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Just noticed this…


>As a further thought, since I initially scrawled all this down, I’ve found a fansite for the game. Browsing it, I come across a section entitled “What this game is about.” The body reads: “…Really now. This is a pointless question. Its so random and meant to spook you out it HAS NO POINT!” – which I found quite upsetting in itself. There can’t be many people who are enthusiastic enough to set up a fansite for the game, and the ones who are haven’t even realised what it’s trying to say.

first time i read this i got so angry i nearly passed out. good to see proof that these cretins are categorically incorrect


Ironically, this has been always there. Literally, everything is in the readme, but nobody bothers to check it.
Still, it's fun to make theories. The game in itself may not have a point or a story, but that's exactly what makes it so exciting.


There's a difference between having an explicit story and creating an atmosphere that lets the observer create their own interpretation of events. YN excels at the second.


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I feel disapointed that the game has no plot or porpouse at all. It feels like i've passed the Last 4 years speculating for nothing


That's just a description for new players, it doesn't mean there isn't a plot, it just means theres no explicit plot as a pointer for the player.


I can't believe this thread exists.


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Why do people need the author or creator to explain the meaning behind things? Do people not realize art is subjective and will never be viewed the same exact way by people because of how we all think differently. You don't need some easy answer to enjoy the meaning behind a game. The whole point is to use your own emotions and thought to figure things out for almost everything.

Another thing is that even if the author says something there's no way knowing what situation he's in and if he really thinks that. People lie all the time about things. Hideaki Anno is a good person to use as an example because he's contradicted himself a few times when he talks about Evangelion. That's because he was in a bad mental state and isn't the most stable person to begin with. Also, I'm sure to anyone who's written something you know your feelings of what the project means can change during the process.

To me it will never matter what Kikiyama says even if he made a huge detail analysis of YN. I'd be interested and read it, probably even get some new insights, but I would not see it as some all-knowing answer because I heavily believe in Death of the Author. However even if you don't you still shouldn't rely on the creators and try and think for yourself.



>believing in death of the author

>still relying on largely surpassed 50 years old literary theory no one takes seriously any longer



It's a game about walking without meaning, Kikiyama is dead, Project Yume Nikki is fraud.
Deal with it.


Which theories have surpassed it?


The pursuit of Kikiyama which we know will never end is what fuels this community to begin with. Let's say we got our answers, it would officially be the end of the Yume Nikki journey.

We do NOT necessarily want those answers, we want

1. For Kikiyama to come back and update Yume Nikki.
2. Kikiyama to never return so we can chase him forever.

But we'll actively chase him, hoping he comes back.

We want which we cannot have. The chase is the happiness, the find marks the end of it.

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