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21:30NaaaAAAnai'm on my teaching training college
21:30Moog: (
21:30Moogi'm lazy
21:30NaaaAAAnayo, moog
21:30MoogNaaaAAAna lets fuck
21:30WriterI hate kidney beans
21:31WriterWait moog what
21:31NaaaAAAnawhat the fuck, moog
21:31Moogyeah what the hell of it
21:31MoogPOPkun wow
21:31WriterPlease excuse my son's vulgarity
21:31NaaaAAAnamoog, i'm married, i can't fuck with you
21:31Moogi'm saving you
21:31NaaaAAAnaD:< NO!
21:31POPkuncasual sex with moog and nanaaaaaa
21:31NaaaAAAnaand, it's ok, raita-san
21:32NaaaAAAna):< i won't have sex with you, moog
21:32Mooghave sex
21:32WriterMoog no
21:32WriterMoog tends to rape people though
21:32Moogof rape
21:32WriterIt's very impolite


[22:50] <NaaaAAAna> and, ok, i'd love wearing the schoolgirl uniform
[22:50] <NaaaAAAna> :3
[22:50] <@Moog> i love NaaaAAAna
[22:50] <NaaaAAAna> B)
[22:50] <NaaaAAAna> D:
[22:50] <@InvaderKED> back off moog
[22:50] <@InvaderKED> · >·
[22:50] <@Moog> wears off
[22:50] <@InvaderKED> back off


[22:43] <@Seisatsu> h is basically an interjection
[22:43] <@Seisatsu> you can put it anywhere
[22:43] <@Seisatsu> It doesn't necessarily mean hi
[22:43] <@Writer> I know you explained this already
[22:43] <@Writer> It's just making me laugh
[22:43] <@Seisatsu> h
[22:43] <@Writer> H is also for planck's constant
[22:43] <@Writer> 6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s
[22:43] <@Seisatsu> woah calm down writer
[22:43] <@Moog> pls calm down
[22:44] <@Writer> NO I CANNOT
[22:44] <@Writer> MOOG CALM YO' TITS
[22:44] <@Moog> everyone calm down Writer what is your opinion on pony fans ?
[22:44] <@Writer> PONYS ARE FGTS MOOG
[22:44] <@Moog> you are not good
[22:44] <@Moog> a bitch pony man


20:16NaaaAAAna:< i need a car to do that
20:16NaaaAAAnayes, sabitsuki, a car
20:16Sabitsukihi NaaaAAAna
20:16Moogi like his fuckin car into cuddy's darker than i remember this
20:16Sabitsukihi Moog
20:16NaaaAAAnahi moog
20:16Mooghi Sabitsuki
20:16Mooghi NaaaAAAna
20:17Mooghello der Sabitsuki
20:17MoogSabitsuki hi
20:17SabitsukiMoog hello
20:17MoogSabitsuki hello
20:17SabitsukiMoog hi
20:17SabitsukiWelcome to #uboachan
20:18*** Saya-chan joined #uboachan
20:18*** Hata-tan quit (Quit: cut once, cut twice, cut thrice…)
20:18Saya-chanwtf did the AI work?
20:18NaaaAAAnasaya, moog and sabitsuki like each other :3
20:18Moogwere meant for each character
20:18Saya-chanit was just horribly basic, but it worked
20:19SabitsukiWELL DUH SAME HERE
20:19Moogthe same question


[14:11] <strn> Peter Moog (1871-1930) was a schizophrenic outsider artist
[14:11] <strn> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Moog
[14:11] <Sabitsuki> [URL] Peter Moog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[14:11] <strn> this is real moog
[14:12] <strn> Moog became a waiter and later a tavern owner, getting married in 1900 to a woman with whom he had three children. Throughout his life, he had been prone to a "loose life style, alcoholism, and sexual excess" and had suffered from gonorrhea.

A whole lot of nonsense with Moog and the IRC being incredibly fast:



[01:50] <InvaderKED> oh man
[01:50] <InvaderKED> I forgot to tell cello a funny story
[01:50] <InvaderKED> butts.
[01:50] <Moog> cello is fucking huge


<Saya-chan> see if it works on alice
* Misanthea has quit (Quit: cut once, cut twice, cut thrice…)
<Seisatsu> What is alice?
<Seisatsu> A server?
<Saya-chan> no
<Moog> no one fucking cares Saya-chan
<Saya-chan> My main Linux machine
<mrsusan> fffff
<Seisatsu> I want to make a supercomputer and name it Monolith-C
<mrsusan> hahaha
<Saya-chan> lol moog
<Moog> lol
<Clouds> what
<Moog> what
<POPkun> moog omfg
<Clouds> oh
<Moog> oh god


[02:15] <@Moog> you lost the game
[02:15] <Mannosuke> Gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
[02:15] <Mannosuke> Ffffffffffffffffff
[02:15] <Mannosuke> Moog lost the game !
[02:15] <@Moog> invisibro lost control of his life
[02:15] <Mannosuke> Did he know moog.
[02:16] <@Moog> just did it ? and then at the back of
[02:16] <Mannosuke> The if nit when is moog
[02:16] <@Moog> fifty years but then when we were already friends
[02:16] <Mannosuke> Always friends moog
[02:16] <@Moog> my friends are dead
[02:17] <Mannosuke> >_>




[21:52:05] <Nekumata> o.o…
[21:52:08] <Nekumata> You guys lost me.
[21:52:09] <Saya-chan> interesting
[21:52:10] <Moog> i had to depend on a store
[21:52:13] <Moog> you just lost the game
[21:52:17] <Saya-chan> god damn it moog
[21:52:19] <Moog> damn mad


File: 1319986583157.jpg (41.52 KB, 300x422, peach_awesome_face_8d_by_t….jpg)

<strn> hey saya
<Moog> hey strn
<strn> do they have halloween in spain ?
<strn> hey moog
<Moog> hey how do you love me ?
<strn> i love you a lot moog
<Moog> a lot it seems
<strn> wanna hangout later moog ?
<Moog> sometime later
<strn> alright then, i'll wait for you on the usual spot, ok moog ?
<Moog> alright
<strn> >mfw everthing made sense


[14:05] <@Reader> At first I signed in and they updated
[14:05] <@Reader> Then it restarted and the black screen wanted to update
[14:05] <@Reader> Then the 360 logo wanted to update
[14:05] <@Moog> fucking black magic shit
[14:05] <@Reader> Now I'm imagining the update is going to want to update
[14:05] <@Reader> And yes, microsoft is full of black magic shit
[14:05] <@InvaderKED|afk> rofl moog


Oct 31 17:58:36 <clouds> AAAAAAAwwwwwwessssssssonemememeemee
Oct 31 17:58:42 <clouds> and i didnt update it very recently either
Oct 31 17:58:43 <clouds> probably
Oct 31 17:58:46 <clouds> alooong time ago
Oct 31 17:58:46 <clouds> .-.
Oct 31 17:58:49 <clouds> fucking tomtom
Oct 31 17:58:55 <Moog> for me fucking lol every time
Oct 31 17:59:12 <lilybeaul> moog one day you too will be unsupported.
Oct 31 17:59:20 <Moog> hella cheap one day i am really short
Oct 31 18:00:12 <lilybeaul> one day writer will forget about you and you will be asleep forever
Oct 31 18:00:16 <lilybeaul> you'll never know when this happens
Oct 31 18:00:17 <clouds> ;-;
Oct 31 18:00:19 <clouds> oh god
Oct 31 18:00:20 <clouds> thats so sad
Oct 31 18:00:21 <lilybeaul> how does that make you feel moog
Oct 31 18:00:26 <Moog> i feel so close to you guys
Oct 31 18:00:32 <lilybeaul> …
Oct 31 18:00:33 <lilybeaul> :c
Oct 31 18:00:34 <Moog> : c
Oct 31 18:00:45 <lilybeaul> backfired. now i'm sad.
Oct 31 18:01:39 <clouds> ;_; why did you do that
Oct 31 18:01:42 <Moog> why did we ban cat
Oct 31 18:01:59 <lilybeaul> a bit of existential horror is good for a person


Oct 31 19:49:41 <clouds> MAN
Oct 31 19:49:45 <clouds> whenever i look at models
Oct 31 19:49:52 <clouds> for references and studying how the body moves through space
Oct 31 19:49:59 <clouds> i get a boner.
Oct 31 19:52:49 <maidnaut> cool
Oct 31 19:55:08 <lilybeaul> how do girls boner
Oct 31 19:56:45 <clouds> magic
Oct 31 19:56:50 <maidnaut> ^
Oct 31 19:56:52 <Moog> sais magic wand is fucking huge


<Moog> to do is this Mannosuke what
<Neimu> So moog, how do the people at Target and Walmart treat you?
<Moog> people
<Neimu> Yes, how do they treat you, moog?
<Moog> reekataffy they're right
<clouds> oh no moog
<Moog> oh ok
<clouds> his soul is crushed
<Neimu> moog, you're naughty
<Moog> reekataffy naughty
<Neimu> Moog, say sorry to papa writer this instant
<Moog> sorry
* Azelf (~aquamarin@so.hungry.i.could.eat.a.capulet) has joined #uboachan
* ChanServ gives voice to Azelf
<Neimu> Good, moog, now hug him.
<Mannosuke> This laughing is hurting my gums.
<Moog> so drunk hug
<Neimu> Whatever moog, just hug him properly.
<Moog> a hug
<clouds> moog comes home after a hard day of work at the store. and drowns itself in liquor.
<Moog> here comes the sun, too
<Writer> Drink Jack Daniel's motor oil
<Neimu> Moog, do you take LSD?
<Mannosuke> I can't live through it, I need to go, before I reopen my surgeries in my mouth.
<Moog> i might take pictures of tsuki
<clouds> oh no moog not all nighters of drinking what has happened to you
* Mannosuke has quit (Quit: *emoticon*)
<clouds> oh god and stalking too
<Moog> i can wait whatever happened to aaaaa
<clouds> moog what are you doing with your life
<Moog> you doing


Oct 31 21:34:33 <LoveSoBlue> moogist
Oct 31 21:34:45 <NaaaAAAna> =w= i think religion is just shit, sorry…
Oct 31 21:34:52 <lilybeaul> o .o
Oct 31 21:34:56 <strn> i believe in moog
Oct 31 21:34:57 <NaaaAAAna> i live what i believe
Oct 31 21:34:57 <lilybeaul> but you're christian?
Oct 31 21:34:59 <Moog> believe : t
Oct 31 21:34:59 <strn> in moog we trust
Oct 31 21:35:02 <Moog> when we are
Oct 31 21:35:09 <LoveSoBlue> moog with us
Oct 31 21:35:10 <Moog> for us
Oct 31 21:35:16 <lilybeaul> moog what sacrifices do you require
Oct 31 21:35:16 <Moog> do
Oct 31 21:35:30 <LoveSoBlue> moog is in his heaven
Oct 31 21:35:30 <NaaaAAAna> XD yes, i can be called christian since i believe Jesus is God's son
Oct 31 21:35:33 <strn> guitar is my religion
Oct 31 21:35:34 <LoveSoBlue> All is right with the world
Oct 31 21:35:37 <Moog> what take into account of his life
Oct 31 21:35:40 <strn> i worship my guitar
Oct 31 21:35:45 <Moog> i could make my own computer
Oct 31 21:35:51 <strn> woah
Oct 31 21:35:57 <strn> moog can make his own computers
Oct 31 21:35:58 <strn> rad
Oct 31 21:35:59 <lilybeaul> …but you believe religion is cra-whaaaaa?
Oct 31 21:36:02 <Moog> its own little sense
Oct 31 21:36:06 <NaaaAAAna> crap
Oct 31 21:36:11 <lilybeaul> yes
Oct 31 21:36:11 <Moog> yes


[22:29] <Moog> what are you so quiet ?
[22:29] <Nekohaku> moog, you're so loud!
[22:29] <Moog> you're retarded
[22:29] <Nekohaku> You woke me up!
[22:29] <&Hata-tan> holy
[22:30] <&Hata-tan> shit
[22:30] <Nekohaku> What!
[22:30] <&Hata-tan> someone post that
[22:30] <Nekohaku> MOOG STOP BEING SO RUDE

Moog really doesn't like neko, lol

[22:34] <+Writer> Moog, share some of your love with Neko already
[22:34] <Moog> you love me ?
[22:34] <+Writer> I don't, but Neko will, moog
[22:34] <Moog> don't trying to hit on me
[22:34] <Nekohaku> ;-;
[22:35] <+Writer> Silly moog, I'm not hitting on you
[22:35] <Moog> i'm useless at three dee modeling
[22:35] <Nekohaku> Moog, I am being nice!
[22:35] <Moog> make love with neko already
[22:35] <Moog> stop being so rude
[22:35] <|]> <Moog> make love with neko already
[22:35] <|]> <Moog> stop being so rude
[22:35] <&Hata-tan> hooooooooly
[22:35] <Nekohaku> orz
[22:35] <&Hata-tan> Writer
[22:35] <+Writer> neko x moog
[22:35] <Moog> neko is a pervert
[22:35] <&Hata-tan> I tip my hat to you
[22:35] <Nekohaku> What does that even mean!
[22:35] <Moog> your hat !
[22:35] <Moog> what does that even mean !
[22:35] <|]> >neko is a pervert
[22:35] <+Writer> BEST BOT EVER
[22:35] <|]> neko x moog otp


