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File: 1376624269931.png (10.37 KB, 637x479, snowworldbed.png)



File: 1376627247585.gif (1.98 MB, 480x360, AUGHAUGHAAAA.gif)

what is this beautiful thing you have posted


File: 1376628789271.jpg (104.75 KB, 1920x1080, bd4TtPr - Imgur.jpg)

I could love you a thousand times over for posting this


Dude I can't see a thing, maybe it's my browser?



Yes, it is. You need a browser with proper HTML5 support, I believe.


It froze Firefox. Screw HTML5.


Oh sweet heavens this is beautiful. I hope they do the other worlds too.



HTML5 has nothing to do with this. It's your video driver that refuses to play nice. (I bet you have an ATI card. So have I, but surprisingly, this demo works perfectly for me.)


Well a friend of mine who is also on Firefox reported it's not working. I'm on Chrome and it works beautifully.


Working beautifully for me on Firefox.

I heard it uses Javascript.


File: 1376701691979.png (60.31 KB, 1113x625, bed.png)

WebGL with a nifty library called three.js that takes care of the boilerplate, to be precise.

Driver support is very patchy outside of the most recent desktop or laptop GPUs. I rarely get crashes, but my laptop refuses to draw the ground plane from certain angles, and ParticleSystem/ParticleBasicMaterial is screwed up when it comes to drawing anything that is not a colored square.

It kind of sucks to develop blind.

What do you use? Even IE supports WebGL nowadays.

Sound uses the recently standardized Web Audio API (as opposed to the <audio> tag, which didn't loop properly), which is currently only supported in FF23+, Chrome 27+ and Safari 6.0 (untested, let me know if this works by the way!)

If any 3D (low-poly) modellers happen to be reading this, please don't hesitate to drop a line! I'd very much appreciate if someone could provide some decent replacements for my ugly programmer art crap, and possibly a Yuki Onna model. The UV mapping of this bed definitely deserves a vomitgirl.jpg.

Repo's at https://github.com/Digitoxin/snowworld


A Toriningen model would be nice as well, though I suppose that's asking for too much.


From my skills, probably.

About Firefox support of Web Audio: actually, it's 24+ now (current Aurora & Nightly). Seems Mozilla have deemed it unstable enough to hide behind a flag for now.



Props for making it open source!

Used to work fine in Firefox 23. Now that I have the 23.0.1 update, I have some minor framerate issues (in 23.0, it maintained 59 fps, no matter what I did, but in 23.0.1, it lags a bit in about every five seconds).

I have no sound, however, and neither I had in 23.


no sound here


How do I shoot?


Can I mention that this came out before Yume Nikki 3D?



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