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Do you guys think Yume Nikki will ever make it past v0.10? Because at this point, it seems highly unlikely to me.


It's just been far too long.

We should figure out who Kikiyama is, and what they're doing now.


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Kiki is ded.
His site hasn't changed in the past 8 fucking years, and he still didn't say a shit about project fraud nikki. Isn't it kinda obvious at this point?

So no, no new updates. Never. RIP.


Don't remind me, there are still lots of autists calling it "Official Manga"


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they probably just don't want to do anything else with it anymore. Maybe at one point that had planned to continue working on it, and then lost interest and kind of decided it was finished after all.

I feel that if they were actually dead we would have had some kind of confirmation of that fact.

The most likely answer to questions about the fate of the game and the dumb fraud debates is that kikiyama is only human. They probably have an entire other life. Maybe they sold off the rights or something, who knows. I doubt that though.

I have a feeling that Yume Nikki might just sort of fade away from here. Project Yume Nikki was probably testing the waters to see what could come from Yume Nikki, and it probably didn't do well enough for nothing additional to be produced. If the sales and reception were better, there would probably have been an anime or something else big made. But instead everyone was like FRAUD! THIS SUCKS! so Yume Nikki is most likely dead now. and we killed it.

Ok that last part wasn't worded the way I wanted but I can't get it out right but basically I think at that point Yume Nikki was either going to have a new beginning or a last hurrah, and the result was the latter.

Which is fine. I bet if the game was updated most fans would say things like "this seems forced" or "ugh its just not the same". There's no way to win in a situation like this.

Just be happy that we got to experience the golden era of Yume Nikki and its fandom.


I don't really think it would be a good idea to release a update after all this time but, it would be nice to see a different game or something else made by Kikiyama.


I think that would be an enormous invasion of privacy. It would be nice if Kikiyama would give it to us straight and tell us though.


Wait, if Kikiyama has been gone all these years, who's paying for the domain name on his website?


It's on a free domain, dude




it was a free game from it's conception. i doubt the success of the manga had anything to do with anything, and if he cared so much about it's relevancy maybe he should have updated the game?

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