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any games similiar to yume nikki? NO FANGAMES ALLOWED

pic not related


File: 1421910064385.jpg (806.84 KB, 707x1000, 8352016.jpg)

You're playing the dream of an alcoholic.


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File: 1422982954794.png (99.27 KB, 500x375, Mogeko_Castle-Title.png)

Mogeko castle. It shares a lot of similarities with Yume nikki. Weird maps, weird logic, weird creatures, with some dark and sweet moments, a lot of sexual connotations, and a few maps that are so long it is tiresome to explore, but it all builds for an awesome story. If you liked Yume nikki then I strongly advise you to try this one.
The game’s site: http://funamusea.com/story/mogeko_castle/ . You’ll find a link to an English translation by vgperson around the middle of the download page.



File: 1423254005756.png (48.85 KB, 756x425, Anasomnia_screenshot_01.png)

That was marvelous. Each dream is different isn’t it? I only wish it was a bit less repetitive and had more music, but it still was a really cool thing to see.


Where can I download full ost? It's only part in game folder.


Some months ago I tried to look for a place with the whole ost and didn’t found any, don’t know if anyone had better luck than me. But it seems unlikely that the game’s folder only has part of it. I just checked the folders, the music, and the game and everything seems right. Keep in mind that BGMs can be accelerated or slowed down in RPGMaker and sometimes the same music may sound like a different one (or a different version of the original) because the game’s creator changed its pitch in the maker. Which version of the game do you have? Which osts do you think are missing?


File: 1423450257591.jpg (415.94 KB, 500x562, SS.jpg)

You have Alicemare, which isn’t very similar, but it’s about travelling through dreams too. It’s about a kid that suffers from a mysterious dream syndrome and one night he visits the nightmares of the other children affected by the same syndrome. In appearance and plot it’s a bit cutesy and simple. However, it counter-balances with a somber tones scheme, the story dealing with some grim subjects, and the mysteries surrounding each one of the characters. Loosely based on fairytales. I really liked the story and the characters, even the villains. It was translated to many languages.



I think the anon was asking for the ost of the game in >>4646




File: 1426440881160.jpg (1.02 MB, 997x1302, 64a659804cbb8c44098cf97229….jpg)

This game is shit. Nice graphics, nice ambiance, but the story tries so hard to be "so rundumb" and it's so fucking forced I hardly would call it "good" or even recommend it.

Give me back the hour and half I spent in this crap.


File: 1426441521252.jpg (185.15 KB, 1280x720, fageko.jpg)

le rape 'n incest maymay trend so kawaii…



>le rape 'n incest maymay trend so kawaii…
Apparently, every game has to have rape nowadays. But I think in mogeko castle it wasn’t to be taken serious, it was just parody of that trend.
I’ve wondered about the knife’s design too. If the spiral was at least turned upward instead of down.


File: 1426565050885.jpg (49.36 KB, 704x480, x5 Kohane-chan.jpg)

I never said it was good, only that I liked the story and the characters.

>it's so fucking forced

I agree with you on that. Every relation didn’t make much sense and it just felt like the characters were being pushed to act as they did. That is one of the things I meant as simple. The relations and events were so simplified, it made them feel forced and it impoverished the game.
Sorry but I don’t know what “rundumb” means.

I don’t feel guilty for your dislike of the game, the time you passed playing it is your fault only, no one is obliged to like everything and games aren’t expected to be liked by everyone. And, don’t take me harsh and you can correct me if I’m wrong but, if you disliked the game so much and still played a whole hour and half of it (probably till obtaining one of the endings) then you must have taken some kind of enjoyment on it, be it for the graphics or even if you were a masochist and enjoyed torturing yourself by playing games you loathe. Why didn’t you just stopped playing if it was being such an awful experience?


File: 1426565269886.png (137.64 KB, 350x350, 1424960800282.png)

>Serious answer to ironic post


that post was ironic? darn, i totally agreed. mogeko castle is tripe.

mogeko's best game will always be Gray Garden.


Same anon from >>4723
Shit, I misunderstood on which game you were talking about. Thought you were referring >>4656
I don’t think mogeko castle was to be taken seriously, it all felt like a parody to me.

I still agree with you on the forced, and I keep having no idea what you mean by “rundumb”. I still don’t care for how you waste your time and my question remains.


File: 1426613132335.jpg (597.19 KB, 720x900, 27512601.jpg)

The "give me back the hour and half I spent on this" is the ironic shit, because it won't happen. However I still think Mogeko is a shit game. The Gray Garden seemed like the same crap with different characters but I haven't tried it so I can't really say.
I hated the first half of Wadanodeldo but it now feels like EoE compared to this. However I don't think I will try the other games.

>I still agree with you on the forced, and I keep having no idea what you mean by“rundumb”
Random, anon, Random. Seriously dude.

>I still don’t care for how you waste your time

>It isn't like I care for you or anything, baka!

>and my question remains.

Well, basically, how can I review a game if I don't play it thoroughly? Were I to say it's shit only by a general look wouldn't be true. I dared to hope there would be at least something. But no, absolutely nothing worth of playing. Why are you so butthurt over this?

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