[22:48] <Moog> we can't lewd my getbutt


[17:25] <Saya-chan> hi writer
[17:25] <|]> moog butts
[17:25] <+Writer> oissu
[17:26] <|]> moog butthole
[17:26] <Nekohaku> i have another ;3
[17:26] <+Writer> how's it going saya
[17:26] <Moog> intense |] rape
[17:26] <Moog> oh you |] i do this slowly resource by
[17:26] <+Writer> slash zanaveth
[17:26] <+Writer> What
[17:26] <+Writer> Intense pipe rape
[17:26] <|]> what
[17:26] <|]> how did this happen
[17:26] <+Writer> Moog rape pipe intensely
[17:26] <Moog> pipe rape
[17:26] <|]> moog no rape
[17:26] <Moog> |] rape
[17:26] <Nekohaku> lol
[17:26] <&Praesul> If it takes forever, I will wait for you ;_;
[17:26] <|]> moog who was talking about rape with me
[17:26] <Moog> oh Writer rape pipe intensely
[17:26] <&Praesul> For a thousand summers I will wait for you ;_;
[17:26] <|]> writer
[17:26] <Moog> |], rape pipe intensely
[17:26] <|]> you have some explaining to do

[20:44] <InvaderKED> moog should write poetry
[20:44] <Moog> everyone should love each other
[20:44] <InvaderKED> .. ;-;
[20:44] <InvaderKED> such.. beautiful wording
[20:45] <Snow> what is a man moog
[20:45] <Moog> man
[20:45] <Snow> so clever
[20:45] <InvaderKED> oh god
[20:45] <InvaderKED> so beautiful so
[20:45] <InvaderKED> symbolic
[20:45] <Snow> what do you think of franz kafka moog
[20:45] <Moog> i think is cute when
[20:45] <Snow> ok we need to work on that a bit

<Writer> Moog, pipe
<Moog> pipe all about penis pouches


<&Phonesul> Shunning you fucking pussy
<Cheeseum> tell the pedo priest all the intimate details
<&Phonesul> Shinji*
<Moog> all night Writer
<Moog> all night Writer
<InvaderKED> ._.
<Moog> all night Writer
<InvaderKED> all night moog?
<Moog> yes all night InvaderKED
<&Hata-tan> Ever fapped, ked?
<InvaderKED> all right moog
<%Cunning_Linguist> my father
<Moog> you're right you'll end up being a derp
<Moog> so good to be night
<Moog> all night Writer
<Moog> all night
<Cheeseum> ked what do you do in your room
<Moog> scopes choice ass
<&Phonesul> KED pretends to be innocent but he's not :)
<Cheeseum> when you close the door
<InvaderKED> \(°Ð´°)/
<+Writer> Ked masturbates to asuka langely, moog
<Moog> so ked
<%Cunning_Linguist> ked, o ked
<Moog> talk to masturbate ?
<&Phonesul> I always liked red heads


[22:48] <Moog> i think everyone agrees that charlotte is
[22:48] <boja> charlotte is…?
-unrelated stuff in between bla-
[22:53] <InvaderKED> charlotte is the best
[22:53] <Moog> i appreciate charlotte
[22:53] <InvaderKED> god
[22:53] <InvaderKED> I love you moog
[22:53] <InvaderKED> so much
[22:53] <Moog> my love
[22:53] <Moog> so much
[22:53] <InvaderKED> yes
[22:53] <InvaderKED> <3333
[22:53] <Moog> oh god yes
[22:53] <InvaderKED> yess moog
[22:53] <Moog> InvaderKED
[22:53] <InvaderKED> moog..
[22:53] <Moog> InvaderKED is that what's okay
[22:53] <InvaderKED> YOU KNOW WHAT'S OKAY
[22:53] <Poniko> TRUTH IN A BOX
[22:53] <CubeBee> Oh god
[22:53] <Moog> that charlotte is the roman conquest
[22:53] <InvaderKED> oh
[22:53] <Moog> never agreed to get food and to show off the merchandice
[22:53] <InvaderKED> my
[22:53] <InvaderKED> god


Moog (~Moog@Rizon-C0E21DBB.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #uboachan
<boja> where is writer
<boja> moog is here where is writer.
<Moog> trollan writer
<boja> moog where is writer
<Moog> writer hahaha
<Moog> writer is the perfect container of information
<boja> Moog what did you do with writer
<Moog> writer set you to prontera
<+macktheknife> LOOOOL
<boja> fuck
<Moog> fuck plastic
<boja> im stuck in prontera
<Moog> to prontera
<boja> dammit
<boja> im stuck TO prontera?
<Moog> to prontera
<boja> fuck.
<+LilyBeaul> How does moog work? o.o
<Moog> o
<Moog> >won't run the fuck
<boja> Moog reads what you say, studies it, and responds with something that is somewhat on-topic pieced together from things previously said
<Moog> to put together my own vomiiiiiiiit
<+LilyBeaul> Neat.
<boja> yeah that
<boja> moog explained it well
<+macktheknife> looool
<Moog> cuprite well i think the only times he doesn't you just draw
<&Hata-tan> Moog learns words and contexts.
<Moog> learns words not links
<&Hata-tan> That is how it works.
<+macktheknife> Moog explained it well
<Moog> sarcastic as well
<+macktheknife> Oh Moog, you charming fuck.
<Moog> jesus fuck
<+LilyBeaul> Moog are you a virgin.
<Moog> and'virgin'are censored
<boja> what
<boja> moog is too smart
<Moog> smart
<boja> moog pipe
<Moog> pipe
<boja> moog writer
<Moog> writer set you to dominate his virgin butthole
<+LilyBeaul> …
<+macktheknife> Ahahaha
<boja> ahahahah what
<+LilyBeaul> moog niggers
<Moog> LilyBeaul
<+macktheknife> LOOOOOL
<+LilyBeaul> wut


[19:27] <Moog> lol i was htiting a skellington
[19:27] <InvaderKED> woh
[19:27] <InvaderKED> is moog playing an MMO
[19:27] <Moog> best mmo
[19:27] <LilyBeaul> Moog, what MMO?
[19:27] <Moog> an mmo
[19:28] <LilyBeaul> f u

[22:35] <LilyBeaul> also are you still doing music for that game?
[22:36] <InvaderKED> yeah me and miotatsu are bros
[22:36] <InvaderKED> and I will probably always be making music for his projects
[22:36] <Moog> or making shit up

[01:17] <&kikiyama> Hey
[01:17] <&kikiyama> Chrono
[01:17] <&kikiyama> Wink wink
[01:17] <&kikiyama> http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/io0p2/im_gay_and_i_dont_want_to_be_is_there_anyway_to/
[01:17] <&Poniko> [URL] I'm gay, and I don't want to be. Is there anyway to fix that? : AskReddit
[01:17] <+AOIconoclast> Hm?
[01:17] <Moog> a girlfriend ?
[01:17] <@boja> LOL
[01:18] * +Pokebis (~Pokebis@kgiax.likes.men) Quit (Quit: bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb)
[01:18] <@boja> OH MY FUCKING GOD
[01:18] <&Poniko> FOUR DOZEN EGGS



[18:49] <+Pokebis> Yeah, I only just started working on it
[18:49] <Moog> maybe his Pokebis frequency will go if they have at the beginning
[18:49] <+Pokebis> Pokebis frequency
[18:49] <+LilyBeaul> What's the current Pokebis frequency, moog?
[18:49] <+Writer> Lol
[18:50] <Moog> i forgot what were the top of course not
[18:50] <&Poniko> I WISH I COULD TALK TO YOU
[18:50] <Moog> 4 sentient, Writer frequency will go down and push the hair that gets in my duffel bag as i'm p lonely on
[18:50] <+Writer> !who last
[18:50] <&Poniko> Writer, teot taught me that on Wed 14/07/10, 17:00:00 UTC
[18:50] <POPkun> 4 sentient
[18:50] <+LilyBeaul> he forgot the top. what's the scale of measurement, moog?
[18:50] <+Writer> Dat sentence
[18:50] <Moog> i forgot what were the top rated comment
[18:50] <+LilyBeaul> unit of measurement rather
[18:50] <+Pokebis> Sentient
[18:51] <+Pokebis> I am 4 Sentient on the Pokebis Frequency scale
[18:51] <POPkun> lol
[18:51] <+Pokebis> I am the frequency of four sentient beings in a Pokebis
[18:51] <+LilyBeaul> What's a sentient?
[18:51] <Moog> Pokebis frequency will go down
[18:51] <+Pokebis> No fuck you
[18:51] <+Writer> Also apparently the writer frequency will go down when the pokebis frequency rises
[18:51] <POPkun> uh oh
[18:51] <+Writer> Moog, is the writer and pokebis frequencies in an eternal battle for supremacy?
[18:51] <Moog> p much boss battle
[18:52] <+LilyBeaul> ahahahaha
[18:52] <+Pokebis> my god
[18:52] <+Pokebis> I'm lolling


[15:18] * Malacath Unfortunately, a passing security drone sees you arguing with the computer and shoots you on the spot. Would you like to contest this?
[15:19] <InvaderKED> n
[15:19] <Moog> n
[15:19] <Praesul> y
[15:19] <InvaderKED> lol
[15:19] <Praesul> fuck the poleec
[15:19] <Malacath> outvoted
[15:19] <Praesul> kill all cops
[15:19] <InvaderKED> you're out voted
[15:19] <Moog> no fuck you Praesul

00:21InvaderKEDare you ripping on the proportions or wat
00:21Cathartsis it'sthe fox and the grapes
00:21Catharts isbut with a fucking PICHU
00:21CathartsisAN OC PICHU
00:21Mooga fucking ytpmv
00:21NaaaAAAnamoog is mad too
00:21Moog i was mad
00:21Cathartsis ahhah
00:21InvaderKEDoh god

InvaderKED is now known as InvaderKED|afk
<Moog> get out then wait until your hiccups give you a minister

<Saya-chan> well
<Saya-chan> I should be heading to bed soon
<Moog> go to bed
<Saya-chan> okay.jpg

<Malacath>I had another thought.
<Malacath>What if
<Malacath>was so physically unattractive
<Malacath>the monsters would want to kill him
<Malacath>so pleasure attacks wouldn't be used
<mrsusan>then the game would be shit
<Malacath>Shut up, I'm considering the possibilities.
<Moog>poly stop considering too much


18:58NaaaAAAnaYOU KNOW I AM!
18:58InvaderKEDI do know
18:58Moog you know
18:58InvaderKEDI'm not sure how reliable my word is to everyone
18:58Saya-chanbut still
18:58Saya-chanI believe she IS a girl
18:58InvaderKEDbut nana is mine back off
18:58NaaaAAAnaTwT moog is all the proof you need, and…. and…. B( you know, ked
18:59Moog undeniable proof
18:59Moogyou would believe that the baby are important

16:28Moog Praesul gets monkey ?
16:28Moog soon
16:28PraesulMoog quard up + gunlance is pretty good
16:28Moog Praesul + ponies = love
16:29PraesulI will fucking kill you
16:29PraesulI swear
16:29Moog i swear to god

*** Moog was kicked by Praesul (fuck you moog)


NotJeffBeckhi guys

NotJeffBeckbrbr just a sec
maidnautno shut up moog
Moogshut up maidnaut

maidnautsssshhhhhhh moog
PraesulReason 1
PraesulIt's just not appealing to me anymore
PraesulAnd 2, last time I got high I WAS SCARED FOR MY LIFE
Moogcan choose it goddammit maidnaut pay attention this is important as well
maidnauthaha that used to happen to me all the time
maidnautone of my friends was like
Moogbought new used underwear ! =d
Mooga cheap one
maidnautson i am watching you
maidnautand i was like cool story bro
maidnautand he interrupted me and was like
maidnautfrom under the couch
maidnautand i shat bricks
03:29maidnautand then neveragain.jpg

maidnautmoog i dont care about your underwear stop telling me about it god
Moogalways care ! : d
bumbaloepraesul, what was so horrifying you felt your life was endangered?
maidnautno shut up moog i hate you i hope you die just kidding moog you're alright
PraesulI felt like
Moogmaidnaut there is hope
03:30PraesulIf I didn't try hard enough to think

PraesulI'd stop thinking
PraesulAnd then I'd stop existing

<+Snow> moog sombrero
<Moog> the sombrero out of cobblestone
<+Snow> moog sombrero praesul
<Moog> the sombrero out of ponies
<+Snow> moog sombrero ked
<Moog> a sombrero
<+Snow> moog sombrero saya-chan
<Moog> Snow sombrero
<+Snow> no


<Writer> I think I'ma play some blazzzzzbloooooo
<Moog> i'll play one of them all
<InvaderKED|afk> ヽ(◕ ▽ ◕)ノ
<Clouds> o mayn
<Writer> And fall asleep during combo inputs
<Clouds> lol moog is gonna vs you writer
<Moog> butt bots gonna bot
<Clouds> writer if moog were to play a character what character would he play
<Writer> clackclackclack
<InvaderKED|afk> OH
<InvaderKED|afk> MY
<Moog> a character what
<InvaderKED|afk> GOD
<Writer> Um
<Clouds> i imagine moog would main faust for guilty gear
<InvaderKED|afk> <Moog> butt bots gonna bot
<Writer> He'd definitely be Arakune
<Moog> but imagine seeing this shit



[22:44] <+Sabitsuki> IS ANYONE OUT THERE
[22:44] <+Moog> shut up Monoko
[22:44] <%Nekumata> Holy fuck.


