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>we'll never know anything about Kikiyama


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>we'll never be satisfied no matter what happens with Yume Nikki in the future


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Kiki is dead. Go home.


This shit pisses me off so much. WHY would Kikiyama create this guy, update it knowing there's a fucking FAN BASE and then just abandon everything?

WWWHHYYY!! Why can't we get to know ANYTHING about Kikiyama? Why would somebody do this?



I meant Game, not Guy. Stupid cellphone. Regardless, WHYYYY


Seems like you don't understand kiki in the first place.

hint: nobody does.


only another mystery left for us


Probably because he didn't want to have YN become too big and complex. Maybe because he thought it was fine enough as it is and decided to stop. Maybe he suicided.

My guess is that he just got bored with it all.


Didn't members of the Yume 2kki team email him? They might know something.


2kki is from 2006 anon, it was a year before kiki released the last version.


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Then… the interview with KIKIYAMA that is on the YNwikia is fake?


you can't be serious…




File: 1479832767697.jpg (338.86 KB, 864x576, su.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


People usually speak of Kikiyama as an individual, but has there ever been any indication that Kikiyama isn't a team or group or some other collective of more than one person?




File: 1480488925202.jpg (5.71 KB, 225x224, images (4).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Translates to "author: kikiyama", right?

Could still be a team.


This is the most accurate post on this website.


File: 1480527693481.png (509.9 KB, 876x710, 1478652417001.png) ImgOps Google

Well, you see, let's translate it to english:

>Authors: Kikiyama

That doesn't make too much sense, doesn't it? Let's do a small modification:

>Author: Kikiyama.

Now, that looks much better.
Normally, when more than one person is involved in the development of something, they are credited for it. Specially if it's a team, explicitly stating so.

>"Ah, but they could be pretending to be only one person".

True enough, however the art style is coherent throughout the whole game, and most of the discrepancies between one area and the other seem to be more due the difference on the time on which they were produced than anything else. In other words, maps done in, say, 2005 are different than those done in 2007, and even then the changes aren't really that drastic as to hint that more than one person was involved in their production.

>"Ah, but then, what if one person worked in the graphics, and another in the music, and other in scripting, etc?".

Now, this is an interesting question. Again, the music also is coherent throughout the whole game, except for the music in the NES world, which is slightly more complex and longer than the rest of the OST. This hints us one more time than whoever worked on the music was possibly a single person. Was it the same person who worked in the graphics/scripting/etc? That cannot be answered by this alone. In fact, we can't even assure it was only one person who worked in the OST, it's just hinted due to the similarity between the music files.

But then, something else comes into light. Right there in the readme that nobody bothers to read, you can clearly read the tools used in the development of the game! Teams normally DO NOT write that, because whoever writes the .txt files doesn't even think about asking the other guys how they work, much less in writing about the tools they used! Think about it, if I ask you to write the readme for a game, you think on a short description, resources used (if any), and the credits plus some comment (if any). Why would you write about how your team made the game, if you weren't involved in that? And even if you, say, did the music, you don't think on writing "Oh yeah, and I used this stuff for the development".

There is actually a possibility of that happening, but it's rather low. What I'm trying to say is that it's far more common among solo developers than teams.

In other words, there's nothing hinting kikiyama is a team. Also, I don't know whether 2ch had back then the ID thingy, but technically it could be possible to check the threads and see if kiki ever posted there about the game and whether the ID is the same.


>has there ever been any indication that Kikiyama isn't a team or group or some other collective of more than one person?
No, has there ever been any indication that Kikiyama isn't just one person? No.
Just chances say it is one person given the circumstances.
Also, every friggin team/circle/group/whatever in existence make people notice they are a team, I don't want to believe that Kiki is a huge noob.


File: 1480531351468.png (453.81 KB, 876x1236, Masada.png) ImgOps Google

if anyone wants to know i made a yume nikki discord server, thought i'd post it here: https://discord.gg/dbuCxbc

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