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File: 1480945587324.png (39.93 KB, 640x480, rust.png)


Hello anons.

I just wanted to ask all of you.
What do you think of our current situation here?

>Yume Nikki is dead

>.flow (my favorite) is dead
>Yume 2kki is soon going to be dead

How long 'till we drop the bucket?
There's not much to theorize, people are already burned out of YN and it's fangames, not to mention almost no fangame has been finished.

>Kikiyama disappeared.

>lolrust is developing other games, although he did post on twitter on aprilfools a year ago that he would consider remaking .flow on RPG Maker VX.
>2kki team is probably tired of developing, Wataru is RIP.

The steam for this train is running out, and i'm afraid our secret society has been overshadowed by pretentious "meme games" such as Undertale who didn't have the finesse and the life-changing experience YN had.

Ubuu has been way more active than the past days though, most of the /fg/ and YN-related boards are dying off.

So again, i ask all of you my kind:
What do you think of our current situation?
How are we going to survive?
Are YN fangames a dying trend?
What do you think of all the crap "art & feels" games out there now?


File: 1480950970450.gif (9.07 KB, 500x240, butterfly.gif)

I've only been here for some 2 years, so I can't really say I know what the old days were like. I was here when the last two .flow (also my favourite, heh) updates came out, and even then I don't really remember the board being any more active than it is now, so I think that even if these games got more updates, not much would change.

The hikki board was one of the more active ones at that time, and as pathetic as it might be, reading about other people's feelings can be interesting, and it's always nice to have a place to vent, y'know? With that in mind, I think the site could continue with this feels + horror/weird/alien vibe, which is what Yume Nikki is about, I guess. YN not being the "main theme" could pull in more people, but it could also lead to a shittier user base…

I don't really know about any "art & feels" games other than Undertale and I don't see them affecting the site, so eh.


File: 1480952506616.jpg (79.22 KB, 591x415, normiebook.jpg)

>What do you think of our current situation?
It'll be the same until someone lies about having pseudo official content like Project Yume Nikki or the "I found old version pay me".

>How are we going to survive?

We have nowhere to go, the oldfags at least. We will stay here until Sei dies, then we will make a new Uboachan pretending to be him.

>Are YN fangames a dying trend?

Absolutely, especially the traditional ones, I can see how someone could come with a fresh new idea that doesn't feel just like another YN clone, in fact, any YNFG that is not about a slow moving character going to the dream world to collect all effects and get le ending would blow my mind…but nothing else.

>What do you think of all the crap "art & feels" games out there now?

They are shit made for this generation of players, with artistic and emotional factors to make up for the weak plot and gameplay consistency.
Undermeme's not that bad, I mean don't get me wrong it's bad but its fans trying to introduce it everywhere makes it look worse than it actually is.
I guess it's what people like nowdays.
Source: see file.


I don't see a reason to care that much; I prefer the lighter level of posting we have anyway. Too much babble usually amounts to too much mindless noise. There's a sense of community here that you don't really get from larger boards where everything blurs into a dull static hum of disinterest. Could we use more content? Probably. Are fangames dead? Most of the "le walking simulator" ones are, anyway. They're generally viewed as cheap boring copies by gamers at large. There's still stuff on the horizon that has the surreal exploration noise down as a core element, but also pulls in storyline and gameplay, and it's kinda exciting. Only the future will tell if any of it goes anywhere.

For here though, I'm quite fine with the way things are right now.


Wait did something recently happen to Kikiyama/Yume Nikki or something? Or do you just mean the same silence as usual? I'm kinda out of the loop atm


File: 1480995177026.png (12.33 KB, 300x300, It's shit.png)

>What do you think of our current situation here?
It's not the same as always but that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. Activity has certainly dropped in the community, but consecutively the cancerous mass of people who didn't really appreaciate the game and only talked about it because it was just a trend has also decreased.

>Yume Nikki is dead

It always has been, no surprise here.

>.flow (my favorite) is dead

>Yume 2kki is soon going to be dead
Well, that's bad, but it's not a surprise either. It was obvious that at some point they were going to stop being updated. I'd have been actually impressed if they didn't. That said, it's a shame and it really lets us see how time has been moving for the past years.

>There's not much to theorize, people are already burned out of YN and it's fangames, not to mention almost no fangame has been finished.

