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I'll post all the ones I know of.

Speed Glitch: Use bike in the chair while asleep

Double Speed Glitch : Use bike in chair, then take chair out to nexus. Press 5 to drop effect. Equip bike again then go back to desk and exit chair at the desk.

Use effects with speed glitch: Equip Yukki-Onna in chair, then hat and scarf. Take the chair and activate the hat and scarf effect. Then equip desired effect and put chair back and exit chair.

Walk through walls: Use knife in chair. Leave chair and immediately after activate the knife effect.

Softlock game on rocket ship: while the ship is crashing hold down sit and you will not be able to get back up or do anything.

There are a few other very minor glitches but those are the most noticeable and useful ones.

Anyone else know any other glitches?

(Image unrelated)


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Sorry to bump this old thread, but new glitches were found in yume nikki. https://youtu.be/xKr_dWQXfTU


Also this new glitch as well https://youtu.be/Tb0DAX7OKLc



I'm at a Loss for words. This is very important easy to do, so try it yourself.


This is very easy to do*


Another new glitch found by me recently. This glitch is frame perfect so very hard to do. It will allow you to have 8x speed glitch without bike which is pretty cool. https://youtu.be/mONKWtLAOzM


New glitch to rend a save file completely useless https://youtu.be/bmaqODR7LFM




Here is another video that covers three more new glitches https://youtu.be/CtsW3gH6FyA


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And… what's even the point of all of this?


It's a hobby of mine. Though it's niche it's something I enjoy, and no more pointless than most other hobbies.


Isn't the spaceship glitch intentional? I think madotsuki's head actually is lower when this happens, as if she's broken her neck or something.


It's hard to tell, because there are other ways to obtain that kind of sitting, but that's the only way that softlocks it.

Basically you can obtain that same type of sitting by using an effect in a chair like frog, exiting the chair and using frog so you can walk around while you are supposed to be sitting. When you do this you have around 12.5 second before the game will force you to sit down. When the games timer ends and you are forced to sit down you will be sitting with the spite of Madotsuki with her head down. Which has a lot of interesting properties.

The reason for this I am not really sure of, but because of the fact that the sprites existence can already be explained by the Madotsuki in the closet(which means it wasn't custom made) that means that it is more likely to just be something along the lines of the game not knowing what sitting state you should actually be in. There is evidence of this because if you use certain glitches to be able to have the sitting sprite while moving it will cycle through the 4 different sitting sprites used for the animation if you have the normal sitting state. However if you have the head down sitting state it will not cycle through any different sprites while you move.

Plus why would someone purposely put an event in to softlock their game? It would ruin any save progress, and just doesn't seem like a practical design decision.

If I find anything more about it I'll post it here.


This is probably one of the craziest things I've seen in terms of glitches in this game.

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