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File: 1414337975423.png (21.66 KB, 406x774, 1316825573146.png)



It's a nice miku miku dance routine starring mado with music based in soundfiles from the game.


Dude.. she stabs herself in the mouth at the end..

Loved more the flute mado thant the dancing mado.


File: 1414381916006.png (1.79 KB, 196x239, nasu.png)

pulsating eggplants


That was pretty nice, thanks OP

>pulsating eggplants
That sounds like NASU writing

File: 1413962308120.png (45.81 KB, 640x480, 2kkiroad.png)


What silly habits do you adopt when playing YN games?

In 2kki, if I'm exploring somewhere new, I always sit on the first bench I see. If there's a vending machine next to it, I'll buy whatever it has, then sit on the bench.
Whenever I'm following a road, I stay on the left side like any good Japanese driver is supposed to.


I do the bench thing, too

And I'm always annoyed by the deactivation of effects when you sit somewhere


They don't deactivate in 2kki, for the most part. Every effect has a sitting frame, and the bike even has a few frames of animation.


File: 1414037721601.png (16.26 KB, 320x239, 2092839-urotsukis_room[1].png)

I always opened the closet on the left after going to sleep because I thought something might happen eventually

File: 1413142531520.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.37 KB, 227x62, kikiyamahp.gif)


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I remember that one of our users emailed Kikiyama after the tsunami in 2011 to see if they were ok, and got a reply.


He answered twice. The first time, when we realized we were stupid and had had his email all the time (he said the game would eventually get a new update, but the work was going on very slowly), and later, when people got worried he may have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, to which he answered he was fine.

At least, that's the info we have on it. You could say that the sources for this info could be lying and therefore, this is a fraud.


I'm still waiting for the evidence of Kikiyama participating of Project Fraud Nikki fraudmanga and fraudmerch.
>I have no evidence so you are trolling


I once dreamt there was a YN update. It was pretty good and had a shitload of new events.
Then I woke up and wanted to cry.



goddamn i hate those dreams where you inherit some kind of material wealth and then wake up and check out of desperation and it isn't there ;_;

File: 1405656616160.png (34.25 KB, 248x210, Parallax.png)


What the hell is this?
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abstract interpretation of animal cell


I've been away from this site too long


File: 1410933809465.png (28.91 KB, 307x211, 1389944181526.png)

never forget


Oh, wow.
It all makes sense then.


Mammal cell that got fucked by the dick of abstract expressionism.

File: 1412978478772.jpg (67.1 KB, 293x400, s.jpg)


Does anybody have the manga recopilated? I´m a lazy shit and dont want to save file after file on mangareader.


because looking for the scanlation group's site is too much work… http://dreamlesswindow.wordpress.com/projects/yume_nikki/


>gentle kiss in cheek

File: 1410964181268.jpg (114.11 KB, 728x1057, yn.jpg)


This time, we try to give a fair analysis of the manga adaptation.

Can you folks at home try to accept that it's just the writers interpretation of the game? Plus, the game didn't really have a story, so the book kind of needed one to catch the readers' attention.
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File: 1412799336944.jpg (591.64 KB, 1752x1236, 7Gvc7T5.jpg)

In my opinion Hitoshi Tomizawa was the perfect mangaka for that project.

His backgrounds are phenomenal and the unique stile of drawing figures and monsters makes him the ideal choice. Just compare "Yume Nikki" to "Milk Closet" for example. Even the settings of his original works are similar to this game.

With Madotsuki having her eyes closed the whole time (the most important part of the face to express emotions) he sure had a hard job building up an emotional bridge between the reader and the main character.
Due to that, it was inevitable to at least give her a voice. After all she CAN speak in the game ("muri!", "dame!").

As the game is pretty artistic, I expected an artistic or even experimental manga too, but unfortunately we have to deal with a solid storyline here, where things happen and events are clearly visible.

Well, it's a harsh industry and the manga had to be sold somehow, so to much abstraction would have made a negative impact on the release of the tankobon. Thought most of the community around a game this old is meant to be mature and demanding enough in their cultural consumption to give a more complex work the praise it deserves.


