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What got you into Yume Nikki? How did you discover it?


File: 1466946415010.jpg (49.48 KB, 700x492, 34529-ib-eve-ib-gary-ib-ma….jpg)

I discovered it a day before my family camping trip through some fan art of Mado and Ib. I had a long drive there and nothing to do at night, so I downloaded it and gave it a try, I found ubuu not long after playing it!


File: 1466985183053.jpg (40.62 KB, 250x210, tumblr_mcb20tPcNL1r8gxavo1….jpg)

I don't remember exactly. I knew about Uboa before I got into the game. I didn't read into it much. I assumed it was some weird ds or gameboy game. I discovered the rest of the cast when I came across a Monoko roleplay account.
What got me into it? I was curious to see what it was about, and found Cry's playthrough. It was eh. What REALLY got me hooked was SomeOrdinaryGamers' playthrough.


File: 1466987338853.jpg (256.62 KB, 865x1206, YN998.jpg)

>How did you discover it?
I was looking for more information about Ao Oni and the PC remake of Corpse Party back on late 2008, and then came across a video showing how to find Monoko.


I haven't discovered Yume Nikki first, tbh. I was looking for the rumored sequel to the Eversion game and came across a Yume Nisshi playthrough on YouTube, then a .flow school event video. Shortly afterwards, I found out about Yume Nikki and got interested in it.


Threads from the good ol' days of /x/


I found a topic about it in a French forum, and I just gave it a try. I was 13, in 4 days I'll turn 18… I still play it sometimes. It's a full part of my adolescence.


inb4 banned for 4 days


Saw it on the front page of the Indie Games Weblog back when it was first mentioned there, since I used to check that site for games. Hard to believe it's been about 8 years since then.


There was a review of it next to one of LSD dream emulator, so I clicked it to see what was up


I don't actually remember. I think my friend mentioned it to me when we were on AIM back in like 8th grade and it sounded cool. They also said that we wouldn't be able to play it because we have macs, so I wrestled with mine and got it to work after about 2 days of fiddling with CrossOver. It was late at night when I finally got it to work and the title screen music sorta creeped me out so I was like mmmmmmm tomorrow (this was like 2am and I was also in middle school).

I'm pretty sure loudman's playthrough was the first and only one I ever watched.

First played it at age 13, currently 19. It's been with me for a while.


File: 1467968272043.jpg (61.54 KB, 600x510, 1316967085120.jpg)

Saw a thread about the game on 4chan /v/ in 2008. The way they explained the game sounded really interesting to me since I'm all about games with good a atmosphere. Been playing it once a year ever since. I just finished my yearly play through and decided to pop my head in here again.

I remember this was used for the OP pic in the thread I discovered the game.


File: 1467970164412.jpg (74.48 KB, 610x471, luvlov.jpg)

i discovered it through a playthrough by a guy called trasknarii or something, and i watched that plauythrough on repeat and became familiar with the imagery and it kinda stuck with me, but i was dumb and i played it a year ago i think finally. same with a lot of other games actually, i got familiar with weird stuff as a child and grew estranged from everyone else and now i'm a weirdo i guess


File: 1468888173396.jpg (1.39 MB, 2100x800, 0- 95540 kasei-san kyukyu-….jpg)

Honestly, I don't even remember

I think I stumbled upon it by accident and I just found myself completely immersed it over the course of a few days. I then spent a few days to myself after I finished it quietly thinking about what just happened


I was playing some Mario fangame that uses
the music of Yume Nikki (Dark Water).
I went to youtube to listen to this track because I suddenly fell in love with it.
Then, I found Yume Nikki.
Later I realized that she also appeared in some touhou fanarts I found.


I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was a late night thread on 4ch's /v/. About 2009-10? I remember playing it on this toaster laptop that could barely emulate SNES games. A big grey blocky thing you could probably throw down a flight of stairs and it would survive.


File: 1473378754011.jpg (72.33 KB, 400x400, tumblr_njpegaj0TR1qkdofgo1….jpg)

I was looking for more horror games like Ib I think. I was young and tried to play it and walked around for a few minutes and thought it was boring.

