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Hey /yn/, I've been thinking, what is it about stuff like yume nikki that gives it that extra charm or appeal? There isn't much characterization with the MC herself and there isn't enough story to even be coherent. Then why is it so popular?


I'd like to say it's open endedness and overall uniqueness


I was just about to make this thread.
I've been struggling with a fangame lately because I've become disenchanted with yume nikki.
I asked myself "what is it that makes it popular" / "why do I like it".

It's really hard to get a simple answer but I think the general reason is because:
surreal soundtrack and immagery
paired with -
the feeling that exploration will lead not to progression but the discovery of unique aesthetic locations
creates -
a psychological feeling of flow that hooks you.
It's not really something that can be felt outside of playing the game so it can be easily forgotten.

That's my best explanation at least.


I just love how bizarre it is, i've never seen something similar to yn


YN is very atmospheric, and I think music plays a huge part in that. No other fangame, or even most video games that I've played, have come close to the sort of feeling of isolation and strangeness that YN emits with their OST. The only thing that comes to mind is some locations in Hyper Light Drifter.
I don't really understand music so I can't be certain about what makes it work so well. Maybe it's the deep low consistent tone that plays under the main melody of each track? Or just the particular instruments used?

But yeah, the game's good at making an atmosphere with specific background music + weird visuals. Some parts of it would probably work well even out of context.


Silent hill also uses a great soundtrack that fits right into the atmosphere of silent hill itself.

i like both the yume nikki and silent hill soundtrack they both have very good ways of pulling the player into the game.


The mystery surrounding it and kikiyama. It's why most people don't get the same feeling playing the fangames.


File: 1487825569419.png (2.86 KB, 96x105, Alisa_Greuze.png)

You just nailed it.


the fact that it was created such a long time ago really gets me


It was. But it was updated last in 2008. Which I guess is almost 10 years ago. But the real thing I wonder is why the author decided to disregard his following. Just strange. You just can't imagine someone like Toby Fox doing that.


I don't really get what's so interesting about Kikiyama's lack of identity outside of Yume Nikki.


It just really makes you wonder who he is and why he's so secretive.


File: 1489542576803.jpg (65.58 KB, 727x333, 3weavestyles.jpg)

I like the mystery surrounding Yume Nikki. Things start to get interesting when you begin to consider what the game means.

Personally, the Paracas background art is what has me. Why Paracas? What would make Kikiyama choose an ancient South American people's art to imitate in a video game?

Hopefully he responds to email within the next century.


but toby fox disregarded undermeme after the toxic fandom were composed of furries and kids, which took like 1 month


Yume Nikki is a work of art. It is a playable art piece.


File: 1489613082649.jpg (122.37 KB, 328x474, 53970629_p0.jpg)

comments like that (which i personally hate, it's undermeme tier praise) often prompts up conflicting thoughts on games

just saying something is art is really pretentious and goes more the ways "2deep4u" and sounds like it's more of an excuse to say for people who hated a game to say "dood ur mind just doesn't understand hehe"

i found many people around me to have a weird paradox where, if someone else praised something they liked to levels of exageration, the other person (depending on who they are, their current mindset, past experiences, and mood) would either:

> A) Go along and treat <whatevertheylike> with the exaggerated mindset

> B) Brush it aside, say something like "it's not that good" even though <whatevertheylike> is something special to them

> C) Agree, but when they get to experience the thing again, s/he starts to get really mixed feelings and starts awarefully denying everything in order to preserve their old experience, or starts to break the experience piece by piece

A is probably desperate for social acceptance and wants to share his/her experience or otherwise has no problems blindly loving things with others.

B can't share their experience with others because s/he's scared of having it ruined (probably those people who don't even have a MAL/gametrackingsiteorwhatever/favorites list on his social media profile) so they lie to others about their perception of their own special thing

C is the worst of the paradox, and it can almost drive some people insane for a few minutes with split thoughts and constant denial if the thing in particular is very important to them.

People who consider Yume Nikki their "own special thing" are oftenwise, NEET, hikko or socially inadequate, so they fall into all spectrums depending on their mindset, how deep they look into it, and the enviroment / people around the place they are posting / talking.
The thing about the audience is that they often have no sense of individuality if they are really fucking heavy NEET/isolated and base their thoughts on other people's opinions, but some start to doubt if it's their own thoughts that based their opinion, driving them into C) territory.

It's a really weird phenomenon, i could go on and on, but i think that's enough.
That harmless comment can sadly drive a vast number of people insane/unsure of their thoughts.

The special something in Yume Nikki for me is just the exploring and ambience. It feels fun and you find/hear something bizarre at every turn.