There wasn't anything wrong with them giving it a plotline. I just wanted a GOOD plot.


File: 1412988462326.png (48.78 KB, 500x234, Oekaki.png)

Should I?


File: 1412989564811.jpg (445.06 KB, 1024x754, 45420583.jpg)

This also should be a banner.


No it shouldn't.

File: 1411901513353.png (584 B, 250x100, Madotsuki_infobox_image.png)


How active is this site?


As active as the Yume Nikki updates.


File: 1411920944591.png (1.79 MB, 1200x1200, Halloween Nikki.png)

The main boards? Barely, if at all. The problem is probably that there's barely anything to discuss after so much time without news. And most people don't even bother discussing them here when there's any.


Pictures were dumped. Discussions were had. Theories were shared.

Now at 2014, its dead like your life goals and dreams.


I visit this board ate least three times a week. Post every now and then.
This board is steadilly going. Now we are having 'things' to talk about, like manga, official OST and others, but Im in before that, so I dont think its a near end to this.

File: 1330600589582.png (272.57 KB, 900x914, madotsuki___yume_nikki_by_….png)


Yume Nikki roleplaying thread.
So, one day, Madotsuki was on a super romantic date with Masada at a classy drank restaurant. Although, the drank gave Madotsuki gas and she suddenly had to fart super bad, but, she didn't want to ruin the atomosphere, and there was a candle right under her ass and it would light the place on fire and millions of lives would be taken. So she…


…pinched herself, and once she was awake, she realized that it's time to stop posting on Uboachan.




…So we can't have a funny, random roleplaying thread?


We seem to have different concepts of fun… ours is also better. So, no.


>Ours is better

So, what do you find fun? So far, all I've seen you do is say that random roleplaying isn't fun.

File: 1407559958411.png (14.88 KB, 142x88, logo10.png)



Project Yume Nikki is having a special celebration for YN's big 1-0, which includes some interesting new products, such as a Yume Nikki dream diary, the full OST, some badges, and a print (I think) version of the ever so beloved (/sarcasm) manga.
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The problem the manga had was how bad the reception was in itself. At first, we see Mado wandering around her dreams, and besides a few things, nothing is explained. Then, people get mad that Mado talks, that nothing happens, and other stupid shit. We have a hiatus, and suddenly, everything has a much faster pace, shit happens, and it ends in a completely convoluted mess of chaos and unexplained things. Of course, people still complain about it, not realizing that the manga was probably intended to be much longer, have Mado become more introspective with time, and show us the big world of her dreams (think about what chapter 4 was), and that it was them who forced the writer to cut it short, leaving no place for development and explanations.


The manga itself was a mistake.


That's stupid, and quite close minded on your part. More content should always be welcomed, specially when it's made in such a way that it doesn't affect the original work at all. Machigerita said that he didn't want to impose this story on anyone, but just share his views about it. Kikiyama (or at least, Surfers Paradise on his name) said that while he approved of it, it wasn't meant to be canon in any way. And then, we have the LN that tells a completely different story. There was no reason to not welcome it.


Just because there's something new on your platter doesn't mean you have to suck it up. The manga is a perfect example of one new content that shouldn't even be welcomed.


When there's something new on your platter, and you don't know what it is, you can wait to see it before complaining about it, so yeah, it should be welcomed. No one forced you to read it, no one forces you to like it, and there's plenty of options around you. It's like complaining because they added a new course to the menu.

File: 1410391461958.png (30.1 KB, 1366x768, KuXxA[1].png)


requesting yume nikki themed wallpapers without characters

pic related


File: 1410391487082.png (247.69 KB, 670x470, _flow___industrial_snow_wo….png)




File: 1410391867440.jpg (45.63 KB, 1000x800, pink_sea_by_yulyeong-d7avd….jpg)

don't have that many, posting the good ones i can find


Those barely covers the old 1028x768 screen resolutions.


File: 1410411021969.jpg (545 KB, 1920x1080, 1361926700074.jpg)

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