guru in pixiv, by the way, excellent work https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=58306 ).


>4th pic

I want to stroke her deformed face as she blushes


You have really good taste on 2d girls anon.


thanks for posting this

i saw their gallery years and years ago and could never figure out who they were again

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