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Has playing Yume Nikki given you any new information or a new perspective as life as a hikikomori? What do you think the author was saying about hikikomori lifestyle as a whole? For me as someone who spent about six months playing vidya and sleeping only rarely going out of my room to eat and sometimes talk to my family. I feel as though kikiyama attitude towards hikikomori seems pretty destructive and cynical. Im posting here because I'm not sure if the NEET board is alive anymore but feel free to move me there.


Yume Nikki is very much a game that makes you appreciate the freedom that most people take for granted. Being sealed off from the world and living in your head is what's destructive. Yume Nikki is the kind of game that encourages you go out more. The hikkomori lifestyle is honestly deserving of cynicism towards it because its not healthy for society and it's not healthy for the person with it. Society is what allows us to live lives comfortable enough for us to have time to think about this stuff so we should all try and preserve it as best as possible.


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But its hard especially for the people in Japan to not shut themselves off from society when society shuns them. I feel like in some regards a lot of what some of these people go through is largely ignored and the message is lost when all it amounts to is "try harder" which is easier said than done.


As someone who lived like that for well over two years, not really.

BUT DAMN did it take a long time to walk anywhere to get anything done in that game. So I don't know, commentary on the ridiculous amount of time I wasted spent in my room?


I'm not saying that hikkomoris don't have a valid reason for being the way they are, i'm just saying that that sort of thing shouldn't be condoned. Hikkomrois need help. Help that's respectful and considerate, but still a bit forceful to be effective. Yume Nikki painting the hikkomori lifestyle in a bad light isn't a bad thing because people shouldn't be hikkomoris plain and simple. I do agree with you that society isn't doing what it has to to solve the problem.


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>Not getting the bicycle first


But don't you think with Yume Nikki it comes off a little heavy handed? Showing mostly what she does and then unceremoniously offing herself seems a little… narrow sighted. But the biggest slap in the face is the implication that she was raped, it made me feel like you had to be pitied in order for this lifestyle to be acceptable.


Her being raped is all fan speculation. Nothing in the game is heavy handed, in fact everything is extremely vague and cryptic. We don't even know if she is a hikkimori or not because we don't know why she doesn't leave her room. For all we know she could be locked in. Some even think there's an apocalypse going on outside. The game also isn't just about any message. She kills herself(which isn't even certain either) because she pretty much ran out of things to do. It was the end of line. I think the reason why you think it's so clear cut is because you're projecting onto the game so strongly that you can't see it any other way. Hikkomori usually have some means of entertainment, right? Well she only has a shitty famicom game which is evidence to suggest she's being held against her will by some cruel captor. If Madotsuki was overweight and her room was full of trash and empty instant ramen cups and she had a computer she sits on all the time and she had a million yaoi doujins or whatever you would have a point.


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You ave a point, maybe I am projecting a bit. I guess it would be easier to assume that its more that she is willing to stay inside and sleep all day than her being captured. I just feel confused because I get so many mixed messages from this game. It really isn't as clear cut as I was thinking. If that's not the case than who's to say its even about hikikomori at all? Kikiyama, and lord knows he won't say anything, let alone giving an explanation.


It being left up to interpretation is a big part of the magic. If kikiyama explained everything this website might not even exist.


>Her being raped is all fan speculation.
wrong, her being raped is pretty hot. it's that kind of hot that you feel a little guilty about afterwards but it's hot nonetheless so you're gonna jack off to it anyways


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Made me realize as a 7 year hikikomori that instead of wasting my time playing video games, I'm better off creating a paracosm and staying there until I decide to kill myself.

Madotsuki tulpa soon.


I'd love to hear news about your madotsuki tulpa because that's the kind of stuff i'm into.


If you're serious about this is there anyway I can get in touch with you? discord or an email? Otherwise just some updates about it would be interesting.


File: 1485315724960.png (1.27 MB, 1116x625, puke.png) ImgOps Google

I was sadly over exaggerating, although it's the only thing I care about, the pace at which I make progress does not exist.


I'm only a semi-hiki, so I can't relate that much.


Who is semi-hiki?


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will playing yume nikki help me cope with trying to live a real life
i had 3 years of living in virtual world and i quit a while ago going back to reality
but it still hurts
so much
idk what to do with my life


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Let me guess, you're also a NEET who's in college?


What don't you just play it & stop asking stupid questions?


File: 1487210760540.jpeg (227.65 KB, 928x1000, 1455547404825.jpeg) ImgOps Google


Best damn advice I have seen in a while.


bullies ;-;

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