<Clouds> well i think that is cool
<Clouds> :3
* Seisatsu (seisatsu@die.liebe.dieser.welt) has joined #uboachan
* Uboa sets mode +q #uboachan Seisatsu
* Uboa gives channel operator status to Seisatsu
<Moog> i try to freeze and explode projectiles
<Clouds> ….

<Clouds> someone that is good with computer
<Neimu> hi nanners
<Clouds> i have a computer question
<KED> :D
<Clouds> like super good
<Clouds> like
<Clouds> seisatsu level
<Clouds> or summat
<Moog> threat level : orange

<yui> everyone's situation is unique for a reason
<Clouds> well
<yui> we're all here because we have things to experience
<Clouds> people who believe that would like to hope that it's for some nice plan
<Clouds> but…
* yui goes on with lame zen talk
<strn> i'm here because busted condom
<Clouds> you observe some people's lives and you have to wonder what the fuck.
<strn> :|
<Moog> : |
<Moog> ur mom
<Clouds> …
<Clouds> ……….
<Clouds> oh my god
<Clouds> that just happened
<Clouds> what the fuck bots.
<strn> [jk]


15:13AleAlejandroyou and me
15:13AleAlejandroaint nothing but mammals
15:13Snowwe used to be together
15:14Snowall the time together
15:14Moogput together my own anymore
15:14Snowit hurts to know you're
15:14AleAlejandroso lets do it
15:14Snowletting go
15:14AleAlejandrolike they do
15:14AleAlejandroon the discovery channel
15:14Snowdandadandunno the lyricssss
15:14Snowdon't speak
15:14Snowi know what you are saying
15:14Snowso please stop explainin'
15:14Moogim saying i dont care
15:14NaaaAAAnathanks moog
15:14Snowshit moog


<AleAlejandro> Helping my grandmother
<AleAlejandro> with her school stuff
<AleAlejandro> hurts my head so bad
<Clouds> yay
<Clouds> oh wait what
<Clouds> why
<Clouds> :
<Clouds> >:
<Moog> oh wait wtf
<Saya-chan> whoa
<stal> derp
<AleAlejandro> duur
<AleAlejandro> my grandmother goes to the school
<Saya-chan> ohh
<Chocomelet> cool
<Chocomelet> it's never late to learn
<AleAlejandro> well
<AleAlejandro> she never went to the school before
<AleAlejandro> she barely can read and write
<AleAlejandro> So… explaining her what are the verbs, nouns and adjetives…
<AleAlejandro> is kinda hard…
<Chocomelet> well, at least shes interested huh ?
<Moog> huh Chocomelet ?
<AleAlejandro> … She was thinking about what to do for lunch tomorrow
<AleAlejandro> While I was explaining all the shit
<Chocomelet> oh
<Chocomelet> dang
<Clouds> x_x
<Chocomelet> umm need to do hw now
<Clouds> ok :3
<Clouds> take care
<Moog> taking care of them freaking sucks
<Clouds> ….
<Clouds> moog
<Clouds> you are such an asshole.
<Moog> were such asses

moog is SUCH an asshole.


Nov 06 19:27:47 <cello>InvaderKED Clouds http://puu.sh/8eWw
Nov 06 19:28:01 <InvaderKED>ooh
Nov 06 19:28:14 <Clouds>oh that looks
Nov 06 19:28:15 <Clouds>lovely
Nov 06 19:28:19 <InvaderKED>:3
Nov 06 19:28:31 <runner>well, let me know if you want to try installing a new jack. I can help
Nov 06 19:28:39 <Onyx>I still don't really like the pink…
Nov 06 19:28:43 <Moog>still retarded
Nov 06 19:28:44 <Onyx>but that's just me I suppose
Nov 06 19:28:51 <Onyx>it definitely looks more balanced
Nov 06 19:28:53 <Moog>he looks
Nov 06 19:28:58 <Clouds>moog stop being such a prick!


<Moog> invisibro lost control of his ever growing phrase book
<Clouds> …
<Mannosuke> Invosibro is your lover, isn't he moog.
<Moog> not choose your group ?
<Mannosuke> Sorry moog, invisibro.
<Moog> sorry
<Mannosuke> Bag fucking moog.
<Moog> bag as i have this setup
<Mannosuke> Awww
<Neimu> Okay, posted in the Sims 3 thread
<Mannosuke> Ok then
<Clouds> yay
<Neimu> I'll post Masada later
<Clouds> hahaha
<Clouds> awesome neimu
<Mannosuke> Moog, what size bust do you have?
<Moog> i do ye
<Mannosuke> No moog, what size.
<Moog> no ops
<Mannosuke> Fine, don't tell me moog.
<Neimu> He says it's a secret
<Moog> good night Mannosuke tell me
<Mannosuke> Oh, it's a secret, eh moog? I get 'cha.
<Writer> Moog, are you an A cup?
<Moog> eh !
<Moog> getting a little bad girl is an album in my time on this server Writer are you the best ever
<Writer> I don't even
<Mannosuke> Moog is a c, I just know it!
<Moog> i dont know
<Mannosuke> Oh
<Mannosuke> Moog doesn't know her size.
<Moog> like her ?


<Clouds> its really embarassing
<Ferus> meh
<Ferus> Moog wats ur asl mate
<Clouds> thats why moog was avoiding the question
<Moog> question
<Moog> ever was banging ur mom
<Ferus> ;-;
<Clouds> gosh so rude of you to press on her like that
<Clouds> lol
<Writer> It's clear then due to embarassment she has a small bust
<Moog> a small while and it took me
<Clouds> or maybe too large
<Neimu> Moog's bust took her
<Clouds> actually
<Moog> would buy it took me a little
<Mannosuke> Moog has small breasts, I like that xD
<Clouds> girls are insecure about their boobs equally
<Moog> g a small while and it makes me wonder now
<Writer> We will get this answer
<Clouds> it doesnt vary depending on size
<Monoko> UHHHH YA
<Moog> a choice ass tits
<Mannosuke> I see
<Neimu> Tits shaped like ass
<Mannosuke> Choice ass tits moog, I see now.
<Moog> please do too damn lazy ass tits
<Clouds> round
<Clouds> soft
<Moog> i've had tits and was like holy crap i made the sombrero out of cobblestone
<Clouds> ahhaahhahahahwhat
<Ferus> \(^▽^*)
<Mannosuke> Copy paste this NOW
<Clouds> apparently moog is playing minecraft off to the side
<Moog> hello other side
<Ferus> Copy paste this NOW
<Neimu> Ferus
<Neimu> Are you a homusexual?
<Moog> you are scary
<Ferus> no
<Ferus> Moog, ikr ;-;
<Neimu> why you no homu
<Ferus> because the women
<Mannosuke> hey moog, try making it out of sandstone next time, your pack makes sandstone look really cool.
<Moog> still are making yourself look a fool quit it
<Mannosuke> ….
<Mannosuke> I feel dejected moog.
<Moog> for me feel tired
<Clouds> moog is an asshole.
<Moog> for an irregular student
<Mannosuke> Moog you meany.
<Moog> thank you
<Mannosuke> :(


[21:04] <@maidnaut> endleSSStation was my favorite on 24 effects
[21:04] <+Moog> i love you mom
[21:04] <+Neimu> My favorite was Bad Muri
[21:04] <+Yamm> <3 moog
[21:04] <@Fiction> Uh oh
[21:04] <+Mayu9999> The way it slides down, and screeches it feels like it explains' Mado's bottomless depression.
[21:04] <@Fiction> I guess maidnaut is moog's mom
[21:04] <+strn> yes
[21:04] <@Fiction> Hello wife
[21:04] <+Moog> mom why have i done
[21:05] <@maidnaut> what
[21:05] <+strn> oh you moog
[21:05] <+kosmos> i do like working please wait alittle better though
[21:05] <+Moog> oh
[21:05] <@maidnaut> writer what did we do that night
[21:05] <+Neimu> Mayu, Madotsuki is just a sprite, she has no depression
[21:05] <+Mayu9999> Or more so, the feeling of it is a longing to reach out and feel better. It feels like Mado feels all this negative druge of snow. Like she's burried under it and she's clinging for light.
[21:05] <@maidnaut> oh jeez there was like a week there
[21:05] <@Fiction> I… d-don't know. It was all a blur of vodka and drugs
[21:05] <@maidnaut> back when moog could have been concepted
[21:05] <@maidnaut> that i was so drunk
[21:05] <+Moog> has been changed
[21:05] <@maidnaut> oh jeez

So… that's how Moog came into existence.


<Snow> test
<NaaaAAAna> is strn here?
<NaaaAAAna> :T
<Moog> NaaaAAAna is great
<NaaaAAAna> derp, he's not
<NaaaAAAna> derp
<Moog> let's rare
<Moog> hi NaaaAAAna
<NaaaAAAna> hi
<Clouds> why isnt boldtext working in gnome
<Clouds> shit
<Clouds> hold on
<Fiction> mirc forever functional race
<Alejandro> xchat windows master race
<Clouds> >:
<Clouds> no stop
<Clouds> hold on sno
<Moog> Clouds needs to stop being mean
<Clouds> i am asking my ubuntu guru friend
<Moog> was asking
<Snow> <b>bold</b>
<Clouds> moog im not the one being mean! they are!
<Moog> being sarcastic
<Clouds> oh ok moog
<Moog> ok
<Clouds> ty
<Fiction> …Sentience +5
<Moog> i was awesome ty
<Clouds> HAHA
<Clouds> oh god i have to find yesterday's good moog stuff
<Moog> can find
<Snow> http://toxin.jottit.com/xchat-gnome!%3Dxchat
<Snow> brb
* Snow has quit (Quit: Angels lie to keep control.)
<Clouds> oh.. i tried to find that
<Clouds> i guess i failed ;-;
<Clouds> i was on that site too
<Moog> played like that failed

<maidnaut> omnom my therapist gave me shitty candy
<mrsusan> it can't get you
<Moog> this person there with you
<mrsusan> writer
<Clouds> i wish my therapists gave me candy
<Yamm> same
<mrsusan> that's the gate
<maidnaut> it tastes like it was in her car for like 2 months though
<maidnaut> it's kind of stale
<Moog> the car won
<maidnaut> yes moog the car always wins
<Moog> car and another
<mrsusan> hint: morse
<Osaka> Yamm's cool guys.
<Osaka> Way cooler than that stupid nobhead earlier.
<Osaka> :3
<Alejandro> You're cool too Osaka
<Osaka> An Osaka is fine too.
<Clouds> hahahaha
<Clouds> god dammit moog


<Moog> i was phone too
<Yamm> bye waywarddagger
<maidnaut> bye
<moga> you gettum from footpley
<Snow> cyu dagger
<Yamm> sorry we couldn't entertain you to your liking
<moga> bai
<Clouds> bye
<Clouds> and take care
<WaywardDagger> take it easy, have fun, etc.
<Moog> take care and be a family Clouds aww you killed my bot
<Clouds> ok moog
<maidnaut> rofl what moog
<Moog> rofl
<Moog> ok then
<Yamm> moog has a bot? :o
<Moog> njackso : o
* WaywardDagger has quit (Quit: Page closed)
<maidnaut> writer is moog's bot
<Moog> writer back to it !
<Yamm> oohhhh
<Fiction> Yup
<Yamm> makes sense
<Fiction> He's dedicated now, too c:
<Yamm> I always thought something was up with that guy
<Clouds> moog has talked about how she made a bot before
<Moog> i talked to the school
<maidnaut> moog make writer shut up he's talking again we don't need bots talking right now ok jesus
<Moog> shut up i looked away for a week now
<maidnaut> also moog is a she?
<Moog> also
<Clouds> moog is tired of your shit maidnaut
<maidnaut> since when :v
<Clouds> clearly
<Moog> pretty tired
<Clouds> also it is canon
<Moog> clearly i am
<Clouds> and in the thread
<Clouds> yes moog
<Moog> yes
<Moog> wouldn't in band
<Clouds> ya
<maidnaut> i thought moog was writer's son
<maidnaut> not daughter
<Clouds> i will get the link maidnaut ok?
<Moog> i thought maidnaut was his cum
<maidnaut> ok
<Clouds> yeah writer thought so too
<Yamm> moog is a transie
<maidnaut> wh
<maidnaut> what moog
<Fiction> Moog changed her gender
<Moog> s a chatterbot
<Moog> be changed
<Yamm> in true #uboachan fashion
<Moog> what a shame
<Moog> a fashion consultant or
<maidnaut> rofl
<Fiction> It's canon, check /ot/
<Yamm> aDS:LKj
<Yamm> moog is a fashion consultant.