Then at school my friend sent it through airdrop on the school issued macbooks. I played it on wine and found uboachan not long after. It think this place really pushed me to finish it.


Me? Ah hell if I remember. All I can remember is being on Youtube, then hearing about Uboa, so I checked it out. Never been the same since that. And that was 6 years ago.


about the same as above. I saw one of the older uboa videos and didn't understand what was going on, so i played it and it spoke to me.

goodness i could have been like 12 at the time.


What got me into Yume Nikki is how much I loved how it crashed my hard drive the first time I tried to run it 4 years ago c:


File: 1474944085370.jpg (203.07 KB, 635x384, good times.jpg)


I found a fukkireta video with Poniko and Uboa, I wanted to know where it came from …and yeah that's pretty much it. It's a shame I cannot find that video anymore.


File: 1474961223389.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7….jpg)


browsing the creepypasta wiki while bored in college in the middle of last year (2015). I wanted to check to see if there were other video game based creepypastas (read ben drowned and was mildly interested) and they had a ranking list of top spooky games they liked that year. .flow was on the free games list; sounded cool so I checked it, concept was neat and seemed very trippy but the wiki recommended I play Yume Nikki before diving in to .flow. checked YN out and became a big fan of the game; thankfully the game ran fairly easily on ubuntu (how, I have no fucking idea; installing 2kki was a nightmare) or I might have never gotten into one of my favorite series. also, got into horror rpg games as a result which is top tier.


File: 1487661647530.jpg (9.96 KB, 248x203, images.jpg)

i found it through a vinesauce stream of a shitty unity game called "integuments: shadow of shrek"

isn't it funny how you stumble across something, say "huh maybe i'll check this out", and it changes you forever?


File: 1487890137148.jpg (44.49 KB, 703x680, 1361470371585.jpg)

Somebody on h8chan posted this picture, then somebody asked who drew "that Madotsuki", so I looked up her name because I liked her design and the picture, and soon enough I found the game. I am relatively new, I found Yume Nikki and Ubuu about a year ago now, and now Ubuu is my most used imageboard.


File: 1488713728743.jpg (329.11 KB, 555x555, mado writing.jpg)

randomly read a late night Yume Nikki general on /v/ on 4chan one night in like 2012 or 2013. an anon asked the general what the game was about and someone replied with "its a game about throwing up" and i believed that anon so i went and downloaded it. didnt find any throwing up but i fell in love with the game


i was e-stalking a boy i liked and found /n/ by reverse searching his steam avatar. uboachan seemed like a neat place so i started playing help me get more in touch with it


File: 1488737094191.png (163.35 KB, 740x555, aoshiru.png)

damn nigga that's a messed up way to find a messed up game


I've actually forgotten a long time ago how I found Yume Nikki, and how I found this site. Funny how I run it now.


*immediately reverse searches my steam avatar to make sure it's not me*


Huh. I was under the impression you own the site.


I meant own the site from the start but w/e


File: 1488815024836.png (479.73 KB, 499x501, snowsatsu.png)

I wasn't around here in early days but from what i saw from the archive it was a guy named Rozen (?) and he's been pretty much on the dark so he's not as much known / meme'd as Seisatsu.



Rozencrab made the site in 2009 as a joke but it got way bigger than expected and became a notable imageboard. The whole thing was a shootoff of Desuchan's Yume Nikki board which was popular at the time. He retired in 2011 and handed it over to me, and I haven't seen much of him since. I actually know very little about him.


File: 1490502605487.jpg (312.6 KB, 1000x666, WhiteWagtail_013.jpg)

Found it while scavenging for games that could run on my extremely low end computer when i was a child


File: 1490683394412.jpg (10.71 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

i found out about yume nikki through vocaloid, actually. i discovered this artist on youtube called competor, and people were comparing his stuff to YN. he also has some pretty good YN remixes that are worth checking out.


When it was popular over on 4chan I became interested in the art of the game. After playing it I was glued to the atmosphere and overall feel of the game. During the time I was really into atmospheric horror and nothing hit it like Yume Nikki. I loved how the feel would transition from ominous or even comfy to sporadic horror. I still play it every so often. I loved to show my friends it and have them play as I watched silently.



