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File: 1492821047232.png (250.89 KB, 464x1112, eeek.png)


A "possible" q&a with kikiyama, although I doubt it. It came from this webpage. http://sin6.web.fc2.com/ccomic/yqa.html


Great, more fraud, where are the moon wizards when I'm feeling lazy?


Nothing new.
Q: What kind of game is it? DS? PS2?
A: This is a PC game created with RPG maker and released for free on the internet.


Q: What's the genre?
A: It isn't horror. Neither guro. A heartful game. (?)
All I read is ハートフル, but this seems off. If somebody actually notices it means something entirely different, feel free to fix it.


Q: I want to try playing it but how do I do it? Do I need to pay?
A: All you need to do is to download Yume Nikki's and RPGmaker 2003 RTP data to play it. Both are free.


Q: I can't leave the room.
A: Use the bed to sleep.


Q: Where should I go?
A: You can go anywhere.


Q: What should I do?
A: You can do anything. If I had to say something then I'd recommend to collect the effects.


Q: Effects?
A: Collecting them is more enjoyable than just walking!!


Q: I can't seem to find them.
A: Keep trying.


So we know that he's alive and aware of his game.

I guess the dream won't end until Kikiyama dies of old age in 2084, RIP


File: 1492826681386.jpg (62.86 KB, 600x400, photoshop.jpg)

>So we know that he's alive and aware of his game.
No. This could be completely fake for all I care.
Until I see a real update in his site cancelling/updating the game, everything is subject to absolute distrust, because I too can make up a fucking interview saying "it's kikiyama guys, believe me".


Honestly, why does it matter? Unless he's dead or tells you the dream is dead, the dream is alive. Even if it isn't made up, what does it change? You'd be just as salty at these people if he came and sucked your dick tomorrow.

It looks like simple questions anyone could have answered about his game, so it does not matter who the actual person answering is.


File: 1492829084833.jpg (25.36 KB, 404x258, smiling-bin-laden.jpg)

>So we know that he's alive and aware of his game.
Every fucking time.


so is your salty autism going anywhere or… no? Oh, that's what I thought


>It looks like simple questions anyone could have answered about his game, so it does not matter who the actual person answering is.

Also, you're replying to different people, calm down mate, this isn't a debate.


I just can't tell if people are salty that it's not Kikiyama answering these first-rate boring ass questions, or that they're salty for an actually good reason like Kikiyama not just saying he's through with his game forever and never cared much about it in the first place or something. Spill the fucking beans, Kikiyama


File: 1492830883495.jpg (177.09 KB, 850x804, stfu.jpg)

Take a fucking chill pill and stop saying, "salty". It's tumblr talk. This interview is probably fake. People don't like being deceived. I don't know why you keep accusing people of being unreasonably butthurt. It's like every time kikiyama is mentioned, ubuu starts getting infected with cancer. What's the chemo?


the word "salt" didn't come from tumblr you fucking sperg


I'm saying it doesn't matter whether you were deceived or not. The 'interview' is meaningless either way.


Yeah, but they constantly use it. The word, "misogynistic", didn't come from trumblr either. Also, autists and edgy teens are the only ones who constantly call everything autistic. I wouldn't be surprised if you were projecting. You're the one getting so worked up.
If this interview was real, it would mean that kikiyama is still alive and still willing to communicate with fans. If he's still giving interviews, that means he might still be updating the game. Fake interviews get people's hopes up over a lie.


Everyone uses the word 'salty'. It's not tumblr-specific. And you know, I thought it was generally accepted that Kikiyama's probably never going to update the game again. EVER. Why get pissed off over people making merch and comics with his blessing? It's new shit. But you don't want the new shit. You want the old shit + and keep making up these elabourate, paranoid fantasies about how everyone in japan is conspiring to deceive YOU, in particular.

Which is narcissistic, not autistic. My bad.


Wat> Where did you get all that from? I think you're being presumptuous about me because of whatever, "ref flags", I raised that reminded you of people who you've seen a lot of before. I have no problem with merch and I love comics with or without kikiyama's blessing. I like new shit. When did I say that I didn't? I don't criticize every little thing for, "not being accurate enough". I don't think that everybody is out to deceive me either. What I see here is an interview that's probably fake. The questions are dumb and there's almost no chance that they were actually answered by kikiyama because it's been years since he updated the game or said anything on his site. Who knows why somebody would make a fake interview? It's like if you saw a Photoshoped picture that you can tell is probably photoshopped. Nobody really likes a fake. I don't really care that much, but I don't appreciate being lied to either. Maybe you're just in too deep with the fandom and feel like you're drowning in closed-minded people, but that no reason to just assume every person thinks a certain way without any proof.


>Everyone uses the word 'salty'
Fucking gross.


Huh, that actually makes sense. Well now I feel stupid.

I was prepared to insult your mother and write a long rant about what I thought was actually going on behind the scenes, but yeah, that's right.

Sandy pussy aside, I do have an interesting theory that assumes Kikiyama is or was actively developing the game. My assumption? He continued on with trying to get the game to 1.00 until about 2010, then decided to switch engines to make some of the things he had in mind, since 2k3 can only do so much. Shit happened, and four learning curves later the project just slowly died or sank into development hell because he's a lone developer who probably wouldn't work well with anyone else, thus the port job had to be canned.

Theory 2: he was working on the game, but lost all his progress. Basically any digital notes, WIP assets, or even the entire project got borked and he had to then rely on the version he released. Disheartened, Kikiyama silently canned the project.

Theory 3: Same as theory 1, except the port job happened later and he's currently in the process of making what's basically an entirely new game with the same feel.

Theory 4: Less exciting. Whatever everyone else on Ubuu is thinking (work and life called, and the game had to be quietly canned)



People are skirting around the main point - that, even if it were true, the interview is a pile of crap which sheds no new insight on Kikiyama, nor YN. Frankly, it doesn't matter a pence whether it's authentic or not.


Hypothetically speaking, if it was real, and was made recently, that would mean that the game might be updated. As long a there's radio silence from kikiyama, we know the project is 100% dead, so yes the authenticity is important. Anything from kikiyama is better than nothing, even if it's a shit interview.


How recent is the interview?


File: 1492855442234.jpg (335.7 KB, 1600x900, k1j8fn7ci5qy.jpg)

Why is this thread even getting replies? It's not like this is some groundbreaking info or anything.
We know KIKIYAMA is out there, but i don't think he's the person to do a interview of a pet project he/she/they abandoned years ago coupled with the general inactivity. (KIKYAMA dissapeared ages ago)

This interview is probably fake, even then, how could they reach to some person who dissapeared ages ago to do a fucking interview on a dead game?
Besides, even if it was true, the interview has literally no info, it's just basic questions.


Kikiyama died in the tsunami


Kikiyama died by playing shitty fangames.


OP here, I have no idea how old this "Q&A" is. I stumbled upon it on reddit r/yumenikki



Wow that's some poor quality translation, only good thing is that he managed to find a meaning to ハートフル.


File: 1492873850641.png (271.64 KB, 1280x793, motoko.png)

>This interview is probably fake.
When Kikiyama is no one, everybody is?

fangames, the YN Proyect…

Is Kikiyama a meme?
Is this a Stand Alone Complex?


File: 1492882707421.jpg (251.07 KB, 748x900, why.jpg)

>Stand Alone Complex
I searched this on google and found out that wikipedia has entire page on the Philosophy of Ghost in the Shell.



File: 1492883187456.png (880.32 KB, 1024x768, IMG_21042017_171942_0.png)

oops pressed post on >>6503 accidentally

Reminds me of the MGS2 Ending analysis on TVTropes

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