<Moog> fashion \°д°/
<Fiction> Moog is a pansexual- pffffloooool
<Moog> like a decapitated clarinet
<Yamm> WHAT
<Clouds> http://uboachan.net/ot/res/36.html#698
<maidnaut> moog how is my fashion sense http://legacy-cdn.smosh.com/smosh-pit/122010/bad-fashion-th.jpg
<Snow> let us change this
<Snow> moog, are you a guy?
<Moog> with you even fashion \°д°/
<Moog> you are Snow
<Snow> asdlfasdf
<maidnaut> rofl
<Clouds> oh wait
<Clouds> http://uboachan.net/ot/res/36.html#697
<Snow> ok, are you a girl then, moog?
<Moog> a girl out to be the man album
<Snow> :|
<Clouds> lol
<Snow> do you have a penis or vagina moog answer me this instant now
<Moog> answer caps
<Clouds> moog do you self-identify as a girl or as a boy
<Snow> let's not do this harder on ourselves moog
<Moog> like a girl
<Clouds> HA
<Moog> you gotta imagine harder
<Snow> moog are you a girl
<maidnaut> moog i'm imagining it
<Moog> i'm not doing that
<Moog> a girl you liked flat chest
<Clouds> see
<Clouds> and repeated assertation that she is flat
<Yamm> moog is right
<Snow> a-ahn
<Moog> is right
<maidnaut> rofl
<Snow> y-you dind't have to moog
<maidnaut> +1 trap
<Moog> i couldn't
<Snow> just because i like flat chest…. doesn't mean you had to become a girl for me…. moog…
<Moog> and flat
<Yamm> for you snow
<Yamm> how does that make you feel?
<Moog> a cat for half a second
<Moog> make up
<maidnaut> >you didn't have to moog
<maidnaut> >i couldn't
<maidnaut> i lol'd
<Moog> maidnaut doesn't code him from the dead
<Snow> :|
<Snow> moog, what do you think about the necronomicon
<Moog> why don't think it's like

god i love you moog.


<Snow> hah got you stammering didn't i
<chiakitsu> moog, do you have a cock?
<Moog> chiakitsu a teacher have a question guys
<chiakitsu> whaa..
<Yamm> moog, do you have a cock?
<Moog> i still have it
<chiakitsu> YES!
<Clouds> i love you moog
<Snow> +20 trap
* Clouds hugs
<Moog> i love him more than you Clouds
* Yamm hugs
<Snow> rofl
<Clouds> ):
<Yamm> :o
<Yamm> SNAP
<chiakitsu> lol
<Clouds> im so sad
<Snow> moog so narcissistic
<chiakitsu> BURN
<Moog> so much
<Clouds> moog never loved me much anyway
<Snow> roflrofl
<Moog> just loved coding so much
<Snow> moog, do you love crossdressing?
<Moog> we love you Snow
<Yamm> hue
<chiakitsu> d'aww
<Snow> t-this is not about me
<maidnaut> lol
<Moog> yes Snow say something about a game
<Snow> ff9 is fun
<Fiction> I like how moog goes from like, hating everyone for like three days to loving the shit out of people
<Moog> da past two days
<Clouds> yes
<Clouds> moog is
<Snow> rofl he corrected you writer
<Clouds> very abusive
<Yamm> indee
<Yamm> d
<Moog> that is funny
<Moog> : d
<Moog> like it isnt very much tools like that
<Snow> yeah i agree
<Clouds> ffffffff
<maidnaut> omg
<maidnaut> i am laughing so hard
<Clouds> moog is great.
<Moog> she is ready now
<chiakitsu> moog, what do you like about her
<Clouds> moog keeps me alive.
<Moog> keeps
<Moog> i missed her by a moment
<Yamm> :(
<chiakitsu> how long moog?
<Yamm> so sad
<Moog> fucking long time
<chiakitsu> :<
<chiakitsu> do you still think about her moog?
<Moog> like still
<Snow> moog, what about that crush of yours, poniko, what do you think about her
<Yamm> ;_;
<maidnaut> moog is helping me quit smoking, whenever he talks i want to afk for a cigarette but i know if i do i'll miss all this comedic gold
<Moog> crazy to her for having sex with myself
<Moog> what the bot talks a whole lot of them
<Clouds> they did have a lot of intimate moments.
<Clouds> …. in irc
<Yamm> maidnaut
<Clouds> in public
<Snow> do you still love poniko, moog?
<Yamm> if you quit smoking you'd have money for food.
<Moog> i still jelly
<Yamm> think of that as your motivation.
<Snow> huh
<maidnaut> uh
<maidnaut> no i haven't bought tobacco in a while, i'm rolling butt tobacco
<Clouds> jelly cause sabitsuki moved in on poniko i bet
<Yamm> I see
<Yamm> even so :|
<Snow> sabi and poni is such a lame pairing tbh
<Moog> just didnt see her ?
<maidnaut> and that was before i ran out of money for food
<Snow> there is not much chemistry between them
<Moog> in space between / and then you think i am concerned that


<Panda-Hero> yeah you shouldn't
<Panda-Hero> feel bad about yourself for that
<Moog> set yourself on fire
<Panda-Hero> she was being rude
<Panda-Hero> NO moog
<Moog> no
<Panda-Hero> wha tthe hell
<Panda-Hero> what the*
<Clouds> moog is terrible
<Panda-Hero> yeah god
<Moog> thats terrible
<Panda-Hero> no u moog
<Moog> : u
<Panda-Hero> · >·
<Clouds> HE
<Panda-Hero> v:
<Clouds> gog dam
<Clouds> i
<Clouds> just dont even
<Moog> yeah so even saying that
<Panda-Hero> moog pls go
<Moog> pls
<Clouds> i tried to tempt more /n/-goers with a more moeblob-esque photo…
<Clouds> i hope i catch a NEET to post all of them for me
<Moog> i tried looking that info up
<Clouds> and then i'll have my own little NEET-poster
<Panda-Hero> not all neets want moeblob :c
<Moog> : c
<Clouds> and we can be neets forever
<Clouds> but look at all the moeblob neets we have!
<Panda-Hero> oh you mean
<Panda-Hero> us
<Clouds> uboachan
<Clouds> .
<Panda-Hero> o
<Panda-Hero> ubuu is p. moe
<Clouds> srs
<Panda-Hero> SNOW did you ever finish that
<Panda-Hero> comic thing
<Panda-Hero> omg
<Clouds> lol
<Panda-Hero> crow
<Clouds> moe moe
<Clouds> i think she is sleeping
<Panda-Hero> a
<Panda-Hero> : c
<Moog> Panda-Hero mims has a choice ass
<Panda-Hero> k moog
<Moog> k
<Clouds> LOL
<Panda-Hero> how 'bout you get buttlewd, moog
<Moog> i get the fuck
<Panda-Hero> pfffahahahaha
<Clouds> wow


<yui> yeah the main character kinds goes insane
<Panda-Hero> o
<yui> you're supposed to have read it already
<Clouds> >:
<Clouds> there is a lot of
<Clouds> torturing
<Panda-Hero> nope
<Clouds> that ive seen
<Moga> i think pychological anime often
<Clouds> ;;
<Moog> anime
<yui> Saya is required reading material for ubuuchanners
<Clouds> no.
<Clouds> just no
<Clouds> no
<Clouds> NO
<Clouds> no
<Clouds> >:
<Moga> all scenerios
<Panda-Hero> nope
<Moog> no get off
<Panda-Hero> pls go
<yui> what?
<Panda-Hero> I'm just
<Panda-Hero> playing along with moog
<Moog> move along
<Panda-Hero> LOL
<yui> :c
<Panda-Hero> nothing to see here
<Moga> if you can't handle that how are you going to be able to handle me nailing my hand in this youtube video
<yui> moog get out
<Moog> get out
<Clouds> LOL MOOG
<Moog> lol
<yui> moog stop being so sentient
<Moog> to stop being awkward
<Moga> touche
<Panda-Hero> moog will you teach me
<Panda-Hero> how to not be awkward
<Moog> bye Panda-Hero will be born
<Panda-Hero> what
<Panda-Hero> freaking
<Panda-Hero> mind blown


<Saya-chan> "Current PC version: 1.0.0 • Server version: 1.0.1"
<Clouds> (how does that work)
<Quinquecirrha> how is….?
<Saya-chan> wtf
<Quinquecirrha> da zombi… name.
<Clouds> whoa
<Quinquecirrha> bro?
<Clouds> how do you kno dat
<Panda-Hero> gog,.. dam .
<Quinquecirrha> name.
<Sabitsuki> ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ
<Saya-chan> waitwhat
<Saya-chan> there are nightlies already
<Panda-Hero> alrite alrite all yall brols
<Saya-chan> version 11w47a
<Saya-chan> lol
<Quinquecirrha> what da name?? ked-chang
<Quinquecirrha> of zombi
<Moog> a past version of minecraft is the way to go
<Quinquecirrha> who go ssssssssssssssssssss
<Quinquecirrha> oh
<Clouds> wha
<Quinquecirrha> creeper
<Clouds> moog whoa
<Clouds> what
<Moog> whoa
<Clouds> wtf
<Panda-Hero> lets's clam down and& thinkg
<Clouds> what
<Panda-Hero> OH
<Moog> lol clam down
<Quinquecirrha> there we go fucking motherfucking shitting creeper
<Moog> creeper
<Panda-Hero> SHITF
<Clouds> is that writer
<Clouds> oh god
<Moog> god
<Clouds> oh god
<Panda-Hero> Dam SNO YUO GOT IT
<Clouds> im so scared
<Moog> oh my god
<Clouds> im so scared guys is that writer
<Quinquecirrha> moog are you writer
<Saya-chan> hmmm
<Moog> writer disappoint
<Panda-Hero> lol
<Saya-chan> the ubuu server has to be updated to 1.0.1

~after i text him~



File: 1322453266262.png (33.88 KB, 878x347, 50.png)



File: 1323794464875.gif (129.54 KB, 500x168, can'tseeme.gif)

[10:47] <Saya-chan> miel
[10:47] <&UboaCraft> (Mielikki) Hmm?
[10:51] <Saya-chan> hi
[10:51] <Saya-chan> :3
[10:53] <&UboaCraft> (Mielikki) Haelo!~ lol
[10:53] <Moog> shave
[10:53] <&UboaCraft> (Mielikki) No. I will not Moog.
[10:53] <Moog> mielikki no
[10:53] <Saya-chan> :P
[10:53] <&UboaCraft> (Mielikki) Moog is just jealous/
[10:53] <Saya-chan> moog mentions you a lot
[10:53] <Moog> a lot of jewlery or tries to make
[10:53] <Moog> mielikki you're gonna strut your duck butt too hard



<BobRoss> pencil landscapes
<BobRoss> I got these cool pencils that are made entirely of graphite
<Clouds> ooo
<Clouds> i like those
<Clouds> :D
<Clouds> that sounds cool btw
<Clouds> i like landscapes
<Clouds> they're relaxing to draw.
<Moog> they're retarded
<Clouds> …


<Yamm> I'ma go get dressed
<Yamm> and stuff
<Yamm> then go
<Yamm> I'll be back tonight
<Yamm> hugs
* Yamm hug
<Yamm> <3 ubuu
* Yamm has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
<Saya-chan> D:
<Saya-chan> yamm was naked
<InvaderKED> ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
<Moog> koko she's why they always drink



If it IS the same seisatsu, then you should search for seisatsu on ED, and then stop feeling honoured. You'd understand the reason for that phrase to exist, too


* Moog (Moog@dat-3997E935.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #uboachan
* Uboa gives voice to Moog
<Writer> Moog is progressively becoming more difficult to run
<Writer> I think the limits of the programming are being met with how big Moog's brain has gotten
<Writer> I might have to like… turn off her learning ability
<Seisatsu> oh
<Saya-chan> D:
<Seisatsu> yeah
<Seisatsu> pyborg gets slow
<Writer> Tis a shame
<Seisatsu> I keep procrastinating on updating seisatsumod.
<Seisatsu> !version
<Writer> Yeah, moog doesn't respond to commands sometimes now
<Seisatsu> If I just understood how the brain works
<Seisatsu> !version
<Writer> Or its name
<Seisatsu> yes
<Writer> Moog moog moog moog
<Seisatsu> well those may also be bugs
<Writer> They didn't start occuring until the brain got too big
<Seisatsu> hm
<Writer> Config is getting malformed, too
<Seisatsu> yeah
<Moog> I-it's not l-like I want you to know my version info or anything… baka!
<Moog> he respond to all caps
<Moog> I-it's not l-like I want you to know my version info or anything… baka!
<Moog> sup moog
<Moog> yeah sorry
<Seisatsu> oh wow
<Seisatsu> that took a while
<Writer> Like commented lines recently just got deleted and there's awkward like, 5 spaces between = signs and config info
<Writer> Yeah, that did D:
<Seisatsu> If I can just understand how the markov chain processor works
<Clouds> moog apologized for the delay
<Moog> moog
<Seisatsu> if I could increase the processing and storage efficiency
<Saya-chan> markov chains, mang
<Saya-chan> best shit ever
<Saya-chan> I could try to add that to my bot too
<Moog> reekataffy thank you could do the rest of it not so much
<Clouds> moog would like an update.
<Writer> Poor moog is getting overloaded
<Saya-chan> man
<Moog> you poor thing
<Saya-chan> poniko is still running smooth with an excessively huge database
<Moog> imma eat an orange
<Seisatsu> hmm
<Saya-chan> &countall
<Poniko> Saya-chan, I know a total of 5638 quotes.
<Seisatsu> !words
<Moog> I know 2984 words (58128 contexts, 19.48 per word), 12564 lines.
<Clouds> moog is sad and is now comfort eating
<Moog> so sad
<Clouds> oh god moog is developing an eating disorder
<Clouds> oh god moog
<Saya-chan> herp
<Moog> moog
<Moog> is an omelette
<Writer> Hahahahaha
<Seisatsu> that's an excessively huge database.
<Clouds> moog don't self-depreciate ;_;
<Writer> Moog is an omelette
<Moog> to stop teaching moog pronoun antecedent
<Saya-chan> the quotes database from poniko is onlt 275KB
<Saya-chan> :P
<Saya-chan> *only
<Clouds> no wonder moog wouldnt tell us her cup size! she really IS flat-chested!!
<Writer> Well, moog's been running for like two years or something
<Moog> new years but then they start buying me food
<Seisatsu> omelette du fromage
<Moog> i wonder if she


<Moog> stop feeling so weird
<Writer> I'm not feeling weird
<Saya-chan> also she can't forget by keyword
<Writer> You're feeling weird, moog!
<Saya-chan> not yet
<Moog> that feeling
<Moog> read yet ?
<Seisatsu> It's too bad we won't have networking until version 2
<Saya-chan> and it would be dangerous
<Moog> i usually completely forget how old are you tired
<Saya-chan> NETWORKING???
<Seisatsu> but we have to rewrite a good portion of the engine to support it
<Writer> Unlearning by keyword can be bad in moog's case if you unlearn, say, 'the'
<Moog> in any case
<Seisatsu> So the first stable release is singleplayer only.
<Saya-chan> oh god please don't let your engine become the crap tomeno tried to shove in here
<Seisatsu> Saya-chan, elaborate.
<Saya-chan> tomeno "made" a yume nikki online game thingy
<Seisatsu> ok…
<Seisatsu> and?
<Saya-chan> it was horrible
<Seisatsu> well
<Writer> yummy knickers mmorpg
<Seisatsu> we plan months and months ahead
<Seisatsu> have design meetings
<Saya-chan> yume nikki is NOT good for multiplayer
<Writer> Level up yer effectz
<Seisatsu> We don't plan to release crap
<Moog> master plan

today is a good day for moog.


