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Why is it that every single /hiki/ thread that asks for people's life story gets like a hundred replies? There's like one hundred separate life stories on all of them. Who the fuck even are these people? Where are they? Are they real? Are they all just the same guy? What the fuck is going on, huh? Am I just dreaming all of this up? I never see these phantom, ghost, people anomalies responding to anything else. It. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense.
It's painful


File: 1504531125474.gif (314.29 KB, 500x257, Polna_desk.gif)

It's all me. I am seisatsu, presul, booger, and every single user out there. You caught me, nothing is real. I only run this website to keep away my ghosts and loneliness away. For years I've posted almost every single paragraph on every single board (and that's the reason most of them seem so dead, since I've ran out of ideas of what I could post), with the exception of occasional lurkers and posters like you; my lovely, lovely customers.
I've raised /n/ and thrown it down. I've built /hikki/ and soon it will fall. Just like societies can't run forever, I decided that the board who represents the most the teeny, angsty, most basic human feelings would be the most appropriate to represent societies and their destiny. And thus I've running this experiment for years and years, waiting and waiting on thousand of endless nights where a mix of alcohol and coffee kept me awake in the midst of sorrowful shadows surrounding the bright blue light of my monitor, as I lurked behind every post.
I've organized countless raids and dramafests here, and I was every single party involved on them. We never discussed with the spanish forum, it was actually all my doing. We never had problems with the moderation staff, because there was none other than me. And all those replies you see running fast on threads is just me using three computers at the same time to create the illusion of activity. I remember them all, after all I was everyone. I was none in particular, just everyone at the same time. Through my acts, I've transcended humanity and their hopeless dilemmas and drifted away towards a completely new system of psyches. I discarded my emotions and personality and now I am the central core of a world full of voices; my voices. I am the director, I play all the fugues. The stage is mine, and I am the person who also controls the lights.

Welcome to my play, I hope you enjoy your stay.


ok bro thats cool and all but actually i make all the posts here


Go to bed Sei, you're drunk.


I don't think I am being properly simulated


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They want to read and understand what it's like to have a life anon.

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