As far as my memory goes, theories stopped being the main fuel since ~2012 or so, probably before. True enough, there were still some things dropped here and there up to 2013, but it wasn't the same as in it used to be before that.

>The steam for this train is running out, and i'm afraid our secret society has been overshadowed by pretentious "meme games" such as Undertale who didn't have the finesse and the life-changing experience YN had.

As I said, only the faggots who only thought of YN as a trend moved on. People who care and love the game do still visit us from time to time; in fact, I could even say that the drop in activity we had here was more closely related to the site itself rather than the fandom at all. The general opinion of why uboachan should be avoided was "because the userbase sucks". If we actually make a small cleanup it still has potential to live on. It won't be the same as always, but nothing stays unchangable in this universe.

>Ubuu has been way more active than the past days though, most of the /fg/ and YN-related boards are dying off.

Actually, and very ironically, I'd even dare to say that in these last days, the boards with most activity have been /fg/ and /yn/.

>What do you think of our current situation?

As I said, things change, this site is changing too. Generally, the quality of a imageboard is inversely proportional to the number of users. The secret is to post as much as you can with quality rather than just for quantity.
As for the YN scene in general, there are still some hopes here and there, if we actually manage to translate the doujins in japan that will certainly be an appeal and a very big breath of fresh air, for example.

>How are we going to survive?

Changing is the key, uboachan isn't YN-only; it's more of a place where people interested in YN come to discuss different things with people with similar tastes. I've had some ideas for threads but I was afraid that our current userbase doesn't seem to be too interested in replying and that those threads may be lost in the sea of posts. I can still try though.

Yume Nikki, on the other hand, has little-to-none opportunity of changing, since kikiyama is likely not going to update ever. Honestly, I think that the community is facing a rather hard time, regarding new material. I haven't checked what do the userbase overseas thinks, but I will probably drop by in a few days.

>Are YN fangames a dying trend?

Definitely. No, actually, you could even it's already dead. And not exactly because they aren't produced anymore, but because we can't even deal with them anymore. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a fangame just for the gameplay and didn't feel like "Oh, another walking simulator. Go to dream -> pick effects -> end".
That aside, since most people aren't interested in fangames anymore, I think that even if somebody developed something new, it wouldn't be getting too much attention. And that'd be a shame, since the dev would feel that all the work would have been for nothing.

>What do you think of all the crap "art & feels" games out there now?

They are shit. SHIT. Fucking tumblr.


Er, what do you guys mean by "arts and feels" games?


undermeme, mogeko, etc.


File: 1481030443401.png (1.59 KB, 250x288, unknown.png)


Yeah, i remember back in '12 when YouTubers where playing this game it became a sort of trend.

Ubuu has been much more nicer since those kids left the hype train though, RIP spanish forums.

I wonder what's next for YN-related content to come.


>talking shit about Mogeko
I will terminate you


RIP 2kki soon
I'll never forget the fun I had discovering the wide worldsof Urotsuki.


I don't want to believe it, but your probably right. It seems like Yume Nikki and its fandom are going the way of OFF, that is nearly forgotten, which is sad because I only just played .flow and Yume Nikki for the first time recently…


You don't want to revive OFF as topic in this website…


I'm not trying to "revive" it, I'm merely using it as an example.


yeah, almost everybody here hates OFF
its a meme game


why? the shitty fandom for it's all gone. it had some flaws but it's a fine game on it's own.

besides, i thought the reactionary hatetrain was for undertale now. though even that's died down!


Let's not remember old trauma…


Why do you think that is, though? Many games (and other media) are perfectly fine on their own. But something cancerous happens to them when they reach a certain level of popularity. Is it the memes? Is it the same effect one gets when the radio won't stop playing the same songs on repeat for months on end, songs you once liked but now it's like "okey, we get it, give it a rest, MOVE ON!"? Is it because some fans only show up because now it's something popular, and they don't actually like or care about the source? Some combination?

It's interesting to me, because I see it happen repeatedly everywhere. What is it about popularity that is so destructive?


It's not a coincidence and it's not complicated, I never liked undertale, because I knew it was a product made for normies, normies are the majority, therefore, it becomes popular. Just like reality shows, sports on TV, Facebook or being a degenerate wanting to fuck everything in the desired gender.

All the fanbases are cancerous, all of them, but having a fanbase which contains a good bunch of normies in them generates also undertale's situation, where fans want to force their game into every community and compare it to everything and accuse everything of being a copy of it and praise it like GOTD.

