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Uboachan's scanlation group Patchy Illusion Team has just released two new Yume Nikki Doujins: In the Shallows and Refrain. You can see all of our previous releases here.

File: 1426282453049.gif (273.06 KB, 160x120, 1374261301098.gif)


Alright, so I'm pretty sure that this might have been talked about here before, but I want to see some speedruns and talk about the game's mechanics. I know that there are not many variations and transitions that can be taken hold of, but I just personally discovered a way that you can walk 10x faster after you equip the bike, leading me to become very interested in seeing speedruns. After looking it up I realize I am definitely not the first person to do that trick. Does anyone else have other theories/ideas to help get through the game quicker?

Heres how the fast-walk thing works. You go to bed, and start dreaming. Head to the desk, and select the bike to equip it and just after equipping it, mash the down key. This can be verified by another youtube video where someone does the exact same thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykANyEjiwHk
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File: 1426309861223.gif (1003.24 KB, 500x310, stupidgif.gif)


And…? What has that to do with speed in the game?
If anything, Madotsuki's velocity is too retarded considering the nature of the game, to the point it's so damn slow that if you don't know anything about the bike, chances are that traveling is going to be a pain in the ass. Worst thing is that fangames tend imitate the stupid speed.



THIS, considering it is an exploration game with a ton of hidden shit to discover, increasing your speed just one level to correct KIKIYAMA'S FUCKING MISTAKE won't mean any actual advantage, but will improve your gameplay experience.
And yeah fangame developers, stop that.


>speedrunning exists for YN
People really speedrun anything.


That only makes her 4x faster (twice as fast as the bike), and everyone knows that trick.

There's a way to make Madotsuki run 8x as fast, but it requires a complicated sequence of different items that I can't recall ATM.

File: 1425563216179.png (314.56 KB, 2316x2775, Character_Sheet_Compact.png)


any reasons why Should/shouldn't popular gamer youtubers play yume nikki?

Pic not related
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I don’t think immaturity is the main problem with labeling Yume nikki a horror game, I think the problem is that many people only work with labels, like if actually seeing something by what it is would be too much work for their brains. Yume nikki isn’t the only game labeled wrongly just for the convenience of the public.


Like retards associating Ib and The Witch's House with YN, because it's fashion.


>Some call it a psychological horror game. It certainly is quite odd and unsettling in places, I'll give them that
But by this rule, Demonophobia must be as scary silent hill VI or something, because it has "unsettling places" and "scary imagery".

>I don’t think immaturity is the main problem with labeling Yume nikki a horror game

I didn't even implied it for immaturity, but holy shit, if you were scared because you played yume nikki you must be around 8 years old.
About the label stuff, yeah, it's probably that.


Faggot what are you even implying, Ib is the best fangame ever made.


Yes, just like that. They need to associate something unknown with something that they know to understand it.
This happens more if the person is new to something, like if it hadn’t ever seen any anime before besides Evangelion and when it sees K-on thinks “Oh, this is just like Evangelion” when the two shows aren’t close to being the same thing. That is probably what happened, some people played those three games (or seen the many lets plays popular youtubers made of them) and just because they were all rpg maker style games thought they were associated.
This is one of the reasons I don’t like gameplays, it’s not the videos themselves, it’s how some people that see them have such a limited view. Why are they watching videos about games anyway? Is it just because it is popular now?


>This is one of the reasons I don’t like gameplays, it’s not the videos themselves, it’s how some people that see them have such a limited view. Why are they watching videos about games anyway? Is it just because it is popular now?

Yes, people only play popular games and say it's the best shit they've ever played and then forget about it next month when new trend starts.

Just to give an example, that's what happening with Wadanohara right now. At the start, I didn't think anything special about it. Suddenly, I saw how it was treated like gold in synagoge, and then I decided to give it a try to see if it was really as good as people claimed it to be, though I had a very bad opinion knowing games with a lot of hype aren't really good but just popular.
Wadanoslut is pretty shitty and boring in the first half, but it ends quite nicely and pays off for the shit you've had to eat. Not a bad game, the dev put a shitton of effort on it and you can see it and just that is enough to give it a try, but still it's so fucking overrated and over-adored just because it's the new trend that is sickening. In fact, I would probably have enjoyed it more if it wasn't "classified" as god-tier. It ended disappointing me more than anything.

Same shit happened with the witch's house and IB. Just because retarded LPers played them they are cataloged as "SUPER GOOD" and associated between themselves as if they were in the same category and a MUST PLAY.
Ib is good, I haven't played The Witch's House but it looked ok; but Jesus Christ, there are more games out there just as good or even better which are ignored, and just because you played only 2 games that doesn't make them the best out there.

