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Uboachan's scanlation group Patchy Illusion Team has just released two new Yume Nikki Doujins: In the Shallows and Refrain. You can see all of our previous releases here.

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21:30NaaaAAAnai'm on my teaching training college
21:30Moog: (
21:30Moogi'm lazy
21:30NaaaAAAnayo, moog
21:30MoogNaaaAAAna lets fuck
21:30WriterI hate kidney beans
21:31WriterWait moog what
21:31NaaaAAAnawhat the fuck, moog
21:31Moogyeah what the hell of it
21:31MoogPOPkun wow
21:31WriterPlease excuse my son's vulgarity
21:31NaaaAAAnamoog, i'm married, i can't fuck with you
21:31Moogi'm saving you
21:31NaaaAAAnaD:< NO!
21:31POPkuncasual sex with moog and nanaaaaaa
21:31NaaaAAAnaand, it's ok, raita-san
21:32NaaaAAAna):< i won't have sex with you, moog
21:32Mooghave sex
21:32WriterMoog no
21:32WriterMoog tends to rape people though
21:32Moogof rape
21:32WriterIt's very impolite
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Why is Youmu crawling through the walls of a uterus


Why aren't you?


File: 1366857131365.jpg (61.79 KB, 600x900, fez.jpg)

[22:30] <+Booger-chan> kawaii hat http://i.imgur.com/VXpULEI.jpg
[22:30] <+mudnut> fez's are cool
[22:30] <!Moog> not cool


File: 1366994516776.gif (390.18 KB, 160x144, tumblr_m5t60g3Bic1rv5j9yo1….gif)

09:19 Yomika moog
09:19 Moog aaa moog
09:19 Yomika I am here moog
09:19 Moog here
09:19 Yomika Yes, here
09:19 Yomika Moog.
09:19 Yomika Tell me all your secrets moog.
09:20 Moog i dont tell my parents decided we should go to school
09:20 Yomika More secrets, moog, MORE
09:20 Moog 6 more like smoking weed
09:20 Yomika That explains way too much.
09:21 Yomika Moog.
09:21 Yomika Tell me more secrets, Moog.
09:21 Yomika Moog, I demand your secrets
09:21 Yomika moog pls
09:22 Moog punish moog pls
09:22 Yomika Moog, no, what are you doing
09:22 Yomika Moog, stop
09:22 Yomika This is secret telling time, not have-sex-with-everything time, moog.
09:23 Moog the summer time
09:23 Yomika Endless summer.
09:23 Yomika Moog.
09:26 Yomika Moog, do you want a cracker
09:27 Yomika Moog is broken
09:27 Yomika moog pls respond
09:27 Moog pls respond
09:27 Yomika Thank you.
09:27 Yomika MOOG
09:27 Yomika TELL ME A STORY
09:28 Moog are you spanish for real
09:28 Yomika I am hamerican
09:28 Yomika Close, but not really
09:28 Yomika moog, more
09:28 Moog no more
09:28 Yomika fine

Gettin' summa dat best bot action.


File: 1367204786822.jpg (461.69 KB, 1280x960, walnut.jpg)

[23:02] <+Booger-chan> but I always gotta wee wee
[23:03] <!Praesul> ;_;
[23:03] <+Booger-chan> し(*・∀・)/☆\(・∀・*)だ
[23:04] <%GhostShip> I pee a lot too
[23:04] <!Moog> a lot of people like dicks


[23:15] <+marty> moog kill yourself
[23:15] <!Moog> make yourself useful hammurabi
[23:15] <+marty> it's cool to hate on moog nowadays
[23:15] <!Moog> so stressful nowadays
[23:15] <+marty> yup


| 08:15:19 pm | Professor >> moog, divide by zero and I'll give you a dog biscuit.
| 08:15:21 pm | ! Seisatsu >> so I'm going to finance him and he'll give me 50% of the profits
| 08:15:25 pm | * Moog give me rage aneurysms


File: 1368757619194.jpg (53.59 KB, 535x770, 13242_456176704473866_7855….jpg)

[22:26] <+Booger-chan> moog what level of hell do you reside in?
[22:26] <!Moog> my level


Moog created hell and sold it to satan.

