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File: 1465443701457.gif (191.16 KB, 644x888, 1248748146119.gif)


found a li'l something in the archives; dug around some more and found it was never really resolved.

involved this doujin; found a few useless links and the author's pixiv, but if anyone else remembers/can find anything else on it, that'd be really awesome


File: 1465443906681.jpg (463.87 KB, 600x3543, 1248747949487.jpg)


संस्कार [Sanskaara] (sacraments). Seems really interesting. I wonder if it actually mixes Buddhist concepts or if the artist was just a pretentious cunt.
I will check it later when I have more time.


File: 1465588343115.jpg (100.8 KB, 555x777, 1464938211965.jpg)

Well, long story short, it's a collaborative doujinshi produced by many artists in 2009 and it was worth 2k yens back then. Not only that, there's another manga made by the same people called "Saddharma", 308 pages.


Can't do more considering half the links are kill.

File: 1370132839332.png (390.56 KB, 757x509, Yume_nikki_light_novel_tea….png)


Visual Novel thread, anyone?
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Are you me? Same here.
And now I'm thinking about buying Jorge Joestar for the same reason.


File: 1465413873571.jpg (23.7 KB, 326x479, x_944cc946.jpg)

Gotta attract attention to LN.


File: 1465422721343.gif (626.69 KB, 500x625, YN569.gif)

>link is down
The translation project hasn't received any updates on the last 6 months, right?


File: 1465449814712.jpg (107.87 KB, 1280x720, to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun_s….jpg)

Page on Bakatsuki states that project was active in last 3 months. It was updated with new chapters in April 2015 last time, though.


File: 1465450074122.png (21.3 KB, 336x359, kohran.png)

It's rip in kill, one of the translators is wondering where the other guy went.
I could probably help, if I wasn't already working on so many stuff….

Guys please, learn moonrunes, it's easier than it seems. I promise. Having a team of moonmaids would speed all this stuff up.

File: 1465339356082.jpg (45.67 KB, 480x549, 267477.jpg)


So, I normally play YN and its fangames for the exploration and the effects. I love just wandering around and seeing all the neat things I can find.

I have to wonder if I'm missing something, though. I feel like I could be getting more out of it. I find myself just rushing through areas to get to the next ones and find the other effects.

Do you guys ever just walk around and take in the scenery? No bike or anything? Does it feel more fulfilling than collecting everything?

I hope this makes sense. I'm sorry if it doesn't. I just know there's something special about these games and I want to be able to appreciate them.


Keep in mind that Yume Nikki has a lot of repetitive large rooms with scenery that looks very similar.


that's one of my absolute favorite parts of Yume Nikki tbh, the scenery and the music

File: 1392162396962.jpg (244.55 KB, 786x800, 101824.jpg)


Reposting this because i feel this may be important

legit source: some swedish museum http://collections.smvk.se/carlotta-vkm/web/object/96706
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Would explain that mayan feel half of the backgrounds in the game have. Especially the monkeys in the forest. This really would explain so much and raise so many more questions.


File: 1464973988647.png (983.34 KB, 1000x1300, 1461804469526.png)

Yeah, mayan…


Even if it wasn't intended, it's really fascinating that something like that figure would appear. Sychronicity.


File: 1465295180443.jpg (638.47 KB, 635x383, Paracas_mantle.jpg)

This is pretty cool, too. There's no doubt in my mind the game's imagery is based on the Paracas.


A lot of the figures from Paracas textiles that look like the "monkeys", especially the ones holding decapitated heads, are actually shamans in flight. In that respect, this is pretty relevant to the nature of the entire game:

File: 1465004357939.png (508.05 KB, 750x1425, Madotsuki.png)


Why does no one believe it's legit? Or that there's even a possibility of being legit?

Also, how do I made mysterious like Kikiyama when my game releases?

I am indeed a faggot for having asked that question, but look, at least I'm being honest here, am I not?
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This looks like one of the pillars of human achievement and evolution. So where do I go to get my body to look like that?


File: 1465054764217.jpg (89.6 KB, 500x375, blogger.jpg)

>Why does no one believe it's legit?
Because…there is no freaking evidence, for all we know I could write a new interview and post it it my blog, it would be the same…
Don't give me ideas.

>how do I made mysterious like Kikiyama when my game releases?

Make a game about a lot of unsolved mysteries, pretend you're japanese don't interact with people and wait four or five years until some underground imageboards notice you, then dissapear.


Where was it posted for the first time? Is it a trustworthy source?


File: 1465069226070.png (10.59 KB, 707x524, Japanese Historical Record….png)

>Why does no one believe it's legit? Or that there's even a possibility of being legit?
Easy, I can't even find anything remotely tied to kikiyama doing any kind of interview in japanese. The interview appeared magically from nowhere, completely in english, with no link whatsoever to the original text. I call bullshit.
I mean, look, I can find nips laughing for the fraud wars, and yet nothing about kiki doing an interview, how is that shit possible?