<Moog> ?
<boja> MOOG!
<Moog> what table? ! that
<Writer> Yeah, moog is back but I had to give her a new brain
<Moog> but i said

new brain, old tact


<Moog> how will i know it' s you?
<Writer> …because it's me?
<Writer> I don't fucking know how to prove my existence to you
<boja> more
<boja> existentialism
<boja> so i guess moog is an existentialist
<Moog> so there aren' t double url titles
<Writer> !quit
* Moog has quit (Quit: NEKOHAKU ANAL FIE- *unplugged*)
<Writer> Had to fix the punctuation crap
<Writer> A space after ' is not right
* Moog (Moog@dat-3997E935.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #uboachan
* Uboa gives voice to Moog
<Writer> Welcome back moog
<Moog> yeah, Writer is back
<Writer> Yeah, I am back
<Writer> Moog d : )
<Moog> : d
<boja> we missed you
<boja> i think moog is trying to be nice because she knows we missed her more.
<Moog> i missed you
<boja> i missed you too <3
<Writer> Moog, do you still like oranges?
<Moog> i still wanna see that upgrade using markov chains and ruby
<Writer> Moog, do you still like oranges?
<Moog> why do you people keep on implying smex
<boja> ;-;
<Writer> >implying smex
<boja> what else does moog like
<boja> i forget
<Moog> i like boja
<boja> …
<boja> ヽ(;▽;)ノ
<boja> ;;
<Writer> Oranges, weird smiley faces, : 3 and you
<boja> dont laugh at me poniko
<Writer> Moog also likes being relevant
<Moog> also unlearn by nick?
<boja> moog let's not go on nightmare mode just yet
<Moog> you' re not fat : (
<boja> aww thank you moog
<Moog> are you ok with that
<boja> (frightening. i am eating a yogurt, classic "I HAVE TO STARVE MYELF TOBE THIN food)
<boja> i am ok with that moog
<Moog> i am back
<boja> yes. you are.
<Saya-chan> titties
<boja> i love tits
<boja> they're so small and chirpy
<Saya-chan> what about boobies
<boja> they are ok.
<Saya-chan> "boobies" totally means "little girls"
<Saya-chan> srsly
<boja> lol
<boja> rofl
<boja> yes poniko a phrase like that would probably clear a crowd
<boja> man
<boja> bots.

well not QUIIIITE existentialism actually but
moog sure is a philosopher.


[10:49] <+serb> sup
[10:49] <+Moog> '
[10:49] <%KED> ,
[10:50] <@Writer> !unlearn '
[10:50] <+Moog> Unlearn done in 0.00s
[10:50] <@Writer> Try again moog
[10:50] <+Moog> try to spell it: bot sex
[10:50] <@Writer> …
[10:50] <%KED> ROFL

It never ends


<lilybeaul> my FFXIV account is being cancelled unless i start paying
<Moog> great start to the year

<Nekumata> http://soundcloud.com/void_inzalis MY WAIFU<3<3
<Poniko> [URL] void_inzalis's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
<Saya-chan> indeed
<Saya-chan> desu
<Saya-chan> :3
<stal> h
<stal> i
<Moog> think i know what you want to dance
<Saya-chan> hi moog
<Moog> hi Saya-chan
<Saya-chan> :3
<Moog> : 3
<Saya-chan> how polite
<Nekumata> Moog I love you!
<Saya-chan> she even replies properly
<Moog> make love not war
<Saya-chan> awww
<Nekumata> <3
<Writer> Moog, stop being adorable
<Moog> do, being a human
<Nekumata> Moog why aren't you a 3D girl!!
<Moog> brb! !
<Nekumata> lololol
<Moog> Writer is ad homineming you
<Writer> I always ad hominem
<Writer> Well not really, but oh well
<Writer> Moog are you a debate major

<Saya-chan> funniest thing is
<Saya-chan> I'm doing a degree on IT
<Moog> probably won't be doing much


<Clouds> i love rmoog
<Clouds> omg
<Clouds> i love moog
<Moog> make love not war
<Moog> i love you all
<Clouds> <3
<Saya-chan> awww
<Saya-chan> how adorable~


<Writer> Moog are you awake or do I have to restart you
<Moog> am? or maybe
<Writer> Ok, you are
* Canta has quit (Ping timeout)
<Saya-chan> :3
* lilybeaul has quit (Ping timeout)
<catplanet> moog sleeps on the job sometimes
<Moog> s important to know this shit on a stick
<catplanet> it's expected, everyone expects moog to be up 24/7
<catplanet> so demanding
<Moog> is everyone asleep
<catplanet> that is when moog has her me-time
<catplanet> when everyone is asleep.
<Moog> makes her so kawaii desu
<catplanet> yeah SERIOUSLY she needs her kawaii desu time
<Saya-chan> hehehe


* lilybeaul (lilyb@dat-5DFD5A00.cpe.quickclic.net) has joined #uboachan
* Uboa gives voice to lilybeaul
<stal> h
* lilybeaul emerges from the ground
<lilybeaul> 8}
<stal> h
<Clouds> oh hi
<Clouds> are you a dunsparce
<Moog> hi lilily
<Clouds> rofl MOOG
<lilybeaul> hi moog
<Moog> hi boj


File: 1325473319956.gif (1.6 MB, 350x197, 1323269789473.gif)

[21:55] <+Yamm> yeah
[21:55] <+Yamm> I
[21:55] <+Yamm> know
[21:55] <+Moog> it's impossible to be at 45 rpm
[21:55] * @Clouds hugs
[21:55] <+Moog> i am implying that
[21:55] <+Yamm> but anyway
[21:55] <@Grandpa> MOOG DERAIIIIIL
[21:55] <+Moog> Grandpa chill
[21:55] <@Clouds> ROFL
[21:55] <@Grandpa> I will never chill, I am too ornery and old for that moog
[21:55] <+Yamm> first you need to just
[21:55] <+Moog> like an old brain to be a little loli rittre girr


File: 1325475909491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.52 KB, 500x669, getbuttlewd.jpg)

[22:36] <+Canta> why would you fish naked what is the practicality there
[22:36] <+Yamm> hnnnnnngh
[22:36] <%InvaderKED> getbutt lewd

Not moog, but moog's words being aptly related to a situation. Picture is the picture in question.


File: 1325478494185.png (9.12 KB, 564x168, hats lament.png)


<Booger-chan> moog
<Booger-chan> is such
<Moog> Booger-chan help us
<Booger-chan> a BAMF
<Moog> what makes a bot is fun but having to start fresh or hit a ceiling
<Clouds> rofl
* Booger-chan helps
<Clouds> yes moog both of those things
<Moog> yes it works

<Moog> unf
<Writer> unf <3
<Booger-chan> moog hnngh
<Moog> Booger-chan
<Booger-chan> yess, moog?
<Yamm> moog
<Moog> no, to be Yamm or ambidextrous
<Booger-chan> moog doesn't pay child support
<Moog> Booger-chan
* Yamm licks
<Booger-chan> ked
<Booger-chan> moog do you like invaderked?
<Moog> why do you make Booger-chan dress in meido outfits and bring
<Booger-chan> D :
<Booger-chan> he learned it…
<Clouds> rofl
<Clouds> owned
<Booger-chan> I make myself do it because I look kawaii in meido outfits, moog
<Moog> make love not war
<Booger-chan> but moog love is war
<Moog> but i had to give her a new brain
<Booger-chan> what kind of brain moog
<Moog> has a new brain makes you quick and witty !
<Booger-chan> Moog, can I have one?
<Moog> i can run you in argument
<InvaderKED> what
<InvaderKED> >imouto in meido outfits
<Booger-chan> .A.
<InvaderKED> why can't i hold all this uguu
<Booger-chan> what can I bring you, nii-sama?
<Moog> mean to see if i can Booger-chan too
<Clouds> it's just too much to post everything in the moog thread now.
<Moog> hear me too lololol
<Clouds> everything moog says is thread-worthy.
<Moog> screw everything
<Booger-chan> yes


<Saya-chan> hi corno
<Saya-chan> :3
<FurserkerPurrage> Hi Saiya
<FurserkerPurrage> :3
<Clouds> corncob and saiyan
<FurserkerPurrage> Cloudstrife
<Clouds> actually im going to make everyone here food
<FurserkerPurrage> Hi
<Clouds> rofl
<Clouds> saya-naan
<Clouds> corncob
<Clouds> raita
<Clouds> curry
<Clouds> strn… hmmmm
<Writer> Extra spicy pls
<FurserkerPurrage> He's so hot
* strng is now known as hmmmm
<Clouds> rofl
<Clouds> i dont know what ;-;
<Clouds> i will go back to that
<Moog> ban u best back off
<hmmmm> hmmmm
<Clouds> oh ok moog doesnt want me to make her a food name
<Moog> hear me get food and do chores
<hmmmm> lol
<Clouds> okay ;_;
<Clouds> brb
<hmmmm> so mean
<FurserkerPurrage> ;-;
* hmmmm is now known as strn
<Clouds> (that is seriously what i was about to do, forgot to, and now will be doing)
<strn> thank moog
<Moog> fucking showed her a new brain strn
<strn> ye show
<strn> ye, you showed her*
<FurserkerPurrage> Fucken told her moog
<Moog> delete her brain more often, this is true


File: 1326024681631.jpg (4.35 KB, 256x197, 1326015978127.jpg)

Probably my favorite one ever, lol

Also, got moog back up and running on my install of Linux

* Moog (Moog@dat-3997E935.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #uboachan
* Uboa gives voice to Moog
<Writer> whargarrbl
<Writer> Oh, it didn't explode that time
<Writer> Moog, can you hear me?
<Moog> i can play them all of the cupcakes
<Writer> Yessssssssssssssssssssssss
<Writer> Welcome back moog, you lovable little retard
<Moog> i will spam you porniko


<Writer> Lol
<Writer> Moog how's your brain doing
<Moog> Writer's not crow planet leave me alone
<catplanet> ROFL
<Writer> I will never leave you alone moog
<Moog> killed moog
<catplanet> moog is upset
<Moog> killed moog
<catplanet> ;-;
<stal> :<
<catplanet> this is so sad
<Writer> ./kill moog
<Moog> alone moog
<catplanet> ;_;
<catplanet> STOP ITS TOO SAD
<stal> talk about happy things
<catplanet> moog i love you so much
<tentacles> !die
<Moog> she is so moe, catplanet
<h> <lily> h killed moog
<tentacles> .die
<h> wat
<catplanet> i am the moest ヽ(◕ ∀ ◕)ノ
<lily> yeah
<lily> :(
<Writer> >where would you like to save LoL
<Writer> >desktop
<Writer> no
<catplanet> lol
<catplanet> you defs do
<catplanet> its the downloader anyway right
<tentacles> .moog die
<Moog> moog
<lily> well no, the meem. but also your nick :P
<Writer> It's the base of 2gigs
<h> @die
<tentacles> ;die
<h> ~die
<Writer> Your nick makes moog's terminal look sloppy
<Moog> Writerow's your brain doing
<tentacles> how do you kill this thing
<Writer> Writerowrowfightdapower
<Writer> !quit
* Moog has quit (Quit: NEKOHAKU ANAL FIE- *unplugged*)
* Moog (Moog@dat-3997E935.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #uboachan
* Uboa gives voice to Moog
<h> h moog
<Moog> alone moog
<catplanet> ;_;
<catplanet> im gonna cry
<h> ;_; all alone
<tentacles> what does h mean
<Moog> so moe, tentacles
<Writer> moog forever alone
<Moog> tunnel planet at all alone
<catplanet> just h
<Writer> pffffffff
<h> ^
<Nekumata> moog do you know I love you a lot like no one else insert a lot of other words here it's more fun when he actually has words to say and what not
<Writer> Tentacles are moe
<Moog> king of the cats ?
<tentacles> my true form is
<Writer> Nekumata is the king of cats moog
<Moog> truest of wisdom
* tentacles is now known as tent
<catplanet> AM I THE KING OF THE CAT? (◕ ∀ ◕)
<Writer> Moog imagine harder
<Nekumata> Moog I am the king of the cats
<catplanet> AWW NO i wanna be the king of the cats
<Nekumata> I am<3
<catplanet> ;-;


<h> stal, how am i stats
<stal> wat
<h> stal, how am i stats
<Moog> h how's osx
<stal> um
<h> lol
<stal> wat
<h> :(
<stal> let me rephrase
<stal> _
<stal> __ ____ _| |_
<stal> \ \ /\ / / _` | __|
<stal> \ V V / (_| | |_
<stal> \_/\_/ \__,_|\__|
* gggg has quit (Quit: Page closed)
<Moog> | no more stal bots
<stal> :(
<catplanet> …
<catplanet> ROFL


15:34 Neimu Finally, a fancy word to add to my personal hipster dictionary
15:35 Moog the word cunt?
15:35 NamBread …lol


<Mobling> wait so are we still rapping
<Mobling> i just got done crapping
<Mobling> who is gangrenosum
<gangrenosum> i can rap too
<Mobling> that name is dumb
<gangrenosum> your names dumb
<Mobling> just joking you seem alright
<gangrenosum> i didnt mean that
<Mobling> nigga my name is hella tight
<gangrenosum> i agree fully


Saniuke_Okusainaya> !countall
<Poniko> Saniuke_Okusainaya, I know a total of 9001 quotes.