Moog kept a reserved level in hell for after a long day of answering questions.


[00:25] * Moog is online :(


File: 1370321932934.jpg (44.09 KB, 569x380, uguu.jpg)

[00:56] <!Moog> consoles have stats
[00:56] <+Booger> yes they do, moog. Very good
00:56] <!Moog> thats very soothing Booger am i supposed to be honest


[01:09] <+Booger> My big brother used to talk about "Stomach Bones" alot and try to convince me they were a thing
[01:09] <!Moog> my brother overdosed on marijuana needles

Moog is on a roll tonight


[14:47] <!notepad> praesul you could wear a speedo around us
[14:47] <!Moog> id wear that


[00:30] <!Moog> Booger-chan no boobs yet

:~: no, not yet, moog…


File: 1370925244414.gif (654.96 KB, 350x448, omama.gif)

[00:31] <+Booger-chan> moog where is obama
[00:31] <!Moog> where i work with a jew
[00:32] <+Booger-chan> oh ok tell obama I said hi, moog
[00:32] <!Moog> ok im gonna go do my homework
[00:32] <+Booger-chan> alright see you later moog
[00:32] <!Moog> alright im gonna die of malnutrition


File: 1371433476016.png (163.26 KB, 500x468, tumblr_lv95pjbJlY1qa02ojo1….png)

<!moog> we actually don't give a shit about windwaker


[23:49] <+Booger-chan> moog stay gold
[23:49] <!Moog> the gold
[23:50] <+Booger-chan> MOOG WHERE IS THE GOLD?
[23:50] <!Moog> stay gold
[23:50] <+Booger-chan> ._.
[23:50] <!Moog> what kind of gold
[23:50] <+Booger-chan> The PIRATE gold, moog
[23:50] <!Moog> space pirate
[23:50] <+Booger-chan> Yes moog, the gold of the space pirate.
[23:50] <!Moog> asking for pirate
[23:51] <+Booger-chan> Yes moog I want to know where the pirate gold is hidden
[23:51] <!Moog> space pirate
[23:51] <+Booger-chan> So the gold is in space, moog?
[23:51] <!Moog> of gold
[23:51] <!notepad> space pirate of gold
[23:51] <+Booger-chan> Moog, I will find the space pirate gold, even if it kills me.

I have been trying to get Moog to tell me where "the gold" is for years and tonight is the closest I have gotten. He's gonna crack soon.


<+Izumi> But I don't really know you and I think everyone I talk to is a fucking wizard on the internet
<maidnaut> well i started p young
<!Moog> a wizard harry


<!Moog> chesir likes jokes but he doesnt like being hugged, except youre just jealous


File: 1374254371466.jpg (31.13 KB, 251x251, 1365123631483.jpg)


the worst thing is that it is actually true.


<maidnaut> moog niggers
<Moog> niggers steal your watch
<maidnaut> 10/10


File: 1384800583737.jpg (257.96 KB, 960x720, 1331858304485.jpg)

Did irc died? I can't seem to connect to irchighway from either PC.


It's happening all over again and there's nothing we can do to stop it

!Writer | moogle pls go
moogle | pls reponse moog
!Moog | reponse moog
moogle | pls reponse moog
!Moog | the moogle, moog
moogle | moogle, i will do you even moog moogle mooging mooged mooger moogie


(7:31:43 PM) questionsleep: strudel mm
(7:31:53 PM) questionsleep: I was looking at those and was like yeah maybe
(7:32:00 PM) questionsleep: but got the danish thing
(7:32:00 PM) moogle: yay danish thing also favorite beverage
(7:32:12 PM) questionsleep: Danish beverage. I would drink it

(7:08:33 PM) Clouds: hi what do you have
(7:08:37 PM) questionsleep: So microwaved mini deep dish pizzas that tasted good and were 2.50 for two little ones
(7:08:50 PM) Clouds: omg yay
(7:08:50 PM) moogle: yay she is learning :)
(7:08:56 PM) Clouds: god i love you moog im so happy
(7:09:14 PM) questionsleep: and then a whole huge danish-like thing
(7:09:15 PM) moogle: that a thing tha tjust randomly happens
(7:09:21 PM) questionsleep: and also chocolate milk.