It's just fake, back then moonfuck anons googled some of the words mentioned in the interview, they didn't find anything even remotely related to this interview in japanese.

>What if the interaction was 100% private?

Still, that is not how information works and an adult can't take that seriously.

What if I told you I had a secret private interview with absolutely no sources with Bin Laden asking him questions and saying he's still alive?

It'd be absurd and this is not different, specially if we have in mind Kikiyama's behavior before he dissapeared, nearly zero interaction.

File: 1462854238552.png (144.25 KB, 541x677, _flow___chibiclever_by_sab….png)


Hypothetical what do you think Madotsuki's diary actually says if you were to read it?
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File: 1463105644650.jpg (218.65 KB, 966x666, izumeme.jpg)

shit niggah, I still have the audio around.

fuck, that brings back some memories.





File: 1463344070949.gif (578.88 KB, 351x291, 1458492042665.gif)

FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! Take it in the ass, surfer para! This is goty real fanart shit!
Anime when?


Still better than Yume Nikki Waltz

File: 1462928963162.jpg (99.32 KB, 467x356, 1442835881182.jpg)


We are in 2016 and this still alive.

What the hell you post here?


File: 1462929444737.gif (54.21 KB, 500x500, 1381980142576.gif)

pls don't ban again


File: 1462931353611.png (107.88 KB, 500x351, arthur0.png)

Nowadays I just post "kiki is ded" and "surfer para is fraud".
By the way, Kiki never replied my mail.


We also complain about newfags starting threads about stuff we already discussed.


Well I mean you can always bitch about your problems on /hikki/


File: 1462978946181.jpg (96.39 KB, 650x400, 1257886267650.jpg)

Sure… what has that to do with the thread, though? >>>/ot/ is that way.

File: 1462335480122.jpg (32.46 KB, 650x362, poniko and mado.jpg)


This is probably a stupid question but, if YUME NIKKI and YNFG characters had 「stands」, what would they be?

For info as to what stands are in case you haven't watched JJBA, see

The reason I ask is because I've been on a JOJO kick recently and want to get this out of my system.


File: 1462335884895.png (252.63 KB, 500x350, 1398480751146.png)

Quick guys! Dio is now coming after you but luckily, you awakened to your stand powers.

The name of the last song you played is now the name of your stand, how fucked are you?


What if Poniko's stand was Uboa, which takes you to another dimension?

HYPER OBJECT… huh that sounds pretty fucking rad. The stand would probably be an object of some kind that defies physics.


You can't bring me down. I wonder what it would do.


File: 1462406578351.png (8.01 KB, 631x477, Uboaland.png)

So kinda like Mr. President and Burning Down The House, except it takes people to the white lake and monster?

It's only usable when in the dark or something. Since it's JOJO though, shouldn't Uboa have a song name? Like [SCREAM/CHILDHOOD] or something.

If Masada had a stand, it'd be his spaceship. Dunno if it should be called Rocket Man, Piano Man, or Life On Mars though.

Last real son I listened to?

>Sequence Erase

Huh. So it's like King Crimson?


[Boulevard Of Broken Dreams] (Shitai-San)

[30 Seconds to Mars] (Mars San)

[Lights Out] (Uboa)

[White Riot] (Takkufousen)

File: 1462670078106.png (146.4 KB, 417x425, 1282358900854.png)



keep it note it's a modified OST of yume 2kki's rooftop OST


File: 1462680165006.gif (1.59 MB, 390x200, 3aea024e13558be5d25285eb33….gif)



File: 1461503875224.jpg (61.85 KB, 945x600, culvert.jpg)


What YN-esque places have you visited in person?

My city has miles of shallow, open-air drainage channels. They're usually dry and easy enough to access from the road.
The feeling of trudging down them, with an eternally blue sky above and mountains looming in the distance, reminds me of those endlessly scrolling hub worlds the doors pop you out onto.

At certain places along the path, there are narrow, winding culverts that seem to be leading far away from the channels themselves. They're always lined with colorful graffiti near the mouths, which thins out a bit once you get deeper inside. The last time my friend and I went into a new culvert, we forgot to bring flashlights, so we didn't venture too far. I saw something pale peeking around a darkened bend at us, though. Stoplight effect woulda come in handy!


File: 1461520637727.jpg (218.26 KB, 500x332, parco-mostri-bomarzo.jpg)

Here in Italy we have this big park built in the XVI century near the city of Viterbo full of grotesque statues. The place is lots of fun to visit, it has a pendant house, strange statues of monsters (hence the name Monster's Park) and many other things, like this big creature with the mouth open, that reminds me a lot of stuff in YN like the Big Red. I remember visiting this place when I was a kid, everything was super terrifying.

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