I don't think OFF is the case though, OFF is pretty small compared to undertale in numbers.


File: 1482003573231.png (3.46 MB, 2268x2066, 8940d230365af57f52531e3f66….png)

Let's put it this way, anon. Imagine you marry a woman that is completely perfect for you. Even with her flaws, you can't help but feel atracted to every single quality of her traits, personality, etc. Then you travel far away to a new village, where everyone admires and claims your wife is beautiful. After partying for a while in the inn, both of you go to rest. However, at midnight you are awakened by a sound, and notice the bed you were sharing with her was now more spatious. As you descend into the lounge, there, every single male in the village is banging your wife as she cries her eyes out at seeing you. Then you are striken by somebody at your back, tied up, and made to see the terrible sight in front of you.

That is what popularity does to things, anon. A terrible, terrible, terrible sight of how your most beloved and precious thing is corrupted to the bones and stained by thousands and thousands of degenerates and you can't do anything to stop it.


>Imagine you marry a woman that is completely perfect for you

You lost me.


File: 1482007815736.jpg (283.64 KB, 1920x1080, EDGY.jpg)


File: 1482008415763.jpg (89.82 KB, 800x600, 1480160404001.jpg)

My point still holds.


The more popular something becomes, the more it is dumbed down to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Not to say that a game can be dumbed down after release (except of course with patches or updates) but the people that like the game, and the reasons they like it, and how they discuss it and those sorts of things also become dumbed down, and any sort of originality gets drowned out and shat on.

Basically idiots get ahold of something and force thier idiocy on everyone involved.

Whats wrong with wanting to have sex with a lot of people?


File: 1482020958452.jpg (98.2 KB, 960x392, fish-05.jpg)

Me too. Sometimes I really like salami and prefer to avoid the incoming



Stop, you're turning me on.


>Whats wrong with wanting to have sex with a lot of people?
I didn't say it was wrong, I said it's something normal people do a lot.


Didnt you say that thats what degenerates do?


And that's what normal people is.


File: 1482064558411.jpg (202.22 KB, 1920x1920, best anime.jpg)


Yume Nikki has never really been a blow up popularity, the game and it's creator was always shrouded in a sort of secrecy, so many people backed away from it or got bored, so I suppose it was doomed to fade into obscurity. I don't exactly have high hopes of it reviving, since it feels like everyone I have tried to introduce to it has blown it off, in real life or over the internet. But we still have eachother at least, and I will try and find new people who will like the game and come here on our little imageboard, likely from other imageboards like endchan, since that was how I found the game a while back. I myself am pretty new to the fanbase, maybe a year or two, but I will personally do my best to not let this place completly die.


File: 1482805464711.png (8.66 KB, 288x224, Thebedroom.png)

>What do you think of our current situation?
Its not great, but could be worse.
>How are we going to survive?
More fan games that people can get behind.
>Are YN fangames a dying trend?
Maybe, but if people find the game they will try to make one. See pic related, I'm thinking of making one.
>What do you think of all the crap "art & feels" games out there now?
Pretty bad for the most part. No fun gameplay, no surreal stuff, no exploration. Might as well be movies, and thats pretty bad for video games.


I've been making a Yume Nikki style game lately as well.
Progress is slow but I've done a lot in the past week. Not enough content though yet to warrent a thread.
I think that what we need and what I hope to achieve are games that are stylistically like yume nikki but that push the gameplay further in unique niches like with oneshot which limits the ability to replay the game.
What I want ideally in my game is to have a majoras mask quest system where npc's have a set routine and you figure out what items to give to who based on context.
Pixel art is my achilles heel though but I'm getting better.


File: 1483148688082.png (63.26 KB, 798x599, asdfasdfasdfasdf.PNG)

Pic related is a terribly unfinished area that I've done.
I'm not sure whether to add a story line at this point though.
I need to find an art style like oneshot though that can be done later. Better to get the frame for the whole game done first and polish later, I think to avoid development hell or feature creep.


I'm working on something for Ubuu. It may not be good, you guys may not like it, but something is in the works, and it is a game.

I promise something is coming, the fandom is not dead.