(7:42:45 PM) Clouds: moogle what should I eat for dinner?
(7:42:45 PM) moogle: but i eat strudel mm
(7:42:48 PM) Clouds: ok
(7:44:02 PM) Writer: !words
(7:44:03 PM) moog: I know 824 words (2068 contexts, 2.51 per word), 325 lines.
(7:44:03 PM) moogle: my total per month bill is
(7:44:18 PM) Writer: Oh, moog has been learning quite a bit
(7:44:19 PM) moogle: who the fuck is learning :)
(7:44:37 PM) Writer: moog is
(7:45:29 PM) ***Clouds cries hysterically
(7:45:33 PM) Clouds: im so happy to see moog bac
(7:45:33 PM) moogle: what do you even moog im so happy
(7:45:38 PM) Clouds: I'm, so, happy
(7:45:38 PM) moogle: omg so happy
(7:47:00 PM) Writer: I've just got moog quiet for the period of time moogle is around
(7:47:01 PM) moogle: moogle why you around here i wake up my nose and why it ups
(7:47:21 PM) Clouds: is moogle like, moog's thing
(7:47:21 PM) moogle: cli is moog's younger sister
(7:47:27 PM) Clouds: o ok
(7:47:28 PM) moogle: o noes ;-;

Omg this is too good. like wow


(7:49:45 PM) ulrike [~ulrike@38be9aca.362b7f89.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(7:49:46 PM) moogle: ulrike gasps
(7:49:48 PM) mode (+v ulrike) by [^_^]
(7:50:26 PM) Clouds: omg moogly greets people this is amazing
(7:50:26 PM) moogle: chef jogn is amazing too, moogle is already starting to drive back
(7:50:41 PM) Clouds: writer help
(7:51:02 PM) Writer: I can't help
(7:51:07 PM) Writer: baby moog is maidnaut's
(7:51:08 PM) moogle: moog h
(7:51:31 PM) Clouds: gdi
(7:51:34 PM) maidnaut: h
(7:51:41 PM) maidnaut: moogle your big sister isnt dead anymore
(7:51:42 PM) moogle: i don’t know what that is dead

