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Yume Nikki is easily my favorite RPG Maker title of all time, I've decided to further my obsession by learning how to speed run it.

I've just achieved a new PB: 17:40.


This run was great, at least for my current skill level. Unfortunately the Darkness and The Wilderness costed me ridiculous amounts of time. I'll do better next run.

To those who are new to my runs, when I stop for a couple of seconds for no 'obvious' reason, it's because I'm taking a look at my notes. The video quality will also be improved for my next Speed Run recording.

My dream is to reach the top 9 in the leaderboards: http://www.speedrun.com/yumenikki#Any%25

As a Yume Nikki fan, I know it's painful to not get any new content to watch, so I thought it might be interesting for you guys here.


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I really don't see the point of speed runs, it's an exploration game, were you explore(duh) the mysteries it has to offer, interact with strange creatures and play with interpretation…

Having speed runs only tells us the game has nothing else to offer…


You seem to make the assumption that I have not spent countless upon countless hours in this game exloring, theorizing, enjoying. I've spent hours spinning that chair listening to that Save Theme Song. I've more than dwelled in this game for a long time.

Speed runs are ways to push new charms out of your favorite games. Yume Nikki is an insane, absolutely insane game to speed run.


File: 1470602881091.png (948.56 KB, 1511x574, Joshua Beaumont Houghton B….png) ImgOps Google

true that. i enjoyed watching your run, good luck on your future attempts. I was going in the oposite direction and seeing if I could beat the game only by scooting around on the office chair but the toriningen in guilotine land kept giving me grief


That……..is absolutely insane. You're giving me an idea for a future challenge.


And thanks by the way.


You'll make cx just keep practicing my time is 14:32 never bothered uploading it but I'm in top three for glitchless and have the WR for .flow


And anon if you ever want to race I'm down just hit me up on Twitter (@SmileSabitsuki): https://twitter.com/SmileSabitsuki?s=09


I replied to you on YouTube. I'd definitely like to race with you sometime. Once I get more adequate with controlling Super Speed Madotsuki.

Nice speed runs by the way, I lurked your stuff but never said anything.


Hey Sabiiii, could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Something that happens frequently during my runs is that Madotsuki randomly sits on the floor without me doing anything. It randomly happens while I'm moving.

My latest PB got heavily damaged for it:


An example of this can be seen at 7:24 in my run. Is there anything in particular that I'm doing that triggers this?


UPDATE: New PB! 14:42. My goal to reach a 14:XX PB has been achieved!



New PB! 13:14 with a few silly mistakes I've learned to avoid.

PB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4cmyGHVO38


I am inlove with the fact that you started speedrunning this game recently. I'm not sure who it was that said this, it mightve been in your video info but, In regard to your wanting more people in the community to speedrun this game. From my side, I have the whole route memorized and practiced, but I won't be speedrunning for two reasons. 1. at this moment in time I do not have the time to spend on speedrunning :( 2. I do not like racing to my death. In the original game I never reached the end but if I had reached the end I would not have jumped off you know what Otherwise, I wish you fun and luck in reaching your goals!


Hi there.. Glad to see people speedrunning.

That occurs as a side effect of the chair glitch. If you follow the route in the speedrun.com guides section for the game, it says how to "unglitch" out of this "glitched state" so that you never get stuck.

Happy running.

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