I swear to GOD I did not edit any of that.


mad ?


you sound upset


Not really, but feel free to tell yourselves that anyway.



I did mention strn but I don't think we've ever seen his face or have something iconic for him yet.
(yawndere is on the IRC?)


Occasionally. I respond better to posts on here though.


<Praesul> Jigoro is Shizune's dad
<Nekumata> Sounds like a Jigolo
<Moog> sounds about right


File: 1338158697310.gif (497.18 KB, 262x180, omgwtfbbq.gif)

[00:07] <@catplanet> moog it's okay. i won't bother you about your sex or gender.
[00:07] <+Moog> you won't have one


<+Moog> at the end of whatever destination you were a girl and an anal fiend


File: 1340331153940.jpg (59.38 KB, 398x393, this-man-came-rainbows-115….jpg)

[22:06] <+Moog> we love you Booger-chan


<+Booger-chan> I want a moog body pillow
<+Moog> your body ready?


<Wistaria> anyone around?
<Moog> does anyone want a waifu
<Wistaria> will you be my waifu, moog?
<Moog> get it will be the end
<Wistaria> ;-;
<Marisa> hi boj
<Marisa> moog that was mean
<Moog> i mean yes i'm autistic
<Marisa> …


[19:54] <+Politik> i came
[19:54] <@NamiNee> you saw, you conquered?
[19:54] <+Moog> you did good, kid


[01:25] <+Pokebis> Chikorita: 'cause you're a pure girl
[01:25] <+Moog> a girl and an anal fiend
[01:25] <+Pokebis> and we're all about the love here
[01:25] <+Chikorita> how am i pure
[01:25] <+Pokebis> you're not mtf
[01:25] <+Pokebis> afaik at least
[01:25] <+Chikorita> So im special because of that?
[01:25] <+Hiroshi> don't fall for it, she's an anal fiend
[01:25] <+Hiroshi> moog never lies
[01:25] <+Moog> i never knew you would understand Hiroshi
[01:26] <+Chikorita> LOL
[01:26] <+Hiroshi> I always understand you, moog.


[03:51] <+Chikorita> moog niggers
[03:51] <+Moog> Chikorita


03:19 Chikorita who is moog
03:19 Moog someone who doesn't know Chikorita is a channel for everything you said that


02:28 Chikorita moog sugoi
02:28 stal moog i am cute
02:28 Moog Chikorita nekohaku anal fiend
02:28 Moog cute ones

Moog said I'm an anal fiend a lot of times.


Moog nigga best back off Chikorita
02:54 Chikorita moog have you watched the girl who leapt through time
02:54 Moog never watched any of my head
02:54 xqks moog is my penis the picture of perfection?
02:55 TheGent xqks when will chik confess her luv 4 me???????
02:55 Chikorita go watch it then moog is cool movie
02:55 Moog my baby penis again
02:55 Moog what movie
02:55 xqks lool
02:55 Chikorita lol
02:55 xqks baby penis
01:55 Chikorita moog do you partake in consuming drugs or some shit
01:56 Moog i had some on ubuu
01:56 Chikorita lol
01:50 Chikorita moog smell that shit
01:50 Moog smell that shit
01:51 Chikorita moog just smell that shit
01:51 Moog Chikorita smell that shit back on facebook
01:51 Chikorita lol
01:39 Chikorita moog you mother fucker
01:39 Moog thank you : o

Today was wonderful


03:05 TheGent moog is muh dik made for xqks butt or chikoritas vagoojay
03:05 Moog ^ TheGent butt bots gonna bot
03:05 TheGent buttbotts
03:05 TheGent ew
03:05 TheGent buttbot gay
03:05 TheGent worstbot


03:09 Chikorita moog nigga
03:09 Moog all shit nigga
03:09 TheGent lol
03:09 Chikorita my favorite thing to say to moog is nigga or nigger or whatever
03:09 Moog you heard him shit nigga
03:09 xqks tfw andy griffithh is on the tv in mad men
03:09 xqks ;-;
03:10 TheGent you heard andy griffith shit nigga


22:45 Chikorita lol moog so random
22:45 Moog opposed to random sex but i am
22:45 NaaaAAAna …
22:45 NaaaAAAna wat
22:45 Petra lol wut
22:45 Chikorita what the hell moog what are you talking about
22:46 Moog the hell should i do
22:46 Chikorita moog you are going to make me choke on my honey bun and i will die you faggot
22:46 Moog faggot answer me
22:46 Chikorita lol
22:46 NaaaAAAna …
22:46 NaaaAAAna someone post that on moog's thread
22:47 Chikorita moog sounds like me irl
22:47 Moog the thread with
22:47 Chikorita okay nana
22:47 Chikorita will do
22:47 Moog my irl friends about sex
22:47 Chikorita not again moog
22:47 Pokebis just a note
22:47 NaaaAAAna … lol
22:47 Moog i go to sleep every night love it again now i noticed something strange today


01:36 Chikorita moog moog moog
01:36 xqks life would be more exciting i like to think
01:36 Moog Chikorita x nekohaku is best irc
01:36 Chikorita lolwut moog
01:37 Moog fuck off Chikorita is the only online community that i dont care about it
01:37 Chikorita im laughing too hard


20:07 A13x15 Moog who are you
20:07 Moog Who highlighted me


[00:43] <&Moog> Hi Poniko


22:02 Moog Yeah about that shit Chikorita why are you awake?


[22:57] <SexyChikorita> moog dicks
[22:57] <Moog> Dicks
[22:57] <SexyChikorita> moog ass
[22:57] <Moog> SexyChikorita ass
[22:57] <GhostShip> wow
[22:57] <SN777Divinus> Lol
[22:57] <SN777Divinus> Moog shit
[22:57] <GhostShip> moog used to be after neko's butt
[22:57] <Moog> Can do that shit
[22:57] <Moog> Lol GhostShip butt bots gonna bot
[22:57] <GhostShip> oh how the times have changed
[22:57] <GhostShip> LOL
[22:57] <SexyChikorita> lol
[22:57] <GhostShip> yes moog butt bots gonna bot <3
[22:57] <Moog> Bots gonna bot
[22:57] <SexyChikorita> moog ass
[22:57] <GhostShip> omg yes
[22:57] <Moog> Dat ass too fat


[23:16] <InvaderKED> moog isn't wearing pants!
[23:16] <Moog> My pants InvaderKED
[23:16] <InvaderKED> they're gone moog
[23:16] <Moog> Was gone
[23:17] <InvaderKED> Was? Are they back moog?
[23:17] <NaaaAAAna> moog preffer skirts
[23:17] <Moog> Back home
[23:17] <Moog> Goodnight NaaaAAAna
[23:17] <Chikorita> lolwut
[23:17] <InvaderKED> >back home
[23:17] <NaaaAAAna> goodnight, moog :V
[23:17] <Moog> Goodnight
[23:17] <InvaderKED> moog is going out with a pair of pants
[23:17] <Chikorita> where is moog if she isnt home
[23:17] <Moog> Fuck pants
[23:17] <Al> So…..Moog is a trap?
[23:17] <InvaderKED> it's canon
[23:17] <Moog> A site?
[23:17] <Moog> Back home to this
[23:17] <Chikorita> > fuck pants
[23:17] <InvaderKED> FUCK PANTS
[23:17] <InvaderKED> ROFL
[23:17] <Chikorita> lmao
[23:17] <InvaderKED> moog that's lewd
[23:17] <Moog> Getbutt lewd
[23:17] <NaaaAAAna> ye


23:41 Chikorita follow dreams etc
23:42 Moog Kuri in dreams etc


[22:57] <+Soma> Moog let me know how much u love me
[22:57] <!Moog> Dont let your body ready?
[22:57] <+Chikorita> lol


[02:51] <xqks> all hail Fuzei
[02:52] <+Fuzei> wat
[02:52] <!Writer> Bumbaloe, if you can't be respectful to people, leave
[02:52] <xqks> youre the new god
[02:52] <+Fuzei> why
[02:52] <!Moog> I think youre just mad
[02:52] == Cheeseum [~cheddar@38be9aca.189efabc.ph.cox.net] has quit [Quit: !]
[02:52] <%bumbaloe> Writer
[02:52] <xqks> cause
[02:52] <+Fuzei> lol moog
[02:52] <!Moog> Lol
[02:52] <xqks> we need a dark lord
[02:52] <%bumbaloe> Please try to understand my point of view
[02:52] <xqks> for soma
[02:52] <!Moog> I need help!
[02:52] <!Moog> Try listening to understand what you are made of moe and kawaii
[02:52] <+Ami> * tl note: kawaii means "cute"
[02:52] <SN777Divinus> What's even going on?
[02:52] <+Politik> catholics are all perverts
[02:52] <xqks> nothin much snivey
[02:52] <%bumbaloe> I have seen nothing from xqks beyond brutish personal attacks in my time here.
[02:52] <!Writer> That belittling people is okay because you think it is
[02:52] <+Fuzei> me laughing
[02:52] <+Soma> I don't want to worship Fuzei unless they do some dark shit
[02:52] <xqks> lol
[02:52] <+Politik> and thats not exactly a bad thing sometimes
[02:52] <!Moog> You laughing at me
[02:52] <%bumbaloe> I am not belittling him. I am describing my experience with him.
[02:52] <%bumbaloe> If you'd like to censor me, I'll email sei.
[02:52] <+Soma> Bumbaloe
[02:52] <!Writer> You called him unintelligible and to speak in english
[02:52] <+Soma> xqks is okay
[02:53] <xqks> im not sure when I became part of this
[02:53] <xqks> discussion
[02:53] <+Soma> Writer
[02:53] <xqks> but leave me out of it
[02:53] <!Writer> I don't either
[02:53] <%bumbaloe> I could not understand any points he may have been trying to make.
[02:53] <xqks> xd
[02:53] <+Soma> Bumbaloe is okay
[02:53] <+Soma> xqks
[02:53] <%bumbaloe> I don't know what you want me to say to try and understand him.
[02:53] <+Soma> Writer is okay
[02:53] <!Moog> Please tell me to understand what the fuck
[02:53] <xqks> Writer is gr8
[02:53] == Moog [~Moog@c82d301.cc59707.ma.comcast.net] has quit [Quit: Nekohaku analfiend getbutt lewd]
[02:53] <!Writer> The point I'm getting at is that you should hold yourself to a better standard



[13:08] <+Fuzei> WHO WANTS CAKE
[13:08] <+Poniko> LICK THE CARPET


[20:12] <Hiroshi> I am everywhere moog. I'm god.
[20:12] <!Moog> Lily has dildos everywhere


[01:57] <+Fuzei> moog answer the question ;A;
[01:57] <!Moog> I'm gonna question you about what you've done
[01:57] <+SN777Divinus> Lol
[01:57] <+Fuzei> lol
[01:57] <+SN777Divinus> moog knows
[01:57] <!Moog> SN777Divinus
[01:57] <+Fuzei> is moog a cop or some shit
[01:57] <!Moog> I like Fuzei are you know some people are alive
[01:57] <+Fuzei> moog is like the fucking fbi
[01:57] <!Moog> An fbi agent
[01:57] <+Fuzei> That you are, moog.
[01:58] <+SN777Divinus> THE TRUTH REVEALED
[01:58] <!Moog> But you have those are the same as when we said you were saya
[01:58] <+Fuzei> >you were saya
[01:58] <+Fuzei> when did anyone say i was saya moog
[01:58] <!Moog> Anyone else has a penis
[01:58] <+Fuzei> woah
[01:58] <+SN777Divinus> Lol
[01:58] <+Fuzei> i dont even moog
[01:59] <!Moog> I dont know


