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Seisatsu's Lost Cities Minecraft Server is up to current again (1.17.1) if you'd like to take another look!
We have a pretty unique gimmick if you haven't seen it yet. :)

File: 1370132839332.png (390.56 KB, 757x509, Yume_nikki_light_novel_tea….png)


Visual Novel thread, anyone?


Light Novel, to be precise.

nobody has bought it?


Well I don't really like the idea but I can't say I'm not curious, good theories would come.

inb4 FRAUD!


FUCK "Fraud" SPAM…



I want to know what this is about so bad.




File: 1370298321013.jpg (50.35 KB, 534x400, stillshitposting.jpg)

Please stop this, it's just as bad as the original poster(s).

Anyways, I'm looking forward to this. How do you guys think this will be done? Will it even be from Mado's point of view? How similar to the web-manga do you think it will be?


Do want~


File: 1370486269838.jpg (26.28 KB, 407x600, Novel Cover.jpg)

You can preorder the LN here:
It's called "I'm not in your dream", and it comes out in August. Also, this
seems to imply that Poniko is gonna have a big role.


comiket, Perhaps?


You sound angry.
Besides, how many comikets have you beeen too? Isn't it easier for you to buy it from Amazon anyways?
Calm yourself about people trying to make money from their hard work. Do you also get angry when you find out a company makes action figures from a movie you like?


> but when is this shit gonna change?
You do know that Uboachan has nothing to do with this right? And that mindlessly bitching to us isn't to going to accomplish a damn thing? Good, just checking.

Why don't you write a fucking email to Surfer's Paradise or something, sure it may amount to little but it has a better chance at succeeding than bitching to a bunch of random Anonymous which is more or less preaching to the chorus. Between an action that probably won't amount to anything versus an action that definitely won't amount to anything, which would you like to say you have done? If you're going to bitch, why not bitch to people that matter?

And if you really think that you can't do anything about it, then go to the store, buy a diary, write how you feel in it, and then move the fuck on. You probably have some friend or family member who would really enjoy your company right about now, but instead you're here posting shit that, by YOUR own admission, has been fucking said too many fucking times already.


File: 1371711716787.jpg (116.25 KB, 1020x800, bg_intro.jpg)

Looks like nobody tried to translate the description from the updated official site that states one interesting thing:
Meaning that kikiyama is actually supervising it.



Confirmed for supervised by Kikiyama
Fraudtards can now shut the fuck up


Whoops it looks like I've mistaken ^^;
It's 許可 (approval) not 監修 (supervision).
Blame OCR program and my fatigue for this.


And yet again it looks I wasn't mistaken because some sites actually list him as 監修. Here several of them:
I dunno if it's just mistake and if we can really believe them though.


And even on niconico news:


He should have stopped posting a long time about because all the Yume Nikki merchandise this far has had © Kikikya on them.



I hope this gets translated. I'm cautiously optimistic.


Your lazy justifications of "proof has to come from this one exact place!" don't make any sense.
Nobody even cares in the long run. This is about the light novel and nothing else.


You stop, you are the one who doesn't care, and you are the one who revived this discussion knowing what moderators said, you have NO EXCUSE here, respect other's opinion and stop being a baby


Uh, what are you talking about this "you" stuff.
I said you were getting off topic and you are.
Your "opinion" is of the ORIGIN of this, not the CONTENT of this, which is what the thread is about.
Kindly fuck off.


Holy shit shut the fuck up. Whether or not it has anything to do with kikiyama has NOTHING TO DO WITH UBOACHAN.

I'm going to perma ban anyone that keeps derailing threads with your stupid fraud shit.


On the official website for the novel, there is the following statement:

Translation: This work, with confirmation from the creator of the original "Yume Nikki," was made based on the interpretations of several creators.

This means that although it will be "offical" in the sense that it is "Kikiyama-endorsed," but it would be difficult to call this the "offical canon," because it is merely "one possible interpretation."



File: 1374337664659.png (1022.21 KB, 1000x932, Living the dream.png)

I keep saying this every now and then. But do you really believe fraudfags care? They are paranoid, man. Everything is a conspiracy.

Anyway, is anyone getting it? I'm excited, even I have to wait almost two more months to get my hands on it.


It's August now, any word on this?


For better or for worse, I'm still curious (And kinda afraid, I don't like change.)


me Too~
I'm still curious


>Light Novel, to be precise.
Talk about misleading advertising.


File: 1378037933978.jpg (662.58 KB, 2048x1536, P1010028.JPG)

Ok, guys. I'm sharing this with you now, because, why not?
I know the photos are shit, but I don't have any alternative. Also, I'm translating it on baka-tsuki (still pending of confirmation from the staff so they add it to the left panel). I hope you enjoy it.