Unrelated anon here
So here's a confession
I'm new here, very new. The reason I played YN was because the name had simply been floating around here and there and spiked my curiosity, so nothing special. Haven't played Undertale or any other of those "art & feels" games asides from OFF. Caught on too late to be a part of its fandom or anything, and found it nice.
But it's kinda heartbreaking to come in here and hear stuff like "Yeah, we're dying, nice knowing you, guys"
How can I catch up with what's been going on without being shown the way out? I feel like a little kid


File: 1492254293128.jpg (41.5 KB, 464x425, clyde.jpg)

The spanish cartel arc is the best arc really.
Stay the fuck away from /hikki/ because that single-handedly turned us into a blogging site.
/ot/ is the shitpost board.

Keep /fg/ & /yn/ alive, don't be a blogger (seriously please it hurts my heart to have the top posts this day be some depressed guy with issues, don't be a stranger) and if your looking for fangames, play 2kki if you just want exploration or play .flow if you want something similiar, yet different.


File: 1492255462498.jpg (20.49 KB, 302x448, doodoo.jpg)

Thank you, kind anon!
Here's a tribute, as sort of a vindication, an eh doodle of Mado


File: 1492256792371.gif (1.21 MB, 320x240, 1491248201235.gif)

Ah, fuck i forgot to namefag myself, i'm the OP who created this post, and nearly 1 year later it's still the same situation really.

while /ot/ might be the shitpost board it has some useful info from time to time like this:

https://uboachan.net/ot/res/14549.html (moon runes)
https://uboachan.net/ot/res/16680.html (spanish cartel saga)

But most of the time it's just shitposting or blogging really

In my opinion any fangames past Miserere and other "2nd gen" fangames are pretty bad, but there's some golden eggs in the vomitive shithole from time to time.

/yume/ is paranormal/random stuff.
/cos/ is mostly just 3 people.
/lit/ has some interesting stuff sometimes.
/media/ is dead.
/og/ has some some good games from time to time, or some translations for japanese games
/ig/ is mostly dead as well
/cc/ & /o/ are slow, but people post there from time to time
/x/ got invaded from people from the likes of lainchan, 8chan, etc and it's really crappy shock material IMO

there's a few hidden boards as well (most of them are shitpost boards) like /melon/ & /fag/.

fun fact: Did you know uboachan had it's own Minecraft server?


fucc trips don't work same way as 4chins
: (


Oh wow, didn't expect that. Threads last for a while here, huh. I was just looking at one that had been going on for 4 years. Quite a comfy place
And aye, thank you again, that's perfect, literally getting spoonfed useful things.
I'll try not to ruin this for anyone

And no, just now hearing about it. Might give it a go at some point, it looks well-kept?


It *had* a MC server, it shutdown due to lack of funds.
It was mostly just 2-8 players chilling.
If you want to see the ruins go on /mc/, there was a board for it.


I wonder why nobody ever replied to >>>/ot/14549 again…


>yume nikki is dead
Its only dead when you decide to stop posting, so just keep the discussion going even if you have to try your hardest


What discussion lol


Mado runs Groupon


I want to believe…


Like Gone Home.


File: 1494495616340.jpg (595.91 KB, 750x549, 1458071142411.jpg)

I just wish I was born 10 years earlier. Everything that I'm interested in is either dead or dying, like I'm always late for the party. At least you people have memories to cherish.


File: 1494496407385.gif (959.54 KB, 284x223, donkeykjonb punch.gif)

you fuckin nostalgia baby wrong generation fucktard. i want to crush your skull between my powerful meaty thighs you stupid fucking shit. you will suffer by my hand if you continue to behave this way. holy fuck kid


What are you interested in?


Ubuu is insatiable..

If I make a game and work hard on it, it won't be good enough. You guys claim to want new stuff but the moment it strays from what you're used to you don't like it.

My fan-game has a map with eyes looking at you. Yeah yeah, it's that again. I have the right to do it.


Why do you even try to please ubuu? Also, it's the repetitive gameplay what kills it. If you make a map with edges and it is good, it will be good. If it's just another clone there just because and without adding much to the game, then that's it, don't blame us.


Not the guy you're chastising, but imagine if you were born today where Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus were "in." Where indoctrination and propagandizing of this terribly cruel and materialistic culture were at an all-time high due to technology making mass exposure cheap and easy.

Would you not wish you could be a part of something else?


There's nothing wrong with multiple eyes, I think they're aesthetic, but you have to consider *why* you're doing it. Is it just to copy Yume Nikki?

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