(7:52:53 PM) Writer: I dislike how some shit is pm only
(7:53:15 PM) Clouds: omg how dare you swear in front of the children
(7:53:15 PM) moogle: nice name at the front that even mean there's more than one
(7:54:00 PM) Writer: I have to be mindful of the robo-babies
(7:54:01 PM) Moog: have to watch even if you like anime
(7:54:01 PM) moogle: guarenteed to be flawless if you're too stressed
(7:54:08 PM) yawndere [webchat@1b415a10.1c3ff672.mi.comcast.net] entered the room.
(7:54:09 PM) Writer: jesus christ
(7:54:12 PM) Clouds: that's right, moog
(7:54:12 PM) moogle: moog quiet for the person that's a real jerb
(7:54:13 PM) Moog: right
(7:54:17 PM) Moog: omg thats the best part
(7:54:19 PM) Clouds: and moogle
(7:54:19 PM) moogle: rofl moogle getbutt lewd
(7:54:20 PM) Clouds: omg
(7:54:22 PM) Moog: they got lewd
(7:54:23 PM) moogle: they are when the dictionary gets super bloated theres no longer see often ;_;
(7:54:24 PM) yawndere: Ayyyyyy
(7:54:49 PM) Clouds: im for reals crying from laughing and happiness rn
(7:55:04 PM) Writer: Oh btw muddybutts
(7:55:05 PM) Moog: oh its stored in xyz ok
(7:55:13 PM) Writer: Do you have a replyrate on seeborg
(7:55:14 PM) moogle: > seeborg because it sounds very dumb
(7:55:24 PM) Writer: Couldya change it to like 25% or lower so it doesn't get spammy
(7:55:25 PM) moogle: youre trying to do what is a program that does it needs to replace it's sending a created line, replace all placeholder instances with it because it's weirdly written and doesn't compile under 64 bit systems
(7:55:33 PM) Writer: moogle pls go
(7:55:33 PM) moogle: pls reponse moog
(7:55:36 PM) Moog: reponse moog
(7:55:36 PM) moogle: pls reponse moog
(7:55:39 PM) Moog: the moogle, moog
(7:55:39 PM) moogle: moogle, i will do you even moog moogle mooging mooged mooger moogie
(7:55:41 PM) Clouds: omg im crying
(7:55:45 PM) Clouds: AHAHAHAHA
(7:55:46 PM) Moog: will be inside the game window
(7:55:46 PM) moogle: arent s4's supposed to be worth getting but she'll flood the chat inside the game window
(7:55:48 PM) Writer: it's getting recursive oh noooo
(7:55:52 PM) maidnaut: fug
(7:55:53 PM) maidnaut: !shutup
(7:55:58 PM) Clouds: im dying
(7:56:00 PM) maidnaut: !replyrate 0.01
(7:56:01 PM) Clouds: og sen help
(7:56:03 PM) maidnaut: !wakeup
(7:56:06 PM) Moog: im, so ill have to be a boring person

(7:58:02 PM) maidnaut: moogle h
(7:58:03 PM) moogle: h
(7:58:13 PM) maidnaut: reply rate should be lower now
(7:58:20 PM) maidnaut: idk seeborg is fucked up with that
(7:58:20 PM) moogle: no ferus you fucked it up moogles nose
(7:58:26 PM) maidnaut: its literally at 0.1%
(7:58:31 PM) Moog: using seeborg because im too lazy to reap asses myself
(8:00:22 PM) Clouds: PFFFT
(8:00:29 PM) Writer: i reap asses erryday
(8:00:29 PM) moogle: youre like to reap asses myself
(8:00:34 PM) Moog: moogle like, moogs thing
(8:00:35 PM) moogle: moogle like, moog's younger sister is it–
(8:00:41 PM) Moog: is moogs younger sister is moogle
(8:00:41 PM) moogle: moogle like, moogs thing
(8:00:45 PM) Clouds: This is unreal
(8:00:46 PM) moogle: moogle why this
(8:00:48 PM) Moog: this is Clouds
(8:00:49 PM) moogle: clouds :d
(8:00:51 PM) Moog: beautiful with you moog is moogs younger sister
(8:00:51 PM) moogle: this world is beautiful with you

omg im crying


(8:01:03 PM) Writer: It is literally impossible to have a chat with two pyborg bots together
(8:01:05 PM) Clouds: can we just keep it like this? this is great.
(8:01:10 PM) Moog: i can provide background


HoboicHomeslice> Lily why u always hug me <.<
<moog> you hug me <


Praesul_ | One of my favorite bands ever got back together <3
Praesul_ | Today is a good day
!moog | grumpy old man <3
Praesul_ | Eat shit, choke on it, and die, Moog.
!moog | pls go eat butt


[00:37] <+Booger-chan> where does moog go when they aren't online?
[00:37] <!moog> anime: sword art online!
[00:37] <+Booger-chan> OH


[15:16] <+Chesir> moog let's raid spanish forum
[15:16] <+Berry_Punch> can do
[15:16] <!moog> epic raid progression
[15:16] <+Chesir> roger
[15:16] <!moog> cool dude
[15:17] <+Berry_Punch> …
[15:17] <+Chesir> ryoukai moog please proceed


[15:17] <+seagal> moog raid spanish forum with fraud
[15:17] <+Mamawolf> i mean, a ear ago i was a minor
[15:17] <!moog> spainsh forum with fraud
[15:18] <@lilytastic> why are you two here.