Hey guys first 2 chapters are translated


He'll add the illustrations?


Thanks! Are you gonna scan the novel?


Just did. They are photos edited with photoshop, though, so don't expect quality:
Sorry, but I won't. I don't have the means to do it.


Thank you anyways! I can't wait for proper scans.


File: 1380159327186.jpg (428.83 KB, 1079x821, blockworld.jpg)

This is really pretty, honestly. Like, I didn't even think about the differences between the real and dream apartments before now, but the way the author described it explains a lot about how I felt playing through it.

Now I'm excited to see how the rest of it turns out.


so, what about the next episodes?


File: 1380621865969.png (2.99 MB, 1660x1524, Looking at me.png)

Sorry. I'm on it, but I'm having a rough time irl. Everything is more or less sorted out now, and I have the third chapter half done, so it shouldn't take me too long to release it.

By the way, maybe I'm the only one, but doesn't this give you the feeling as if Akira was trying to combine the idea of the player and Mado as the same thing? Not only for the 2nd person narrative, but for bits like this:
>You start to move your fingertips, slightly, as if you were trembling.
After all, isn't the player the one that moves his fingers slightly so Mado moves?


sorry to hear that, though i'm glad it seems alright now. good luck with the translating man!



Why has translation been forsaken?


File: 1383759352349.jpg (63.72 KB, 560x400, Cats.jpg)

Because I love procrastination… no, really, I should focus a little. It's not as if translating wasn't procrastinating too since I should be doing other things…
Sorry. I'll start working on it right away.


File: 1383763593929.png (85.81 KB, 300x300, 1246616893868.png)

Don't be like that, you're doing us all a great service for free! I appreciate it, at least.


File: 1383765560539.jpg (104.71 KB, 483x556, Let me hug you.jpg)

Glad to hear that, but anyway, the fact that there's not really anything stopping me from continue translating makes me feel bad. I always end the day thinking: "and again, I didn't translate anything today". And it's not only for this, but there are other translations I should be working on. Hell, the only thing I have up to date is the manga. I haven't worked on CP2U for months, and I should have released the chapter 3 of Sekai Oni weeks ago.
I really need to keep my shit together. Doing it for free is no excuse for not doing anything when I told you I would.


File: 1383770670706.png (431.02 KB, 600x800, tumblr_mvr6jt46r91rrhu10o2….png)

Have you thought of getting a partner? Having someone around to help you with work and remind you could be what you need, but I dunno. I wish I could help further.


File: 1383776176120.png (180.1 KB, 800x800, Heartbeat.png)

And it's done.
Again, sorry for the delay. If you want to focus your complaints, leave me a comment here:
I'll be sure to read them.
I'll try to do chapter 4 faster.
I once tried that… we tried to work on a manga together… but he was worse than me. Anyway, I don't want to bore you, but you should know that I'm grateful for your comments.
If you want to help, any feedback is welcome. Specially if it's constructive critic. I love those, because they are able to make you get better. Practice is great, but if you don't have anyone to tell you where you're wrong, you'll be in for a very slow ride.
Anyway, thank you. All support is welcome and I'm grateful for it.


File: 1383777052164.jpg (151.28 KB, 450x905, tumblr_mtawe8uInW1rx9esto1….jpg)

Nice! I must say though, I'm noticing a couple of awkward grammar errors though. Here's an example:

>If you think about when to use an umbrella, it's mainly when it rains. Suddenly, and as if the laws of cause and effect were reversed… as if you were Alice in the world at the other side of the mirror, and without a warning, it started to rain.

I'm not sure, but maybe something like this would work?

>If you think about when you need an umbrella, it's usually while it's raining. Yet, as if the laws of cause and effect were reversed… as if you were Alice in the world at the other side of the mirror, and without any warning, it started to rain.


File: 1383777837999.png (66.69 KB, 209x370, Now I'm going to sleep.png)

I was gonna read it again tomorrow, since I'm quite bad at editing just after finishing translating, and I'm actually kinda tired. Also, English is not my first language, so I make a lot of mistakes like those.
Anyway, as I said, any feedback is great, so if you notice anything else, just tell me. I'll fix everything tomorrow morning. Now I'm gonna sleep.


I was expecting quirkiness, but nothing this odd. I'm liking how the story is told.


you mean
>it starts to rain
pay attention to tenses. Im not irritated or anything, just thought id point that out way too late.


Don't worry. I got an editor (a good one I think). He may make mistakes, like every human being out there, but he did a great job with the first three chapters. Now, if I only finished translating the 4th one…


So I read that Poniko is the central character of the LN, and not only that, she is Madotsuki's mother? What the holy fuck, is this true?