This post was months ago, but I discovered Yume Nikki the same way, back in 2007. It was a game that fit my bad mood back then perfectly. When 4chan felt like 4chan, and /x/ was nothing but creepypasta.

Yukuri shiteite ne~


Some time in middle school, don't remember, a friend of mine introduced me to Yume Nikki. I didn't have a computer so at the time I played on my grandmas computer. She also introduced me to Mondo Medicals, and these two games sort of colored my middle school life. Yume Nikki stands out more to me though, as a game with no real drive other than to explore and it being up to the player to come w¿up with their own conclusions. This is like only a year before my first psychotic breakdown and I absolutely know YN influenced some things during that time. I'm probably getting off topic though, so I'll quit rambling.


I was watching one of those (now cringey) anime fan animations on youtube (no idea what it was or I'd link it) and at the end of the video it suddenly cut to uboa with this scary sound playing. I decided to investigate and fell in love with Yume Nikki.


File: 1495104986603.jpg (89.49 KB, 800x1117, oyasumi-punpun-859891.jpg)

Weird way to discover it, but the gamebanana (I think it was fpsbanana at the time) TF2 skins section.

There was an Uboa skin for jarate, strange combination of ideas. "Uboa? What's this? Yummy Nikki?"
That was 2012-ish.
In 2015 when I graduated and had no money, looked around for free games, stumbled across YN again, "oh, that weird thing…" played it, hooked me in.

(pic unrelated, page of oyasumi punpun)


I can't remember how I found it, I just know it was sometime in 4th grade (about 7 years ago).


Around 5 years ago, my brother downloaded the game where he presumably heard it from TV Tropes, he played it for around 10 minutes before never touching it again.

He told me the game was pretty scary so I gave it a go, it wasn't shit your pants scary, but I enjoyed the creepy atmosphere and exploration. It was truly a unique experience. Though I did have a lot of trouble navigating, I managed to get 21 effects before stopping.

Then 3 days ago someone just mentions the game during a private discussion I had with him in Discord, and I was like "Oh right I still have that game, I wonder if the save file is there". Sure enough, it was there, surprised by how far I was in the game I decided to finish what I started. I beat the game today

What was interesting about it was that I wasn't really lost, I kinda knew where to go somehow and a lot of parts during the run felt familiar to me, especially the music, I could just feel which parts I explored before and which parts I didn't. Sure enough, I was able to find 2 new effects during the new playthrough. Interesting to note was that the last two parts where I just couldn't find and had to use a walkthrough for, fat and triangle kerchief were already in areas I explored before, so I just assumed nothing more was there. It was almost like I never left the game, can anyone relate?

Sorry for the long post that went kinda off topic at the end but I just beat the game today and wanted to share the experience I had coming back to it, and this thread seemed the best one.


So he found it from tv tropes, huh?
Did he just happen to stumble across the article, or is he a regular user. If it's the latter, are you still friends with them?


He was and I assume is still is a heavy TV Tropes user, he found out many amazing games that would play to completion and love a lot, although he would never play more than 30 mins of the games he discovered through that website. Personally never understood it and I can see why people hate it per that thread you linked
As for the last question, he is my brother and I love him, needless to say we are polar opposites when it comes to politics.


>not being friends with someone because they use a website
Gosh you're all so horribly young


It's less about the website itself, and more to do with the type of people who generally use it. I wouldn't dislike somebody just because they use Bing, but there's a good chance that I wont like a troper. My comment was mostly a joke anyway.


It's worth noting that most people on most websites (including tvtropes AND uboachan) are regular people but that websites and online communities often encourage a certain standard of behavior among their users. New users will usually look at what sort of content is well received and at least subconsciously tailor their responses to match it. This is why most online communities receive a reputation for being a "hive mind." Furthermore, most people being different personalities to different situations, so it's hard to accurately classify a person as being a certain way, even though people make this unfair snap judgment all the time. I personally like to take this a step further and play with people's expectations by not consistently behaving in the same way in a given location to see how people will react.


I found it back in 2008 when it had the attention of 4chan.

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