File: 1425034683821.png (17.58 KB, 318x240, train.png)


wh…what happened..?! normally the background is black but it's scrolling in this weird pixelated image…


File: 1425034740374.png (29.11 KB, 656x519, train.png)

2nd pic


Would it be too much trouble for you to upload your copy of Yume Nikki?


File: 1425068878338.png (9.56 KB, 496x295, traincar tileset.png)

what? neat!

i can explain what's happening. that pixelly graphic is supposed to be present as the backdrop, it's used as the parallex background for the map. but it's supposed to only be visible through the traincar's windows. the traincar's graphic uses a tileset and the tile for the window uses transparency to create the window effect (pic related).

for some reason the outer area of the map has one of the transparent tileset as shown in pic related. it seems like RPGMaker for some reason is using the wrong tile placement? it's unlikely that someone fucked around with the map to do this. where did you download your copy of Yume Nikki from?


sorry for not getting back to people…
i uploaded the game for anyone who wants to play, the image was from the last save i think 03 or 04 or whatever is highest..i had taken a lot of drugs before playing so i dont remember it all that well, but i think this was the only out of the ordinary thing i noticed.. here is the game data..


im not sure because ive had the game for many years now.. i uploaded it for you..

File: 1421903836924.png (449.8 KB, 521x623, mdtski.png)


Yes someone finally made it
and the best part is
the someone who made it is me
Here you go

Cat effect Drop


you're welcome
you can thank me by subscribing y'know?




Its cool, never seen yn stuff like this before.
Did you take lots of time to do it?



well, it depends on what you consider "long"
the very first video i made was poniko's (which i didn't post, it took me 3 days

but each of these two videos took a whole day

i'm now working on the candle world toriningen video, be ready


That´s kwel.
Do Toriningen at the picnic party dancing jcore, doing distorted faces.

File: 1421434078398.jpeg (93.9 KB, 1920x1080, latest.jpeg)


since i ever discovered Yume nikki, i wasn't really curious about the game, i was awfully curious about Kikiyama. i want to know more about kikiyma not madottsuki, if ANYONE knows ANYTHING about kikiyama then please post it here, im DYING to know.


File: 1421448624501.jpg (139.21 KB, 992x1120, 1403595908811.jpg)

Kikki killed herself after she released Yume Nikki as her suicide note.

There you go that's all there is to know.


After so many releases, and specificly at 0.10? Sounds legot


File: 1421455326454.png (13 KB, 205x273, yeah, sure faggot.png)



when did yume nikki even got that fame?

File: 1360692818920.jpg (171.34 KB, 900x720, 455626794d2d32b964d6369c69….jpg)


What are we all know about KIKIYAMA? Is he/she hikkomori? Is he/she still alive? What gender is KIKIYAMA? Can you answer this questions, anon?
(Pic unrelated)




tvtropes says kikiyama's a girl, but then again, it's tvtropes

referring to them by gender neutral pronouns until we actually know their gender is a safe bet (and what everyone should already be doing anyway tbh)


File: 1421203140137.png (51.44 KB, 799x294, arranged.png)

>tvtropes says kikiyama's a girl, but then again, it's tvtropes
>it's tvtropes

If those fuckers have this shit on their page I'm surprised people actually go there to get information about anything. I still have to hide all the sharp objects in my house before looking at this.


File: 1421203418739.jpg (22.46 KB, 320x240, YumeNikki.jpg)

>Is he/she hikkomori?
Why would… I mean, why would you think he/she is a hikkikomori?
Thinking about it, we can't even say Madotsuki is, just because she can't leave the room in the specific events of the game, it is a theory.

Even if she was… Zun is not a shrine maiden, I think, I may be wrong about this.

File: 1416239613828.jpg (49.59 KB, 640x480, fuck.jpg)


fuck I broke it




Well… this is a fine kettle o fish ya got yerself into. I'm afraid yer fucked mate.

but seriously, can you explain how you accomplished this feat, so others can replicate it?

File: 1340953177998.jpg (124.83 KB, 500x742, boner.jpg)


rev up those boners
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Intentional misspelling and mispronouncation.
I might've gone too far with this one, I admit.

But still, Skullgirls art isn't even good.


Correct, sir. I mostly like it because all the animators I looked up to as a kid worked on it.


2007 was a good year





Everything that is not a Dutch still life does not have a right to exist.
Mona Lisa can stay, though.


did you seriously slip japanese into an english sentence.
oh my heaRT

File: 1419920550402.jpeg (100.05 KB, 525x350, Ocampo_Install_view_1_sma….jpeg)


So vgdmb lists 24 Effects as once a cd that was released. Is this just misinformation? I've never seen it circulate through yahoo auctions or the like and my nip is nonexistent.


I'm pretty sure it was a web-only release that was never printed.


If I'm not mistaken, it's been on Mandarake for a long time:


continuation of >>4615
Also on suruga-ya
and some service for yahoo auctions (i guess?)

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