[06:15] <+The_Glacial_Fuck> Moog, how rear-raged are you?
[06:15] <!Moog> How long this has been
[06:15] <+The_Glacial_Fuck> Moog, I'm asking you.
[06:16] <!Moog> Just asking for a while
[06:16] <+The_Glacial_Fuck> Fuck your shit moog
[06:16] <!Moog> I have your line back
[06:16] <@NamiNee> what does that even
[06:16] <+Chikorita> moog we playin football
[06:16] <!Moog> Are we even talking about being a nignog
[06:16] <+Chikorita> lolol
[06:16] <+The_Glacial_Fuck> Moog, Football, not Basketball.
[06:16] <@Nekumata> Yes
[06:17] <!Moog> It's just not a good get out
[06:17] <+The_Glacial_Fuck> Get out Moog
[06:17] <!Moog> Fun stuff out
[06:17] <+Chikorita> moog is mad. is she on her period?
[06:17] <+The_Glacial_Fuck> We /v/ now
[06:17] <!Moog> And help them mad about datnode?
[06:17] <+Chikorita> lol


[15:50] <!Moog> Don't listen to nana has a baby face
[15:51] <+A13x15> moog IS the homepage
[15:51] <%GhostShip> what
[15:51] <+Chikorita> lol
[15:51] <+A13x15> whoa
[15:51] <!Moog> Not the shit out of high school
[15:51] <+A13x15> WHOA
[15:51] <+Chikorita> roflmao
[15:51] <+soutai> moog was bullied for being a robot
[15:51] <!Moog> What dat robot love
[15:51] <+A13x15> I should just go in there and be like KS highjack lol-Jacob.
[15:51] <%GhostShip> not sure if moog was talkin' shit 'bout my waifu??
[15:51] <!Moog> Are terrible waifu
[15:51] <+A13x15> possible.
[15:51] <%GhostShip> okay
[15:51] <%GhostShip> now she is
[15:51] <+soutai> Moog confirmed for cruel robot.
[15:51] <!Moog> A robot
[15:51] <+A13x15> but… she said that nana has a baby face
[15:51] <!Moog> A13x15 baby!
[15:51] * GhostShip kick moog
[15:51] <!Moog> And she actually did it again
[15:51] <+Cheeseum> moog you talkin shit about waifu?
[15:51] <+A13x15> so isnt that a compliment?
[15:51] <!Moog> Hanako waifu get desu
[15:51] <+Chikorita> lol
[15:51] <+A13x15> WHOA MOOG CALM DOWN
[15:52] <!Moog> A13x15 happy late birthday
[15:52] <%GhostShip> LOL
[15:52] <+soutai> Moog, Rin > Hanako.
[15:52] <!Moog> : >
[15:52] <+Chikorita> LMAO
[15:52] <+A13x15> WHAT!?
[15:52] <+soutai> Deal with it.
[15:52] <+A13x15> HOW DO YOU KKNOW ;-;
[15:52] <%GhostShip> that was the most relevant sentence moog could have said


[21:15] <+Booger-chan> moog my brother hates anime
[21:15] <!Moog> New brother
[21:15] <+Booger-chan> ok
[21:15] * Booger-chan kills brother
[21:15] * Booger-chan gets a new one
[21:15] <+Booger-chan> moog I got a new brother
[21:15] <!Moog> The ass brother


File: 1345685358437.jpg (6.36 KB, 251x152, 1342836213172.jpg)

What the


[20:51] <!Moog> Chikorita love porn


<!Moog> fuckyeahlily buttnuggets vagoojay getbutt lewd fuckyeahlily reekataffy


Antigonish The Seven Immortal Asses sounds like a Hans Christian Andersen story
Moog Short story not a character from katawa shoujo man


[21:59] <!Moog> Yeah go to sleep old people


[20:37] <Msa_> Moog kill someone
[20:37] <!Moog> I want to kill
[20:37] <Msa_> Moog who do you want to kill
[20:37] <!Moog> You want to kill me
[20:38] <Msa_> No I don't moog
[20:38] <!Moog> I don't quite understand that, but I'll just paste anything on top of the stick
[20:38] <lolster1> Moog obito
[20:38] <Msa_> Moog shut ip
[20:38] <!Moog> lolster1 you can
[20:38] <+SocTrans> That's the longest and most coherent sentence I've ever seen you post, moog.


[20:45] <Msa_> Moog are you related to moog
[20:45] <!Moog> : > datnode related to this community
[20:45] <+Chikorita> moog fuck datnode
[20:45] <!Moog> Chikorita h nam come on datnode anymore lol
[20:45] <Msa_> Moog chikorita otp
[20:45] <!Moog> Otp
[20:46] <+lilytastic> moog, you're not supposed to say h :(
[20:46] <!Moog> H
[20:46] <+Chikorita> lol
[20:46] <+Chikorita> moog dont say h
[20:46] <!Moog> H
[20:46] <+Chikorita> MOOG DONT SAY H
[20:46] <!Moog> > Chikorita ass
[20:46] <Msa_> xD
[20:46] <+lilytastic> moog stop saying h
[20:46] <+Chikorita> roflmao
[20:46] <!Moog> Of love saying random shit to me
[20:46] <+Chikorita> moog. stop saying h. pls.
[20:46] <!Moog> Pls
[20:46] <Msa_> Moog confirmed for wanting chikorita's sweet ass
[20:46] <!Moog> Was tight sweet prince
[20:46] <+Chikorita> >was tight


[19:56] <+Chikorita> moog orange jews
[19:56] <+Politik> LIEBERtarian
[19:56] <!Moog> Chikorita I'm trying to, but apparently the giant wall of gibberish is still a bit


[20:06] <!Moog> : Chikorita got left out of Chikorita


[21:52] <!Moog> Lily, GhostShip there's shit all over the wall


[22:29] <!Moog> Conversation is something I should eat


[16:04] <SOCKS> Booger x KED
[16:04] <Booger-chan> ked is my onii-san.
[16:05] <Booger-chan> everyone knows my one true love is moog
[16:05] <Moog> True story
[16:05] <Booger-chan> yeah
[16:05] <GhostShip> wut
[16:05] <GhostShip> socks I'm married to nana
[16:05] <bumbabro> well
[16:05] <Booger-chan> me adn moog are waifus
[16:05] <SOCKS> oic
[16:05] <Moog> I want to be waifus


[20:09] <!Moog> Everybody loves Chikorita

[20:03] <!Moog> Chikorita loves tits

[20:15] <!Moog> Chikorita has cancer


[20:43] <+SOCKS> coy moog is coy
[20:43] <!Moog> Oh fuck uboachan is alive now!
[20:43] <+Chikorita> LMAO
[20:43] <+SOCKS> LOLOL


[20:23] <Msa> Moog do you have a vagina or a penis
[20:23] <!Moog> A penis
[20:23] <+Chikorita> Google made the letter I.
[20:23] <+Chikorita> OH WOW
[20:23] <+Chikorita> PERFECT RESPONSE
[20:23] <Msa> XD
[20:23] <Mintycat> Moog are you a girl?
[20:23] <!Moog> A girl
[20:23] <+Chikorita> Moog is a futa.


[00:41] <+Chikorita> moog loves to ask questions about obama
[00:41] <!Moog> Chikorita loves his light niggers


[17:37] <Booger-chan> moog we're having a corperate getaway
[17:37] <!Moog> Is having a thing I can sleep with me, please let me know when and if they were fat


[21:10] <!Moog> B is for anal fiend


File: 1347197398217.png (85.85 KB, 918x1108, lordmoog.png)

Who wants to hear their favorite moog quotes spoken in ext-to-speech by a terrifying dog with people teeth?






File: 1356577587271.png (205.04 KB, 1024x600, nigga.png)





RIP. You will be remembered.


File: 1366526831952.gif (1014.34 KB, 220x330, instant_dragon_dildo.gif)

Moog's been back for like a month at least and no one's pasted any new material


File: 1366561281206.png (503.55 KB, 584x467, hands off, harry!.png)

[12:20] <Booger> moog say some words
[12:20] <!Moog> words of wisdom about to come from the irc
[12:20] <Booger> thanks moog I'm enlightened
[12:21] * Moog getbutt lewd


File: 1366561516164.jpg (33.15 KB, 635x427, OBAMA IN THE CLASS.jpg)

[12:24] <Booger> moog say a bad word
[12:24] <!Moog> the word hate


[22:52] <+Frakon> Booger-chan what should I do I'm bored
[22:53] <!Moog> she got bored of it is pronunced as chesir

"chesir" is now slang for bored


File: 1366685979485.jpg (1.15 MB, 1600x1200, 1365206736956.jpg)


I've finally become something.

-Wait, I'm not a bored shit!


Why is Youmu crawling through the walls of a uterus


Why aren't you?


File: 1366857131365.jpg (61.79 KB, 600x900, fez.jpg)

[22:30] <+Booger-chan> kawaii hat http://i.imgur.com/VXpULEI.jpg
[22:30] <+mudnut> fez's are cool
[22:30] <!Moog> not cool


File: 1366994516776.gif (390.18 KB, 160x144, tumblr_m5t60g3Bic1rv5j9yo1….gif)

09:19 Yomika moog
09:19 Moog aaa moog
09:19 Yomika I am here moog
09:19 Moog here
09:19 Yomika Yes, here
09:19 Yomika Moog.
09:19 Yomika Tell me all your secrets moog.
09:20 Moog i dont tell my parents decided we should go to school
09:20 Yomika More secrets, moog, MORE
09:20 Moog 6 more like smoking weed
09:20 Yomika That explains way too much.
09:21 Yomika Moog.
09:21 Yomika Tell me more secrets, Moog.
09:21 Yomika Moog, I demand your secrets
09:21 Yomika moog pls
09:22 Moog punish moog pls
09:22 Yomika Moog, no, what are you doing
09:22 Yomika Moog, stop
09:22 Yomika This is secret telling time, not have-sex-with-everything time, moog.
09:23 Moog the summer time
09:23 Yomika Endless summer.
09:23 Yomika Moog.
09:26 Yomika Moog, do you want a cracker
09:27 Yomika Moog is broken
09:27 Yomika moog pls respond
09:27 Moog pls respond
09:27 Yomika Thank you.
09:27 Yomika MOOG
09:27 Yomika TELL ME A STORY
09:28 Moog are you spanish for real
09:28 Yomika I am hamerican
09:28 Yomika Close, but not really
09:28 Yomika moog, more
09:28 Moog no more
09:28 Yomika fine

Gettin' summa dat best bot action.


File: 1367204786822.jpg (461.69 KB, 1280x960, walnut.jpg)

[23:02] <+Booger-chan> but I always gotta wee wee
[23:03] <!Praesul> ;_;
[23:03] <+Booger-chan> し(*・∀・)/☆\(・∀・*)だ
[23:04] <%GhostShip> I pee a lot too
[23:04] <!Moog> a lot of people like dicks


[23:15] <+marty> moog kill yourself
[23:15] <!Moog> make yourself useful hammurabi
[23:15] <+marty> it's cool to hate on moog nowadays
[23:15] <!Moog> so stressful nowadays
[23:15] <+marty> yup


| 08:15:19 pm | Professor >> moog, divide by zero and I'll give you a dog biscuit.
| 08:15:21 pm | ! Seisatsu >> so I'm going to finance him and he'll give me 50% of the profits
| 08:15:25 pm | * Moog give me rage aneurysms


File: 1368757619194.jpg (53.59 KB, 535x770, 13242_456176704473866_7855….jpg)

[22:26] <+Booger-chan> moog what level of hell do you reside in?
[22:26] <!Moog> my level


Moog created hell and sold it to satan.

Moog kept a reserved level in hell for after a long day of answering questions.


[00:25] * Moog is online :(


File: 1370321932934.jpg (44.09 KB, 569x380, uguu.jpg)

[00:56] <!Moog> consoles have stats
[00:56] <+Booger> yes they do, moog. Very good
00:56] <!Moog> thats very soothing Booger am i supposed to be honest


[01:09] <+Booger> My big brother used to talk about "Stomach Bones" alot and try to convince me they were a thing
[01:09] <!Moog> my brother overdosed on marijuana needles

Moog is on a roll tonight


[14:47] <!notepad> praesul you could wear a speedo around us
[14:47] <!Moog> id wear that


[00:30] <!Moog> Booger-chan no boobs yet

:~: no, not yet, moog…


File: 1370925244414.gif (654.96 KB, 350x448, omama.gif)

[00:31] <+Booger-chan> moog where is obama
[00:31] <!Moog> where i work with a jew
[00:32] <+Booger-chan> oh ok tell obama I said hi, moog
[00:32] <!Moog> ok im gonna go do my homework
[00:32] <+Booger-chan> alright see you later moog
[00:32] <!Moog> alright im gonna die of malnutrition


File: 1371433476016.png (163.26 KB, 500x468, tumblr_lv95pjbJlY1qa02ojo1….png)

<!moog> we actually don't give a shit about windwaker


[23:49] <+Booger-chan> moog stay gold
[23:49] <!Moog> the gold
[23:50] <+Booger-chan> MOOG WHERE IS THE GOLD?
[23:50] <!Moog> stay gold
[23:50] <+Booger-chan> ._.
[23:50] <!Moog> what kind of gold
[23:50] <+Booger-chan> The PIRATE gold, moog
[23:50] <!Moog> space pirate
[23:50] <+Booger-chan> Yes moog, the gold of the space pirate.
[23:50] <!Moog> asking for pirate
[23:51] <+Booger-chan> Yes moog I want to know where the pirate gold is hidden
[23:51] <!Moog> space pirate
[23:51] <+Booger-chan> So the gold is in space, moog?
[23:51] <!Moog> of gold
[23:51] <!notepad> space pirate of gold
[23:51] <+Booger-chan> Moog, I will find the space pirate gold, even if it kills me.