File: 1384807789854.jpg (179.04 KB, 520x738, I know you love me.jpg)

Shit, I don't know how spoilers work in this board. Allow me to fix that.

>Poniko is the central character of the LN
That's true.
>she is Madotsuki's mother
I don't know about that, but it's clear that she wants to help Mado, and that she sees the whole dreamscape as a nightmare she should run away from.


File: 1384809447140.jpg (45.87 KB, 371x550, 15020522.jpg)

I see, but what about Uboa? Surely the author couldn't have left out the connection there, right? And have you finished the LN?


File: 1384810000126.jpg (170.27 KB, 480x640, Hey, look.jpg)

No, I haven't finished reading. Every time I think of reading, I think: No, man, you should be translating it, not reading it. So in the end, I do neither. I don't know anything about uboa, but there's no art for it. There's for the face event, for example, so I'm not sure. There's probably some reference to it at some point, but having in mind how relevant and rational Poniko is, it seems doubtful that she suddenly turns into whatever uboa is supposed to be. I haven't read much since she appeared, though, so I may be wrong.


File: 1384816293855.jpg (99.88 KB, 809x1101, 38954570.jpg)

It would be REALLY strange for the author not to include Uboa while having Poniko in a higher role. To the point where I'd doubt their level of familiarity with the game (a bad thing if you're writing a novel of it!)

I suppose I'm jumping to conclusions though, but these 'spoilers' are worrying me. I've had high hopes for the LN and this just seems like an exceedingly bizarre direction.


File: 1384916430005.png (177.64 KB, 640x800, So you liked my story.png)

Ok. I'm really, really stupid. I already know where you got the mom thing from. It's from the manga (while I was translating it, it suddenly came to me). In the manga, Uboa beats Mado, and while it's doing so, she says "Mom, stop". It doesn't mean that it's her mother, but that probably her mother beat her too, and it was instinctive.
The manga and the LN are different interpretations from different people, so they don't have much in common besides the basic setting, and looking where the manga is going, not even that.


File: 1384933273975.jpg (288.29 KB, 500x721, Knifes are meant for what.jpg)

Finished translating chapter 4. Waiting for the editor to do his part, but if you want to read an unpolished translation, it's already up in baka-tsuki.


Thank you again! And have a happy birthday tomorrow.


File: 1385084229700.jpg (761.77 KB, 1618x2058, Just don't touch the light….jpg)

Ok, I just decided to go to pixiv and take pics like I used to do long ago… and I found a few fanarts pointing to what you said (Poniko being Mado's mother). So, I would say you were right, but by the way of those fanarts, I think there's a twist to it. I won't tell you what I think of them since I can't really confirm it, but if I'm right, it's not something as simple as "Poniko was Mado's mother". There's something more to it.


uuugh sorry guys I'm so lazy and keep forgetting to translate it for you guys.

Just so you know, the illustrations DID get scanned.


First few chapters are here.


If you guys beg me enough, I might help the kind anon who is translating so far.


I hate that the translation died. As far as the two adaptations go, the light novel seemed to have much higher quality and I was really looking forward to reading it.


Yeah, same here. I really hope someone does start translating it again… I really love the writing style, and it feels a lot more relevant than the manga. I might just buy it myself and try and read it (painstakingly because my kanji is about on the same level as a first grader).


I bought the LN hoping it would motivate me to pick up moon again, why haven't I started yet.


>illustrations did get scanned
But not the first couple of pages, right? (At least that's what I see on bakatsuki.)
I mean, should I try scan it when my copy arrives or you have someone with a decent scanner out there?


File: 1402952065766.jpg (615.17 KB, 1280x1146, 3246.jpg)

>>4342 here.
So I tried to scan and edit the illustrations. The result is pretty crappy, but it's better than nothing… probably.
You can get the scans here:


They look acceptable to me. Thanks for the download!


Are you me? Same here.
And now I'm thinking about buying Jorge Joestar for the same reason.


File: 1465413873571.jpg (23.7 KB, 326x479, x_944cc946.jpg)

Gotta attract attention to LN.


File: 1465422721343.gif (626.69 KB, 500x625, YN569.gif)

>link is down
The translation project hasn't received any updates on the last 6 months, right?


File: 1465449814712.jpg (107.87 KB, 1280x720, to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun_s….jpg)

Page on Bakatsuki states that project was active in last 3 months. It was updated with new chapters in April 2015 last time, though.


File: 1465450074122.png (21.3 KB, 336x359, kohran.png)

It's rip in kill, one of the translators is wondering where the other guy went.
I could probably help, if I wasn't already working on so many stuff….

Guys please, learn moonrunes, it's easier than it seems. I promise. Having a team of moonmaids would speed all this stuff up.

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