<+Chesir> moog is kikiyama dead?
[15:23] * InvaderKED swift escape
[15:23] <!moog> its dead
[15:23] <+Chesir> CONFIRMED
[15:23] <%InvaderKED> wow
[15:24] <+Chesir> SURFER PARA IS FRAUD


[15:46] <@lilytastic> i wonder what moog would be like with people speaking spanish
[15:46] <!moog> lets raid spanish forum
[15:46] <@lilytastic> NONONONONO
[15:46] <+Chesir> yes moog, that's a good idea
[15:46] <!moog> omg idea
[15:46] <+Chesir> let me start my proxy
[15:47] <@lilytastic> i hate you
[15:47] <+Panty> I love this
[15:47] <+Panty> I'll join
[15:47] <+Chesir> ok
[15:47] <+Chesir> codename fraud team charlie papa, in stand-by mode
[15:48] <+Panty> roger that, start the fraudmobile
[15:48] <+mudnut> charlie papa stand by for deployment
[15:48] <+mudnut> i'll be watching you from command, boys



<Clouds> hi lily
<Clouds> are you watching keynote
<moog> like watching paint dry
<lilytastic> hihi
<moog> hihi
<lilytastic> no
<moog> omfg
<maidnaut> accurate
<moog> that is no real identifiable cause and
<Clouds> it's actually kind of interesting
<lilytastic> :P
<maidnaut> you're talking about the apple keynote right boja
<moog> fug boja isnt here
<Clouds> Like, I'm watching it as well as apple & its relationship with its consumers and investors.
<Clouds> I am
<moog> im watching cosmo stream


<+moogie> want JAZVCHVN mooging mooged mooger moogie



I've got to be a ♂MACHO♂ man
I've got be a ♂MACHO♂


Try my link out k.


File: 1467989571147.jpg (145.57 KB, 1161x1161, 893945_10153654745965341_8….jpg)


Did a Youtube spambot get lost?


Come to discord.
We have Moog!


Come to IRC
We have actual users.


File: 1472766820271.webm (320.43 KB, 480x270, Oooooooooooh !!!.webm)


Too far!





[11:51 PM] Mannosuke: I'm going to be messing with her code to make sure that that happens less frequently
[11:51 PM] Mannosuke: @moog
[11:51 PM] BOTmoog: @Mannosuke, doge
[11:51 PM] Mannosuke: @moog
[11:51 PM] BOTmoog: @Mannosuke, the list being homeless so I very well could join a musician
[11:52 PM] Mannosuke: sigh
[11:52 PM] Shadows: @moog bots gonna bot
[11:52 PM] BOTmoog: @Shadows, I haven't myself
[11:53 PM] DistortionEngine: @moog get ready for brain surgery
[11:53 PM] BOTmoog: @DistortionEngine, 4 spoopy 7 me too much work


Also hometown of the REAL moog, down with the faker.


[12:37 AM] BOTmoog: @Shadows, fuck year new moog :v


File: 1472873934498.png (41.04 KB, 313x384, XZ3mup4.png)


DistortionEngine - Today at 5:23 AM
@moog do you remember the war?

moogBOT - Today at 5:23 AM
@DistortionEngine, pls no ononono


[7:26 PM] BOTmoog: i got my computer c:
[7:28 PM] DistortionEngine: and what are you going to do with that computer @moog ?
[7:28 PM] BOTmoog: @DistortionEngine, homosucc


[9:45 PM] BOTmoog: @Booger, drunk chat w me
[9:45 PM] Booger: no @moog i have to go to bed
[9:45 PM] BOTmoog: @Booger, I think drinking is probably better

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