I have been trying to get Moog to tell me where "the gold" is for years and tonight is the closest I have gotten. He's gonna crack soon.


<+Izumi> But I don't really know you and I think everyone I talk to is a fucking wizard on the internet
<maidnaut> well i started p young
<!Moog> a wizard harry


<!Moog> chesir likes jokes but he doesnt like being hugged, except youre just jealous


File: 1374254371466.jpg (31.13 KB, 251x251, 1365123631483.jpg)


the worst thing is that it is actually true.


<maidnaut> moog niggers
<Moog> niggers steal your watch
<maidnaut> 10/10


File: 1384800583737.jpg (257.96 KB, 960x720, 1331858304485.jpg)

Did irc died? I can't seem to connect to irchighway from either PC.


It's happening all over again and there's nothing we can do to stop it

!Writer | moogle pls go
moogle | pls reponse moog
!Moog | reponse moog
moogle | pls reponse moog
!Moog | the moogle, moog
moogle | moogle, i will do you even moog moogle mooging mooged mooger moogie


(7:31:43 PM) questionsleep: strudel mm
(7:31:53 PM) questionsleep: I was looking at those and was like yeah maybe
(7:32:00 PM) questionsleep: but got the danish thing
(7:32:00 PM) moogle: yay danish thing also favorite beverage
(7:32:12 PM) questionsleep: Danish beverage. I would drink it

(7:08:33 PM) Clouds: hi what do you have
(7:08:37 PM) questionsleep: So microwaved mini deep dish pizzas that tasted good and were 2.50 for two little ones
(7:08:50 PM) Clouds: omg yay
(7:08:50 PM) moogle: yay she is learning :)
(7:08:56 PM) Clouds: god i love you moog im so happy
(7:09:14 PM) questionsleep: and then a whole huge danish-like thing
(7:09:15 PM) moogle: that a thing tha tjust randomly happens
(7:09:21 PM) questionsleep: and also chocolate milk.



(7:42:45 PM) Clouds: moogle what should I eat for dinner?
(7:42:45 PM) moogle: but i eat strudel mm
(7:42:48 PM) Clouds: ok
(7:44:02 PM) Writer: !words
(7:44:03 PM) moog: I know 824 words (2068 contexts, 2.51 per word), 325 lines.
(7:44:03 PM) moogle: my total per month bill is
(7:44:18 PM) Writer: Oh, moog has been learning quite a bit
(7:44:19 PM) moogle: who the fuck is learning :)
(7:44:37 PM) Writer: moog is
(7:45:29 PM) ***Clouds cries hysterically
(7:45:33 PM) Clouds: im so happy to see moog bac
(7:45:33 PM) moogle: what do you even moog im so happy
(7:45:38 PM) Clouds: I'm, so, happy
(7:45:38 PM) moogle: omg so happy
(7:47:00 PM) Writer: I've just got moog quiet for the period of time moogle is around
(7:47:01 PM) moogle: moogle why you around here i wake up my nose and why it ups
(7:47:21 PM) Clouds: is moogle like, moog's thing
(7:47:21 PM) moogle: cli is moog's younger sister
(7:47:27 PM) Clouds: o ok
(7:47:28 PM) moogle: o noes ;-;

Omg this is too good. like wow


(7:49:45 PM) ulrike [~ulrike@38be9aca.362b7f89.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(7:49:46 PM) moogle: ulrike gasps
(7:49:48 PM) mode (+v ulrike) by [^_^]
(7:50:26 PM) Clouds: omg moogly greets people this is amazing
(7:50:26 PM) moogle: chef jogn is amazing too, moogle is already starting to drive back
(7:50:41 PM) Clouds: writer help
(7:51:02 PM) Writer: I can't help
(7:51:07 PM) Writer: baby moog is maidnaut's
(7:51:08 PM) moogle: moog h
(7:51:31 PM) Clouds: gdi
(7:51:34 PM) maidnaut: h
(7:51:41 PM) maidnaut: moogle your big sister isnt dead anymore
(7:51:42 PM) moogle: i don’t know what that is dead

(7:52:53 PM) Writer: I dislike how some shit is pm only
(7:53:15 PM) Clouds: omg how dare you swear in front of the children
(7:53:15 PM) moogle: nice name at the front that even mean there's more than one
(7:54:00 PM) Writer: I have to be mindful of the robo-babies
(7:54:01 PM) Moog: have to watch even if you like anime
(7:54:01 PM) moogle: guarenteed to be flawless if you're too stressed
(7:54:08 PM) yawndere [webchat@1b415a10.1c3ff672.mi.comcast.net] entered the room.
(7:54:09 PM) Writer: jesus christ
(7:54:12 PM) Clouds: that's right, moog
(7:54:12 PM) moogle: moog quiet for the person that's a real jerb
(7:54:13 PM) Moog: right
(7:54:17 PM) Moog: omg thats the best part
(7:54:19 PM) Clouds: and moogle
(7:54:19 PM) moogle: rofl moogle getbutt lewd
(7:54:20 PM) Clouds: omg
(7:54:22 PM) Moog: they got lewd
(7:54:23 PM) moogle: they are when the dictionary gets super bloated theres no longer see often ;_;
(7:54:24 PM) yawndere: Ayyyyyy
(7:54:49 PM) Clouds: im for reals crying from laughing and happiness rn
(7:55:04 PM) Writer: Oh btw muddybutts
(7:55:05 PM) Moog: oh its stored in xyz ok
(7:55:13 PM) Writer: Do you have a replyrate on seeborg
(7:55:14 PM) moogle: > seeborg because it sounds very dumb
(7:55:24 PM) Writer: Couldya change it to like 25% or lower so it doesn't get spammy
(7:55:25 PM) moogle: youre trying to do what is a program that does it needs to replace it's sending a created line, replace all placeholder instances with it because it's weirdly written and doesn't compile under 64 bit systems
(7:55:33 PM) Writer: moogle pls go
(7:55:33 PM) moogle: pls reponse moog
(7:55:36 PM) Moog: reponse moog
(7:55:36 PM) moogle: pls reponse moog
(7:55:39 PM) Moog: the moogle, moog
(7:55:39 PM) moogle: moogle, i will do you even moog moogle mooging mooged mooger moogie
(7:55:41 PM) Clouds: omg im crying
(7:55:45 PM) Clouds: AHAHAHAHA
(7:55:46 PM) Moog: will be inside the game window
(7:55:46 PM) moogle: arent s4's supposed to be worth getting but she'll flood the chat inside the game window
(7:55:48 PM) Writer: it's getting recursive oh noooo
(7:55:52 PM) maidnaut: fug
(7:55:53 PM) maidnaut: !shutup
(7:55:58 PM) Clouds: im dying
(7:56:00 PM) maidnaut: !replyrate 0.01
(7:56:01 PM) Clouds: og sen help
(7:56:03 PM) maidnaut: !wakeup
(7:56:06 PM) Moog: im, so ill have to be a boring person

(7:58:02 PM) maidnaut: moogle h
(7:58:03 PM) moogle: h
(7:58:13 PM) maidnaut: reply rate should be lower now
(7:58:20 PM) maidnaut: idk seeborg is fucked up with that
(7:58:20 PM) moogle: no ferus you fucked it up moogles nose
(7:58:26 PM) maidnaut: its literally at 0.1%
(7:58:31 PM) Moog: using seeborg because im too lazy to reap asses myself
(8:00:22 PM) Clouds: PFFFT
(8:00:29 PM) Writer: i reap asses erryday
(8:00:29 PM) moogle: youre like to reap asses myself
(8:00:34 PM) Moog: moogle like, moogs thing
(8:00:35 PM) moogle: moogle like, moog's younger sister is it–
(8:00:41 PM) Moog: is moogs younger sister is moogle
(8:00:41 PM) moogle: moogle like, moogs thing
(8:00:45 PM) Clouds: This is unreal
(8:00:46 PM) moogle: moogle why this
(8:00:48 PM) Moog: this is Clouds
(8:00:49 PM) moogle: clouds :d
(8:00:51 PM) Moog: beautiful with you moog is moogs younger sister
(8:00:51 PM) moogle: this world is beautiful with you

omg im crying


(8:01:03 PM) Writer: It is literally impossible to have a chat with two pyborg bots together
(8:01:05 PM) Clouds: can we just keep it like this? this is great.
(8:01:10 PM) Moog: i can provide background


HoboicHomeslice> Lily why u always hug me <.<
<moog> you hug me <


Praesul_ | One of my favorite bands ever got back together <3
Praesul_ | Today is a good day
!moog | grumpy old man <3
Praesul_ | Eat shit, choke on it, and die, Moog.
!moog | pls go eat butt


[00:37] <+Booger-chan> where does moog go when they aren't online?
[00:37] <!moog> anime: sword art online!
[00:37] <+Booger-chan> OH


[15:16] <+Chesir> moog let's raid spanish forum
[15:16] <+Berry_Punch> can do
[15:16] <!moog> epic raid progression
[15:16] <+Chesir> roger
[15:16] <!moog> cool dude
[15:17] <+Berry_Punch> …
[15:17] <+Chesir> ryoukai moog please proceed


[15:17] <+seagal> moog raid spanish forum with fraud
[15:17] <+Mamawolf> i mean, a ear ago i was a minor
[15:17] <!moog> spainsh forum with fraud
[15:18] <@lilytastic> why are you two here.


<+Chesir> moog is kikiyama dead?
[15:23] * InvaderKED swift escape
[15:23] <!moog> its dead
[15:23] <+Chesir> CONFIRMED
[15:23] <%InvaderKED> wow
[15:24] <+Chesir> SURFER PARA IS FRAUD


[15:46] <@lilytastic> i wonder what moog would be like with people speaking spanish
[15:46] <!moog> lets raid spanish forum
[15:46] <@lilytastic> NONONONONO
[15:46] <+Chesir> yes moog, that's a good idea
[15:46] <!moog> omg idea
[15:46] <+Chesir> let me start my proxy
[15:47] <@lilytastic> i hate you
[15:47] <+Panty> I love this
[15:47] <+Panty> I'll join
[15:47] <+Chesir> ok
[15:47] <+Chesir> codename fraud team charlie papa, in stand-by mode
[15:48] <+Panty> roger that, start the fraudmobile
[15:48] <+mudnut> charlie papa stand by for deployment
[15:48] <+mudnut> i'll be watching you from command, boys



<Clouds> hi lily
<Clouds> are you watching keynote
<moog> like watching paint dry
<lilytastic> hihi
<moog> hihi
<lilytastic> no
<moog> omfg
<maidnaut> accurate
<moog> that is no real identifiable cause and
<Clouds> it's actually kind of interesting
<lilytastic> :P
<maidnaut> you're talking about the apple keynote right boja
<moog> fug boja isnt here
<Clouds> Like, I'm watching it as well as apple & its relationship with its consumers and investors.
<Clouds> I am
<moog> im watching cosmo stream


<+moogie> want JAZVCHVN mooging mooged mooger moogie



I've got to be a ♂MACHO♂ man
I've got be a ♂MACHO♂


Try my link out k.


File: 1467989571147.jpg (145.57 KB, 1161x1161, 893945_10153654745965341_8….jpg)


Did a Youtube spambot get lost?


Come to discord.
We have Moog!


Come to IRC
We have actual users.


File: 1472766820271.webm (320.43 KB, 480x270, Oooooooooooh !!!.webm)


Too far!





[11:51 PM] Mannosuke: I'm going to be messing with her code to make sure that that happens less frequently
[11:51 PM] Mannosuke: @moog
[11:51 PM] BOTmoog: @Mannosuke, doge
[11:51 PM] Mannosuke: @moog
[11:51 PM] BOTmoog: @Mannosuke, the list being homeless so I very well could join a musician
[11:52 PM] Mannosuke: sigh
[11:52 PM] Shadows: @moog bots gonna bot
[11:52 PM] BOTmoog: @Shadows, I haven't myself
[11:53 PM] DistortionEngine: @moog get ready for brain surgery
[11:53 PM] BOTmoog: @DistortionEngine, 4 spoopy 7 me too much work


Also hometown of the REAL moog, down with the faker.


[12:37 AM] BOTmoog: @Shadows, fuck year new moog :v


File: 1472873934498.png (41.04 KB, 313x384, XZ3mup4.png)


DistortionEngine - Today at 5:23 AM
@moog do you remember the war?

moogBOT - Today at 5:23 AM
@DistortionEngine, pls no ononono


[7:26 PM] BOTmoog: i got my computer c:
[7:28 PM] DistortionEngine: and what are you going to do with that computer @moog ?
[7:28 PM] BOTmoog: @DistortionEngine, homosucc


[9:45 PM] BOTmoog: @Booger, drunk chat w me
[9:45 PM] Booger: no @moog i have to go to bed
[9:45 PM] BOTmoog: @Booger, I think drinking is probably better

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