Wait… I don't understand this paradox. I read this a few times and it just feels like you are just describing general fandom. Unless that was the goal.

Like, if two people truly enjoy a game and both blow the praise of it out of proportion like passionate fans tend to do, I don't see how that's really for social acceptance.

This idea is interesting, and I'd like to fully understand.


The whole idea of fandoms is pretty toxic and self-destructive. Being part of a fandom means dedicating yourself to a piece of media. A piece of media made by another human being just like yourself. Making a work a fiction part of your identity, part of who you are is an incredible dumb thing to do. To me it seems like it's just a way for some people to compensate for their own lack of personality. The same thing goes for people who obsess over celebrities. Even if your not shining, if you admire people who are it feels like you're in the spotlight too. People should live their own lives. Who they are should be front and center to them. Worshiping the product of another person's mind is just pathetic and this pathetic nature explains why most fandoms are filled with crazed, irrational people. There already has to be something wrong with someone for them to proudly proclaim them self to be part of a cult based around imaginary people. There's nothing wrong with simply enjoying something. I obviously enjoy Yume Nikki. There's only a problem when people make that thing part of their own identity, which is what fandoms are all about.


File: 1489724628673.jpg (84.8 KB, 640x400, 1378.jpg)

I agree with what you say, but I think you're off with saying that "proclaiming to be fan of something as part of your personality is pathetic". What makes your personality is what you like and what you don't like, what you do and don't do (based, again, in your likings); there isn't a single human being in the whole planet detached from this, at all, so something not being part of your personality is illogical, to say the least. The monk meditating at the top of a sharp pike-like mountain is that exactly because he's mimicking that which he knows and likes. Granted, my example is slightly exaggerated but I think it illustrates perfectly what I want to say.

As a person slightly obessessed over small things myself (some of which lack a fandom, completely), I can tell you that liking things to the point they do change yourself enough to become part of yourself do exist. I like what I like, I enjoy what I like, and that makes part of my personality, because I'd be other person otherwise.

I think that liking something isn't bad in on itself, the problem comes when you start liking whatever is popular only and solely to fill a void on your own personality, like most people on fandoms seems to do. And then I have to agree with that notion, it is extremely pathetic, and irritating to people outside their shitty circle.



Nah. It's literally a series of art assets you can interact/play with.

You're just vastly insecure about personal tastes in general.


AhahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god you nailed it spot on. Man I adore you!


File: 1489924711290.png (53.2 KB, 256x256, thinking-face.png)


I like the sense of exploration. I get the same vibe I get from Adventure for the Atari 2600. You're just there. You go around finding weird shit and things just happen. There's no explanation and everything is abstract. It's also complex enough to keep notes or draw a map, which is fun in itself. The use of recurring themes is interesting too, because it keeps you wondering if there's something going on. It can go from relaxing to unnerving or spooky in a second, There's something natural about how you interact with other creatures, too. You don't communicate at all, but everything has this sense of life.

>makes game about a hermit that kills herself
That's what really gets me.


Y'know, I never linked it to Adventure before, but you're not wrong at all. That's probably my favorite Atari game that I still come back to, and it's mostly because it somehow stands the test of time simply being the way it is.

…now I want to make a ynfg for the Atari… considering how shenanigans that system is to program for, the C64 might be a better choice. Still.


In regards to the game itself, it's the soundtrack and imagery that really make the game for a lot of people.

On a more meta level, it's the mystery surrounding Kikiyama that causes people to keep coming back. It's never going to be solved, of course, but that isn't going to stop everyone from trying.


It puts you in a special mood, close to despair but not quite. It feels good to sense despair in others, while discussing it with everyone in the world.

It's also just fun. And really well done on a technical level, even if it doesn't look like it.


>And really well done on a technical level, even if it doesn't look like it.

it's literally an RPG maker game you bullshitter


That abuses the engine to accomplish things it was never designed for.


Walking and adding items to the inventory that change the look of your sprite?


For me, it's the fact that the game is a very abstract and enigmatic approach to something that interests me–how our mind processes the shit we go through outside of the conscious processing and how that affects us in making our decisions. Dreams are a major place we do that subconscious processing. Whether it's processing mundane things like events at school or media we consume, or something much more significant like abuse, social anxiety, or feelings of despair, dreams impact us in ways we can't explain or fully realize. We can't even remember them completely. And we don't know how we keep the terrible things inside of us hidden from our "active mind" in the background. It's just there keeping us sane until we let that out.

That's why I like Yume Nikki. It reminds me of things I wished couldn't be remembered and it fills me with emotions I didn't know existed in me. It's an experience every time I enter its world and for that it's my favorite game.


Same could be said about any piece of fiction, really.

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